Lost Motorcycle Key: The best solutions you need to know

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Have you lost your bike key? Nowadays, many people ask so many questions about lost motorcycle keys on the internet. Losing a bike key is a big problem. When you need to go to work in an emergency, you will find that you can’t find your bike keys. So keep the keys of your motorbike carefully so that it is not lost. In this article, we have discussed the lost keys of the bike.

Lost Motorcycle Key

Lost motorcycle key? What to do?

Everybody has experienced it. When, You’re in a hurry to get out the gate, and the only item you need to get to your location that’s your keys—it appears to have vanished.

Losing your keys is not only inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly, but it can also put you in big trouble, or your bike could be stolen. It’s crucial to move quickly in this situation.

Don’t panic 

When you’ve forgotten a pair of keys, please do not panic and keep in mind that they didn’t all vanish. They’ll be anywhere, and if you think about it, you might be able to detect them down.

However, the earlier you begin searching, the more likely you are to discover them!

If you’ve checked all around for your keys and still can’t find them, check out my guide about how to unlock a bike lock without keys. It’s important to note that the measures in this specific guide are unlikely to fit with top-of-the-line bike locks, but they’re worth a chance!

Re-check everywhere

You may have inadvertently lost the keys or set them down and forgotten to pick them up while securing or unlocking your bike. Somebody could have seen it and handed it over. Look carefully around the place and don’t fear letting everyone know if they find your keys to return you.


Many modern bikes come with a fob, and if you forget it, the motorcycle will assume you’re attempting to grab it and won’t allow you to take it away with it. Removing the fob would necessitate rewiring it to your bike, so a misplaced fob will require a tow. Give a spare fob to a trustworthy tour companion, or store it in a discreet, zipped pocket in a jacket you’ll never leave on the bike. However, many bikes also come with a conventional metal key, much simpler and less costly to lose.

Make a traditional key

If you have a typical metallic key on your motorcycle, you should easily have a new one cut from your old one. Although having a replacement cut before losing the original is recommended, there are ways to obtain a new key. A locksmith may use the code from your bike’s ignition cylinder or the whole cylinder to make a new key. You may also use your bike’s VIN to reorder a ticket from a nearby seller. It is the simplest to substitute a conventional motorcycle key.

Smart keys

This kind of key is used on a small number of bikes. Whatever the case might be, you wouldn’t want to miss it. A “master key” is often included with elevated motorcycles from companies like Ducati. As this is the only device that can reconfigure your bike’s ECU, you’ll have to pay a large amount for a new ECU and keys if you lose it.

Can a locksmith make a key for a motorcycle?

Losing your bike’s key is not a rare thing. But don’t worry even if you do it. There are several ways to get a new key. If your bike is a more recent model, then contacting the dealer can get you a new key for a fair price. However, if you have an older model bike, you can take the help of an expert locksmith.

Most motorcycle locks have code engraved on them. If you tell the code to a locksmith, he can produce a key for you. But for that, you have to take the lockout of the ignition cylinder. If you cannot do that on your own, take the whole ignition cylinder to the locksmith. He will forge a new key using the keyhole code.

Can a locksmith make a key without a key?

Without the original copy, a locksmith will make a new key for you through their instruments and skills.

Here are some methods that skilled locksmiths use to create new keys without using the initial keys.

  • The bike’s bike’s original keys are made with a unique code, so if the key is lost, the locksmith can unlock the original key with a unique code.
  • The locksmith would need a blank key, a pad, and a vice grip to correctly perform this key-cutting technique. Impressing a lock involves placing the correct key blank in the lock and then rotating it to connect the lock cylinder’s pins. This binding method would allow the locksmith to identify the parts which need to be placed on the blank key. It also allows the locksmith to install and extract the key from the lock several times in order to obtain all the necessary cuts.

What would you do if you lost the key to your bike lock?

If you lose your bike key, you can do a lot of things. Yet, it is not always quick to obtain a new key, based on the kind of bike and the kind of key that you use. Although hot wiring is still a choice for your motorcycle, this is not an enduring alternative.

There are several ways to fix the issue if you have zero motorcycle keys. While certain types of keys need to be substituted or additional work is necessary.

You can actually get a new one cut from the old one if you’ve got a motorbike with a traditional lock key. There are many ways to get a new key while you need to cut a replacement before losing the main. A locksmith can make new keys using the valve ignition code of your bike or the whole inflammation cylinder. You can also rearrange a key by a central distributor using VIN on your motorcycle. The simplest thing to substitute is a traditional motorcycle key.

Can you push start a motorcycle without a key?

Imagine you lost your keys on the mountain or your boss called in an emergency and no sign of the motorcycle keys. Then the next thing that comes to your mind is to start the bike by any means possible. Don’t worry; it’s not that complicated. Just follow along.

  • Click the headlight switch on to ensure everything.
  • Find the wiring system of the ignition around the handlebar. Those should be three different colored wires that are twisted and bind with wire straps.
  • Follow those wires and locate the endpoint. You should see two wiring caps (usually made out of plastic) and pull out the caps from each other.
  • Keep the bottom wire groups and keep them in mind which points go where. 
  • Now take any wire but take at least a strong one and that has a rubber covering to prevent any shock. Insert one point to any eye cap and put the other end on the other holes. If you see the headlight flashing, then you are successful. But if you don’t see any results keep changing the combinations.
  • Once you find the right combo now you have to use the self-starter or kick start your motorbike.

Don’t use this method illegally. 

How do you unlock a lock without a key?

It depends on the lock you are trying to pick. The best lock needs lock picking tools to unlock it. That consists of a tension wrench and a rack. 

Put the tension wrench in the keyhole and twist it in the opposite direction where the key teeth rest.

Now twist the wrench in an unlocking direction and insert the rack in place of key teeth. Now push and pull with twisting the rack. If you do it correctly, then the lock should open.

If you don’t have a tension wrench, you can do it with bobby clips as well. The problem here is that the bobby clip can’t support enough strength, and it may break into the lock.

Another universal but destructive method is drilling. Using a drill on the lock will permanently break it. So, do it if it’s necessary. Start drilling at the top of the keyhole and keep going on unless the lock breaks.

If you are trying to break into a home door, you can use the knife or credit card trick. Professional locksmiths use this trick often. Just slide in the knife or a hard plastic card between the door gap. Slide down and look for the bolt by feeling it. Once you reach the bolt, try to push it and unlock it by moving the knobs around.

Can you duplicate a key that says do not duplicate?

If you want to know whether it is legal or illegal for the records, there are no such laws. However, if you take a key that says “do not duplicate” to a brand locksmith, they will refuse to do it. But any locksmith can duplicate them. It’s not illegal to duplicate any keys if you are the owner of the property. 

So, the locksmith can ask for any paper that proves you are the key owner, except that you can easily duplicate any key with the help of a locksmith.


We hope you have found all the answers about the lost motorcycle key problem. And if you get to benefit from it, share this article with your friends so that they can also benefit from it.

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