HJC RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet Review

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Like the star wars fans, some riders like to use such protective gear, which is exceptional. The HJC RPHA Darth Vader Helmets has a commanding style that meets the rider’s demand. In addition, this darth Vader bike helmet can bosts perfect cleaning styling and necessary features that can make your ride more enjoyable.

HJC RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet Review

By the way, you can always rely on creating lightweight, affordable, and high-quality helmets for different types of rides like- snowmobiles, road-off, or motorbikes. However, in our experience in the helmet industry, we see that this HJC is developing its design with its wind tunnel, ventilation, and aerodynamic systems.

In this Darth Vader motorcycle helmet with RPHA review, you can find out why this brand is so important and attractive to pick up and why this Darth Vader racing helmet is the perfect choice for you as well.

Why Go for the HJC RPHA 90 Helmet?

The solid pieces of modular helmet HJC are a top-class modular design for the sport-touring design and become riders-go-to helmets for different reasons. The expansive view, super lightness of Helmet, and intermediate oval shape adjust easily with most riders’ heads.

The front open vintage AO safety glasses can protect the riders from UV rays. By the way, the helmet weight of this RPHA 90 is not more than 3.5lb. The premium integrated matrix helmet makes the front secure all the time. So if you ride for a long time, the Helmet won’t feel any fatigue that the other Helmet gives. Another great feature is the reflective materials around the opening frontal portion. However, the most fantastic part of this unit is how quiet this Helmet is. 

Perhaps the supercool liner, streamlined exterior, and wide neck flaps making this Helmet the most favorite one for the riders. However, all the users said they get all-day-long comfort while wearing this RPHA 90. You will feel confident while you use this Helmet with complete safety and protection. Only a few of this type of protective gear has this comfort level with so many unique features in the market. And definitely, you love this HJC 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet most.

HJC RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet Review

The HJC’s 90 pro-Vader motorcycle helmet is a modular helmet that can utilize top-class materials, and all the manufacturing processes are acquired from the HJC’s full-face helmets. This top-range modular Helmet is very functional with all the necessary innovative features regarding the ventilation systems. It makes this new super touring modular Helmet reveal the no. 1 HJC helmet in the world.

Specification of HJC RPHA 90 Star Wars Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet

  • Style: Full-face Helmet
  • Size: XS-XXL
  • Weight: 3.31 lbs
  • Design: Dart Vader
  • Style: Graphic 
  • Face Shield: Optically superior Anti-scratch pin lock face shield with UV protection
  • Sun Shield: Dropdown Sun Shield with HJ-V7 Shield
  • Interior: Multi cool Interior system
  • Finish: Gloss
  • Material: Premium integrated matrix plus (PIM +) outer Shell
  • Eye-port: Enlarged eye port
  • Chin Strap: Double-D ring Chin Strap
  • Interior: 3D engineering and ergonomic interior
  • Shell: Fiberglass Composite Shell
  • Safety: DOT and ECE, and Sharp approval
  • Fastening System: Quick-release fastening system
  • Sun Visor: Integrated sun visor and Pin lock anti-fog visor
  • Interior Liner: Multi cool Polygine Fabrics
  • Noise: Low interior noise level

We are trying out best to help you get the best dart Vader Dot Helmet, but if you are not impressed with the above specifications, then look at the following features that can be the ultimate choice for you.

Advance Premium Integrated Matrix Plus

The Shell is made with the fiberglass composite materials like- carbon glass, glass, and carbon hybrid fiber, and overall aramid materials that can make the Helmet extremely strong and super lightweight at the same time. All the above material is responsible for making this Helmet exceptionally lightweight and rigid. In addition, all the aerodynamically designed materials provide enhanced shock-resistant performance at the -helmet motorcycle with most riders’ heads.

Ventilation System

You can get excellent configuration on this RPHA pro 90 Vader Motorcycle Helmet ventilation system. The central chin vent is very active and too large to drive the back visor’s hot air. And at the same time, the air also passes around the mouth. This 90 pro brand has air intel on the top and a hand flip-up chin bar to absorb the airflow. You can also see an adjustable outlet on the rear of the Helmet that can remove the warm air and the humidity from the internal portion of the Helmet. 

A panel slider is in the middle of the chin guard; to direct the air away from your mouth. At the same time, you can find another slider on the top of the vent, which you can open and close according to your needs. All the vents are very convenient and easy to operate. Generally, the users have rated the 90 Pro Vader motorcycle helmet 89 out of 100, which is satisfying.

Shape and Materials of the RPHA 90

The design of this Helmet is applicable to reduce noise, and the shape also demonstrates these features. The snug chin curtain and the neck roll are also responsible for preventing the noise from entering this Helmet. You also found the glass groves inside the helmets that the riders can wear comfortably with this Darth Vader fiberglass helmet. Without this, the glasses will press against the side of the rider’s head.

Due to the 3D lining, the Helmet fits very close to the face. You can easily remove and wash that convenient lining time. The materials of the lining are polygene fabric and using silver chloride, which is antibacterial. Ultimately you don’t need to clean this part all the time for the interior, advanced antibacterial fabric.

Variation In Sizes

Like the other HJC models, this Darth Vader bike helmet comes in varieties of sizes from XXS-XXXL, which means you can get different sizes and fits with anyone’s head. HJC provides the motorcycle helmet fitting guide, that if you don’t know the perfect size of your head, that guide will help you get the ideal size helmet ever. In this RPHA Dark Vader, the riders will get the double- D ring fastener and Inc pin lock.

3D Engineering Ergonomic Interior

The ergonomic interior makes this Helmet one of the quietest models in the Helmet’s world. Noise reduction is one of the main features of this Helmet with safety. This Helmet can reduce the tunnel wind noise and so the rider feels very comfortable with the surroundings.

Open and Close Locking System

Only one touch can make this chin bar and vent open and close. If you have riding gloves with you, you can adjust the dial comfortably.

Multi cool Functions of this HJC RPHA 90 Helmet

On this HJC RPHA 90 review, you already notice that all the outside and inside features are so amazing. They are lined with a multi-cool interior that cools the Helmet’s interior and antibacterial properties and quick-drying properties. As a result, you can keep the Helmet from moisture retention and maintain hygiene.

Visibility of the Vader Motorcycle Helmet

The visor is super high quality, and the ready pin-lock has anti-fog features. The frontal portion is extensive so that you will get vast peripheral vision. In addition, the visor lock is so strong that there is no possibility to open the HJ-V7 SunShield Visor System while you are on the ride. The One-touch integrated standard smoke SunShield and integrated drop-down sun visor is a great feature that can give you excellent visibility under the bright sun. Just you need to slide the sun visor into the perfect place. In addition, this sun visor can protect the riders from ultraviolet rays. This factor makes this Helmet much better than others. In terms of visibility, the users give this Darth Vader helmet motorcycle 90 out of 100. Again we want to tell you that you can get excellent visibility during regular road riding.

The quietness of Darth Vader Helmet

In our experience, most of the users recommend that this Helmet is one of the quietest Helmets ever. When you are on the road or on some adventure, the aerodynamic design and the wind tunnel system can keep all the noise-free from the riders. The users eagerly want to give 98 out of 100 in terms of quietness; noise is the biggest issue that the people face while they are on the bike, and overall all the design makes this Helmet such a quiet one.

Bluetooth Communicator System

In this section, the RPHA 90 has Bluetooth communicatory properties and technology located on the lower neck portion of the Helmet. On the other hand, you can also stick the Bluetooth communicator handset to the side of this product. But if you want to take this communicatory device off, it will be a hassle for you.

Safety Issue of Darth Helmet

All the materials of this Helmet can create a solid outer shell. For safety purposes, this is a great issue. This Helmet got the EEC approval, which means it meets all the Europeans’ safety requirements and got the Dot approval as well. So almost all the safety issues of this Helmet were approved. This Helmet also gets 3 starts on SHARP.

The pin-lock anti-fog vision is perfect for riding in rainy or humid weather, and that becomes another safety issue. The Double-D ring safety feature can give you comfort during riding. The lightweight of this RPHA 90 is another excellent comfortable feature but the safest quality indeed. If any accidental issues arise, the lighter Helmet will protect you from massive head injuries.

Chin Strap and Neck Roll

You can get a padded neck roll and rubberized areas on the RPHA. All these materials have the capabilities to reduce external noise. The chick pads are also very tight to fit with your head, and at the same time, the double D-ring chin strap mechanism is straightforward to use.

Speaker Pocket of the Darth Vader Helmet

You will notice a speaker pocket on the Dart Vader helmet side, and you can also install an additional speaker pocket. When you want to use the eyeglass, you need to remove the padding of the speaker pocket to accommodate the eyeglasses.


What would you like to pay to purchase this tremendous modular Helmet with lots of satisfactory features? Well, you don’t need to pay more to buy such an excellent quality helmet. You can make the best use of your money here. Compared with the other expensive Helmet, you will feel how lightweight and comfortable this Helmet is!

HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader Helmet Benefits

  • This Dirt Vader Ski helmet is very comfortable; while you are using it you can feel.
  • You can get an enlarged eye-port and eyeglass-friendly EPS design liner here.
  • The anti-scratch coating and anti-fog coating of the sun visor can give you extra wind protection.
  • With the riding gloves on, you can efficiently operate both of the vents.
  • This Helmet comes in a wide variety of ranges.
  • The Multi-density liner can wick the sweat away and keep the internal portion of the Helmet cool.
  • These HJC RPHA helmets have varieties of sizes that you can get, which fits virtually with anyone.
  • A double D-ring fastener helps to open and close the Helmet quickly.
  • The inner liner is very soft and ultimately breath-friendly.
  • This 90 RPHA has actuated top, rear chin vent.
  • This Helmet is perfect for the intermediate oval head shape.
  • You can notice some plastic on the brow, but no pressure is given here.
  • There are lots of rooms inside the cheek pads that give the riders enough comfort.
  • The rider can quickly release the Visor of this Helmet.
  • This lightweight helmet can protect you from maximum head injuries.

What Could Be Improved

  • There is no sweat bucket inside the Helmet.
  • The visor is not that tall, and you cannot use this Helmet during sports bike riding.
  • The sun visor will limit the vertical visibility. Also, sometimes the sun visor does not lock in place, so it will go up and down while you are on the ride; it will be so annoying to anyone.

How Safe are HJC Helmets?

The most exciting experience you can get in your life is riding on your motorbike. This experience is utterly addictive because the absolute feeling of the surrounding scenarios blurs by. All this feeling is easy to feel when the riders ride on their motorcycle for the first time. But no one can neglect the safety issues, so they need to spend their money to purchase different protective gear. And definitely, the Helmet is the top safety gear that can ensure your safety while riding on your motorbike.

No piece of equipment can give you safety assurance without the perfect Helmet. The HJC helmet is very redoubtable and superior for riders all over the world. This Helmet uses top-quality safety features, which is why it has an outstanding reputation among riders. This gear gets maximum safety ratings from the UK SHARP and 5 stars in the ECE version. This HJC also has a DOT sticker on the backside.

Are HJC Motorcycle Helmets Good?

There are many solid motorcycle helmet brands that we can see in the market in our recent investigations. Some brands are costly and focus on the super high features, while others are affordable with full of safety and outstanding features that the riders actually need.

The HJC offers basic functionality that can protect you from injuries and give you enough comfort among many brands. So let’s drive at the exotic materials HJC brand and let you know why these modular helmets are something different.

If any riders prefer to use any particular helmet, we suspect that the HJC is that type of Helmet. For almost the last 45 years, these helmets can do their business almost worldwide with great success. This Helmet is extremely stylish, constructed with high-class aerodynamic materials, affordable and comfortable as well.

The most considerable thing is the accessible price point, we love the awesome price point, and the riders also consider this point. Hjc helmets are super lightweight, and all the safety features protect the riders from unwanted situations. This brand can already meet the demand of the DOT and Ece and got approval from them. The earplug can keep the unwanted noise.

You can found lots of great-looking, comfortable and affordable helmets on the market, and No helmet can give you 100% safety; you have to be very conscious while you are on the road. But this Hjc is committed to providing their level best support to make your riding experience smooth.

How Long are HJC Helmets Good for?

However, the HJC helmet is constructed with the best quality and long-lasting materials; it cannot last for life long. Unfortunately, no matter how expensive your Helmet is, you cannot use them year after year. Therefore, all the helmets eventually need to be replaced.

If your helmet is damaged for any reason, you have to change it. But otherwise, you need to replace your Helmet from 3 to 5 years after the purchasing date. Some manufacturers said that the Helmet should be replaced after seven years of its production date. You can get the manufacturer date below the comfort liner. Look and find out the date stamp, and you can get the actual date.

Expect the timing of the expiry date; if the following things happen, the riders must need to change their Helmet-

  • If the Helmet has any road scraping mark due to accidents.
  • Due to dropping, if any visible shell damage occurs.
  • When any kind of damaging occurs to the chin straps or webbing, you need to replace your Helmet
  • When you are missing your rivets or straps going to be loose, you need to purchase another one.
  • IF there is no recognizable certification or date of manufacturer, then you should replace your protective gear.
  • If the liners do not fit tightly due to loose-fitting or worn, then pick up another one. 

In general, if the riders face any of these issues, then he/she will need to replace the old Helmet. Without changing helmets in that situation, it will never give the riders optimum protections.

Are HJC Helmets Snell Approved?

The Snell is a non-profit organization developing based on lots of testing, research, education, and developments on the safety standard. The Snell-certified Helmet always carries the certification level inside the Helmet. If any helmet meets the Snell standard, then that Helmet can get Snell approval.

However, the HJC helmets semi-flat black are such types of helmets that have fantastic good reputations. Though this HJC can meet all the riders’ needs and still doesn’t get the Snell approval. In addition, THE RPHA HJC got 5-star safety ratings from the US department of standard. So, when you decide to ride on the road, you must wear protective gear, and we recommend you wear this HJC brand helmet without waiting.

Final Verdict

So, right now, this is the end of the HJC RPHA 90 review. All the overall features on this HJC RPHA max review have done a remarkable and incredible job at the market, and the riders must feel very comfortable while wearing them on long rides. So, we are pretty sure that these are the helmets that you are looking for.

When we are talking about comfort, all the good features are coming in front of us. At first, the riders may feel tight, but they can enjoy each of the rides after some rides. All the vents and the ventilation system are very excellent. In terms of comfort, style, and safety, this modular Helmet can defeat most of the modular helmets in the market.

At last, these high-quality internally constructed Helmet has a good reputation for giving all-day comfort on the long road. Moreover, these Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmets are the best modular helmets in the market within the minimum range.

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