Top 10 Best Scooter Helmets (Honest Reviews & Buying Guide)- 2021

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When you have the actual safety precautions, then the scooter will be a good mode of transportation with great fun even if you are riding at a slow speed. Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, We can see a constant rise in crashes. However, a single piece of equipment can protect lives and stop physical injuries for the millions.

Best Scooter Helmets Reviews in 2021

If you want yourself safe from different life-threatening injuries, there is no alternative to the best scooter helmets. Moreover, it wouldn’t be wise to ride your scooter without a helmet if you are a pro or beginner.

Each type of motor scooter helmet is perfect for different activities. You will face many challenges when you want to find out the perfect scooter downhill helmets from the market. By the way, what scooter helmet fits with your activities? This article will dramatically reduce injuries by selecting the actual motor scooter helmets if you cannot decide.

ImageBest Scooter Helmets in 2021  
SEGWAY-Ninebot-Bike-Helmet-for-Bicycle-ScootersBest for the Adults or Large Heads: SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet for Bicycle ScootersThis helmet is especially for the adults and those who have a larger head with the breathable feature.Check The Latest Price
JBM-Helmet-for-Multi-Sports-Cycling-Skateboarding-ScooterBest For the Kids: JBM Helmet for Multi-Sports Cycling Skateboarding Scooter“This pretty looks model offers various color and variety of sizes helmets which will be the great choice for the toddler.”Check The Latest Price
Vega-Helmets-7823-054-Unisex-Adult-Half-HelmetBest Overall: Vega Helmets 7823-054 Unisex-Adult Half Helmet“You can get variety of sizes of helmets, and those will be suitable both for men and women.”Check The Latest Price
Vega-7800-055-Warrior-Half-Helmet-for-Bike-Cruiser-Chopper-Moped-ScooterBest Affordable Helmets: Vega 7800-055 Warrior Half Helmet for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter“Those who want to get the best and budget-friendly product, this model is perfect for them. Besides this feature, you can get a larger size helmet of this model.”Check The Latest Price
1Strom-Motorcycle-(Scooter)-Open-Face-HelmetBest Comfortable And Safe Helmets: 1Strom Motorcycle (Scooter) Open Face Helmet“Due to the aesthetic fit, this pricey product can ensure you the best comfort with safety.”Check The Latest Price
GLX-Unisex-Adult-Size-M14-Cruiser-Scooter-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest for who wear glasses: GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet“This fiberglass shell half helmet is more user-friendly for those who are wearing glass.”Check The Latest Price
Westt-Rover-Motorcycle-Helmet---Open-Face-Moped-Helmet-Retro-Style-for-Motorcycle-Scooter-Harley-with-Sun-VisorBest for the Long Rider: Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet – Open Face Moped Helmet Retro Style for Motorcycle Scooter Harley with Sun Visor “Those who are riding for the longer distance and need to wear a helmet for a long time can use this lightweight helmet without any neck pain with the highest safety.”Check The Latest Price
ILM-Open-Face-Helmet-for-Men-Women-ATV-Moped-Scooter-CruiserBest for the highest safety: ILM 3/4 Open Face Helmet for Men Women – ATV Moped Scooter Cruiser“This classic, echo cancellation, and Bluetooth connection helmet is perfect both for men and women with reasonable price.”Check The Latest Price
GLX-Unisex-Adult-Size-M14-Cruiser-Scooter-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest for Men: GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle Half Face Helmet“This dynamic helmet is perfect for men with the highest affordability and safety.”Check The Latest Price
Westt-Rover-Open-Face-Moped-Helmet-Retro-Style-for-Motorcycle-Scooter-(ECE-Certified-Jet-Black)Best for Women: Westt Rover Open Face Moped Helmet Retro Style for Motorcycle Scooter (ECE Certified Jet Black)“This matt black color and super comfortable lightweight helmet are best for the women.”Check The Latest Price

Without any helmet, you cannot ensure the highest level of head protection. But from the lost varieties in the market, it is not easy to find the best protective gear. That’s why here we are trying to compare the design that we have included in this review based on research, buyers rating, and users feedback. Moreover, we will show you the buyer’s guide with lots of consideration, that you can easily pick your best product without wasting your valuable time.

Top Best Scooter Helmets Reviews in 2021
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The 10 Best Scooter Helmets (All Types)

SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet for Bicycle Scooters

SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet for Bicycle Scooters

The cool-looking, newly released Segway Ninebot Helmet can protect you from different types of occurrences and the top choice for all travel adventures. The durable polycarbonate outer shell can put your trust in this company. Moreover, CE certified helmet would be perfect for those who have a larger head, and you can get up to 63c.m in diameter of this helmet. The overall quality looks very impressive, and that’s why it will be a great addition to your collection.

The Main Features of SEGWAY Ninebot Bike Helmet for Bicycle Scooters:

Breathable Structure: This helmet provides lots of air holes so that the air can flow properly. It also provides moisture evaporation and ventilation. So, during the summer season, you can comfortably wear and ride on your scooter. Due to this cooling feature, this helmet can cool down effectively.

Adjustable Size: The 22.8-24.8 inches diameter circumstances helmet can fit perfectly on your head. The knurled option of this product is perfect for the adjustment.

Absorbing system: In this helmet, you can get the EPS system absorbing foam inside the helmet. Also, here this helmet provides an excellent shock absorbance feature with disperse impact.Easy to Clean and Use: The 11.64 ounces helmet has washable moisture-wicking fabrics. You can easily remove the inner part of this helmet and clean it easily.

Likable Features
  • The lightweight feature of this helmet makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The Segway wide head helmet is very easy to adjust
  • You can quickly lose or tighten the adjustable, slightly long strap.
  • It’s very easy to clip and remove.
  • This helmet can cover the entire head, forehead, and both sides of the head.
  • The Segway helmet is very easy to clip on and remove.
  • You can get a customizable spin dial.
  • You can get three years manufacturer warranty.
  • It can block the sunlight directly, which is very user-friendly for casual riders.
Why We Do Not
  • Most of this helmet has no inner foam contoured cheek pads, so it’s not perfect for small children.
  • The surface paint scratches easily, though it’s not a significant issue.

JBM Helmet for Multi-Sports Cycling Skateboarding Scooter

JBM Helmet for Multi-Sports Cycling Skateboarding Scooter

When a customer looks for the perfect combination of safety, comfort, and affordability, this JBM Skateboard Helmet is the ideal choice. The JBM is a certified safety helmet that can provide the best facial terms of protection for the customer. This helmet can ultimately cover the whole cerebrum, and so you can get full protection for playing different sports. I recommend this multi-sized, multi-color helmet with great value for the customers, and ultimately this is for the toddler scooter helmet.

The Main Features of JBM Skateboard Helmet:

Adjustable Strap:  There are three types of adjustable and flexible chin adjustable straps that can fit the adults’ Size. This unisex and additional length strap can fit perfectly both for girls and boys by adjusting the side release buckle, whether it’s too loose or tight.

Multi-sports gear: For different types of sporting outdoor activity like- scootering, cycling, biking, skateboarding, or roller skating, you can use this helmet.

Multiple Age Groups: The small, medium, and large size helmet of this model is suitable for kids, adults and youth.

Impact Resistance: Here, the durable PVC, PC or EPS foam is used, which can absorb the impact and protect the head perfectly.

Ventilation system: The multiple vents and the aerodynamic design can help to flow the air through the helmet. During hot days you will feel very comfortable with this helmet because of the breathable EPS inner foam.

Likable Features
  • Perfect for different types of outdoor sports.
  • The design is very user-friendly for the child and kids.
  • The easy-to-adjust padded chin straps make the helmet comfortable.
  • The anti-shock function keeps the helmet safer.
  • The inner structure of the helmet can keep you cool by reducing the temperature.
  • The thermoplastic shell can protect you from unavoidable situations.
  • You can easily store this helmet inside its drawstring bag.
  • This helmet comes with the kid’s protective gear.
  • The lightweight vintage design makes this JBM Skateboard Helmet very comfortable.
  • You can get a 1-year warranty.
  • This product is the great value of the money.
Why We Do Not
  • If the customer cannot measure the head size correctly, then the helmet may not adjust properly.

Vega Helmets 7823-054 Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

Vega Helmets 7823-054 Unisex-Adult Half Helmet

When you want to take your scooter to the sidewalk or onto public roads, this Vega helmet is another good choice. Apart from many unique features, this Vega provides small and custom fit functions for both males and females. This half helmet design is among the top in terms of durability and high-quality design. Without sacrificing the design, you can get the top level of comfort and safety with this helmet. Moreover, this DOT-certified scooter helmet is good for you to go.

The Main Features of Vega Helmets 7823-054 Unisex-Adult Half Helmet:

Dropdown Sunshield: While you are on the scooter, the optically corrected dropdown amber sun shield of this half-face helmet can protect your eyes from the sun, road debris, and bugs.

Adjustable Dial System: The Warrior skull helmet has an adjustable dial system that can easily fit the head. You can quickly tighten or lose the padding for batter fit.

Ventilation System: This model has high-quality, fully vented, and channeled EPS linear and also moisture-wicking fabrics to increase the cooling system by realizing the body heat.

Variable Sizes with Designs:  You can get a variety of sizes based on the head circumstances, which are 19.5 inches to 25.2 inches. Besides these, you also can get seven different styles of helmet. All the styles the Vega can cover adequately. In this model, you can get the perfect size child scooter helmet.

Likable Features
  • You can clearly enjoy the sights with the dropdown sun shield.
  • You can use it comfortably during hot weather.
  • With the quick-release strap, you can easily remove the helmet within a second.
  • You can get a 5 years warranty with this model.
  • This helmet has the custom fitting beanie helmet.
  • This 2.2-pound helmet is perfect for long trips by eliminating the neck fatigue.
  • Vega Helmets 7823-054 is perfect for the hard to fit a smaller head.
  • There is no distortion on the visor.
  • The adjustable knob can make this helmet fit perfectly.
  • This model is the best girl scooter helmet ever.
Why We Do Not
  • This heavy-duty model is not perfect for the small electric kick scooter.
  • Keep it in your mind that you don’t wear this sun shield at night because this shield can seriously affect visibility at night.

Vega 7800-055 Warrior Half Helmet for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter

Vega 7800-055 Warrior Half Helmet for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter

Some motorcycle riders love to ride comfortably with a stylish helmet at an affordable price; the newly designed Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect choice for them. This best helmet for scooter riding is ideal for both men and women with variable sizes, including XL to XXL. This top brand Vega Helmet was established in 1994 and always committed the riders to provide quality products at a reasonable rate. So if you have a low budget, I suggest you go for this best cheap motorcycle helmet with the most wanted features.

The Main Features of Vega Helmets 7800-055 Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet:

Dropdown Sunshield: You can get the dropdown inner sun shield with this half-face Warrior Helmet. It can protect your eyes from direct sunlight, bugs, rain, and debris while riding on the scooter.

Adjustable Dial System: This skull cap helmet has a new adjustable dial system to fit with your head perfectly.

Ventilation System: The ventilation holes over the thermoplastic shell and the moisture-wicking linear, and at the same time, the EPS can help to increase the cooling function.

Absorption Capacity: This U.S DOT road legal certified helmet had the total absorbing capacity making this helmet perfect for the warmer environment.

Likable Features
  • Here the padding system can release the straps quickly.
  • The proper ventilation system and the durable materials make the product comfortable.
  • Not only the scooter, but you can also use this moped pad helmet for a comfortable ride on your cruiser, chopper, moped, or bike as well.
  • You can get a 5 years warranty.
  • This 2.2-pound helmet is lightweight to fit comfortably.
  • This lightweight helmet can eliminate neck fatigue.
  • This Vega Helmets 7800-055 helmet is perfect for hard-to-fit small heads.
  • Without the gloves on, you can quickly release the strap.
  • The sun shield is removal and amber.
Why We Do Not
  • Sometimes the visor has distortion, and you cannot see appropriately without cleaning it with mild soap and water.

1Strom Motorcycle (Scooter) Open Face Helmet

1Strom Motorcycle (Scooter) Open Face Helmet

In recent days the modular style is dominating the market, and you can get this unique feature inside the 1Strom Motorcycle (Scooter) Open Face Helmet . The 1Storm helmet company has a reputation for producing the best Vespa helmets on the market. This is that branded product that most of the customers are familiar with this model. The price is quite high due to the aesthetic fit, and you can get the safest technology here. I can assure you that this helmet is the most comfortable and safest modular helmet around you. Moreover, you can get the most comfortable riding experience with this open face helmet.

The Main Features of 1Strom Motorcycle (Scooter) Open Face Helmet:

Dual Lens: This aerodynamic model comes with dual-lens. One is the outer, clear, smoked, or tinted lenses, and the other one is the inner smoked lens.

Design: This durable and thermoplastic, and robust alloy shell of this model is perfect for the pro racer. The glossy finishing can give the helmet UV protection and fade the color over time being.

Shield: Here, you can get two types of shields. One is the clear and removed outer shield, and the other one is a darker shield like the sunlight.

Inner Materials: You can get a soft inner lining here, which is removable. You can clean and wash it to remove the odor.

Variation of Design and Size: You can get the varieties of colors, then you can easily choose from them and match the color with your bike and make this helmet the best scooter for teenagers. Apart from the color variation, you can get a variety of sizes of the helmet. And based on your head dimension, you can choose.

Safety: This DOT-approved helmet will ultimately give you a safer riding experience.

Chin bar: With the push button, the helmet’s swing away chin bar of the helmet and also flip up the visor

Extra Features: The helmet provides you a Bluetooth communication system that will support you to keep in touch with your family and friends. You can also ride to listen to music.

Likable Features
  • This 4.54-pound helmet is lighter than the average helmet.
  • During the daytime, the inner shield can give you extra protection.
  • This half helmet can be very breathable as well.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • This helmet can promote a longer life span with the user’s comfort.
  • You can use this helmet without neck fatigue.
  • This 1STORM model is perfect for riding in hot weather.
  • This model is very versatile and the best scooter helmets for kids ever.
Why We Do Not
  • The inner liner is very stiff, and increasing helmet weight can impact its reputation.

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet

Do you want the best half helmet? Then no need to go further than the GLX Unisex. The GLX brand deserves a lot of respect for its intricate vintage design. This fiberglass shell helmet has lots of remarkable features with admiring built-in quality. This M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet has a dynamic and innovative layout that is safe, affordable, and delivers high-quality products. The GLX brand always gives priority to the customer’s safety concerns. So, if you prefer half helmet, you can go for this GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter helmet without hesitation.

The Main Features of GLX Unisex-Adult Size M14 Cruiser Scooter Motorcycle Half Helmet:

Shield: This GLX has an integrated fiberglass sun shield that can protect you from 99% sun’s damaging UV rays. Besides this, it comes with a clear and smoked visor that can give you decent terms of protection from the sun.

Safety: The DOT-certified helmet, GLX Unisex, with extensive fabrication and internal pampering presentation, can give you enough terms of protection.

Smart Connection System: Here, you can get audio enhancement equipment for better communication. With the Bluetooth system, you can store different data and connect with the other riders.

Inner Materials: The helmet provides an absorbing EPS foam layer and the replaceable and removal of microfiber internal materials. Moreover, synthetic leather can increase durability.

Likable Features
  • The quick-release strap can give your helmet extra security.
  • The inner materials are completely washable.
  • Here you can get the quickly released two shields.
  • The smoked shield is perfect for the people who wear glass.
  • You will feel that the retractable visor is better than your expectations.
  • Very affordable model ever.
  • This excellent looking helmet fits good.
  • You can get a 1-year limited warranty with continuous customer support.
Why We Do Not
  • The adjustable chin strap is comparatively short, and there is no padding to keep the metal part in the bottom of your chin.

Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet – Open Face Moped Helmet Retro Style for Motorcycle Scooter Harley with Sun Visor

Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet - Open Face Moped Helmet Retro Style for Motorcycle Scooter Harley with Sun Visor

You cannot get any helmet like a lightweight helmet. The Westt motorcycle helmet is that kind of helmet; you can hold it for a long time without neck pain. You can ultimately feel better with the great-looking helmet. All the Westt helmets can provide the highest safety with great design. This Harley and helmet for a moped is the greatest choice for most of the riders. This matt black and aerodynamic helmet can meet your long desire, and you can keep this best helmet with your favorite scooter.

The Main Features of Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet:

Materials: The top part is made with ABS, the best Material Thermoplastic Alloy Shell polymers, and great absorption capacity. So, if you sweat in humid weather, there will be no impact on the helmet.

Interchangeable parts: This helmet provides you the interchangeable functions, like changing 3 different colors side parts.

Visor: The visor is a retractable anti-scratch sun shield like the eyeglasses. You can slide down the visor during a sunny day and get a clear vision while riding on the bike.

Safety: Certified by the U.S DOT, and so both men and women can use this helmet safely.

Design: You can get the quick-release safety release buckles, though you are wearing gloves and have soft padding. The inside lining stitch properly.

Likable Features
  • Get the perfect head mobility with this helmet.
  • The inner padding is washable.
  • This 2.4-pound helmet is very lightweight.
  • The inside lining is very comfortable.
  • You can get multiple sizes of the helmet of this model based on your head Size.
  • You can easily pull down and up the visor.
  • Comfortable and good ventilation system.
Why We Do Not
  • Sometimes you may be confused about the Size, so measure your head properly and then get a perfect Size Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet.

ILM 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet- ATV, Moped, Scooter Cruiser

ILM 3/4 Open Face Helmet for Men Women - ATV Moped Scooter Cruiser

ILM can feel the customer’s demand. If you need any classic helmet, this is, fortunately, one of them. Even the riders can communicate with the other rider from a longer distance due to the bluetooth connection facilities. Furthermore, this product has an echo cancellation system that can keep the helmet’s noise level satisfactory. You can always get a quick response from the seller. So, I highly recommend this multiple advantages product for the quality and the reasonable condition that can make the whole thing more usable.

The Main Features of ILM 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet- ATV, Moped, Scooter Cruiser:

Visor: There is a clip on the front side of the visor. That can protect the ray of the sun on the top of your eyes while riding on the scooter. When you don’t need them, you can detach them also.

Materials: This sturdy and durable ABS plastic helmet’s ¾ % is left exposed. This feature can ensure safety all the time.

Ventilation System: This helmet can allow an ample ventilation system all year-round. So during the winter season, cold waves can enter inside the helmet, and on the other hand, during the hot season, the hot wave also cannot get inside the helmet. You can feel more fantastic than usual.

Design: The front portion is open, so you can use any masks, and the inner part has absorption power and is breathable throughout the year.

Chin Strap and buckle: The quickrelease chin strap and release buckle always allow the riders to use a rider D-ring adjustable neck strap to open and close the helmet quickly.

Likable Features
  • This open face helmet can provide maximum head protection and safety.
  • Both the male and female can wear this helmet.
  • The ILM 3/4 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is simple without any bright color.
  • You can customize or paint the helmet any time.
  • The inner materials are washable.
  • The hard exterior portion makes this helmet safe.
  • This open face helmet is safe for the MTB, ATV, Dirt Bike, Street bike, Cruiser, and overall different types of outdoor sports.
  • You can get multiple sizes of ILM products.
Why We Do Not
  • You can remove the front wiser, but you cannot attach the other visor with this model.

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

From the last 2002, the GLX brand distributed different types of helmets and their accessories in various states in America. Like the other GLX helmet, you can rely on this Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle helmet due to its affordable, safe, and high-quality features. This GLX M15 helmet comes with matt black with the outline of innovative and dynamic design. So, for those who wish to get a well-built helmet, this GLX Unisex M15 is a great choice. I am sure; if you want to get any quality helmet, then you won’t regret it.

The Main Features of GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Scooter Chopper Motorcycle Half Face Helmet:

Visor: If anyone wants to get maximum visibility, this helmet provides a removal 3-snap bubble visor, giving maximum protection from the sunlight and minimizing the wind flow while you are riding.

Chin Strap: You can get the quick release chin strap, and that will ensure your highest level of security

Safety: This advanced CAD technology product has DOT certified and so that you can use this helmet without hesitation. Moreover, the fiberglass woven roving layer can give you ultimate impact protection.

Internal Layer: The microfibril inner materials and the synthetic leather will give the user an exceptional touch. These inner materials can absorb the liquids and keep the helmet fresh.

Smart Helmet: This GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass Scooter helmet will support with the Bluetooth connection. You can smartly communicate with the other equipment.

Likable Features
  • This superior fit helmet is ultimately very comfortable.
  • The manufacturer provides 1-year limited warranty with this product.
  • This model is solid as well as durable.
  • You can easily wash and get the shield replacement with the inner materials.
  • The hard shield of this GLX can cover both the smoke and sunray of the solar visor.
  • This half helmet’s chin strap is very easy to put on and take off.
  • This GLX is the perfect scooter helmet for men.
Why We Do Not
  • The visor of this model only covers the eyes
  • The head of this GLX Unisex-Adult Size M15 Fiberglass model is quite bulky and heavier.

Westt Rover Open Face Moped Helmet Retro Style for Motorcycle Scooter (ECE Certified Jet Black)

Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet - Open Face Moped Helmet

The Westt Motorcycle Helmet is a good combination of safety and style. The jet-black color looks excellent with comfortable feelings as well. This 2.4 pound extremely lightweight helmet is super comfortable, this helmet one of the best scooter helmets for women’s which is very lightweight. Not only on the scooter, but you can also use this demanding helmet while you are riding on the bike, Vespa, moped, or even in the electric scooter.

The Main Features of Westt Rover Open Face Moped Helmet Retro Style for Motorcycle Scooter:

Top Sheel: The top thermoplastic shell of the helmet is made with hard and light best thermoplastic polymers, which is ABS. It has a high absorbing capacity. Besides this, the top thermoplastic shell has lots of vents that can flow the air inside and outside and can cool the inner layer properly.

Visor: This helmet has a retractable anti-scratch sun shield visor like eyeglasses. You can get a clear view even when you wear this helmet.

Easy to Wash and Clean: The inside lining is very comfortable and stitches tightly. You can easily insert and remove the washable line padding. No no need to worry about the odor and bacteria.

Buckle Strap: You can enjoy the safety release buckle strap, which is very easy to use by releasing the buckles quickly.

Safety: This unit is ECE and DOT certified in the U.k and more than 50 countries so that you can use this unit more safely.

Smart Helmet: This helmet has a smart connection with an NFC release buckle that can synchronize your smartphone and store different data types.

Likable Features
  • Without any neck pain, you can wear it for a long time.
  • You can change side colors which make it more stylish for women.
  • During the day time, you don’t need to wear sunglasses due to the visor.
  • While wearing this Westt Rover helmet, head mobility is great.
  • You can easily remove the line padding.
  • You can easily use the buckle strap while you have gloves.
  • This high-quality product is perfect for the winter season.
Why We Do Not
  • The chin strap is a little bit uncomfortable while you press the strap lightly against your neck

How to Choose Best Scooter Helmets- Buying Guide

You already know about different types of helmet options near you and why they are best for you. However, your safety ultimately depends upon this pricey product on the road traffic.

When you search for the best scooter helmet, you have to consider a plenty of aspects. Only a perfect helmet for scooters can protect you from injuries and reduce pain. By considering the features, you can narrow down the search and get the ideal scooter helmet that is helpful for you. I think this guideline will eventually help you to purchase the best professional scooter helmet without any problem.

Building Materials: Actually, the building materials impact the performance, so you need to give importance to the helmet’s construction materials. You can get Thermoplastic alloy, Polycarbonate, EPS, ABS construction materials for a helmet. Polycarbonate and ABS are prevalent materials; the popular Polycarbonate shell can give the highest protection and last in severe conditions. If you want a helmet that gives you the highest protection in the riskiest areas, you can think about the Polycarbonate materials.

Another great material is EPS. This lightweight construction material can protect your head in different crashes. Those who are passionate riders and often on the road, they can consider this material.

When you want to ride on your scooter for a more extended period, you can consider the lightweight thermoplastic alloy materials. Among the other materials, this material is very affordable.

Road Safety Rating: When you want to pick your new helmet, you must consider those who have a good safety rating from the transport authority, as the U.S Department of Transport. Most of the time, the certificate highlights that the helmet should follow the government’s rules for different types of companies. When you see that the helmet doesn’t have that type of dot certification, it’s better to avoid it. But if you use your helmet occasionally, then no need to consider that certificate at all. For the occasional purpose, you can get some top classes helmets from the market.

Face Shield and Visors: When you choose your Vespa helmet, you need to consider the type of face shield that suits you most. Different types of helmets offer different types of field shields and visors, but it totally depends on what you want to pick.

The full-face shield and visor face protection can give you the most protection on the street and can keep you safe from debris, winds, and other things while riding on the road.  In the market, you can also get the half visors helmet, that kind of helmet only protects you from the upper face, nose, and eye. These helmets can protect you from the materials that can reach into your eyes for the average riders.

In the market, you can buy another type of helmet which has no shield at all. It can be so dangerous, so it’s better not to choose this type of helmet on hazardous roads. With the visor and face shield, you must use colorful visors to protect you from the sun.

Weight of the Helmet: Ultimately, we all know that the helmet only can give protection, so the overloaded helmet is not a wise choice. You have to strongly consider the load while you are traveling for a longer distance. In the market online, you can find both heavyweight and lightweight helmets. But unfortunately, the heavy helmet is most durable and strong. The choice is up to you which one can give you more comfort.

Breathability: Purchase that kind of helmet that can give you proper ventilation. Otherwise, you will feel suffocating. While you are riding on the scooter, the best helmet can provide you with adequate airflow from the side, top, and back to cool your head. When you are in warm weather, this ventilation will protect you from heatstroke. So, this feature is excellent for consideration.

Visibility: When you are on the road, bad vision will give you devastating consequences. A quality good scooter helmet should have good visibility. Ensure that the visor should not mist, and a scratch-protected visor is so important to ride on the scooter. After purchasing the helmet, if you face the visor getting dirty and seeing the scratches, please use the microfiber cloths and cleaner to clean it properly. Like the Size and the weight of the helmet, you also need to consider the quality of the visor.

Comfortable: To get maximum comfort, the inner portion of the helmet should have gel or foam protection. Without these inner materials, the plastic inner part will press your hard scalp, and hence you will feel uncomfortable. For the long ride, the lightweight and comfortable internal materials will comfort you and consider these things.

Excellent Fit: You need to ensure the helmet should fit comfortably. Too loose helmet will shake and will fall off, and you will feel uncomfortable while riding. Moreover, it will be so dangerous also. ON the other hand, too tight a helmet will put pressure on your head. It would be best if you chose such a helmet that the I interior padding should have good contact with the large part of your head—neither too light or loose a helmet needs to be picked. Otherwise, you cannot ride on the scooter properly.

Cleanable: Make sure that the inner portion of the helmet must be cleanable and removable. Sometimes, the inner portion will be too cool or too hot; then the bacterial touch will develop; you need to clean it properly at that time. So, before purchasing the helmet, you need to consider this factor also.

Cushioned Breezed Coller:  During riding, wind disturbance in the helmet is another irritating issue. This coller will decrease the wind flow inside the helmet during riding. By the way, the rider prefers this feature to consider while purchasing the helmet.

Warranty: Must purchase a helmet with a warranty which will ultimately reduce your worries. Many big-branded helmet companies provide full coverage warranty when the customer purchases the product. If any accidental cause occurs due to yourself, the company will not refund the product to interchange. The company is clear about the warranty; they will give you support if any manufacturer issues arise. But some companies give a full warranty, and some give not at all. So, don’t be blind while you need to purchase a new product; always read what type of warranty the company will provide you.

Keep it in your mind that our main goal is to keep us safe on the road while riding on the scooter. So, before purchasing the new helmet, you must consider the above features. Even a minor accident can worsen your life if the head is not protected perfectly.

Can you wear a lightweight helmet on a scooter?

Different types of helmets are associated with different kinds of activities. Make sure you have to wear a particular helmet for your specific sports or activities. Suppose the helmet fits properly and wears correctly according to the standard of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In that case, you can wear a bike helmet while riding on a scooter, and obviously, then it will give you complete protection. The Chinstraps of the bike helmet are strong enough to keep it in the proper position of the head. So, you can comfortably use it on a scooter.

Do you have to wear a helmet when you ride a scooter?

You can; it’s not illegal to ride a scooter without a helmet. But that doesn’t mean that it’s safe to ride without the helmet.

The law was approved by the Government of Brown in the last year of September and took effect from January 2021; it is said that the riders of the scooters don’t need to wear helmets. It is also said that the number of people dying of head injury while riding in the scooter without wearing a helmet increased almost triple. The helmet protects you from the hit by the vehicle and can keep you alive safely. (Source: Dev Smith Law)

Which brand helmet is best?

There are lots of branded helmets that you can trust and give you excellent protection from severe accidents. I will suggest you some branded helmets after our several surveys based on different authentic data. If you have not enough time, you can go through the following brands and make your decisions.

Razor Helmets Brand

This company started in 2000, and the headquarters is in Cerritos, Calif. This safety gear and transport equipment is an international manufacturer and designer product. These razor bike helmets are top-rated among the consumer due to the comparable quality and affordable price. Besides this safety gear, they provide kick scooters, electric scooters, electric rides, Hovertrax, Jetts, ripstik, Trikes, Razor Jr, bicycle, knee pads, etc.

Thousand Helmets Brand

This innovative helmet brand is manufactured by an American-owned factory situated in China. This brand helps to addict people to ride more comfortably. This stylish, lightweight, and high-performance helmet attracts people to wear the helmet. Here you can get seven vents and also three internal air channels, which will help to cool internally. Besides the helmet, they produce different cycling accessories, bicycle bells, riding gloves, and reflective stickers.

Triple Eight Helmets Brand

The first and only high-impact-absorbing EPS foam with dual density soft foam and sweat saver fabrics in 1996. Still, it’s become trendy nowadays. This U.S based company can meet all your safety requirements with durable constructions. This multi-impact helmet brand can also design elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, mouth guards, hit protection gear, etc.

JBM Helmets Brand

If you want a budget-friendly helmet, then the JBM is for you. It comes with both ASTM and CPSC certificates. This brand is suitable for multi-sports activities. The multiple vents and the breathable foam can reduce sweating and keep the user cool. JBM helmet is perfect for skateboarding, BMX biking, inline, roller skating, and cycling.

Which type of helmet is best?

Cycling and riding are thrilling. But without the proper safety gear, you cannot feel the freedom in the open air. When you think about motorcycle safety gear, then you must think about the helmet. In 2015, the U.S Department of Transportation published an article; they said that every year, the motorcycle helmet saves almost 1772 lives, and additionally, 740 lives saved if people wear a proper helmet.

For choosing the safest motorcycle helmet, you have an apparent knowledge about the types of motorcycle.

The Safest Motorcycle Helmet Types:

There are several options for riders to choose the motorcycle helmets you can find in the market, but I will suggest you three main helmets.

  • Flip-up Helmet: This is the actual combination of the full-face helmet and open-face helmet. You can get the removable chin bar here. When you close the chin bar, it’s a full-face helmet, and when you open the chin bar with a button, then it will be an open-face helmet. This easy to open chin bar will give you extra protection like the full-face helmet. The hinge mechanism is used, which can control the movement of the chin guard. But this type is less compact and relatively heavier than the full-face helmet.
  • Open-Face Helmet:  This unique-looking helmet is entirely open on the bottom and front sides. IT can cover the smaller part of the face and head. These quite pricey helmets are made with strong and light quality materials. It will fit properly, and you can get a high level of finishing. Nowadays, you can get two types of open face scooter helmets, and they are- modern open face helmets and retro open face helmets. Modern open face helmets have visors, but the retro open face helmet has small visors and sometimes no visors at all. Using this, you can get lots of fresh air, but it can be very cold during winter. You cannot get any chin protection, and sometimes it becomes noisy.
  • Full-Face Helmet: The full-face helmet is the safest helmet among the three. You can get the full coverage of your chin, face, and head—most of the professionals and high-speed riders using this helmet. You can only open and close the visors. It can give you total protection of all the parts of your head and neck.  It will also keep your chin and jaw safe. The extra feature you can get here is the chin bar, which is ¾ and ½ helmets. This helmet can protect you from excessive wind and debris. You can get all the price categories of this helmet because of the variation of lightweight materials, finishing, and quality. The full-face helmet is aerodynamic and light, but you will feel hot in the summer season.

Comparison Between the Open-Face Helmet and Full-Face Helmet:

The open-face helmets are strong like the full-face helmet, but this helmet can cover less part of the head and face than the full-face helmet. You can get a broad view of the field with lots of fresh air if you have an open face helmet. A full-face helmet can protect the wind, cold, and rain ideally better than open face helmets. Furthermore, a full-face helmet is made with noise-reducing technology, but an open face helmet is quite a noise.

How do you size a scooter helmet?

Every rider should use a perfect fitted motor scooter helmet. You must need to consider the Size of the helmet. Otherwise, it will have severe effects on the performance. To get the perfect size scooter helmet, you need to measure the widest part of your head with the measuring tape. The right helmet can fit properly. But how can you get the widest part of your head? The widest part is usually the above portion of the eyes and ears by 1 inch or 2.5 cm. But to get the actual measurement, you need to measure the above and below of that point.

You can choose the proper size helmet based on the measurements according to the following chart-

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
20″-21.75″21.75″- 23.25″23.25″- 24.75.”More than 24.75″
51cm- 55 cm55 cm- 59 cm59 cm- 63 cmMore than 63 cm

Sometimes, you may face some problems regarding selecting the right one among the two border sizes; then I suggest you pick the smaller Size, which will protect you more. A loose helmet is very dangerous and highly risky. Use such a helmet that is not painfully tight. Fit the chin strap securely.

While you order the helmet online, you have to know the following essential things-

  • You have to take a measuring tape and wrap the forehead properly. Must keep the tape over the eyebrows and ears. Make sure to keep the measuring tape just parallel from the frontal portion and the back of your head.
  • Don’t wrap the tape too tight or loose, and measure it on inches or centimeters.
  • The other most important thing is that if you don’t have any measuring tape, you can use a string. Take the circumstances like the tape and then mark on the string. After that, use a roller to measure the marked string.
  • If you still don’t know how to measure the head, then take a hat that fits you most, use a tape or rope to measure the inner circumstances, and then get the measurement of the head.

Definitely, you will use the scooter helmet to get the best protection, so you must use the best-fitted helmet with the secure chinstrap.

Should toddlers wear helmets on scooters?

Without any protective gear, riding on a bike or scooter is very dangerous. Almost more than 70 percent of children in the age group of 5 to 14 are riding on the scooter or bicycle. Based on “Safe Kids Worldwide“, almost 240,000 children and teens suffer from different types of riding-related injuries nearly every year. Other types of riding are prevalent among these ages. The helmet is a lifesaver for children and decreases the chances of injuries due to accidents of scooters. But if the helmet is too loose or too small, or positioned inappropriately, then it will not protect your kids.

However, the best scooter helmets can reduce the risk of 45% head injury, 33% brain injury and 29% fetal injury, and 27 % facial injury. So, to keep our toddlers safe like they must wear a helmet like the adults.

Is it law to wear a helmet on an electric scooter?

In the U.S, the rate of electric scooters is increasing day by day compared with the last couple of years. Basically, different states and countries have their laws and regulations using the helmet while riding on the electric scooter.

The people sometimes may be confused about Do Riders Need Helmets for Scooters in Every Place? In some places, it’s illegal to ride on an electric scooter without helmets. Specifically, there are no standard rules for electric scooter helmets. But different organizations provide valuable guidelines to wear helmets.

Like the other motor vehicle, the electric scooter is very fast with small tires. The roads may be so hazardous, so you absolutely have to wear a helmet while riding on the electric scooter to avoid accidental situations. Generally, the e-bike or motorcycle helmet is appropriate for the high-speed electric scooter. Suppose the speed rises to 25 mph. Then there will be a chance to crash or fall with other obstacles. And in that situation, if you have no helmet, the result will be so disastrous.

Can you wear a hat under a motorcycle helmet?

Some kinds of riders consider a hat under the motorcycle helmet. But they may be confused, whether they use it or not. After doing some research, I have found that it’s not safe to wear a hat under a helmet. Your helmet must fit comfortably against the skull for safety concern, without anything between your head and the helmet’s inner side. If you want to get complete protection, then the helmet must be labeled and cover your forehead correctly. When you wear any hat under the helmet, it will get high over your head, and your brain doesn’t get any protection. If an accident occurs, the helmet will move, and you cannot get proper safety.

Will the police stop you on an electric scooter?

Like the gas scooter, the electric scooter is not that much louder. In some states, e-scooters or the electric scooters, and powered transports are banned on public roads and pavements. But you can ride in the pedestrian areas or the cycle routes.

There are some specific laws, and it says that if anyone uses an electric scooter without any insurance in public routes, he/she must pay some penalty on your driving license. It will be an offense because it’s already forbidden to ride an e-scooter even on the footpath. You can use them on private land after taking permission from that landowner. If you live in that area where the electric scooter is banned, the police will stop you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some really Cool or Vintage Best Scooter helmets?

The cool or vintage moped helmet for a motorcycle, sometimes known as the Retro motorcycle helmet, can perfectly secure your head. This old stylish motorcycle helmet is an honor of old-school culture and the contribution to history. In the early 20th century, the vintage helmet was trendy. If someone wants to go back to the old model, they can try stylish vintage school helmets.
There are huge vintage helmets that you can get in stores, but not all types suit you perfectly. Among them, I prefer to use the GM65 Full Dress Half Helmet and Bell Rogue Helmet.
The GM65 Full Dress Half Helmet is a well-featured vintage scooter helmet with a lightweight and quick-release sun shield system. The dual-density EPA system can allow this model to give 100% protection from UV rays. The DOT-certified helmet has a stylish look, and a well-ventilated system can keep your head cool during warm weather.
The Bell Rogue Helmet is better than the previous generation vintage helmet. This Bell Rogue can protect your head from dust and bugs if you are in stormy weather. It is a full-face helmet with several layers of coating. The DOT-certified product has an advanced ventilation system. It can protect the rider’s face from different unwanted elements. Having a sound air ventilation system and fit the rider’s face perfectly.

Are Carbon Fiber Helmets Better?

Buying a helmet is not so easy because sometimes you cannot get accurate information. Mid to the late 1950’s the carbon fiber technology was introduced. It mostly consists of carbon atoms with 5 micrometers in diameter. Here you can get the unique composition that can create strong fiber according to the Size. Due to the strength, durability, and weather management system, the popularity of the carbon fiber helmet is increasing day by day.
This helmet is stronger than the most commonly used materials, and it can also provide the unparalleled level of shock deflection rather than centralized to the impact area. It is very crack and scratch-resistant compared with fiberglass helmets. It is lighter than the other helmet with full strength that the rider can easily wear.

How Often Should Motorcycle Helmets Be Replaced?

Obviously, like the other thinks, motorcycle helmets have a lifespan, it cannot last forever. Sometimes people want to know how long a motorcycle helmet lasts. If any accident occurs, the lifespan will reduce; otherwise, it will last not more than five years.
Sometimes you don’t want to replace your comfortable helmet, but due to the construction materials, over the time being, it will break down, and you have to replace it. Most of the helmet has the comfortable and washable inner removable liner. You can easily remove that part. On the other side, there is a helmet thermoplastic shell, which is actually the defense of the helmet. This part is made with polycarbonate or fiberglass, which will break down over time. The manufacturer also provides the expiration date while you purchase the product. So, to get better performance, you need to change or replace your motorcycle helmets.

How Much Are best-rated Scooters Helmets?

In the market, you can see different price-wide ranges for cool best scooter helmets based on different features. But all types cannot fulfill your desire. Whether you want to get the best-rated scooter helmet, the variations of the price ranges are here-
$150 to $300: If you want to increase your riding experience with lots of extra features, you are ready to pay for these ranges. This range of helmets will definitely offer you some extra features like- playing music, taking pictures, and attending phone calls. You can get high-quality full-face helmets with the protruding chin.
$50 to $150: This range will cover the well-ventilated and dropdown removal visor design. When you are riding at high speed, this well-viewed visor will give you a clear view. For a comfortable fit, you can get open-faced extra padding and adjustable straps here. You can get another extra feature here, and that is the compression-molded liner pad to get extra comfort.
$15 to $50: Within this range, you can get simple open-face design helmets. Based on the construction quality, you have to pay. You can also get a comfortable inner layer in this wide range, but most of the features are not present here.

Final Words

When you are on a scooter, you cannot even think without proper scooter safety gear. Your unprotected head will be injured seriously if any accident occurs. But if you cannot do the perfect research to get the right helmet, then you won’t be safe on the road. Hopefully, my guideline will help you pick up the best scooter helmet depending on many beneficial aspects.

You can keep yourself safe to find out the best protection and enjoy your stress less ride.

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