HJC Star Wars CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet Review for 2021

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If you are a big fan of the Star Wars series, Then don’t go ahead; we are here to introduce you to the HJC’S, another new model collaboration with the Star Wars after the success of some previous models. This new and unique protective gear could be the Helmet that you are looking for. The HJC always introduces lots of lucrative market-based theme helmets. The motorcyclist who loves star war movies always loves adventure, and the adventure lover always prefers this HJC Star Wars CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet because of its most iconic characteristics and fantastic features. However, we always prefer the Stormtrooper and all the features involved in this epic space adventure. This uniformed Storm trooper star wars helmet; ultimately looks unique with the limited edition of the lid. This perfectly sung fitted HJC Storm Trooper helmet has a polycarbonate composite shell that is that type that you want for your own. It will be wonderful to see the perfectly fitted Helmet that truly protects you. So, keep reading this HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult Full face CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Full- Face Helmet review, and find out why this Helmet will be the right choice for you.

HJC Star Wars CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet Review

Is the Star Wars Motorcycle Full Face Helmet worth the hype?

Any bikers need to use a perfect motorcycle helmet to get proper protection. Well, now, as a rider, you can also try the Star Wars series Full-face Motorcycle helmet. Star Wars is the most renowned and accessible brand that you can recognize instantly.

Genuinely you can see many thematic helmets around you, but simple designs relate to famous movies, and this Helmet; has different unique designs with shapes. And from now you can add this Star Wars series with your motorcycle by wearing the stylish full-face motorcycle helmet ever.

However, quality is the most crucial issue, so we did lots of research based on this Star Wars helmet to make it your favorite one. Star Wars motorcycle helmets may not be the main reason to choose this Helmet; you can get enough protection due to the rigid outer shell. The polycarbonate shell, incredible fit, lightweight, and other excellent features can make this Helmet a perfect choice for riders.

The reasons why everyone prefers to use this Helmet are pretty obvious. You can get all the protections that you need while you are on the busy road with an outstanding style. There are some reasons why the Star Wars Motorcycle helmets worth the hype-

  1. Like the other branded helmets, the star wars full–face motorcycle helmets has a face shield that can give you 95% protection from the UV rays. The riders also get an anti-scratch face shield with the Helmet.
  2. The advanced channeling ventilation system can pass more airflow and keep your skull cool for a long time to maintain the heat and humidity.
  3. In every purchase, you can get a travel bag, which is very helpful to store the Helmet while you are not using it. Moreover, this bag can keep your Helmet safe.

Obviously, Star Wars is a huge brand, and You cannot deny it by any means. This Helmet will give you enough protection and ensure you will not get into any trouble if any accident occurs. So, by wearing this Helmet, you will love it while you are on the ride. You can put on any one of the best and sturdier Star Wars helmets and enjoy this unique Helmet you can buy. By purchasing the Star wars full-face Helmet, you can show your affection and interest while moving around your street.

Why should you Invest in the HJC helmet?

Motorcycle riders wish to spend all their money on their adventurous ridings but can never invest without buying protective safety gear. When the question arises to purchase any protective gear, the priority is to choose a good quality helmet. Choosing the perfect motorcycle is the same as choosing the perfect Helmet.

There are lots of branded helmets that you can invest in buying them. Like some other branded Helmet, the HJC offers unique features that you can invest in buying without hesitations. The HJC has been doing its business for more than 45 years and is committed to providing the highest quality helmets worldwide.

However, we love the Helmet due to its super excellent features. On the other hand, the price point of the HJC is affordable. This affordable helmet provides enough features that you can enjoy.

Why You Like This HJC Motorcycle Helmet

  • This Helmet is more affordable, providing a sheer number of features compared with the other brand.
  • They are fitted perfectly with all types of head shapes.
  • You can find variations of colors and shell sizes
  • The interior portion of the Helmet is quieter than most other brands available on the market.
  • The HJC offers great earplugs that can keep the unwanted noise within a range.
  • All the models of HJC come with face shields that can protect the riders from UV rays and bugs as well.

HJC Star Wars CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet Review

After the success of some previous models, the HJC Star Wars CS-R3 Storm Trooper collaborates with the HJC Star Wars. With the limited-edition lid, this HJC looks unique on its own. But it looks like the Storm Trooper is not the main reason to choose this Helmet ever. You can get the highest level of protection by using this strong outer shell helmet. You will be a wonder to see them providing features that truly protect you from unwanted occurrences.

All the features are so attractive with the clever design. So please keep reading this CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet Review, and then you can easily find out why this full-face Helmet is the perfect choice for all types of riders.


  • Style: Full face Helmet
  • Weight: 2.9 kilograms or 6.47 pounds
  • Materials: Advance Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Interior: Nylex and Plush interior with removable and washable
  • Sun-Visor: Anti Scratch Face Shield
  • Fitting: Awesome Snug Fitting
  • Shell: Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Safety: DOT Certified
  • Shield: 2 Stage Shield Closure System With Lock
  • Shield Replacement System: Rapid Fire Shield Replacement System
  • Ventilation System: Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Check Pads: Interchangeable Cheek Pads
  • Visor: Anti-fog and Scratch Resistant Visor
  • Sizes: XS-2XL
  • Shape: Intermediate Oval Shape
  • Speaker Pocket: Built-in Communication Speaker Pocket

Features of the Star Wars CS-R3 Storm Trooper Motorcycle Helmet

What will make this Star Wars Helmet your love? If you have already become a Star War Fan, then the following features will illuminate you to make your decision to ensure proper protection. The motorcycle riders who are born to ride use helmets essential to use just because of safety reasons.

Shell Design, Protection, and Fit: Here, the Advance Polycarbonate Composite Shell is used, that can uniformly disperse the force of impact during the collision, and that’s why you can get enough protection if any accident occurs. The CAD technology is used on this HJC CS-R3; this model is smaller and more aerodynamic than the other HJC models.

This lightweight Helmet can prevent you from spinal injuries if anyone wears it for a long time due to pressure onto the neck and gives you enough mobility. This superior and tight-fitting Helmet is very comfortable for the riders because the loose-fitting Helmet has enough space between the head and the shell, so it will be harmful to the riders. This Helmet will give you proper defense in a motorcycle crash.

Face Shield of HJC CS-R3: In this Helmet, the HJ-09 face shield protects the riders 95% from the UV rays. During a sunny environment, the UV rays are very harmful and can directly hit the riders’ eyes and cause. That will actually be very harmful to the riders and also around the riders on the busy road.

The shield also has an anti-scratch coating to prevent different scratches and keep you same from different blurring visions.

The HJC also gives you enough comfort; it has a two-stage shield enclosure system and a shield locking system. Due to the enclosure, the shield is very tight and secured as well. That’s why the riders can get total protection from the cold wave during winter and also decrease the noise at high speed.

This Helmet offers a premium feature, a Rapid Fire Replacement system, and only this type of economic Helmet can offer these features. Because of this extraordinary feature, you can reinstall and replace the face shield in a perfect place without the help of any other tool. With the pin-lock system, you can also replace the color shield.

Shield Locking System: You can easily use the shield locking system by touching open and close features. A perfect seal is created here to keep the air from going in and lock the shield down properly.

Ventilation System of the HJC Star Wars CS-R3: The HJC C3 is the perfect choice for long-distance riders. The advanced channeling ventilation system allows the air to flow from front to back. So, even during the hot sunny day, the riders remain cool and dry for an extended period. This protective gear has an adjustable forehead vent so that the cool air passes through the Helmet’s top side by using the internal liner. This liner is capable of flushing the heat and humidity through the two rear exhaust vents.

Interior of the CS-R3 Storm Trooper: To provide enough comfort to the riders, the HJC offers a plush Nylex interior that is washable and removable. You can easily wash and rearrange the interior check pads liner. All the types of sizes of cheek pads that you can get from the market to change them. The moisture-wicking fabrics are exceptionally hygienic, and you can get all sizes of cheek pads available.

Communication Speaker Pocket: If you want to communicate with the other riders, this C3 HJC Storm Trooper offers the communication Speaker Pockets or speakers with your helmets.

Multiple Optional Shields: From this HJC CS-R3 review, you know that this protective gear offers RST mirrored with high definition race and smoke shields with the tear-off shields.

Benefits of the Star Wars CS-R3 Helmet:

  • This aerodynamic and lightweight Helmet is super comfortable.
  • The size is a bit smaller compared with the other models.
  • The intermediate oval shape is very comfortable for the riders.
  • The polycarbonate shell has a tremendous tendency to absorb any heavy impacts.
  • The price range is very inexpensive.
  • Meet all the requirements of DOT and got the DOT sticker.
  • The C-S R3 has a rapid-fire shield replacement system.
  • You can switch the shield very quickly.
  • The face shield of the CS R-3 acts like an anti-fogging method.
  • The forehead vent is very adjustable.
  • This HJC CS R-3 has a built-in communicational speaker pocket.
  • The interior is super comfortable.
  • This protective gear has HJ 09 anti-scratch face shield.
  • You can easily wash and remove the check pads.
  • Incredibly this Helmet is a good value for the money.
  • The plush Nylex interior is very hygienic and fresh.
  • This Helmet has effortless conversion to snowmobile applications.

What Need to be Improved

  • The rear vents don’t work perfectly in this CS-R3 Helmet.
  • It would be best if you bought the tinted visor separately.
  • From the very beginning, the riders may feel that the check pad is very tight, but you can easily swap out the pad for the perfect fit.
  • When the vents are open, you can get a horrible sound.

What is the best fitting Helmet for your safety?

You cannot feel the freedom without the proper gear on the open road. And to get the perfect thrilling experience, you need to ride with a safe and suitable motorcycle and appropriate protective equipment. Without the ideal fitting Helmet, you cannot ensure enough safety. So, if you want to get the ideal fitted Helmet, you need to measure the head size and find out the small, medium, and large sizes.

In 2015, the motorcycle helmet saved almost 1772 lives. And if there is any law or not, you must wear a perfect fitting motorcycle helmet to save your life. Everyone’s hade shape is different; someone has a round oval, intermediate oval, or long oval. Before buying a helmet, it’s essential to know which shape the head is. Take a mirror, and you must remember you have to focus on your head shape but not your face shape.

After determining the size of your head by tape, you can get a perfect size that will be very helpful to get the perfect fitted Helmet with the combination of the head shape, for most of the Helmet marked with the S, M, L X, XL size. You need to contact the manufacturer to get the right size helmet based on the model type.

What is the Best Way to Try on Your Helmet?

To get the best-fitted Helmet, you can try the following things-

  • The chin straps always hold the Helmet. With the front pointing down, the bottom of the Helmet should face you.
  • Now put the rider’s thumbs inside of the strap and then stabilize the Helmet with the fingertips.
  • Using the chin strap, the rider should spread the sides of the Helmet that will aside slightly and then slip it down over the rider’s head.

If the Helmet fits appropriately, you may feel a bit tight. Make sure the Helmet should place squarely on your head. On the other hand, if this protective gear is too large, it will move around up and down and create noise due to wind, and the most dangerous thing is, this Helmet can come out in a crash.

Final Verdict

By the way, you will be surprised to see the low price tag with the quality helmet. After doing a lot of research, we are trying to bring the best open full-face motorcycle helmet to give you proper safety, and that is the HJC Star Wars  CS-R3 Storm Trooper Helmet.

Don’t think that you don’t need any protection while riding. An accident will happen, but you need to take proper protection to keep yourself safe. So, you can choose this Helmet version in the stormtrooper colors without any hesitation if you are a Star Wars fan. Unfortunately, if you got any rush up the side, this Helmet has fantastic performance, so I suggest you consider another helmet with your other protective gear. If you use this Storm Trooper helmet once in your life, it will become a Strom Trooper fan as an adventurous rider.

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