TomTom Rider 550 Review- Best Motorcycle GPS for 2021

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When you are a bit behind in modern technologies, yet you want to keep up-to-date with your motorcycle, TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device is the first thing to look for. This GPS tracker comes with almost all the beneficial accessories like- waterproof case and a smartphone app to offer you a glimpse of relief. 

Tomtom Rider 550 Review- Best Motorcycle GPS

You’ll get all your essential route locations with this TomTom MYDrive smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices, as well as a web-based route planner. Because of the built-in Wi-Fi, there is a scope to update the device easily. Without wasting any time on laptops or computers, you can conduct this process straight through the app.

TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Tracker is just the ideal device for your adventurous ride, from the latest software features to maximum safety precautions. We have done many research and practical tests on this tracker to give you a clear thought. 

So, keep reading to know more about this mighty navigation device for a better and safer ride!

Do you Really Need a GPS Tracker?

If you are on a fun walk or roaming around to enjoy, the answer is NO. But when you are on a ride, no matter where you go, it’s essential to have a GPS tracker.

On one hand, this two-wheel motorcycle is easy to ride but also easy to steal at the same time. More than any other vehicle, your bike needs this tracker essentially. In 2017, about 40000 bikes were stolen, and this rate is increasing day- by day. 

Keeping these all things in mind, different brands are launching their products with modern technologies such as real-time tracking, security alarms, and so on.

Another useful thing about using a GPS tracker is, it offers you a punctual saving on insurance. Most of the insurance companies offer special packages on safer rides. As a whole, GPS trackers are a must when you are a rider and optional if you are just on tour to enjoy.

Is the TomTom Rider 550 Good?

TomTom Rider 550 is the latest addition to the motorcycle-specific sat nav. You’ll get all of the essential features of a typical sat- nav for the fastest destination route.

It comes with built-in Wi-Fi. So, you don’t have to face problems regarding wires or software updates. And most importantly, it offers you a hand-free call opportunity which itself expresses how useful it is!

Considering all of these things, it’s worth saying that TomTom Rider 550 is just good enough for your upcoming ride.

TomTom Rider 550 Features

If we make a list of 3 based brands of GPS trackers, TomTom will come in first place for sure. It has gained a lot of attention within a shorter period of time just because of its substantial additional specification. Especially if we talk about TomTom Rider 550, it’s different and modern compared to the other ones launched before.

Tomtom Rider 550 Review- Best Motorcycle GPS-1

The device has a crystal clear screen, built-in Wi-Fi, a sensitive touchscreen, and many more features. With a reasonable budget range and the highest durability, TomTom is a perfect choice for a better tracking result. 

Wi-Fi of Tomtom Rider 550

One of the most appealing characteristics of this device is, it has built-in Wi-Fi for easy usage.

A common problem with the typical GPS trackers is, it needs a stable internet connection all the time. Otherwise, it can’t give you the exact location you are looking for.

But in terms of TomTom 550, you’ll get a built-in Wi-Fi system on the MYDrive app. You can use this app on iOS and Androids. You just need to type the location, and it will receive data from any mobile device network or known Wi-Fi.

TomTom Road Trips

In the end, you need comfort more than anything, right? 

If you buy a GPS tracker that serves you to ease your difficulties, that means the tracker will also offer you an enjoyable road trip.

TomTom Rider 550 is just the type of GPS nav that will ensure the most beautiful road- trips for your motorbikes. No matter if it’s a beautiful forest road or high mountain areas, TomTom would never fail to show you the correct route.

Siri and Google Now

When you live in a fast- pace era, with all the modern technology, you should also get updated with the newest features, right?

TomTom Rider 550 is the coolest & newest update of the TomTom brand, and additions like Siri and Google Now is the best example of that!

This GPS tracker leads you to the most adventurous route to your destination with proper precautions. It’s adaptable, durable, and water-resistant for better usage. The device advises about the present condition of roads and predesigned maps. But apart from all these specialties, this tracker is unique as it gives you access to Siri and Google Now.

Tomtom Rider 550 Review- Best Motorcycle GPS-1

You already know how popular and helpful both of the features are. And with this tracker, the fun seems double!

Why Might You Consider Tomtom Rider 550? 

  • The rock-solid mounting system is good at rotating both horizontally and vertically.
  • Docks and undocks with one hand.
  • Power is connected automatically. 
  • Pairs with a Bluetooth headset for audio directions. So, you can keep your eyes on the road.
  • The screen is much easier to see in sunlight compared to an “auto” GPS one.

Why Might You Not Consider Tomtom Rider 550? 

  • The accelerometer sometimes gets confused and displays the wrong orientation.
  • The touch screen works with gloves, but it is clumsy to use while riding. If it needs more than one tap, just pull over and do it. 
  • The TomTom web application is practical for route planning, but it’s a bit clunky compared to Mapquest or Google Maps.
  • The main power cable terminates in bare wire for connecting to the bike’s battery. But securing this way provides no protection in case of a short circuit.

Display Layout & Clarity of Tomtom Rider 550

Most of the time, people think twice before buying a GPS tracker as they are concerned with the display layout. Even this is the leading cause they want to use mobile phones as a navigation device. 

But with TomTom Rider 550 sat-nav, its solid mounting system changes this fundamental misconception. It is able to rotate for horizontal and vertical displays. The 4.3″ capacitive shows you clear all your location updates.

But one problem with this display is the accelerometer sometimes gets confused, which results in poor display and wrong destination.

Touchscreen Sensitivity of Tomtom Rider 550

It’s a new attribute you’ll find in the GPS trackers. And not to mention, TomTom is one of those first providers who launched Rider 550 with this specification. 

Touch sensitivity is a kinetic measure of a robotic finger. The slightest self-registered contact is forced on an item. The importance of this feature lies in the hand’s capacity to sensitively interact with the near surroundings while also being able to detect minor force fluctuations.

TomTom Rider company always follows a benchmark in this regard. You will find a menu setting for thick gloves, light gloves, and no gloves on the Rider 550 model. When you are on thick hand-covering, just press the button of thick gloves and control the GPS with good ease. The same goes for the following two options.

Is TomTom Rider 550 Waterproof?

Yes, TomTom Rider 550 is waterproof.

This sat- nav is the most incredible device for navigation, route tracking, and exploration options. When you are buying a product, the problem occurs with its overall maintenance. But for this one, you’ll get the MYDrive smartphone app for any smart device. It takes care of your car and bike when you need to check the traffic areas too!

Moreover, this device is adaptable. It means Tom Tom 550 can easily understand your route style and what you really want after a couple of rides. The most interesting part of this device is, it is an IPX7- rated waterproof device that can be safely placed in your back- pocket or saddlebag.

What is the Difference between TomTom 500 and 550?

While looking for a motorcycle sat- navs, one name stands on the top TomTom. But the problem occurs when you get stuck between a couple of models of it.

Each of the TomTom sat- navs would be on the favorite list of anyone with a certain consciousness about their motorcycle. TomTom Rider 500 & TomTom Rider 550 have some unique specifications for a better experience. Though they are of the same category, the devices have some differences you can’t ignore-

ElementsTomTom Rider 550TomTom Rider 500
MapWorldwide MapsEuropean Maps
Touchscreen SensitivityYesYes
Traffic Notification YesYes
BatteryApproximately 6 hoursAround 5 to 6 hours
Software UpdatesAvailableAvailable
ConnectivityBluetooth; Wi- fiBluetooth; Wi- fi

Which is better, Garmin or TomTom?

To keep it in one sentence, you won’t see much difference no matter which one you choose.

Garmin & TomTom are 20f the most popular brands of sat- navs that pinpoint your position most accurately. But in terms of comparison, we can’t call one best as different people have different preferable opinions. Following are some deciding points you can count on to compare both of the devices.

1. Affordability

TomTom navigation devices are well-known to the people for their vast range of specifications within a small budget. On the other hand, the benefits you’ll get from Garmin ones might seem a bit pricey. But in the long term, this will prove as a price-saver option. 

In short, if you want to just type the address and go, TomTom is the perfect one. But to enjoy your ride with an in-built dashcam and top features. Garmin is a better choice.

2.  Maps

No matter which one you choose, ultimately, the map is the first thing you need to consider. If you can’t find the correct route on your map, all the other accessories are of no use. 

In terms of maps, TomTom sat navs give you accurate results of European areas. At the same time, Garmin nav devices have the more precise map location of the U.S.

So, it depends on your requirement to call one of those a better option.

3. Connectivity

Both of the sat navs have built-in Wi-Fi for easy usage. But if you are looking for better Bluetooth integration, TomTom is a bit fast in that. Through this feature, you can use a pair of GPS with your phone and enjoy hand-free calls.

But for Garmin, this process is not that updated. So, if you already have some sort of integration system in your vehicle, you can go for Garmin nav.

Can You Update Old TomTom for Free?

At least once a year, TomTom navigation devices receive map updates. This is endowed by the company to keep you up to date on route changes and new location information. Depending on what device you have, the brand offers two separate software applications to update your maps. One is MyDrive Connect, and another is TomTom HOME.

Both apps are free to download for Windows and Mac computers. While specific TomTom updates are charged, the company’s “Latest Map Guarantee” allows you to upgrade your gadget for free. But you will avail it only if you bought it recently or if you have a device or app that contains Lifetime Maps.

Can you Play Music through your TomTom?

You can play music through your TomTom using cabin speakers.

It’s a misconception among ordinary people that sat navs lack in providing all the features of any typical GPS trackers. Especially when we look for a music playing option, but it’s totally wrong!

All you need is a built-in F.M. transmitter and match your radio frequency with that. Swipe down on the TomTom nav, and you’ll see the “play music” option. You can also place in an S.D. card to listen to your favorite song.

Can you Use your Smartphone Instead of a Motorcycle GPS?

It’s possible to use an Android device as a navigator but with only some limited features. 

If you want to see the comparison between these 2 in all ways, sat navs will win the race. Because satellite navigators are specially designed to guide you through the traffic and narrow- roads. The pre-downloaded maps are also a great addition to these navs for a better route- direction.

Smartphones, on the other hand, are not actually built to be your navigation kit. As smartphones work through cellular networks, all the updates are still possible. But in the end, a GPS navigation device is a better choice.

Can you Use a Motorcycle GPS as an Odometer and Speedometer?

Modern motorcycle GPS trackers have some additional features through which you can definitely use otherwise. 

An odometer is a distance calculating instrument, and a speedometer is simply a device to measure speed. As GPS trackers have a clock in it with 2 GPS points, this device is now used as a speedometer and odometer both when you don’t have any other options.

The lock inside the GPS is very premium and synchronizes appropriately throughout. It also takes a record of each time calculation. So, a GPS tracker can calculate the vehicle’s speed using its numbers. 

Moreover, these trackers can determine the difference between the two points. That’s why, when needed, GPS can also work as an odometer.

Does the Rider 550 have an Earphone Jack?

No, the Rider 550 doesn’t come with an earphone jack.

If we talk about deficiencies, then you can count on this, for instance. Though it’s not that much of an essential thing to worry about, it is still a lack. You can find a similar jack available in the market. 

Also, the headset of this sat nav is designed to control all the things which you’ll find through an earphone.

Does the Motorcycle GPS Charge while you are Riding?

Yes, the motorcycle GPS charges while you are riding.

The additional features of TomTom Rider 550 come with different beneficial things, and the charging option is one of those. Recharge it by attaching one part of the motorcycle’s charging cable to the USB cable of its unit. 

After that, plug the other end into the power port of your bike. When you start it, the TomTom 550 will draw energy from that automobile battery.

How does a Motorcycle GPS Work?

GPS or Global Positioning System is generally a location-tracking device that uses satellites for telling you the exact route.

The device is a collection of different satellites which are located around the world. When a person uses this GPS tracker, they will get data location on it with proper route- direction. As a whole, this navigation system works on the basis of the satellite. 

So, the signal it gets has the utmost accuracy in directing you to a safer and relaxed journey.

Why buy a Bike GPS?

When we consider the facts about why you should buy a GPS tracker, it’s more about why you don’t! 

Information has become more mobile as a result of the increased usage of technology. You have access to a variety of computer programs in the palm of your hand. One such application of motorcycles is the use of GPS technology to track locations. 

These systems combine new technologies while also protecting vehicles from theft. It has also proven to be a far superior guide for getting directions to any location in the world.

Most people still lag behind in terms of knowing the proper importance of this device. Following are some specialties of GPS to answer you in this regard- 


Motorcycle GPS trackers have maps on them for providing you the latest versions. Moreover, you can easily update it with your pc and get access to the live map. 

When you buy a new GPS tracker, the company usually allows you some time to download any updates that have been issued since your unit was built. You’ll always have the most up-to-date information when you start using your device this way.

Voice- Navigation System

GPS trackers have a unique feature of voice- navigation and recording. You can just speak and hear instructions through your headset without even touching the screen!

Lock System

Bikes equipped with GPS trackers feature a centralized locking system that allows all functions of the vehicle to be locked from a single location. If the automobile is stolen, you can enlist the services of a GPS tracking business to lock all of the bike’s functions, preventing the thief from escaping and allowing law authorities to apprehend him.

Real-time Feature

It’s tough to always concentrate on your tasks. And if you ignore the routes one single time, you can encounter traffic jams in no time. But the GPS trackers provide you all the accurate information and secure you from any unwanted worries on roads.


The GPS auto tracker assures that someone will always know where they are, even if they are traveling alone. The same goes if they are passing through remote roads and byways. They can be assured that if they become trapped without cellular coverage, their family or employers will be notified, and aid will be dispatched.

So, it’s worth saying that GPS trackers are not an option; it’s a “must buy.”


Motorcycles have an important place in our lives no matter how much we are used to them. Within a short period, it becomes one of your best friends!

So, it’s essential for you to take care of this friend, and GPS trackers can do it better than any other option. When you come to a situation of “Which one to buy?” from “Why to buy?” you are precisely in the right place to adore your vehicle.

We have concluded all the possible specifications of TomTom Rider 550 in this article to make your decision easier. So, whether you are an expert or not, just go through it and think over the device for once!

Don’t forget to comment below in case you have any queries left unanswered!

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