HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet Review- Best Sports Touring Helmet in 2021

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If you are looking for a cool helmet, F70 is a great-looking helmet and, of course, the new addition of HJC. However, exclusively since 1971, HJC is specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets. The HJC can reach the goal in the worldwide market because of the built-in quality, structure, strength, combination of highly demandable ideas, and overall more fantastic price range.

HJC F70 Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Review

This new motorcycle helmet, HJC F70, is a Korean brand that is very cool and sport looking and stylish, with a sound venting system. When we compare this helmet with other models, the noise level is down here. We are sure if you consider grabbing this helmet for summer, you will never be disappointed.

Let’s take a close look at the plenty of features of the HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet with functions on this HJC motorcycle helmet review. And we are sure you don’t forget to carry this gear with you. Undoubtedly, HJC always made excellent full-face motorcycle helmets, and this is why we can tell this brand is one of the kings in the helmet market.

Here on the HJC helmets review, we will prove again; this is the most incredibly robust and budget-friendly helmet ever.

The Best Features and Specifications of HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet

Best For Adults

Specification of HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet

  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Weight: 6 pounds 16 ounces
  • Composite Shell: Fiberglass Composite Shell
  • Shape: Intermediate Oval Head Shape
  • Sun Visor: Interior Drop-down HJ- V9 Sun Visor
  • Products Dimension: 15 x 11 x 11.5 inches
  • Face Shield: HJ 32 Clear Face Shield
  • Chin Curtain and Breath Guard: Available
  • Chinstrap: D-ring
  • Speaker Cutout: 40mm
  • Safety Approval: DOT and ECE 
  • Communicating System: Bluetooth ready design
  • Speaker Pocket: 3 Positioned Speaker Pockets
  • Warranty: 5 years from the date of manufacturer
  • Guarantee: 3 years
HJC F70 Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Review
HJC F70 Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Top Reasons To Buy HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet: The Best Features of HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet You Should Know

If you need to pick your helmet for riders immediately, some essential features of the HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet review are given below, and you can look at them when you are in a hurry.

Available in Different Sizes and Colors

The HJC F70 comes in five different colors, including black, semi-flat black, white, stone gray, and semi-flat titanium. The HJC comes in various sizes, like- XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Unique Variants of the F70 Helmets

We already discovered that this unique blend helmet comes with some special variants. They are- Tino, Dever, Samos, Mago, Feron, Deathstroke.

Reasonable Pricing

This touring gear is not an expensive helmet and comes with an affordable mid-price tag. You cannot get any alternate quality products at such a low price. Fortunately, this F70  is the best full-face helmet ever that you can get at such an affordable rate.

Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

The F70 helmet comes with pretty Bluetooth additional features. We see that there is enough space to place the 20B or the Smart HGB 10B Bluetooth Communication System just below the cheek pads. The lid can host HJC’s own innovative intercom system by attending the phone calls and vibe to music during riding. But you need to purchase it separately.

HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet Features

Construction and Build of HJC F70

The exterior portion of the outer shell of this HJC F70 is made with a highly resistant and lightweight composite fiberglass shell. The weight of that glass is only 3 pounds and 7 ounces. This material makes the helmet lighter than those made with the polycarbonate motorcycle helmet shell. This durable helmet looks like the fighter pilot helmets.

This helmet is a great sport touring helmet with a robust construction system. It can provide ample protection for long-distance riders. This helmet has two different shell sizes, and the weight does not strain you on your longer rides.

HJC F70 Shape

This helmet has an aerodynamic oval shape, and this protective gear is made with advanced CAD techniques. This helmet is comparatively long concerning width on the front to back section with on the side to side section as well.

HJC F70 Ventilation System

On a hot sunny day, you can feel like a cool morning and really get a good feeling through the airflow due to different open and close rear exhaust vents. In the chin bar, there are a pair of separate chin vents. When the chin bar vents open, then the cool air can come in and wrap your face. This advanced helmet has a chin vent and crown vents to flow the air inside the whole helmet.

The scoop top intake vent, which is a significant additional part, can bring enough air. The advanced channeling ventilation system can move the air throughout the helmet and helps to reduce humidity and heat. The hot air can easily pass through two existing intake vents on the backside of the helmet. This backside vent can pull the heat through the rear exhaust. In order to give the helmet a more aerodynamic look, the scooter riders can open and close the exhaust exit vent according to their needs.

From lots of research, we see that most of the F70 owners prefer the venting system. Because there are lots of air channels on the EPS liner.

HJC F70 Internal Structure

Here, this helmet provides an optional inbuilt chin curtain. A small pad fixed with the chin curtain to block the coming air between the rider’s neck and chin. That is very effective for the riders and keeps them safe from unnecessary winds. Two pieces of joiner also keep the pad in the perfect place.

If the riders have cold allergies, this blocking pad can block the coming cold air. And another great thing is, you can easily remove it and store the pad inside your pocket.

Quiet  Helmet

When the main shield closes, and all other vents close completely, the HJC helmet is quiet. The manufacturer always gives extra attention to make this helmet soundproof. Even when the active vents are open, you cannot hear the sound.

HJC F70 Helmet Safety

Unfortunately, the F70 has not received the safety test approval from Snell or SHARP. But some fiberglass shell helmets get those approvals. But if you are buying the F70, you will see that the HJC helmet meets all the DOT and ECE standards. So this helmet obviously is able to give you a base level of head protection ever.

HJC F70 Visor

Now, come to the point of the integral sun visor; the visor of the pin lock-ready face shield is a very smooth and quick operating system. The rider will see that the eye-port is pin-lock and gives you enough visibility, which comes with a box. Here the HJ-V9 integrated sun visor can protect the rider from 99% UV Rays and prevent fogging.

The rider also uses this by wearing a glove, and this Uv protection feature is ultimately great indeed. This visor almost goes down to the nose guard, and you will get minimum dazzle. Compared with the other HJC model, this visor gives you enough visibility, which plays a crucial role in riders’ safety. You can enjoy the rides by operating the visor with both of your hands. This is a good option for the lefties.

There is no rapid-fire release system; the riders need to take a screwdriver to release the visor from the helmet’s body. During the nighttime, the anti-fog coating can protect the riders, and during the daytime, the drop-down sun visor can also give enough protection.

HJC F70 Liner

Now, we are trying to look at the multi-cool and antibacterial inner liner, removable and washable. The cheek also pads are user-friendly for those who have to wear glasses. It’s not comfortable if you are riding on a busy road and your glass always puts extra pressure on your face the whole time due to the helmet.

The F70 liners look nice and can keep your head cool for an extended period. The EPS grooves and the Advance Channeling Ventilation system are so lovely here.

HJC F70 Comfort and Sizing: Ultimately, this helmet is a medium oval-shaped internal helmet. This shape is perfect for most riders. The interior multi-cool liner is very comfortable for weaving sweat away. The riders can easily remove it and wash it, so it’s antibacterial.

The cheek pad can give you decent protection, and you can easily and quickly wear this protective gear and feel comfortable. If you feel that the check pad is too tight, you can also replace it and feel better. On the other hand, the fastening straps for the double D- ring enclosure are enough for padding and can secure the helmet from flapping around while you are on the busiest road.

HJC F70 Contoured Cheek Pads

When you wear a helmet, your face can get complete protection from the balanced and well intact contoured cheek pads. This cheek pad sits appropriately on the bottom of the rider’s cheek, minimizes the amount of coming air, and protects the rider’s head. The chin curtain also blocks the rush air into the chin and neck.

Graphics and Looks of HJC F70

This F70 pretty cool helmet is a lovely designed helmet. The graphics are very minimal and smooth and look like decals. The Feron and Mego graphics use pearl white, glossy or matt black, and stone gray solid color on the base. They are also using the Samos graphic over the nice matt blue color. So, from lots of variations, you can choose your desired one that suits you most.

So, we appreciate the design and engineering features from the overall all-rounder HJC touring helmet review. This HJC Helmet full-face can provide much more protection and comfort than any other full-face helmet. If you want to get a better functional street helmet, then you must try the F70 helmets.

Likable Features of HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet
  • You can quickly bring this HJC down and pull up on the road.
  • The inner liners of the motorcycle helmets HJC are washable and removable as well.
  • The fiberglass composite shell is very lightweight.
  • Here you will get the expanded polyester ( EPS) enhanced shock-resistant performance absorbing liner.
  • The slider bottom vent is adequate to maintain the airflow.
  • The riders can get enough visibility due to the enlarged advanced aerodynamic CAD shape eye-port.
  • For the highest airflow from front to back, the ACS advanced channeling Ventilation System is working here.
  • From the interior portion of the helmet, the rear exhaust vent and the scoop tor intake vent that you can get on this full-face helmet.
  • The speaker pockets are very adjustable.
  • On this F70, the pretended one-touch sun shield mechanisms can retract and locate the tools quickly.
  • The pin-lock ready face shield is vast and protects enough UV rays.
  • You can easily and quickly release the cheek pads.
  • You can easily remove, reinstall and wash the crown and cheek pads.
  • This is the best budget-friendly helmet for long-term riding.
  • If the motorcycle rider wears glass, then this helmet glasses friendly unit.
  • Here the chin bar vent helps to flow the air across the interior of the outer shield to keep cool.
  • The breath guard and internal visor can meet up the rider’s needs.
What Needs To Be Improved of HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet?
  • Sometimes the overall feeling is not comfortable with the riders when they are on the road.
  • When the riders speed up high, there will be a little noise that the rider can feel.
  • The first-time user may feel snug, but after some, you can relax with comfort.
  • The D-ring strap is too tight on the check if you buy the largest size. No, this helmet is not suitable for long-time riders.

Is HJC a Good Helmet?

Motorcycle riding is utterly addictive. All the scooter riders spend enough money on their ride to enjoy the excitement in the first time riding. From the very beginning, you may fall or have An accident, so you need perfect protective gear that can protect you from fatal injuries.  

No equipment is more critical than purchasing good riding gear. Choosing a perfect motorcycle helmet is not less important than choosing a motorcycle. Many companies and brands can be seen on the market to give you enough protection while riding on your bike. If you want to get such gear that can give you complete protection, we suggest going for the HJC. For more than 45 years, they have been leading the market.

The HJC makes superior, comfortable, and safest helmets on the market for riders worldwide. They are using top-quality materials and are stylish as well. We also prefer this helmet due to the moderate price range. At an affordable price, they are trying to provide all the most compelling safety features. They use the safest materials, which are very lightweight too—lots of colors and shell sizes that you can get at an affordable price. The Bike riders also prefer this bike gear for the active earplug, which will protect them from unwanted noise. Moreover, the HJC is always committed to providing top-level sportbike helmets for bikers all over the world.

How Long are HJC Helmets Good For?

Ultimately the HJC helmets are constructed with the long-lasting and best materials ever. But for the time being, like the other helmet, it needs to be replaced. Due to some impact, you need to change your helmet. Sometimes the outer shell will damage, or compression occurs on the absorbing inner liner. Sometimes you cannot even detect the damage.

If the helmet shell, the retention system, and the absorbing lining are in good condition, the helmet will provide you the best protection. But unfortunately, if you don’t recognize any damage or impact, you need to change it every 3 to 5 years after purchase. Everything depends on how long you use it and how nicely you maintain it. Over time being adhesive, UltraViolet Rays, and other elements will damage your nice gear, and if you wear a damaged gear, it will never protect you from danger. So, when you face any negative issue, then you must replace your helmet.

How Safe are HJC Helmets?

Suppose the riders want access to freedom and a thrilling experience in the open air from motorcycling. In that case, the riders have to ride with a perfect motorcycle and perfect safety gear. And the first safety gear that will come to our mind is an ideal helmet of a motorcycle. 

Though the law is applicable or not, you must ride on your bike with perfect safety gear, and that will be a sportbike helmet. We chose the safest motorcycle helmet to see the helmet types and safety standards with features.

 From the different varieties of the helmet in the market, the HJC has lots of good reputations due to the solid and robust shell constructions. The HJC helmet gets the maximum 5-star safety ratings from the UK, ECE version, and gets the Dot approval from the US. The scooter riders can 100% rely on those star safety ratings.

Besides these safety standards, HJC also has many safety features, including broad and good peripheral vision; the integral drop-down sun visor also protects UV rays. The lightweight, aerodynamic shell is a more optimized fit and improves safety issues.

Looking to Buy an HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet?

One of the best Korean quality brands is the HJC  and the F70 helmet between the HJC-1-70 and the most exclusive HJC RPHA- 70 models. This budget-friendly, comfortable, and lightweight helmet has a wide internal sun visor, and the wicking liner makes this helmet use a whole day long. The F70 is perfect for commuting or tours. So if you are looking to buy any affordable helmet with excellent features, please try this helmet for a while, and you will depend on this protective gear.

Why Should You Go for an HJC F70 Motorcycle Helmet?

The HJC F70 is known as the all-rounder touring motorbike helmet. This model improves fiberglass shell construction and reduces the weight compared with the other polycarbonate shell helmet for safety purposes. Here the ordinary and usual quick-release extra face shield is not used. With a  screw, the old-style traditional visor is attached to this F70.

This great-looking helmet also has smart intercom systems with Bluetooth connectivity. You can get a minimal noise level while riding on the busiest road but need to use earplugs. So, as a rider, if you want to get some special quality motorcycle helmets, you should go for an HJC helmet.

Final Words

If anyone wants to get a special sharp helmet with top quality, then without any doubt, we will recommend this HJC F70 helmet. The specialized and exclusive HJC F 70 motorcycle helmet is very superior in almost all bike shops around the globe. This top-quality, stylish and comfortable helmet fits every range and is preferred by all types of riders.

This helmet is able to meet all the rider’s expectations. From eight different sizes and several colors, you can choose your customized helmet. This budget-friendly helmet will be a great addition to your life.

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