Motorcycle Helmet Decals- Everything You Need to Know in 2021

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When it comes to customizing your motorcycle helmet, you will find that there are a number of options in your hand. You can go for motorcycle helmet decals, or you can paint your helmet. You can also add braids and pigtails. You also have the option to add Mohawks, cat ears, and other types of accessories. 

Motorcycle Helmet Decals

How to decorate a motorcycle helmet?

When you are thinking of embellishing or decorating your helmet, you need to consider the medium that you will work on and then understand the final output. In other words, you need to imagine the final look of your helmet before proceeding with your options to decorate the helmet. 

What is a Motorcycle Helmet decals?

A decal is a printed art of image or pattern that can be done on a piece of paper, plastic, or cloth. It can be put on a surface through the application of heat or water. The full word is decalcomania.

What options do I have in Motorcycle Helmet decals?

One option to decorate the helmet is through the addition of decals. Decals are weatherproof additions that will make the look of your helmet gorgeous. There are many different shapes as well as colors and sizes that decals come with. 

Where to get a decal for my motorcycle helmet?

Stores across the country have decals where you can go and shop the ones you like. Amazon also avails decals so you can order online instead of visiting a store. However, the experience first-hand can give you a better feel and understanding of the quality and the actual look. Online pictures can be misleading at times. We are sure you’ve had that experience.

How to apply decals?

The first thing to do is to clean your helmet so that there is no dirt. Decals need a clean surface where they can stick firmly. If there is dirt or a greasy surface, decals may not stick well, and eventually, it won’t last for long. 

The next thing is to peel off the adhesive from one side. A good technique would be to peel a small part and stick it on the helmet with the utmost precision. If it does not place right as you had planned, you can slowly pull it off without much adhesive loss. 

Once you are sure that you have placed it right, peel off the remaining portion and stick it at the same time. This way you will make sure that there is not much displacement. 

What are the types of Motorcycle Helmet decals?

There is a reflective substance that enables light to be reflected when it falls on the surface. The reflection allows anyone on the other side to see the light. This is helpful at night especially, when there is a lack of light on roads. Anyone passing the motorcycle will see the helmet shining as soon as light falls on it. So, if you are traveling much at night, make sure that you have a decal that is reflective. 

Can you put a sticker on a motorcycle helmet?

In the US, there is no law that states that stickers or decals on helmets are illegal. However, if you are applying too much decal or sticker on the helmet, the adhesive might cause damage to the helmet surface. This could potentially weaken the helmet and cause the helmet to break apart. 

How do you paint a motorcycle helmet?

Some of you have an imaginative mind. You could be the artist who can create great art. If that’s the case, you may as well consider painting your own helmet. The first thing to make sure of is that the helmet is clean. It would be difficult to paint on a dirty helmet. You can apply some grease remover to clean the helmet surface. Make sure you are wearing gloves so that there are no fingerprints. It will take patience to move ahead with the process. Try using wet sandpaper so that the cleanliness is done to the max. 

If you have a helmet that is fully covered, then you may want to remove the glass portion as you wouldn’t want the glass to be painted. It should be fully clear and visible for you to see. Create the design that you want the helmet to have. Then cover the areas which are not going to be painted. Once done, apply the paint one by one. Make sure you are not spilling over. Also, take care to give time for the paints to dry. Don’t rush too quickly as the drying needs time and patience. Without proper drying up, there could be a mess. 

Once the painting is completed, it is time to check if the final look is what you anticipated. You could save quite a bit of money when you painted the helmet. However, if you are unsure about your painting skills, it’s best to give it to a professional. You may have to add some bucks for the budget, but the final look will be worth it. 

In summary, the steps are – 

  • First clean the surface of the helmet.
  • When cleaning make sure there is no debris.
  • A wet Sandpaper clean is recommended
  • Once sure that the helmet is clean, cover the helmet in parts where there will be no painting.
  • Apply the paint starting with the base color
  • Afterwards, apply the other paints one by one. 
  • Finish with the coat paint.
  • Take a look into the final paint to ensure it is what you imagined.

What is the safest color for a motorcycle helmet?

When considering decals and stickers on the helmet, please do also consider the safety issue. White helmets are most visible and so you would want to ensure that you are visible to the other drivers around you. If you are wearing dark clothes and your bike does not have much light either, there may be a collision and accident. 

Orange, white, and similar bright colors are the best for helmets. If stickers or decals are something you want to have badly, make sure that they are also in light colors or at least have the light reflection substance in it. The worst kind of colors for helmets are those that are dark. Black is a popular color but unfortunately, it may be difficult for visibility purposes. 

If you are too adamant about having a dark black helmet with decals, one solution could be to have different colored helmets. Wear the black one in daylight and the black one at night. In this way, you can have the pleasure of both. 

Can I apply Vinyl wrap on my motorcycle helmet?

Vinyl wrapping a helmet is tried at places but it isn’t easy to vinyl wrap. The shape of a motorcycle helmet isn’t the most suitable for wraps. You may have to do a bit of experimenting before being able to make a wrap. There are artists who can assist you in this procedure. 


When it’s decorating your helmet, you can go through a number of options. Decal is one such option where you can make the helmet look more beautiful. As they use adhesive, you need to be careful of too much use. It may damage the helmet if not properly done. There are many decals available in stores as well as online. You can order from and get it delivered to your home.

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