Shoei Neotec Helmet Review in 2021- The best choice for riders

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You will be very surprised to see the upgraded version on an already improved model of Shoei. Most of the riders prefer to use some unique brand of helmet. And we suggest you use the newly launched Shoei neotec helmet, which is a superb, premium quality, glossy design, and outstanding Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet.

Shoei Neotec Helmet Review

Throughout the year, Shoei is the giant in the motorcycle industry. The revolutionary design of this modular helmet provides complete protection, and safety like the full-face helmet has. Shoei has redesigned almost all the helmet features, and the riders like to expect and prefer the upgraded version. This full-face flip-up chin bar helmet’s outstanding built quality, ventilation system, awesome sun visor design, and comfort can make this helmet the best modular helmet for motorcycle riders on the market.

Which Shoei helmet is best?

When we talk about some best Shoei helmets on the market, we must think about this Shoei Neotec Modular helmet due to its outstanding features and looks. In the recent 2021, Shoei helmet came out to their new line of a modular helmet, and that is the Neotec Modular helmet ever.

The superior design of this product stands out on the market and makes this helmet one of the best modular helmets for every rider. The posh manner Shoei’s ventilation system is 300% much better than other models that the Shoei claimed. This quietest helmet’s inner liner is better than the other Shoei helmet. Unlike the old Neotec, this new version is legally certified as safe to be used during riding in either riding position. You can up the chin bar easily while you need to stop your motorcycle without opening the helmet. This modular helmet is trendy to the tourist as they can even drink and eat just up the chin bar, and they need to spend hours at a time in the saddle.

These days, all the sizes of Neotec II helmets like- large and while, XX-Large, and X-small, have an internal sun shield which makes riding into the sun more bearable. Ultimately if you have any Neotec helmet with you, you don’t need any tinted visor. The inner and outer structure of the helmet is so strong that this helmet can last for a long time.

Besides different types of regular white, silver, and black color, this Shoei Neotec is available in various rich colors, like- red wine with the combination of white, silver and black, and bright yellow. You cannot get the spring feeling, but it is very notable in the quietest operation.

We give the Shoei Neotec an outstanding rating for the glossy and thick paint and build quality with all the unique features. Visually this new model is very appealing, and from the perspective of the new buyer, this Neotec II should be the first choice of all the Shoei helmets.

Which is the better modular or full-face helmet?

Whether you are riding on a sportbike, dirt bike, ATV, cruiser, or any other machine, we always recommend excellent safety gear that can protect your head from injuries. Only the right helmet can keep you safe from fatal injuries. 

Helmets come in various varieties of shapes and sizes, and styles as well. Some of the riders may confuse whether they use a modular helmet or a full-face helmet. Which one is perfect for us obviously depends on the riding style and goals. We can choose the correct helmet only when we know perfectly about each of the helmet’s classes.

Modular helmets VS Full-face Helmets

Some riders prefer to use the full-face helmet, whether the other wants modular helmets. Which helmets suit us depends on the riding style and goals. Before purchasing the helmet, we have to clear about the safety ratings of the helmet. If the helmet gets DOT, ECE, or SNELL safety stickers, you can easily purchase that helmet without hesitation.

A modular helmet is the middle ground of the open face helmet and the full-face helmet. When the rider wears a modular helmet, they don’t need to open the helmet to talk or eat or drink anything. Just flip up the mask and after parking the bike. During the advance, this helmet can keep you dry. Some modular helmets have Bluetooth connectivity, and you can get the fresh air circulating inside the helmet. So, if your modular helmet has a safety standard, then you can safely use it.

One feature that makes the full-face helmet differ from the modular helmet is that there is no flip-up ventilation system of the full-face helmet. The internal sun visor is sealed perfectly. If the rider needs to talk, he/ she has to open the whole helmet.

Ultimately a modular helmet is less convenient than a full face one. Full face helmets do not have hinges or other elements. It is lighter than the modular helmet. Full- face helmet can protect your head perfectly, while the other cannot. It is more aerodynamic than the modular helmet. So, if you are into racing, then a full-face helmet should be the first choice for you. For casual riding, the modular helmet will be a better choice for you. But all the choice depends on the preference of the riders. 

Is Shoei Neotec 2 Snell approved?

Actually, Snell doesn’t want to stamp on the modular helmet. Shoei Neotec 2 already gets the DOT safety sticker of Us and Europe; And this year, fortunately, got the SHARP approval for multiple directions. But the Neotec 2 still doesn’t get the approval of Snell. Hopefully, this year this Shoei Neotec 2 may get safety approval.

Is Snell better than dot?

For lots of years, Snell Memorial Foundation has been the most extensive considering helmet safety standards. It is held to be the superior helmet certification. Snell helmets are always considered the most strict standard. 

There are significant differences between the number of standards of both Snell and Dot. Some of the differences are:

  • For the manufacturer, snell certification is voluntary; on the other hand, Dot certification is mandatory.
  • The Snell memorial foundation is one of the private non-profit organizations; Dot is a federal government agency.
  • Snell test of aid manufacturer or prototypes on the production time while Dot applies only the production models.
  • Snell standards are ridiculous compared with the Dot standard.

All types of the testing process are very crucial for the sake of fairness. All the helmets should perform well during testing. Every testing is slightly different and approved by other racing and government organizations. So, there is always some controversy about which one is better, Dot or Snell?

We cannot tell you, mainly which one you should go with. We suggest to you the pros and cons of each of the safety standards. It’s your decision which one you will prefer. But, no matter which one you should buy, you need to wear a certified helmet.

How much does a Shoei Neotec 2 weigh?

The Shoei Neotec 2 helmet is a special Modular touring helmet. The Neotec ii is the world’s most giant leading flip-up motorcycle helmet. The weight of this Neotec II is almost 1736 grams for the size of M, the AVG Sportmodular is 1300 grams, and the Schuberth C4 is 1660 grams, and that is M size. This new model is 45 grams heavier than the previous model.

Due to the carbon fiber materials of the helmet, the rider doesn’t feel heavy while they wear this Neotec 2 helmet.


  • Liner system: 3d interior EPS liner system, Washable, Replaceable and Adjustable
  • Outer Shell Materials: Multiply Matrix Shell Materials
  • Shell Size: 4 Shell Sizes
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds( XX-Large), 5.9 pounds (large white), 5 pounds ( X- small)
  • Standard: DOT and SHARP approval
  • Chin Bar: Flip-up chin Bar
  • Construction: AIM materials
Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Review

Outstanding Features of the Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

Internal Shape and Materials

The multi-ply matrix close-fitting shell has a matt finishing design. There are no eggshells, but you can get a luxurious look with high-end construction materials and a master finishing surface. It is a masterwork in minimalism and not too much color variation that the buyer can found.

Lots of improving materials are being used here. The Chin vent is a very small and matt black look that gives you a streamlined look with a stylish curve in the front to back, settling lower than the previous Neotec model. There is a significant streamline that makes it stick out less like a sore thumb. There are a few caveats regarding the finishing. You can get a clear coating of matt finishing to protect this helmet.


The Neotec 2 always maintains the reputation of its previous model. Some users said that this helmet fits a little snug, but sometimes it will put extra pressure on some point of your head. The weight of this product is 4.2 lbs, but it will balance so nicely on the rider’s head that sometimes they feel like 0.8 lbs.

All the internal padding and the chin straps are so comfortable that this helmet does not compromise the fit. The liner is antimicrobial, and there is no complaint from any user about the liner. The internal structure can minimize the unwanted sound, and this uncommon feature can give the riders enough comfort. It has a direct influence on the performance of the helmet; it also gives your face and head comfort as well.

While you are riding, the additional shield will give you more comfort. Another most comfortable feature of this Neotec is the connection of the Bluetooth connectivity kit. Last of all the comfortable features you can get on this modular helmet and spend some money for this helmet.

Shell Design and Protection

The helmet’s shell is one of the essential parts and hand-made with various fiberglass and other materials.  Among the three top Shoei Neotec 2 models, every shell has the same components and can give perfect protection. The Brilliant Yellow Modular helmet X- small size, the XX-Large size, and the Large white all have art forming technology and organic fiber and also multilayer fibers known as Advance Integrated Matrix. All the materials can absorb the possible impact with a guarantee.

The multi-composite shell has excellent finishing and is perfect for all finishing. The shell of the Shoei Neotec is crash tested and maintains at least the minimum standard. So, this modular helmet is as safe as the full-face helmet.


The interior system is ultimately what the riders need. Here you can get a 3d padding system so that all the riders can get enough comfort during riding. But you don’t need to think about the protection. All the parts of the interior surface are removable, multilayered, washable, and replaceable. As a rider, you can change the check pads based on your needs. The Neotec 2 is always committed to the customer to cover all the desires that they need most.


The manufacturer cannot improve the most popular original eye-port of the Neotec. But the Neotec 2 preserves some best features of the previous model despite making some reconstruction of the earlier features. Here the drop-down sun shield slides smoothly and keeps in a closed position. The sun shield and the visor are both distortion-free. The sun- shield has an ultraviolet ray blocking mechanism, moves smoothly, and shuts within a second. Moreover, the Neotec 2 comes with an inbuilt pin lock system that can keep your visor fog-free in any weather. So, we didn’t found any rider complaining about the visor or the visibility at all.

Ventilation System and Aerodynamics

All these three models of the Neotec 2 ventilation system are what the riders like most. Ultimately Neotec 2 is the twist on the previous Shoei helmet, and this is the vast improvement of the cooling and ventilation system ever. These models are so simple and excellent in performance. There are lots of flip-up modular helmets available in the market, and the ventilation systems of this Shoei are ideal.

All three models of the Neotec ii helmet have two different locations to intake the airflow. In the “lower vent” system, there is a shutter on the chin vent with a wide flap. When the chin vent and chin curtain are open, the air will come into the top of the chin bar and inside the helmet. And if you press it close then, the airflow will stop.

In the top portion, there is a vent, and that is called “top vent,” Like the chin vent, you can’t find any shutter on the top vent; rather than the shutter, you will see a slider to push and intake optimum air. The wind tunnel is exceptionally aerodynamic, and it will take the cool air and remove the inside hot air.

Face Shield

All the Shoei Neotec ii helmets face shield made with the New CNS- 1 shield, which is wider and taller than the previous CV-IV shield. This shield claims that it can block 99% of the UV- sun rays. The pin-lock fog resistance system face shield also prevents fogging during the installation type. The QSV-1 internal sun shield is also provided on all of these Neotec ii helmets. The inner rotating sun visor is very helpful during sunny weather. The rider can operate it on the left-hand side of the helmet. The QSV-1 internal sus shield can protect the riders for a long time.

Safety Ratings

All the sizes of the three Shoei Neotec Helmet 2 have achieved the Dot certificate from Us and Europe. And fortunately, this year got 4 stars out of 5 from the SHARP due to different safety features, which are very functional to protect the rider’s head. As this Neotec 2 review, all these models still do not meet the Snell standard. But we are very hopeful that, this year, this Neotec 2 will get the snell approval.

If you see all the Shoei Neutec modular helmet review features, they will be among the most popular brands on the market.


Here, you can get the in-built integrated vortex generator to reduce the noise.

Most Interesting Feature

The Neotec 2 Modular Helmet already increased its popularity one step ahead of the previous model. This brand has so many exciting features and abilities as a rider you don’t find in any other helmet’s. The long-distance rider especially prefers this new reconstruction model of Shoei Neotec 2.

The most exciting feature is the sealing around the neck, making this helmet the quiet helmet ever. All the other features like aerodynamic, versatility, comfort, and tactile functions are very appreciable. The solid fit and the quietness are really exceptional from the other brands. From the Shoei Neotec Review, we know that it is very comfortable and nearly best fitted for every head shape. The overall quality, ventilation, and visor are wanted you expect from this best flip-up helmet on the market. From the pro motorcyclist around the world has given lots of positive feedback because of the outstanding performance on comfort, fit, and safety.

Likable Features

  • The Shoei Neotec Weight is very light due to the high-quality stainless steel components.
  • The durable and strong built-in quality make the Neotec 2 helmets the best choice for anyone.
  • The ventilation system can take complete control over the temperature inside the helmet.
  • You can get a 5 years warranty with complete service when purchasing any of these helmets.
  • The tighter neck seal can protect the rider from excessive wind during the cold season.
  • You can get the spring-loaded visor here.
  • The internal padding system and other aerodynamic designs make these helmets quieter.
  • When the rider takes rest, this Neotec 2 instantly converts into an open-face helmet configuration.
  • There is a dual-locking and chin bar locking system to improve the holding power.
  • The enhanced shell shape can control the high helmet noise.
  • The airtight window deadening drain can prevent the outside water from entering into the helmet.
  • There is a 3 position upper air intake to improve the internal ventilation system.
  • The shell integrated spoiler has proper strength with perfect weight.
  • The Multi-density EPS materials are very compact and enough to absorb excessive moisture inside the helmet and keep it dry.
  • The quick and smooth enclosure made with 100% stainless steel has a solid interlocking system.

Why We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes the riders said that the Shoei Neotec Modular helmet is quite pricey compared with the other Modular helmet.
  • The structure of this helmet makes it quieter, but the predominant noise is the natural echo of wind moving over the helmet’s surface.
  • When the rider closes the chin vent, the air will close, and the rider will feel suffocating.
  • The riders may feel less effective ventilation than the previous model.
  • It is not the lightest modular helmet on the market.

Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Maintenance Guide

The motorcycle helmet is the most expensive protective gear for your two-wheels motor vehicle—almost all of the types of weather you need to use the helmet. The rigors continuously strike this helmet on the road. So you need to maintain the helmet to enhance the life span and keep your face from the dark interior lining.

To maintain the helmet, you must clean it properly, and that’s why you have to use microfiber rags, toothbrushes, warm water, baby shampoo or other light detergents, and compressed air. 

Every part of this Shoei Neotec helmet is detachable. So, you can open all the parts and use baby shampoo or other detergents with regular water to wash them. And for external purposes, just use microfiber rags, brushes, and dust-resistant fabrics to do your job. For the visor, you can use shampoo and soft pieces of cloth. Use the air compressor to clean the air vents properly. But don’t use the air from the aerosol can.

After that, reassemble all the parts carefully. Before that, dry the liner and chick pads. Then reattach the face shield and other removing parts. If you know the technical issues to clean your helmet perfectly and maintain all the processes, you have an enjoyable riding experience.

Who needs it most?

The Shoei Neotec 2 provides superior comfort, connectivity, communication, and overall protection to the riders. You definitely like the reduced noise and the new version of the chinstrap. The Neotec 2 Shoei’s Modular helmet design is perfect for commuters and long riders if the helmet fits with your head perfectly.

Final Words 

While you are on the road, safety and security are the first priority. All the Neotec 2 models are a good investment for your safety and comfort as well. Riders never prefer to use the distortion, uncomfortable ventilation system, noise, or other rugged adjustable helmets. However, the Neotec 2 is the developed structure of the highly appreciable Neotec 1 model.

If you are a caution rider, you can go thousands of miles with these Neotec 2 models to ensure you. You will add some exceptional value by adding this Neotec 2 helmet with your motorcycle.


Shoei Neotec II vs. Schuberth C4 Pro: Which is best?

If you want to get the best rotating flip-up visor motorcycle helmet, Shoei Neotec 2 and Schuberth C4 are what you want. But the question must arise in your mind that which one should you buy? After doing lots of research, we are trying to help you to find the favorite one-
Schuberth VS. Shoei

Outer shell:
Shoei uses 3 different types of outer shell size based on the size of the head; on the other hand, the Schuberth c4 pro uses 2 different shell sizes. Some people love to wear a little larger helmet. Both of the helmets have high-quality graphics, and Both of them have composite fiber shell constructions and a five-year warranty.
The Shoei has a large button system on the front of it to unlock the chin section, while the c4 Pro’s button is tucked under the bottom. It’s illegal to open the flip-up visor of the Schuberth while you are riding. On the other hand, the chin bar hooks up firmly, and you need to be very careful while the helmet drops.

Both of the helmets have a perfectly fitted Sena intercom communication system. The  Schuberth has an inbuilt microphone, antenna, and speaker. Here the microphone is on the side of the cheek pads. In contrast, all these parts come with the intercom communications system on the Shoei Neotec 2. Here the microphone is on the bottom.
The Shoei can interlink with at least 8 riders, while the Schuberth has 4 riders. But both have a very similar range which is about 550 m in the real world.

In this Shoei Neotec 2 vs. Schuberth c4, the weight of the Neotec is 1736 grams while the Schuberth c4 weight is 1695 grams. Pick them and wear them, then you can notice the weight.

There is no exhaust vent on the C4 Pro. But the ventilation system is very excellent. Here the top vent is closed. The Shoei has a good ventilation system through the slider on the top. Both of the helmets have easy-to-operate chin vents. On the top of the lid, the C4 Pro has a mesh over the intake holes, which can stop flies and other bugs from getting into the helmet. And you can easily remove the vent cover to clean it.

The Schuberth has a deep rotating visor that can give the rider a wide field of vision to view. But due to the cut out at the front, you need fewer head movements; you can quickly look at your pocket or see the tank. The Neotec 2 has a pin-lock fog resistance insert system, but the c4 Pro has pin-lock 120.

Both of the model’s lining are fully removable and washable. And both of the helmets have a sealing system around the neck. But the Schuberth’s has tighter neck sealing than the Neotec 2.

There are easy use fit buckles for both of the helmets.

Everyone has different head shapes and sizes. But it would be best if you fit the lid perfectly with your head. While you are in the store, wear the helmet that you chose and then wait for 5 minutes; then, you can feel the pressure of the helmet on your head.

The Shoei Neotec 2 fit exceptionally nicely, but the chin skirt of the c4 Pro is too bulky. And push the back of your neck. And also some more pressure on the forehead too. So, before purchasing it, wear it and wait for some more minutes.

Both the Schuberth c4 and Neotec 2 are extremely nice helmets. The C4 is a cheaper and favorable choice. But if your bike has a large screen, you will be worried about the Schuberth c4 due to the visor. If you want a much better and perfectly fitted helmet, you can go with the Shoei Neotec ii.

Good Alternatives to the Shoei Neotec II?

Almost all the favorable features that you can get in this Shoei Neotec 2 helmet. You can ride feeling securely with this helmet. Besides the Neotec 2, I always prefer to use the Caberg Duke, which has already got a Sharp 5-star rating and has a pin lock system. On the other hand, Schuberth C3 is the perfect alternative to the Shoei Neotec II due to the excellent build quality, visor, and pin-lock system.

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