HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet Review For 2021

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Here you can get the HJC’s full ranges and top-line full-face motorbike helmet HJC RPHA 11 PRO. This reliable sportbike helmet improved the most favorite RPHA 10 by increasing the capabilities of different critical features needed for both the track day participants and sport riders. This fully tuned helmet is perfect for the race track and street sport addicted riders. Moreover, you will be impressed with the improved rear design, advance channeling ventilation system, forehead vent, refined aerodynamic shell, and at the same time feeling and performance as well. The sizing of the lightest helmet is stable with the size chart of the HJC and fits more snugly as well. This race-styling helmet combines the advancing and updating version, which can provide a more high-end performance level at an affordable price at ultra-high speed. Furthermore, this nice fitted helmet comes with more solid color with an enlarged eye-port which is helpful to increase the view. All the features of this premium helmet are so impressive that a great surprise is waiting for you when you see the HJC RPHA 11 PRO helmet review.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Helmet Review: Big Improvements Arrive

The HJC RPHA 11 pro helmet considerably improves the HJC 10 pro that arrives in the motorcycle world with good quality and price-conscious helmet. As a result, this HJC’S top-class crash race helmet can create significant value among the bikers. The HJC RPHA helmet 11 pro’s goal is to offer top-quality features at a reasonable price range.

Are you looking to buy an HJC RPHA 11 Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet? Then you can go through the HJC RPHA 11 helmet review that offers exceptional protection for the wearer. The HJC uses its premium integrated matrix plus technology to give ultimate protection for all types of bikers. Moreover, the helmet’s design is so unique that all the features have convinced us to recommend this 11 Pro to use everyone in their daily purpose with the highest safety concern.

Specifications of HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

  • Brand: HJC
  • Shield: Both clear and smoke face shield
  • Size: XS-XL size available, but in some specific models, you can see XXS-XXL
  • Glasses Grooves: Available
  • Shield Lock System: Included
  • Made in: Korea
  • Color: Solid and Graphics
  • Warranty: 5 YearsSafety: Dot and SHARP approved

Features of the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

The features of the HJC RPHA 11 pro helmet are really outstanding. They are innovative in design and the safety of this helmet will blow your mind.

Shell Design and Protection of the HJC 11 Pro

Different layers of advanced carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid, and other non-organic fabric create the composite shell. The materials make this composite shell very light and robust as well. If any accident occurs, the Premium Integrated Matrix Plus technology can give you 100% protection. These materials make the shell not too rigid but strong.

Shield of the RPHA 11 PRO Helmet

The Shield of the flagship model is powerful to improve visibility at different angles. The improving visibility of this 11 PRO is using their rapid-fire system to remove the helmet quickly. In addition, you can see an easy-to-use lock in the middle of the shield. This helmet also provides the pin-lock anti-fog inside the box, which is very effective while you use this helmet.

The tinted shield of this helmet is convenient, and you can use it while you are on track. You can also open the shield while you are on the road.

Weight of the HJC RPHA 11 Pro helmet

Considering the helmet’s comfort for the internal padding and lining, the weight of the XL size is very light, and that is 1502 grams.

Interior and Face Shield of the RPHA 11 PRO Helmet

This is another great feature included with the RPHA 11 PRO. You cannot get this type of quality face shield within this price range. This helmet provides an Optically Superior Anti-fog lens with a 2d flat racing shield and a 2D smoker shield with an additional anti-fog insert lens insert system. However, the face shield will give you a 95% UV protection Center one-touch open/close locking system.

Safety Features Of the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC has wind tunnel tested and met all the safety standards of Dot and ECE and got the approval of the ECE and Dot. This helmet doesn’t get Snell approval, but SHARP tested and got 3 stars. However, Sharp scoring is not that important as it fits properly on the rider’s head.

Some other safety features can contribute to maintaining the safety issues. The large shield is significant for the visibility of the 11 Pro RPHA. In addition, many track focus helmets can provide maximum visibility all around. From our point of view, the visibility of the RPHA 11 Pro is wide and pleasant as well, which can survive you on the busy road.

After an accident, the quick release system can support you in pulling on the red tabs at the bottom of the helmet that can be slid out to the check pads to remove the helmet easily. Due to this feature, this 11 pro is top-rated among the riders.

Airflow Ventilation System of this HJC 11 Pro

To provide top-quality head protection, the 11 has a shell capable of maintaining lots of Airflow to the scalp. A couple of chin vents and the forehead vents with four exhaust vents are involved in maintaining the Airflow to the rear. The additional vents always using a glove-friendly small wheel that provides multiple positions. All the RPHA 11 Pro users said that all the rear exhaust vents work well to maintain maximum Airflow to make the rider’s head cool.

Inside the scoops, you can see the top air intakes that can flow the air directly to the rider’s head, and this feature is the RPHA’s great success. Due to the use of the roller mechanism, you can easily open and close the vents. While you want to purchase, you will notice that the clicked roller has four positioned; with the fully open and close vents, the Airflow can be micromanaged.

The scalloped padding of this unit is appropriate to collect the air by the two vents easily and make the scalp cool. On the other hand, two small exhaust vents are permanently open. Therefore, to maintain the internal condition of this 11PRO, you can either open or close the chin vents and central vents.

Outward Visibility: Sometimes, you may think that outward visibility is not like what you want. But all the materials are so excellent that the horizontal and verticle sightlines from the eye-port are improving. And it will provide good vision. That’s why the riders don’t need to compromise with the field of vision when you have the RPHA 11 Pro helmet with you.

Interior Lens of the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Helmet

We are a great fan of this RPHA 11 PRO due to the additional anti-fog interior lens. If you live in an area where the moisture is excessive, this lens will allow you to ride safely.

Multi cool Interior Fabrics

This star wars helmet offers a multi-cool interior comfort liner containing advanced anti-bacteria fabrics, organic non-woven fabric, and quick-drying fabric with quick-drying and moisture-wicking functions. Check pads also very user-friendly. The liner’s technology can keep the helmet comfortable and dry for a long time.

In an emergency, you can easily remove the pads, reinstall and wash. The EPS liners also have the placement of the speaker to communicate with others.

The HJC 11 Pro Helmet noise

Obviously, this HJC 11 Pro has many unique features, so noise suppression is not the main priority of this sportbike helmet. Some riders said that this helmet’s noise issue is the same as the previous model provides. That means this helmet is quite noisy, and the noise level is above about 40 mph.

We can range the sound level average to slightly better than average on an unfired bike. Usually, the materials that are using here can dampen the level of the sound. But you can notice the resonating noise while you wear these 11 PRO, and even you can hear the footstep immensely inside the helmet. 

When the air is buffeting the helmet, some wind noise also transmits by the air. For example, when you are traveling behind a mid-high windscreen, the air directs turbulence around the bottom of the helmet. 

You need to be aware that the noise level should not be intolerable by any means. So considering other outstanding features, you need to use a decent and high-quality proper fitted pair of air plugs while riding on your bike wearing this HJC helmet to maintain the noise level at an adjustable level. Though noise levels will vary depending on the individuals and noise can be created for various reasons. Due to the type of motorcycle and windscreen, wind speed and direction, rider’s clothing, and even the perfect fitted helmet are involved in the noise level.

So must use the high-quality air plug to protect your hearing while riding on a motorcycle.

Paint, Graphics, and Overall Quality of the RPHA 11 Pro

The RPHA 11 Pro comes in various colors, designs, and graphics like- Vemon version, Spiderman, and other famous graphics. Besides different lovely blue, red, yellow, and orange colors, you can get some more solid colors helmet-like- black or white with semi-flat titanium.

The structure of the composite shell makes this helmet super lightweight with more solid feelings. Only the long-time bikers who use this helmet know how excellent this helmet is! Lots of junk helmets are on the market nowadays, but if you consider the overall quality with color and graphics, this helmet is something exceptional that we will ensure for you.

The moving parts and the overall finishing of this helmet is so smooth.

Double D-chinstrap of the RPHA 11 PRO: The rider can easily find the double D- ring chin strap while they are on the road.

Internal Shape And Perfect Fit Helmet

From the beginning, we notice that the helmet’s internal shape is slightly narrow, which is not perfect for the racing-oriented sport helmet. But surprisingly, the shape of this 11 pro RPHA is very neutral that you cant imagine actually. Most of the other users called this helmet a round shape helmet.

The shape is so perfect that it can match with most of the rider’s head perfectly. On the other hand, the liner and the cheek pads also help fit perfectly with the helmet, as the RPHA 11 Pro is known as a “racing helmet” that can typically run small. In addition, you can easily pull over the helmet’s head because the shell has a slight taper towards the bottom portion.

However, we feel that the sizing is quite small because we see that when we see the XL size of the 11 PRO’s, we notice that it will be similar to the larger size of other typical helmets. And the XL RPHA feels quite tight. That’s why a thinner cheek pad is needed for some users. So, the sizing is much different from one model to another related to the RPHA 11 Pro.

So, when you want to purchase the HJC 11 Pro, you need to measure the head size and the helmet’s shell size, and then you can get your desire motorcycle helmets. Moreover, the RPHA 11 Pro comes with three shell sizes – XS-S, M-L, and XL-2XL.

Eyeglass Fitted Helmet

There is a specially lined channel on both sides of the cheek pads, which is very eyeglass friendly. The riders can easily slide up the eyeglasses or the sunglass inside the Mandalorian helmet if needed.

Ear Pocket Notes of the HJC RPHA 11Pro

Another good feature of this 11 Pro is the Ear Pocket Notes which are molded for the speakers. The verticle dimension of the air pocket is not that much bigger as the riders needed.

Advantages of the RPHA-11 Pro Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet

This premium motorcycle helmet has a more awesome ventilation system which makes this protective gear enough environmentally adaptable. The spoiler of this new 11 Pro is redesigned, so this new design is suitable to match the style and comfort. However, the new anti-scratch face shield Interior and the ventilation system are excellent, and this gear can meet different safety standards like DOT, ECE, and Sharp. In addition, all the graphics are so unique that ultimately you can get this helmet with a fairly reasonable price range.

Moreover, all the innovative features of this great RPHA 11 Pro is considered this helmet an excellent protective gear that you can use without any hesitation.

Likable Features of HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Helmet

  • With the gloved hand, you can easily open and close the vents.
  • You can perfectly control the top intake vents to get adequate Airflow.
  • The air can perfectly pour into the helmet.
  • The center extraction vents and chin vents are capable of reducing fogging.
  • This 11 Pro has an outstanding lightweight helmet with good balance and aerodynamics.
  • The ventilation system is excellent.
  • You can easily and quickly remove and install the automatic face shield due to the Rapid Fire II Shield Replacement System.
  • This helmet provides an automatic shield locking system.
  • You can get a solid feel by wearing this HJC 11Pro.
  • The face shield design is excellent.
  • This HJC RPHA 11 Pro is very affordable.
  • In the case of the Airflow, the 11 PRO has a great success.
  • This professional in-person helmet can fit perfectly with maximum comfort.
  • To replace the face shield, you don’t need any tools.
  • The cheek pads are washable and removable.
  • The plastic materials of this helmet can reduce the weight.
  • The riders can get dozens of graphic variations that you can found with this HJC 11 PRO model.

Need to be Improved of HJC RPHA 11 Pro Boba Fett Helmet

  • The air pocket is slightly small, and you will face some noise issues.
  • Most of the helmets that you get are solid colors
  • The lower vent control is not so good to flow the air perfectly.
  • The outward visibility is not outstanding at all.

Final Verdict

So, here, you can get the HJC’s full-face helmet to protect you from unavoidable situations. Though this helmet comes with a well-vented, light, and comfortable, and also anti-fog pin lock insert system,  the fact is it’s pretty noisy. This reliable RPHA 11 Pro’s prising also steps above the average HJC helmet.

The 11 Pro is absolutely the solid competitor of the other high-end motorcycle helmet available on the market. The construction quality and the combination may provide the best and unique features of the RPHA 11 Pro. If anyone is looking for great features, perfect racing full-face motorbike helmet, then the RPHA 11 Pro should be the definite choice for them.


Are HJC Helmets Any Good?

All over the world, the HJC Helmet has been dominating for more than 45 years. This helmet is very comfortable with the style, materials, and overall safety features. All the bike riders want to pay more to get a good quality helmet. This great helmet is excellent, and get the genuine Dot, ECE, and Sharp sticker.
The HJC always provides a low and mid-price helmet with plenty of valuable features. You can get hundreds of choices fitted comfortably with all head shapes in shell size and color. For each of the unique features, we are already a big fan of HJC helmets.

How Safe is HJC Helmets?

The HJC motorcycle helmet is the ultimate best-selling, highest safety ratings, all-rounder full-face crash motorcycle helmet ever. This pretty good brand HJC is constructed with the polycarbonate outer shell in terms of safety issues. We prefer this HJC brand due to the price point. You can get any model of this HJC with a considerable number of safety features with a very affordable price range. The Bike riders always prefer this budget-friendly helmet with excellent quality.
Unfortunately, you will have an accident at some point, so you need such helmet that can protect yourself. This HJC is that type of helmet with all safety features.

Is RPHA an 11 Snell?

Under the HJC’s belt, the RPHA 11 pro is committed to providing top-quality head protection with many noticeable features. For example, an aerodynamically improving version of this helmet always supplies enough Airflow on the scalp; besides these comfortable features, you can get all the safety features here. In addition, this HJC 11 Pro meets all the standards of DOT and ECE. But if you want to see the Snell sticker inside the RPHA, you don’t get any. That means still this protective gear does not meet the Snell standard.

What does HJC RPHA Stand For?

The HJC RPHA stands for Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advance. Depending on the volume, the HJC is a quality helmet with a lower price point; among many brands in the world, the manufacturer agreed.

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