Motorcycle Safety Gear Guide in 2021

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If you are a new rider, we would like to welcome you to the world of motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle is enjoyable and exciting, but choosing the best motorcycle safety equipment can be challenging. Your wellbeing is the most critical issue, whether you’re the first rider or have been driving for years. As a result, purchasing the proper motorcycle safety equipment is a big decision. We’ve put together a motorcycle safety gear guide to help you feel comfortable and protected when riding your bike.

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Why should you wear motorcycle safety gear?

Accidents involving motorcycles can be detrimental to the rider. They are vulnerable to a variety of physical injuries and even mortality due to their weakness and visibility. Many tests show that a rider’s back, knees, and arms are the most vulnerable in a crash. Because of these findings, motorcycle riders must wear protective equipment and gear. Motorcyclists take preventive measures to protect the following while wearing safety gear and clothing: Provides protection and warmth from the elements, such as the sun and small objects. The usage of reflective clothing may help the rider’s exposure to other vehicles on the highway instead of not wearing protective clothing.

What safety gear should you wear on a motorcycle?


Riding a motorbike without a helmet is illegal. And understandably so, helmets help avoid facial injuries and mortality caused by collisions.

An appropriate motorcycle helmet should have a firm, polystyrene foam inner lining that provides a shield for impact. It should have high-quality belts that fit easily and safely around your head.

Motorcycle helmets come in various types, including full mask, open face, compact, half face, and dual sport.

Finding the best suit is paramount to ensure the eyes, mouth, and face are adequately protected to satisfy government specifications.

Few helmets come with a full face shield to help cover the eyes, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to indulge in a pair of motorcycle glasses. This piece of protective equipment can match well when you’re wearing your helmet too.

If you’re riding a motorcycle on a busy highway or a low-traffic country road, you’re vulnerable to any elements. This ensures that gravel, airborne dirt, and insects will fly into your eyes if you’re not well covered. Additionally, UV-coated goggles are advised to shield yourself from the sun’s damaging rays.


High-quality motorcycle gloves are essential protective equipment. Carry a form of hand protection at all times. And a pair of gardening gloves is preferable to no cover at all. Riding gloves are the safest option, and the gloves you choose should be appropriate for their expected use. Gloves will suit more snugly if you plan to use them for short trips and commuting rather than long journeys. Gloves for long-distance travel can be a little roomier but still somewhat snug, so they don’t slip off in a crash. Check if the gloves have long gauntlets and wrist bands, as these would help hold them in place in the case of a collision.


A motorcycle jacket serves a vital function: protecting your limbs, organs, back, and other essential body parts in the event of a crash. You must choose a specially made motorcycle jacket – no acceptable replacement for a regular leather jacket. Motorcycle jackets usually fall into two categories: leather and wool. Textile jackets are generally cheaper, but they are both washable and waterproof. On the other hand, Leather jackets have a more “modern” biker look and last longer than textile jackets, giving you more bang for your buck. Often, leather jackets typically suit closer. To increase visibility on the street, it’s also a brilliant idea to use brightly colored or fluorescent fabrics.

Regardless of the material you select, all provide significant benefits over traditional coats, including double seams for abrasion protection, body armor to cushion vulnerable parts in a collision, and wind resistance.

When purchasing a motorcycle jacket, it’s also necessary to remember the type of weather you’ll be riding in regularly and choose a jacket that matches.


Pants are often ignored by riders who feel that jeans are appropriate riding apparel. Actual motorcycle riding trousers have environmental protection and insulation, and armor in the possible touch areas. If in a vivid color style or a retro-reflective coating, visibility is a vital design element.

Motorcycle pants are similar to motorcycle jackets in that they come in a variety of materials and designs. The various fabrics of textiles, leathers, denim, and kevlar used in trousers can be used individually or in combination, based on the riding style they are made.

Why do you wear gloves when riding a motorcycle?

Wearing motorcycle gloves when riding raises the amount of safety. Many of the sensations felt in the hands when motorcycle gloves cover riding. Gloves can help avoid pain and weakness, which is common among riders, particularly on longer rides. Gloves add to the warmth of your hands by preventing them from being dry and calloused. This is particularly important if you work with your hands.

Gloves also protect you from sunburns. It’s cool to wear sunscreen, so it’s much cooler to have the whole body shielded.

Wearing gloves has a fashion advantage, in my opinion. Men and women can choose from a wide range of models.

What is the safest motorcycle jacket?

At least one motorbike jacket is essential for any motorcyclist. Driving on a motorbike introduces you to the hazards of the road and the atmosphere. Best motorcycle jackets have a supportive, lightweight, and ideally waterproof kit for crash safety. Here are our references to the selection of the best motorcycle jackets.

Viking Cycle Stealth Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket you’ll enjoy for outstanding safety and security. It is made of six hundred deniers and can accommodate effects, bands and is very long-lasting. The accessory is 100% water-resistant so that moisture and rain will resist and keep you warm on rainy days. It is fitted with a triple lining for additional strength and comfort and a smooth interior.

Pilot Motosport Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

This jacket is perfect for any professional biker or motorcycle racer. It’s made of durable cloth to keep the rider safe from knocks, abrasion, and other mishaps. A REISSA membrane prevents moisture or rain from entering into the waterproof jacket. It’s also windproof, meaning you’ll stay safe even while traveling in solid winds.

Milwaukee Leather Classic Police Style Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket will keep you warm, secure, and well-protected. Scratches, fading, daily use, and constant washing would not affect the durable structure. It is highly water-resistant and will keep you dry, particularly on rainy days. The smooth interior feels soft and wet, and the jacket’s lightweight makes it more comfortable to wear.

It also has many internal and external pockets for carrying various objects and a full sleeve for added security. The padded collar and padding on the ear, leg, and elbow offer extra support in the event of a crash. At the same time, the outstanding breathability keeps you comfortable even in hot weather or after long rides.

Do you have to wear a jacket when riding a motorcycle?

Yes, everyone should wear a jacket when riding a motorcycle because Motorcycle Jackets provide the riders with safety from both the weather and the accident. In the higher pressure areas such as the shoulders and elbows, most come as standard for paddings. In a possible collision, this padding and shielding can help avoid burns and abrasions, which drivers do not wear the protective clothing they usually encounter. Some motorcycle jackets have a standard of reflection devices that can provide riders with extra protection at night. Since these jackets frequently don’t double like daywear, they’re perfect for the drivers’ protection.

Is it illegal to wear shorts on a motorcycle?

Although there are no laws against riding a motorcycle in shorts, it is not recommended. Wearing shorts uncovers your legs to potential burns from the motorcycle engine and outlet pipe, as well as making them more vulnerable in the event of a crash.

Can you wear a backpack while riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are simply incapable of moving loads. Installing motorcycle luggage on your bike or opting for the simpler option of carrying a motorcycle bag are the only ways to carry something with you when traveling. Motorcycle backpacks may be a perfect way to make your trips more practical and convenient, but they come with a few drawbacks. Backpacks can be dangerous, so riders should exercise caution if they want to ride with one. An intelligent rider pays close attention to what they carry when riding, and a backpack should not be an exception.

What are the best pants to wear on a motorcycle?

One of the highest priorities for any rider should be to keep their legs safe. Although it’s still a brilliant idea to prepare for the slide, wearing rugged, long-lasting trousers makes sense even though you don’t want to have a high-speed crash. Suppose you’re searching for the best motorcycle pants. We have a few tips for you.

REV’IT! Offtrack Pants

Revit pants are an excellent option for riders looking for a pair of comfortable and practical riding pants. They’re a perfect all-around pair of pants that will keep you warm and safe on the bike, whether it’s hot and dry or damp and cold.

These trousers are made with a 600D polyester outer layer, ripstop polyester, and Softshell 3L fabrics. On the inside, they have a detachable thermal coating and a Hydrate Mesh G-liner. They can be tailored to any environmental situation by simply inserting or removing the necessary liner and opening and closing zippered vents to improve breathability and abrasion resistance.

Alpinestars Copper Out Riding Jeans

Many riders choose to wear casual-looking riding jeans rather than apparent motorcycle safety. Modern riding jeans are remarkably rugged and sturdy, even though they aren’t as safe as high-quality leather or top-tier textile riding trousers. Because of their fabulous looks and practicality, they are popular with both urban and street riders. Alpinestars Copper Out riding jeans are among the best available.

Sedici Garda Waterproof Pants

It’s the best pants. They are ideal for adventure tours by default, but they are generic and fit for riding or off-road sports regularly.

The Garda Pants use waterproof, rough, durable, waterproof, and breathable, non-restricted, 600 D fiber from Sedici. Strengthening panels in 1200 D in essential areas of impact offer additional abrasion resistance, and textured rubber patches add an extra hard wear protective layer.

Does motorcycle gear save lives?

Despite a lack of hard evidence proving that a motorcycle jacket alone will save lives, it’s evident that a high-quality, professionally fitted motorcycle jacket is an essential piece of safety gear. It will reduce the risk of an accident and the seriousness of injuries suffered in a collision.


We hope, After reading this article, you have understood the importance of Motorcycle Protective Gears. So, before you go for a motorcycle ride, ensure your safety gear. And select the best protective gears.

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