Best 25 helpful tips for teaching kids to ride a dirt bike

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It is really amazing activities for a kid, learning to handle a dirt bike. By learning to ride a dirt bike your child will learn about fitness, recovery, and flexibility on the road, which is a superb base for your child’s future pursuits.

ride a dirt bike

A child might be feeling afraid while learning to ride dirt bikes. You have to teach a kid in a different way than teaching an adult. Most people we have found feel worried about how they can teach their kids to ride a dirt bike in a safe, enjoyable, and productive way that would be both educative and funny at the same time. But unfortunately they teach their children in a way of incorrect and misleading riding technique.

This is why we highly recommend every parent taking their children to a professional coach who will teach them how to ride a dirt bike properly. But sometimes parents might have a financial problem to pay for a private trainer.

How about if you train your child as a professional coach? Below we are going to explain the best 25 helpful tips for teaching kids to ride a dirt bike with great techniques that help your children be a better rider.

Purchase the perfect and suitable dirt bike for your kids

The first thing you have to think about your kid-size and bike size. Your kid will need a starter bike which they can accommodate their size. Before purchasing a dirt bike you have to look at small engine sizes. We have found that most kids feel comfortable on a 50cc bike because it is light and small. For starting your kid’s journey of learning dirt bike riding that would be great.

Start lessons on a straight trail

It is very important to find a good place to start learning dirt bikes. Maximum people start learning on any trail they can find which is their first mistake we think. If you start learning dirt bike riding on a sandy trail with some deep ruts then you can get into a crash which will be frustrating for you. So you should start your first training on a flat and straight trail.

Use of Automatic

Probably some people do not agree with this use of automatic but we found that it would be a great solution for the first step. You may say why? The most important thing about your kid is safety. While learning they may face a problem of balancing the bike. They have to figure out how to ride perfectly and how to balance themselves with the added part of using a clutch. This is very important for kids indeed.

Do not think about training wheels

It is the most important riding tip for kids who want to learn dirt bike riding. Do not use training wheels. If your kid is 3 to 8 years old then you need it but for older kids training wheels are not needed. Without a training wheel, your child is going to have to learn how to ride while balancing, they will be more confident to ride on their own without any guidance.

Teach them about going fast and how to stop

Another important point is that when you try to teach your child that they know when to increase the speed and when to slow down. For the first few tries, you need to start slowly. It is very important for the first few rides and during this period you have to give accompaniment. For the first time, you can follow an exercise- let the child ride fast for the first 25 seconds and then slow down and repeat this thing until they get used to it.

Always keep watching

When you train your child to learn to ride on a dirt bike you have to always look at your children when they ride and you have to encourage them. If they make any mistakes you should correct them. Many parents do not care about their kids while teaching about riding bikes, that is why they get hurt and have accidents. So we strongly recommend every parent or coach to always have kids while they learn riding bikes.

Always keep ready to help

It is important to correct your kids while they make any mistakes to learn to ride bikes. You should encourage them all the time to become a better dirt bike rider by helping them learn from their mistakes. You can learn some basic ideas about riding dirt bikes so that your child if asked any question you will be able to answer them.

Limit the Speed

While learning to ride dirt bikes, especially for kids, it is very much important to limit bike speed first. If you let your child ride dirt bikes at very high speeds which is really very dangerous. There are more chances of falls and having an accident are much higher. So it will be ok if your child should not exceed 30kph in the first few months until they know to ride their dirt bike perfectly.

Select Open and large area for riding a dirt bike

This is another thing people make mistakes about when they choose a tiny place for learning how to ride dirt bikes for their child. You have to choose large and open areas for riding dirt bikes for the first time. because a large area will help your child ride without any fear. They can get enough space to ride. You can try it on parks, dunes, or tracks. In our opinion, the best place for your child to ride on dirt bikes is in dunes or parks. That type of place is very safe for riding and is designed for beginners.

Start with a basic tip

Do not be in a hurry for the first time riding dirt bikes. You have to keep in mind that your child is small in age. You do not need to work on too many things and teach a lot of needed techniques all at once. That can make your child confused and find it hard to implement all the techniques at a time. That is why we recommend everyone working on one technique each time your child goes out for a ride. It will make your child keep on focus and learn how to ride a dirt bike step by step.

Safety Procedures implementation

Some said that dirt biking is inherently dangerous which may be true but you can take it to boost the safety of your kids. To ensure your kid’s safety, equip them with riding gears. Primarily a helmet is necessary and it needs to be of high quality. Other riding gear you should use for your kids is – youth size goggles, boots, knee and elbow pads, and motorcycle pants. For riding gear for your kids, do not use loose gloves or boots or even a helmet that does not fit.

Drinking water

On hot days, it is much more important to drink water. When your child goes to learn riding bikes, you should give them at least 4 liters of freshwater with them. For a child’s health safety it is very important. Children basically feel tired quickly than young. SO it is very important to keep in mind that drinking water from time to time while learning to ride dirt bikes for your kids.

Teach them it is okay to crash

Children will make mistakes and it is a very common thing to see. While riding a dirt bike for the first time they may fall. It makes the child frustrated actually. They lose their confidence and they may not want to try again. But you have to teach them that it is okay to crash. You have to encourage them all the time to keep riding.

Teach how the bike works

If your kids do not know the basics of dirt bikes, in order to handle the bike you have to teach them the basic idea about dirt bikes. It is very important to learn riding dirt bikes first. Some simple basics like braking, turning and acceleration ideas would be helpful for first riding. You can explain more about how the engine works, how to give it gas, or how to stop the bike.

Keep eyes on the road

While riding a bike, keep the focus on the road. Parents or coaches should explain to kids to look where they are riding and keep their eyes up. If they do not look on the road they can hit on rocks and stones which can be very dangerous and create an accident. So it is very important to teach kids to be careful about that.

Keep your elbows up

It can feel and appear disgusting to your child at first, but it is very much important to keep their elbows up because when their elbows are raised they have more space to go through the body and more power in their hands. While riding a bike if a kid does not lift elbows up he or she can be thrown off the dirt bike and cause a major accident. This is very important especially for children because they weigh a lot less than adults and are therefore less stable on the bike.

Do exercise

To keep your fitness god there is no alternative to doing exercise regularly. It is very much needed to strengthen the muscles of your child because riding on a dirt bike requires a lot of strength in the legs and hands and needs the help of other muscles in the body. It will create extra better stability on the dirt bike which means they will crash less and have fewer accidents. You can train your kids for keeping good fitness at home, you do not need to go to the gym. You can find a lot of information about fitness and exercise on the internet.


Another thing that is so much important to learn is about the patient. You have to explain or teach your kid to be patient because it takes a lot of time to be a good rider. Whatever you are going to do for the first time may be hard for you, to learn riding on a bike is also. If your child is not patient they could stop learning. So it is important to know about the patient to learn anything for the first time.

Right target goal

It would be a great thing if your child has some specific right target or goal to learn riding bikes. If they have any specific goals they want to achieve that will boost up the learning. Even if they ride dirt bikes as a hobby it also can be a great thing to write down their goals. It is important because it gives the kids the meaning in life and develops their self-confidence. There is no doubt the right target or goal creates extra value for the life of the child.

Try out a bicycle first

Sometimes kids find it really hard to ride a dirt bike, then maybe an alternative to that for a small amount of time is a bicycle. To correct the balance they could work with bicycles first. It is really useful. Many kids we found to start their journey in that way.

Get back up and try again

The purest and empowering thing is that when someone tries again and again. Riding a dirt bike might be a scary thing for a kid and failing is even more so. So what can they do if they fell into this type of situation? It is a very common thing to see the fear of the kids while learning riding bikes. Teach them it is totally okay first. You can share some fun things while learning with them.

Watching dirt bike videos

Watching dirt bike videos is really helpful and a great thing to learn riding to dirt bikes for children. There are a lot of videos you can find on the internet about dirt bike riding. Those are really helpful for your kids.

Work hard

Nothing you will not get without hard work. When something new is going to learn you have to work hard. For kids this thing is also applicable. Learning to ride a bike is easy for young but this is not the same for kids. Kids make mistakes while learning but they have to work hard. Anything they can achieve if they work hard about learning to ride a bike.

Select friends while learning

The best thing that gives you great confidence to your child is when they ride with a friend. With a friend, your child can get full confidence because they have someone to talk to enjoy the experience with.

Take it easy and slow

Though riding a bike is not easy for kids, it is also not impossible. Kids make it possible if they work hard and learn it step by step. Kids should take it easy and they do not rush while learning. This thing will take time and it makes sense. Trying again and again can bring success to your kid.


To conclude, we just cover some valuable tips about dirt bike riding which you need to teach your kid and it is very important not to try to teach the kid things you do not know yourself. You need to first ride a dirt bike for kids and know the tips and then you can teach your kids properly which is much needed.

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