Shoei Qwest Helmet Review (In-Depth Review with Best Benefits) in 2021

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The long-awaited and highly anticipated pieces of gear, the Shoei Qwest full-face street helmet, come with something trendy among all types of riders. This Shoei full-face helmet is the updated cheaper version of the previous generation TZR. The Shoei solid qwest is famous for its stylish design and premium quality as well.

Shoei Qwest Helmet Review

Due to the best quality, the famous brand Shoei helmet Qwest is always highly demandable despite the premium pricing. This mid-range helmet is renowned to all types of bikers due to providing a better noise reduction system, ventilation with the perfect fit that fits most people’s head sizes.

Tourists find the Qwest Shoei particularly useful. It is also quieter than other Shoei helmet models. On this Shoei Qwest review, this touring helmet can decrease hearing loss and reduce fatigue due to the lightweight feature. We found that these Shoei full-face helmets are not only the best comfortable helmet, but they can also create the best value in the elite Shoei users for any street riding applications.

Now, if you want to get a high-quality marvel helmet at a lower price range, then you should go for the Shoei Qwest helmets. This Shoei Qwest review describes the detailed features available on this helmet, making this biking gear exceptionally well.

Shoei qwest graphics is mind blowing. We found the shoei qwest graphics really attractive to the all kind of motorcycle riders. You do not need to worry about the shoei qwest shell sizes, shoei qwest liner. They are true in size the liner of shoei qwest is good enough than any other helmets.

Shoei Qwest Helmet- The Things You Should Know First Before Buying

Specifications of Shoei Qwest Helmet

  • Materials: Fiberglass
  • Helmet Weights: 5.14 pounds (X-Small, White), 5.06 pounds (X-Small, Light Silver)
  • Sharp Rating: 5 Star
  • Emergency Kit: None
  • Brand: Shoei
  • Inner Materials: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Product Dimension: 13.9 x 13.6 x 11.6 inches (White), 15 x 11 x 12 inches (Light Silver)
  • Safety Rating: Dot Certified (Light Silver), Snell Certified (White)
  • Shield: CW-1 Shield
  • Liner: Dual-Layer EPS Liner
  • Warranty: 5 Years warranty
Shoei Qwest Helmets

Key Features of Shoei Qwest Full Face Helmet

From the Shoei Qwest review, this great protective gear has lots of numerous features and comes in a variety of sizes. Some of the best components make these Qwest helmets effective from other helmets. The best parts of this quest helmet are here-

Weight: The Shoei Qwest weight is appropriately balanced with the whole helmet, effectively reducing neck strain and fatigue.

Fiberglass Constructions: The outer shell of the Quest helmet consists of woven layers of fiberglass and resin reinforced with fibers.  All these materials made this outer shell incredibly hard, and you can get the highest level of protection.

Spoiler: Shoei Qwest comes with a shell-integrated spoiler, dramatically reducing drag and lift on busy roads.

Noise Reduction System: The Shoei Helmet Qwest has an extensive wind tunnel that helps to keep the wind noise at a minimum level while the riders drive at high speed.

• Affordable Price of Qwest Shoei: When you want to purchase any protective gear, you can see that you need to pay more if the helmet has lots of great features. But fortunately, the Shoei Qwest offers you most of the beneficial features at an affordable price with style and comfort as well.

• Perfect Shape Helmet: Most of the time, you see narrow and long shape helmets in the market, but this optimal round oval shape and fitted helmet come with four different shell sizes that can meet every biker’s needs.

Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Helmet in Depth Review

Build Quality and Aerodynamic Stability

As far we are concerned, the built quality is much better than the other Shoei qwest helmets. The aerodynamic outer shell is solid and flexible. Quest helmets have an outer surface made of Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fiber built with six-play multi-matrix technology. The composite fiber materials make this helmet lightweight and hard so that this Shoei qwest helmet can give you enough protection.

The helmet’s aerodynamic properties also have a wind tunnel system and expand through the wind tunnel testing. Professionals also give their feedback by using this helmet as lightweight and comfortable as well.

EPS Liner Sizes of the Qwest

The Shoei Qwest has excellent interior construction. The Dual-density EPS liner is used here to improve the head ventilation system. You can also get the absorbing system and feel comfortable while riding on the busy road. The Qwest has six Dual-layer EPS liners that can improve the absorbing power and reduce the pressure on the neck at high speed.

Check Pad

On this Shoei Qwest review, we found that this new version of the Shoei has 3d centered cheek pads made with multilayered polyurethane foam. You can remove the cheek pads and wash them. So, no bacterial function develops inside the helmet as well as the check pad zone.

Visor and the Excellent Face Shield

With the wide tinted visor, you can get excellent visibility and a wide field of vision if you wear this product. Overall the helmet has a modern CW-1 Shoei Qwest shield system. And this feature is much better than the Quest’s antecedents. This Shoei Qwest visor is wider and taller than the previous CX- 1V; that’s why it can protect you almost 99% of the ultraviolet rays during the daytime.

Here you can also get the additional CWF-1 2d pin lock equipment and CW-1 pin lock face shield, but both of them are optional and sold separately. During cold weather, you need to install both. Without the pin-lock fog-free insert, the Shield’s fog will up even if the riders use any breath guard.

We notice that the face shield is 2.2mm thick with superb optical quality. This helmet can meet the VESC-8 face shield standard.

You can also close the Shield with the pre-sealed level to avoid the Shield from opening. On the other hand, if you want to increase the airflow, you can also use the lever to keep the Shield open.

Base Plate System

With the quick-release base plate system, you can easily remove the Shield and replace it accordingly. Moreover, the Qwest has a spring Loaded waterproof base plate technology with a wind-resistant seal.

Safety of the Shoei Qwest Helmets

Due to many incredible safety features, this Qwest got the Dot certificate and Snell M2010 approval during 2015. All the upgraded safety requirements you can get on the Shoei Helmet. To get the Snell approval, all the helmet manufacturers need to follow all the safety rules strictly. The Qwest can provide the highest level of protection, which is ultimately an excellent feature for any other helmets.

Airflow and the Ventilation System

The Qwest Shoei helmets come with a perfect size chin bar vent; among them, the riders find the single top-of-head upper vent with two back heads adjustable vent. The integrated rear air spoiler helps to give the negative pressure to extract humid and hot air. The upper vent and the lower vent provide an adequate amount of airflow inside the helmet.

The lower airflow intake vent is very effective for ventilation, and the riders can get better airflow. When the bikers have riding gloves on, the large chin vent port can easily open and close. This chin vent can increase the airflow reducing the road noise. During the warmer period, the air vent helps to keep calm for an extended period.

The position of the upper vent is in a perfect area which helps to balance the airflow. The upper defroster vent always directs air to the front along the top portion of the head; after that exists through the rear exhaust vent. But this process is not enough for the perfect ventilation.

The Noise Reduction System

If you are on the road for a longer time on your motorcycle, then there is a chance to cause the hearing problem over the time being. The aerodynamic wind tunnel of this helmet helps to reduce the noise to a minimum level when you are at high speed. So, you need to wear such a helmet which has aerodynamic features.

But without earplugs, you cannot ride on a motorcycle. Otherwise, due to wind and road noise, you have severe headaches or hearing loss. Many riders are suffering from partial hearing problems due to too much wind pressure. The motorcycle riders can also use the neoprene wind-blocking sleeve, which can adjust between the gap between the rider’s neck and head to prevent excessive wind from the helmet base.

Interior Design of the Shoei Qwest Full-face Helmet

The multilayer cheek pads are washable, adjustable, and removable, which helps to fit with your head perfectly with better comfort. It can give almost 100 % protection from the wearer. Shoei always provides sufficient effort to provide the riders with enough comfort and safety.

Size Chart of the Qwest

All the brands are different according to their head shapes. This Qwest includes a Shoei helmet head size chart. Measure the riders’ head diameter perfectly, and based on the size chart, you can get the perfect fitted helmet ever. This helmet fits with almost every rider’s head.

Shoei Qwest Paint and Graphics

You can get excellent paint and graphics quality from the Qwest. The Sportbike Riders love the graphics of the Quest; the solid and metallic graphic construction attracts the riders as well. We always tell the Shoei Qwest an outstanding definitive version for the reliable color options, clear coat finish, and overall graphics.

Likable Features
  • Expanded suitable options for different shapes.
  • The chin strap is used here to promote safety, and you can easily take off the helmet.
  • The sun visor can give you almost 100% protection from UV rays.
  • The visor has a Pinlock Evo Fog Resistant System.
  • This Qwest provides a large chin bar vent that easily adjusts the shutter.
  • You can get a different thickness of chick pads for the perfect fit.
  • The chin curtain helps to enter the cold air below the chin bar.
  • The Quest has better build quality with less fussy chin vents.
  • The top and bottom rear vents are well balanced.
  • You can customize the lavished interior if you are wearing eyeglasses.
  • If you are budget conscious but want to get a helmet without compromising the quality, Qwest is a perfect choice.
  • Here, you can also get the base plate rotating mechanism for the face shield.
What needs to be improved?
  • You cannot remove the headliner of the Shoei Qwest, which is annoying.
  • Sometimes, the Qwest feels comparatively warmer than the other Shoei helmets.
  • Due to the lack of ventilation and perfect sealing of the face shield, the visors fog up quickly.
  • The lower air vent becomes blocked if the riders open their chin vents when the dust is present.
  • The Qwest doesn’t offer enough solid colors.

Is Shoei Qwest a Good helmet? Shoei Qwest helmet large?

One of the quietest, nice-looking, and lightweight helmets is the Shoei Qwest. This universal touring helmet can bring a new level of comfort for long-distance riders. The Snell 2010 approval helmet has so many excellent features that you cannot avoid this helmet while you are on the road.

After doing lots of research, we narrowed down the Shoei helmet and found the Qwest due to the comfort and noise reduction system. In most of the warmer and critical weather, the riders prefer to wear this protection for the aerodynamics build quality and ventilation system. The helmet’s internal liner can absorb the over sweat of the riders and then give comfort while they are on the road.

If the helmet is compressed over time and not as snug as you like, you can replace the check pads and feel comfortable as long as you wear it. The fiber shell construction is durable and flexible as well.

The great advantage of this helmet is that you can return this helmet within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with this gear.

What Replaced the Shoei Qwest?

The Shoei Qwest is the new version and complements RF-1100 and RF-1200. All the bikers and the commuters love to use both of these helmets because of their fantastic features. This Japanese brand is famous for making these quality products, but both are not budget-friendly. But both of these quality products consistently deliver enough comfort with protection.

After these helmets, the Shoei Qwest is ultimately the Universal Touring helmet, mainly focused on the comfortable fit, lightweight and minimal noise level for the long road riders at a reasonable price. It claimed that this model reduces the audible wind noise by 2.2 decibels, which is 60% quieter than other models. Ultimately the Shoei Qwest is more peaceful than the RF-1100 and RF-1200. Overall this new version helmet can successfully reduce the risk of severe head injuries during accidents.

How Much is a Shoei Qwest Helmet?

Shoei Qwest helmets vary in price depending on the size and color scheme. This biking gear Qwest is famous worldwide due to the mid-range of helmet pricing but delivers the highest quality. Those who have a limited budget but want some quality product must try this Quest Shoei. This affordable gear can provide perfect protection with comfort and style as well.

How Do You Clean Shoei Qwest?

Here we are trying to show how to wash the Shoei Qwest helmet because the liner is not removable. All the Shoei helmet parts of this helmet need to clean perfectly to maintain a longer life span. Try to follow the methods as we shown here-

The Shell: The Shoei Qwest’s shell comprises organic fibers, resin, hand-laid interwoven layers, and exterior paint with high-quality paint materials. To clean the surface, try to use plastic cleaner and wax to clean and polish the helmet’s shell. Only use mild soap and lukewarm water or plain water. But avoid cleaning the ventilation slider and other plastic areas.

Shoei Helmet EPS Liner: The Shoei helmet liner needs some special care while you clean them. To avoid scratches, you should use soft cloth to clean the liner.

Comfort Liner: You cannot remove all the parts of the interior liner. So, use a bowl or tub and wash by hand with mild soap and water. The fixed Shoei helmet padding needs to be cleaned with worn soft cloths. To remove the unwanted smell, use some antibacterial soap which is very effective. After that, before wearing this Qwest helmet, all the parts should be dry properly.

Cleaning the Plastic Parts: With some agent-containing solvent’s connection, it is a compassionate issue to create deterioration and increase the risk of breaking. You have to be very careful to clean the Shoei Helmet Accessory. All the acid and alkaline cleaning materials are also very harmful to the Qwest. So, you should use only water and mild soap and use foam or soft cloths to clean appropriately for some areas. The Shield and the Pinlock should need to dry properly before reassembling them on your Shoei helmet Qwest.

Remember that if you want perfect protective gear that can give you comfort with safety, you must maintain it perfectly. Else, you don’t deserve any protection to the vital part of your body from your gear that enhances your ride.

How Do You Measure the Shoei Helmet?

Without the perfect measurement, you cannot get the actual size helmet that fits your head perfectly. And without a perfectly fitted helmet, you cannot deserve protection from severe accidents.

So to measure the helmet, first of all, take a measuring tape to get the dimension of the head just above the rider’s eyebrows and ears. After that, pull the video in a sung position and record the length. Do the same process more than one time and take the latest size.

The following Shoei measurement size chart is providing with the manufacturer,

Shoei Helmet Sizing
SizeHead (CM)

However, this size chart of the Shoei Helmet does not guarantee a perfectly fitted helmet. If you can ideally take the measurement, there is the highest possibility of getting an actual-sized helmet.

Do Shoei Helmets Expire?

All the helmets get worn for the time being. Sometimes, some helmets can get an extended lifespan if they store the protective gear inside their bag in a climate control room. But like other products, helmets also eventually cross the day when you cannot use them anymore to protect yourself.

While you are using a helmet, the question may arise: when do motorcycle helmets expire? If you want to know the answer, you have to find out the expiration date of that model. However, motorcycles need to get Dot, Snell approval, and they also have a manufacturing date sticker under the comfort liner.

According to Shoei, the manufacturer always said that the riders should replace the helmet after five years from the manufacturer’s date and after first use. Sometimes it is recommended to replace the helmet after three years, or the riders can use more than five years. How long does a motorcycle helmet last? That is something you have to consider as a motorcycle rider. All these depend on how often you are using your helmet and also on the storing procedure.

Reasons for Replacing the Shoei Helmet

If the following reasons are happening with your helmet, you have to think about purchasing the new one.

  • If the chin strap becomes fray,
  • If the EPS liner becomes hard and shrinks due to evaporation,
  • If the inner liner is going to degrade and loose, and sometimes the liner damage due to the body fluid, sweat, and hair.

If any valid reasons occurred, you must replace your Shoei motorcycle helmet to get the highest level of protection.


Overall, the Shoei Qwest passage is an excellent kit with bunches of color items and style. However, you can’t believe how quiet and peaceful your ride will be if you wear the Shoei Qwest helmets. The more you use it and wear it, you can realize the difference between this helmet and the others. We are sure that you already have lots of faith in these Shoei Qwest helmet reviews for many good reasons. 

If you want to get the most durable, safest, and comfortable helmets from this Shoei, don’t forget to look at the Shoei Qwest Helmets. Besides the noise issue, the Shoei Qwest Motorcycle Helmet is an excellent purchase for any rider. To increase your safety, we suggest you wear this protective gear during the adventurer’s rides.

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