How do you measure your head for a motorcycle helmet? – Measure Head Size Motorcycle Helmet in 2021

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When it comes to buying a helmet, it’s not just about how you look. How well it fits your head is critical to making sure you’re safe and protected while riding. If the helmet is too tight or too loose, it will ultimately affect your comfort and performance on the road. Most riders do not know the size of their head and feel confused when want to buy a helmet and helmet manufacturer do not provide any specific guideline or size chart. There is a way to find out your head size easily and accurately if you get a helmet sizing chart.

Measure Head Size Motorcycle Helmet

What is the best motorcycle helmet to buy? This is a question that we hear from many bikers. This is a question that we have all tried to answer, and it would be nice if we could measure our heads to give us a clear answer. There are a number of helmet styles to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. No matter what style you choose, one thing is clear: you need to measure your head size accurately to ensure that you get the right size for your helmet. This article will help you do that.

What you will need first to measure head size motorcycle helmet?

When you buy a new helmet, the size is marked off on the inside of the helmet. Some helmets may have stickers that will tell you what correct size they are. But, if you want to buy a helmet online, it is difficult to know what head shapes to buy. You can also find head shapes charts on the Internet, but these are not always accurate.

Did you know that you can measure your head size for a motorcycle helmet? You can use a tape measure and a ruler to measure your head size. Using a tape measure, you can find out how much space you need on your head to fit a motorcycle helmet, which can be important when choosing a helmet that fits well. The helmet you choose must fit your head size, and it’s always best to find one that fits best.

Head Shapes of Motorcycle rider

While accommodating many long and round oval head shapes, motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile helmets are designed to best fit intermediate head shapes. 

  • Intermediate Oval – The Intermediate Oval is a slightly longer shape than the side-to-side one, measuring from the forehead to the largest area at the back of the skull.
  • Long Oval – The head shape of the Long Oval is longer front-to-back than side-to-side, but it’s also longer than intermediate oval shapes.
  • Round Oval / Oval Shape – Measurements front-to-back are closer in proportions to side-to-side measurements. 

Take the accurate measurements with the correct size and flexible measuring tape

When you have the measuring tape you will need to wrap it around your head with the tape first. This time you have to be careful about the tape, it should remain flat and does not pinch or fold along the way. 

You should keep the two loose ends of the tape between your fingers. Pull these tight, until they criss-cross above your eyebrows.

In this step, you probably need assistance. Take the measurement at the forehead, just above the ears and about a half-inch above the eyebrows, by wrapping the tape around the fullest part of the head.

At this point, read the measurement carefully. Now you can know the head circumference and this will help you choose the correct helmet much more easily.

What is your head shape and helmet shape? Know your shape

It is really tough to choose a helmet by seeing a helmet size chart. Motorcycle helmet size may have several types and no one has a common head shape.

From recent statistics, 55% of motorcycle riders have an oval-shaped head and most of the time they fit the regular size of the helmet. Some have egg-shaped heads. and this type of rider buys the wrong size helmet. Before purchasing a motorcycle helmet, you must know about the helmet options first, then decide which one you need, modular helmets or open-face helmets. There are a lot of styles of helmets on the market.

The shape of the head will create an important value on your decision. The great thing is that most helmet manufacturer create various types of helmets and they accommodate average head size helmets according to the human head.

When you make a decision to buy a new motorcycle helmet, you also need to see some extra things, such as the safety standards of a helmet. Check if you have any uncomfortable pressure when put on the helmet, know the level of protection of the helmet. You must purchase the one which has the maximum protection level and gives you the maximum comfort.

Helmet Size Chart: The Proper sizing chart of motorcycle helmet

Helmet SizeHat SizeHead Circumference- InchesHead Circumference – Metric
2XS6 3/8 – 6 1/220 – 20 1/251-52
XS6 5/8 – 6 3/420 7/8 – 21 1/453-54
S6 7/8 – 721 5/8 – 2255-56
M7 1/8 – 7 1/422 1/2- 22 7/857-58
L7 3/8 – 7 1/223 1/4 – 23 5/859-60
XL724 – 24 3/861-62
2XL7 7/8 – 824 3/4 – 25 1/463-64
3XL8 1/8 – 8 1/425 5/8 – 2665-66
4XL8 3/8 – 8 1/2  
5XL8 3/4 – 8 3/4  
Youth S6 1/8- 6 1/419 1/4 – 19 3/449-50
Youth M6 3/8 – 6 1/220 – 20 1/251-52
Youth L6 5/8 – 6 3/420 7/8 – 21 1/453-54
Youth S/M6 1/8 – 6 1/419 1/4 – 19 3/449-50
Youth L/XL6 3/8 – 6 1/220 – 20 1/251-52
How Do You Measure Your Head For A Motorcycle Helmet?

This chart will help you to understand the measurement of your head. After getting an exact measurement, you will need to go ahead and start to find the markets that sell motorcycle helmets.

Before going to the market, you have to be aware of unsafe helmets. Unsafe helmets are those which have poor design, do not have extra padding, the chin bar is not good, or something like that.

Sometimes you will see that the helmet manufacturer does not provide the exact proper helmet size. You will see several styles of helmets in the shop but feel annoyed about finding the perfect sizing helmet.

It is recommended that, see the helmet size chart closely provided by the helmet manufacturer. In the shops, they keep all types of sized helmets and hopefully, you can get your desired one easily. Just all you need to know is the exact shape of your head and keep in mind that sizes can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How to ensure your correct size motorcycle helmet

Are you curious to know how to correctly size your helmet? Most helmets are available in different sizes. However, most motorcycle helmet manufacturers only provide approximate head measurement, and sometimes they don’t even do that.  The best way to ensure that your helmet is the correct size is to measure your head using a tape measure. You can also use a helmet fit guide, but these rarely take proper measurements of the head.  So, if you are a motorcyclist, you need to know how to properly measure your head for a motorcycle helmet.

The big question is how can you know that your helmet fits perfectly on your head?

To know that, the only way is to put the helmet on your head personally. After putting the helmet on your head, you need to shake your head slowly. Make sure that the helmet will not slip up and down when it has been strapped on.

To examine more, you may insert a little extra padding for a good and more secure fit. Loose and tighten the chin strap several times and guess when you feel comfortable.

Chin Strap And Cheek Pads of motorcycle helmet

Chin Strap And Cheek Pads of motorcycle helmets are very important for motorcycle helmets and they are the most important features of a motorcycle helmet. If these are not enough to protect your head from serious injury, then you will certainly feel uncomfortable. Because of this, you must have these chin straps and cheek pads for motorcycle helmets.

You may be wondering how a chin strap helmet works. When a rider straps on his helmet, there are four straps that hold the helmet to his head. They are the two chin straps, the brow straps, and the strap that goes under the chin to attach to the helmet itself. These are the primary straps that hold the helmet to the rider’s head.

Motorcycle helmets are supposed to protect you in the event of a crash, but they’re not all created with the same materials or processes. You may have heard that the chin strap on a motorcycle helmet is used for more than just keeping the helmet on your head. Chin strap padding (also called cheek pads) can help protect your cheeks and chin from bruises and scrapes. It’s a simple way to improve the comfort and safety of your ride.

How Do You Measure Your Head For A Motorcycle Helmet?

Final Words

We have another article where we have collected all the manufacturer’s helmet size data. This motorcycle helmet size chart can be helpful for you.

Before buying a helmet, we recommend you measure your head first, then decide which size of the helmet you need, and then order online or go to the market physically.

If you do not know which helmet will be best for you you can check out the top 20 best motorcycle helmets.

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