HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet Review of 2021

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The HJC has been very popular among street motorcyclists and young stars in the world. This price-conscious and good quality helmet can make the position of the first selling helmet in the world. The HJC can step up as the premium quality helmet in the market since 2012 with the RPHA. Besides this, the World Superbike and the MotoGP wear this HJC on the top level of motorcycle racing and HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren helmet has taken the best place among them.

HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet Review

The most significant change of this pro 11 helmet is the new shell that can improve the aerodynamics and increase the scalp’s airflow. In addition, the RPHA 11 pro helmet can provide the highest level of head protection, and ultimately, this helmet is the HJC’s premium helmet line. Due to the super-premium constructions, the HJC’s designers are confident and proud of their RPHA 11 pro-Kylo ren helmet.

When the riders put this helmet on, they will feel that only a few helmets can come close to the RPHA 11 pro for the comfort, safety, design, graphics, and warranty. It’s not hard to see this helmet like the leader on the market. So if you are already determined to purchase a helmet, don’t go ahead; you will end up getting this 11 pro because of the reasonable price and innovative features.

How does the HJC RPHA 11 pro-KYLO Ren Helmet Perform?

The HJC Kylo belongs in the category of the premium quality helmet and manufactures excellent quality helmet incredibly light at a reasonable price. Moreover, this helmet is exceptionally comfortable with top-quality materials. However, this HJC full-face polycarbonate helmet is an excellent choice for the all-rounder motorcyclist.

Moreover, you can replace your existing helmet with this highest safety rated, best selling, and full-featured crushed helmet on the market. This helmet is the updated version of the pro 10 and got the DOT and EC approval. The longer front back and the narrow side are prevalent among the American riders in the market. As a result, you can get enough air on your head while you are on the road.

This helmet provides all the necessary features and can give you everything that the riders need inside and outside. You can get two different face shields here, one is a black face shield, and another one is a tinted face shield. In our personal opinion, as a rider, you can carry this type of helmet for the wide ride of the different graphics. You will be proud of using this helmet for the overall performance and enjoy your riding.

What Will You Like About the Kylo Ren RPHA 11 Motorcycle Helmet?

The HJC always develops high-quality helmets with the latest technology; that’s why this Hjc Rpha 11 pro is considered an incredibly successful product in the demandable market. This helmet is absolutely an excellent choice for you. The advanced CAD technology and the aerodynamic shield provide high performance at high speed.

The self-cooling properties make this protective gear more attractive, and you will use it all day long. Moreover, with lots of excellent features, this durable helmet can keep you safe from severe accidents, and the protection level is impressive without any doubt.

Here we are trying to disclose something that makes you love the Kylo Ren RPHA motorbike helmet.

The sturdiness of the Kylo 11 Pro

The shell is made with a blend of multilayers of carbon fiber, organic non-woven fabrics, aramid, and fiberglass. All these materials make this helmet enough durable, sturdy and lightweight. At high speed, the riders can get enough protection on the busiest road.

Perfect Size Helmet

Some helmets that you can found in the market are not sung fitted helmets. Without a perfectly fitted helmet, you cannot get the actual protection. The wrong fit helmet can increase the possibility of an accident. This Kylo Ren Motorcycle helmet provides the helmet fit chart, by which you can know the proper measurement of the helmet based on your head size. When you use this helmet for the first time, you may feel the helmet is tight on the cheek and jawline. Without the check pad, you cannot feel comfortable wearing this gear. How can you evaluate the helmet’s fit? This guideline also provides this Kylo Ren Helmet. So this is the best feature of this helmet, and obviously, you love and like this perfectly fitted helmet.

Perfect Design Helmet

The Advance channeling ventilation system helps to eliminate unnecessary heat and keep the humidity perfect in the internal portion of the Kylo helmet. Two vents are very effective in entering the air from outside. Here, you can find the improved horizontal and vertical sightlines that will provide you a wide field of vision.

Ultimately you don’t have any complaints about the airflow and the ventilation system. You can even adjust the airflow according to your needs; it’s a great success of the RPHA 11 pro. In addition, the scalloped padding system has a multi-cool system. So all the exhaust vents can do their job perfectly.

Graphic Design

The graphics of the RPHA 11 pro has two marvel options and two-star war choices. The pickiest riders always prefer to use this helmet because they get what they actually need. In front of the helmet, the finishing is glossy, and in the backside, the riders will get matt finishing.

All the above facts are so attractive for the riders, and you must like this pro helmet because you can get something you need.

HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet Review

The fantastic design of this Kylo Motorcycle Helmet makes it incredible that you can never see it in the Star Wars Movies. This finely tuned helmet is perfect for sport and track-day enthusiasts. The improved ventilation system, rear spoiler design, refined shell, redesigned face shield gaskets, and overall pin-lock system are exceptional. All the features make this helmet unique from the other version in the market.

When we engage in doing our research, we found so many compliments, and we are surprised to see outstanding user-friendly features; that’s why you can rely on this type. Once again, this pro is the new standard depending on the performance. We don’t know another mid-range helmet on the market that has such a favorable price with quality.

Specifications of HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet:

  • Style: Full- face Helmet
  • Brand: HJC Helmet
  • Item Dimension: 15.8 x 11 x 11.8 inches
  • Size: X-Small to 2XL
  • Color: M5sf
  • Interior: Multi cool
  • Sun-Visor: Anti Scratch Face Shield
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
  • Model: HJC Kylo RPHA 11 Pro Helmet
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Safety: ECE and DOT – 218 approved
  • Construction: Premium Integrated Matrix
  • Ventilation System: Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Shield: HJP optical Dark Smoke Shield

HJC RPHA 11 pro Kylo ren Motorcycle Helmet Features

Shell Design and Constructions

No matter how you would like to ride, you will love this helmet. When you are at high speed, the advanced PIM Plus Fiberglass Aerodynamic construction shell is helpful for absolute performance.

The advanced PIM shell combines fiberglass, carbon fiber, and aramid to make a durable and strong shell. Finally, the created shell is super lightweight and can protect you from severe injuries. In addition, the non-woven fabric is responsible for a comfortable fit, and the riders get enough comfort while using the CAD technology.

EPS Liner

You can see multipurpose uses of the EPS liner. The shape of the EPS liner is excellent, and a unique oval shape area is molded for the speaker. The removable, washable, and replaceable multi-cool technology can ensure the riders a relaxed environment. In addition, the antibacterial properties and the sweat-preventing liner can keep the helmet safe from sticking the sweat into the fabrics. So you can maintain hygiene and prevent odor from the helmet.

Ventilation System

During the roller mechanisms, the opening and closing vent are very effective while you are on your bike. The roller mechanism has four positions so that the intake system can be managed. In the center forehead, you can get small open and close vents through the recessed switch. When the temperature is too hot, this vent will keep the internal environment cool.

The two exhaust vents are open permanently, so the HJC is known as the multi-cool- interior helmet. At the same time, you can always open two chin vents, and both of them are centered, with no intermediate position—both of the vents are applicable to reduce the fogging.

Here the rider can also insert the anti fog interior lens where moisture is too much.

Quiet HJC Pro Helmet

This 11 pro is very quiet due to the overall venting system. A ventilation hole is a pathway for noise. But you can get plenty of padding inside the helmet, which can reduce the noise. Actually, the HJC can keep the side pad plush. This is because those side pads seal up a bit of racket generated from the bottom of the helmet. The overall aerodynamic mechanism also makes this helmet quiet.

Lightweight HJC 11 Pro

Due to the shield materials, this helmet is ultimately lighter than the previous pro 10. This helmet is known as the superlight premium helmet ever. When the riders wear this protective gear, they feel light on their head. So, like always, you must prefer that type of helmet, which will give you enough comfort.

Face Shield of the RPHA 11 Pro

Moreover, this full-face helmet is a sport- touring helmet with three positions inner sun shield and face shield. Face shield is another great feature here that the riders don’t need any tools to replace it. This face shield is exceptionally flawless and covers the eye-ports that are enlarged from the previous model.

Here the riders get the spring-loaded latch that can hold the face shield close at high speed on the road. However, this shield is very easy to open. The quality RPHA 11 face shield has 5 detented positions that the riders can fully open and close. In addition, the face shield spin mechanism is very friendly and never hits your ears if it becomes repositioned.

The pin-prepared HJ-26 shield is designed to prevent fog, smoke, and scratch, which can be deployed quickly. In addition, this shield helps prevent you from stopping at the roadside when you need to readjust your helmet. The anti-fog lens and anti-fog tear-off clear shield have 2D- dark smoke shield, which has a flat racing shield.

Graphic of the HJC 11 Pro

The HJC is famous for its graphics, the front is glossy, and the back portion is matt in color. This is very complex. On the backside, you will get a matt airbrush technique design. The graphic design includes two marvel choices and stars war options. You can see dozens of varieties of graphics and design, and as an intelligent rider, you can pick up any form here, and this is our opinion. You can also get the incredible color layout here, so don’t miss this one.

Safety of HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet

HJC always has a good reputation for safety, not unlike polycarbonate helmets. This helmet can meet all the necessary features to get the ECE and DOT approval. The HJC 11 Pro brings the maximum 5-star rating for safety purposes on the Sharp( Uk Helmet Testers versions) or ECE and meets Dot standard also. But if you are looking for the Snell sticker, you will be disappointed because the RPHA does not have any Snell Approval.

The quick-release cheek pad is another safety feature that the riders need most while they are on the bike.

What We Like Most of HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet

  • The fiberglass composite shell can create a unique woven blend that is very light and strong as well.
  • For the bikers, the wide eye port always provides better peripheral vision.
  • At high speed, the aerodynamic shell structure is suitable for extreme performance.
  • The shell design is ultimately very effective for the convenient ventilation system.
  • Check pads and the crown pads are completely washable and removable.
  • The interior advanced antibacterial fabrics can provide increased moisture wicking and quicker drying function than previous models. 
  • The riders can get the rapid-fire II shield replacement system.
  • Both of the sunglasses and eyeglasses are EPS shapes.
  • The optical superior 2d face shield can give you protection from 95% UV rays.
  • The riders can get a one-touch open or close locking system with spring controlled lever.
  • The RPHA 11 Pro got EEC and Dot approval.
  • This 11 Pro has built-in communication speaker pockets.
  • During an emergency, the riders can quickly rescue due to the emergency check pads.
  • You can get different sizes of interchangeable 11 pro cheek pads.
  • The anti fog insert lens is provided with this pro 11.
  • This helmet is solid and superlight.
  • You can get the breath deflector and chin curtain here to direct the rider’s breath away from the shield.
  • The 1/4 inches helmet hook is very strong.
  • You can get different sizes of interchangeable cheek pads.
  • The collarbone gives you enough space to move the riders and keep them safe from accidents.
  • Never shift at a high wind pressure.

What Need To Be Improved of HJC Rpha 11 Pro Kylo Ren Helmet

  • Depending on the motorcycle, riding style, previous helmets, fairing, some owners say that this helmet is a little bit noisy.
  • Like the other helmets, this Pro 11 can fog up pretty quickly.
  • Sometimes the RPHA 11’s ventilation system does not impress us; the forehead vents have some cooling effects but can be improved.
  • The Ear pocket is slightly undersized.
  • You can get a more solid colored helmet here.

Is HJC RPHA 11 Snell Approved?

All the shell constructions make this helmet a strong shell. So this slippery design and quality shell with relatively round helmet are trendy among all types of riders. But unfortunately, the most exciting issue with this helmet is,  it does not have Snell M2015 certification. But it gets 22.05 approval and also Dots approval. So this RPHA 11 gets the sticker from Dot and ECE.

Is RPHA 11 Good?

However, the HJC RPHA 11 Pro always feels light on the owner’s head, and the oval-shaped helmet can fit up perfectly on the rider’s head. This pro is the improved spoiler design and more aerodynamic refined shell.  Within a second, you can remove the visor, which is the world’s most accessible and quickest way. The advanced channeling ventilation system with a greater field of vision can make this helmet the best choice of the moderate price helmet. You can get the highest support at an extreme speed. And also, you can get everything from this top-rated helmet ever.

How to Switch the Visor on the HJC Motorcycle Helmet?

Now we will show you how you can easily remove the visor and replace it on your helmet. The visor is a matt black version. So first of all, take the visor and lift it up and then you will get a little thing, there you need to press. And after that, you will notice that the visor is automatically lifted and removed.

Do the same techniques for both sides. This process is super simple. You will see that two arrows can match up one another. One is with the helmet, and the other is with the visor. Match them perfectly, and then click in. When you click, it will be secure.

When you need to get it off again, you have to raise it all and press them back. So, this is the very most accessible way to change the visor without any hassle.


Now we know how a helmet can protect motorcycle riders from accidents. Are you looking for the Kylo Ren Motorcycle Helmet? The riders must prefer this due to the fantastic features, and you must pick the newly released HJC pro-Kylo ren motorcycle helmet. With the wide vision and excellent protection, this Kylo Ren is the perfect choice for stylish motorcycle helmets with an outstanding airflow ventilation system for a longer time.

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