Top 10 best motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger for 2021

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Whether you need bits of navigation assistance, to play your favorite music, to take a snapshot or record your adventurous riding, or to receive an important call, phone mounts provide a secure way to place and view the phone in a landscape as well as in portrait orientation while riding, and that is why here we listed the best motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger.

best motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger

However, when strapping hundreds of pounds to your motorcycle’s cockpit, you want to know that your cell phone is in safe hands and it won’t be bouncing down on the road anytime soon. After thorough deep research here we bring to you top-rated cell phone mounts that secure your device on both the off-road and highway.  So, if you don’t want to watch your cell phone skating down the path, stay with us till the end.

Top 10 best motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger

After deep research on a wide collection of amazon phone holders, we’ve come here with the top-rated cell phone mounts for the bike. Though all these ergonomically designed Smartphone holders for bikes are different in their particular features and specification, one thing is common in them. Know what? Yes, no matter how vigorous trail or motion your bike might go, the mount will remain in place during the move.

For a rapid judgment, you can compare the highlight features of our 10 best motorcycle phone mount for motorcycles below-

Best 10 waterproof motorcycle phone mount at a glance

ImageProductDetails  Price
Lamicall-Bike-Phone-HolderLamicall Bike Phone HolderØ  Suitable for Phone 11, Phone 11 Pro Max, S10, S9, and other 4.7”- 6.8” cell phones.
Ø  Supported thickness including phone case is up to 15mm.
Ø  Provides horizontal or vertical screen adjustment.
Ø  Embedded with 4 silicone pads

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Bovon-Bike-Phone-MountBovon Bike Phone MountØ  Suitable for 4.0”-6.7” screen size phones
Ø  360-degree rotation
Ø  Made of premium silicone
Ø  Fits any size of motorcycle

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Roam-Universal-Phone-Holder-for-motorcycleRoam Universal Phone Holder for motorcycleØ  suitable for any cell phone up to 3.5-inch width
Ø   handlebar adjustability: 7/8-inch to 1-1/4-inch diameter
Ø  Wireless

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Andobil-Universal-Handlebar-Phone-HolderAndobil Universal Handlebar Phone HolderØ  Handlebar adjustability- 15mm to 45mm diameter
Ø  360-degree rotating flexibility
Ø  Extreme weather tolerable
Ø  Anti-block design

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Anvask-Motorcycle-Phone-MountAnvask Motorcycle Phone MountØ  Suitable for 4.7-6.8 inches devices
Ø  All-round adjustability
Ø  Unique lock-switch design
Ø  Handlebar diameter- 0.6-1.18 inch

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Bovon-GPS-mounting-for-MotorcyclesBovon GPS mounting for MotorcyclesØ  360-degree rotatable adjustability
Ø  Fits cell phones with 4.5”- 6.7” screens.
Ø  Fits handlebars with 18-43mm diameter
Ø  Made of elastic silicone

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Bone-Motorcycle-Tie-4-Phone-MountBone Motorcycle Tie 4 Phone MountØ  Phone mounts for 4.7”-7.2” screens.
Ø   Made of ultra-light silicone
Ø  Touch and Face ID compatibility
Ø  Anti-slip design

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VUP-Cellular-Phone-CradleVUP Cellular Phone CradleØ  Fits for cell phones with a 4.0″-6.7″ screen
Ø  360-degree rotatable
Ø  Suitable for 18-35 handlebars
Ø  Made of soft silicone

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Quad-Lock-Bike-Fork-Stem-HolderQuad Lock Bike Fork Stem HolderØ  Dual-stage lock.
Ø  Perfect for a stem tube of 12.7mm- 24mm diameter.
Ø  Universal adapters supporting.
Ø  Quad-Lock Cases compatibility.

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Vibrelli-Universal-Bike-Phone-MountVibrelli Universal Bike Phone MountØ  Handlebars compatibility of 0.9” to 1.3”
Ø  Auto fitness to 3.7” wide devices.
Ø  Triple secure design
Ø  360-degree and adjustable angle

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1. Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder
Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

Best Scooter Phone Mount

You might get lost in the trails and end up stopping just to bring your mobile phone out of your pocket in the middle of mountain biking. All you need is a mountain bike phone mount that holds up your mobile well without excessive shaking on the trail.

This real-deal mount by Lamicall comes to make your life simple with its immovable design, fast detachment, and adaptable-looking angle. Even if you’re cycling on a bumpy road, this motorcycle phone holder ensures the stability and safety of your device.


This adjustable phone mount for the bike comes in a smart design that is shock and vibration-resistant. The embedded 4 silicone pads of this mount hold each corner of your device tightly and keep it attached steadily while cycling on a bumpy road.


This GPS holder for a motorcycle allows you to answer your phone, GPS positioning, or play music conveniently. Whether on a vertical or horizontal screen, you can easily adjust your cellphone with a 360-degree rotation feature at any position.

One-hand operation

Fitting your phone on a mount wasn’t ever so easy before. You just have to place the mobile on this phone holder thing with one hand. When you take your hand from the device, it clamps the phone automatically.


We all have different phone models. So, what if the mount comes with universal compatibility? That means any phone like Galaxy S 10, S10e, S9, S8, ½ Pro Max Mini, XR, X, X8 Plus, Note 9, or any other within 4.7”-6.8” and maximum 15mm thickness will easily fit into this cell phone holder.

Hassle-free installation

No tool is required. Yes, you have heard me right. For installing this cell phone handlebar mount you don’t need any tools. Your mobile fits better on the handlebar with the help of the extra 4-silicone pads. Moreover, you can remove or add these pads according to the handlebar’s diameter.

What we like about it
  • Its special sturdy shape ensures safety and steadiness.
  • Keeps your cell phone safe from vibrations and scratches.
  • Universal size allows vast compatibility.
  • 360-degree rotation allows you to adjust the phone according to your convenience.
  • Easy to install and use; also works great.
What we don’t
  • Though this mount has some metal parts, the majority is made of thick plastic. So, if you leave it out in the sunlight for long hours, the plastic might degrade due to the UV rays.

However, this mount holder for the phone consists of a metal part that won’t rust and is durable to moisture. If you treat your life as an adventure, then you should have this mount.

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2. Bovon Bike Phone Mount

Bovon Bike Phone Mount
Bovon Bike Phone Mount

Best for mountain biking

To follow a pre-set route on the map for a long-distance bike trip, or to use a fitness app, or to play music while riding, all you need is a motorcycle GPS mount that holds your phone in the perfect spot. This bike phone mount by Bovon allows you to ride at free navigation for each of your journeys.


If you have any cell phone whose screen size is from 4.0″- 6.7″, this iPhone holder for motorcycles with its universal versatile design is suitable for all smartphones. A large variety of compatibility allows you to use this mount for smartphones from iPhone to Samsung, Motorola to Huawei, and HTC One to LG. The high-quality elastic silicone bands help to fit your phone firmly on a motorcycle, mountain bike, bike, and even on the shopping cart.

Secure and durable

While any plastic phone mount is clumsy and easily breakable, this flexible premium silicone cradle cramp is steady and sturdy. This one of the best motorcycle grips for vibration keeps your phone away from scratches and cushions all shocks.


According to your preference, you can adjust the phone at any angle with 360-degree rotation. You will enjoy ultimate pliability in viewing time, mileage, or maps at the time of riding.

Easy installation

You can enjoy in-seconds installation as it is so convenient to fix this mount with any size of handlebars. All the credit goes to its ingenious silicone belt. Mounting it is as simple as putting on your wristwatch.

What we like about it
  • High-quality silicone provides a secure grip.
  • Fully bundled and firmly ties with handlebar
  • Soft on your phone avoiding scratch
  • Super easy to install as well as use
  • You can leave your iPhone X in the UAG case while mounting in this
What we don’t
  • The unique silicone straps may influence the forward-facing camera to obscure for Face ID.

This matte black aesthetic is one of the great solutions for using a fitness app, having Google Maps navigate, and playing music while you ride. It will look great with your bike.

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3. Roam Phone Mount for Bike

Roam Universal Phone Holder for motorcycle
Roam Universal Phone Holder for motorcycle

The best budget-friendly phone mount

Designed for adventure, the Roam Co-Pilot Bike Phone Mount allows you to access maps, music, and more while you’re on your ride. Whether you’re using a Samsung Galaxy, or the latest iPhone, it offers a universal fit held in place by a silicone net that starches 4 times its size. 


This Roam phone mount offers bar size compatibility allowing you to adjust the size of the handlebar from 7/8″ to 1- 1/4″ in diameter. With a silicone net reinforced premium hard plastic grip, the Co-Pilot mounts your device securely to the handlebar using 2-points of contact. Its largest clamp will fit any size handlebar available on the market.


Will it hold my S8 note? Will it fit with my iPhone 8? Or, can I use this mount for my Galaxy note 8?  You will get all the answers in the product. Its universal design fits almost all phones that are up to 3.5 inches wide.


What an ordinary rubberized grip won’t provide you; this sturdy and nice mount offers you. On the wildest bumpy roads, its premium hard plastic hard-to-break material ensures you of fail-proof grip.


Whether you’re a motorcycle or bicycle enthusiast, this smartphone holder will securely hold your device with six points of grip to the handlebars. Moreover, this holder fits any angle according to your viewing preference while riding.

What we like about it
  • Nicely secures your phone, yet easy to free up.
  • Handlebars are pretty big and give multiple sizes for your phone.
  • Durable, long-lasting and well-built.
  • Fits both large and small phones.
  • High-quality material makes it sturdy.
What we don’t
  • If yours is a clip-on style handlebar, it won’t fit well.

So, for bumpy roads, you need a steady and secure phone mount, which this Roam Co-pilot will give you. It’s easy to install without any tools.

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4. Andobil Cell Phone Holder For Bike

Andobil Universal Handlebar Phone Holder
Andobil Universal Handlebar Phone Holder

Best iPhone Bike Mount

Are you looking for a bike phone mount that can keep your smartphone secure at any kind of terrain? Then you can try this super stable and anti-shake cell phone holder by Andobil.


Andobil products are the first bike holders on Amazon that come with an adjustable foot design. Any smartphone with a 4-7inch screen size such as iPhone 12/12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, 7 Plus Samsung Galaxy, Samsung S21/S20/Note 10/Note 20- is compatible with this holder. Its sensible design won’t block your mobile’s charging hole and buttons. Also allows you to access navigation and charging at the same time while having a tough ride. Its smart design is compatible with both Touch ID and face ID.


Do you need frequent replacement with your current bike phone holder? Then say goodbye to this, as you won’t need to do this anymore with the Andobil handlebar clamp. With high-quality composite material, this holder is durable and almost impossible to break. As being made of PTFE aviation material, despite the weather, this cell phone holder will remain in good condition in both extremely hot and cold weather.


Only 5 seconds need to install this device on your bike. Yes, you hear us right. Without any tool, this innovative motorcycle phone mount offers you faster and easier installation. Attaching or detaching this device to handlebars on motorcycles, bicycles, and even strollers is much easier.


With smart adjustability, this phone mount clamp fits for 15mm-45mm handlebars. Providing scratch-free and firm characteristics, this upgraded 3.0 clamp comprises an anti-slip TPU soft rubberized pad.


The slip-resistant rubber pads of the Andobil phone holder prop up a stable shelf. For ensuring safer carrying while you’re on the ride, its enhanced rubber belt provides a secure grip. The thought of falling on your cell phone can distract you while biking. But, this phone holder keeps your phone in plays like a baby, so that you don’t get distracted. Even on extremely bumpy roads, Andobil bike phone mounts will work well. 

Viewing Angle

At the time of riding, you need quick access to change the screen mode of your mobile. The pivoting ball joint along with 360-degree rotation functionality allows you to instantly switch between landscape and portrait view. You can align your phone to landscape, portrait, or any viewing angle of your preference. Moreover, if your phone camera is placed on the upper-left side, you can make a video of your whole riding by adjusting the right angle.

What we like about it
  • For adapting advanced composite and aviation materials, this bike mobile holder is durable and very reliable.
  • With a secure clamp system, it holds your mobile super stable.
  • Your phone gets additional safety as the silicone 4corner straps grab the mobile tightly.
  • With a super locking system, this mount holds your phone tightly even on high-speed highways or bumpy roads.
  • You can easily fix this clamp on the handlebar without any tool.
What we don’t
  • If you use a phone with a case of 1/8” wide, 6-7/8-inch long, and 5/8” thick, you might find it a bit shorter and narrower. Otherwise, there would be enough room.

This widely compatible device works great for you to conquer any harsh environment leaving the protection of your phone on it.

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5. Anvask Motorcycle Phone Mount

Anvask Motorcycle Phone Mount
Anvask Motorcycle Phone Mount

Best for All-rounder adjustability  

This motorcycle cell phone holder can be a game-changer as it comes with an all-around degree adjustable function which allows you easy access to your device seated on the saddle. Navigation apps, playing music, whatever you do is much fun now with the Anvask anti-shake bike phone holder.


Made of high-quality plastic and silicone, this bike cell phone mount grips your mobile tightly. Even on extremely bumpy roads, it provides the guarantee of holding your phone securely.


Featuring a particular joint ball that allows the phone mount to be placed at any angle. Whether you need to operate the GPS, listen to music, or need to do a call, meet any need of yours conveniently with the Anvask adjustable motorcycle phone mount.

Installing system

You can install this phone mount in just two steps without any tools. Its innovative switch lock design offers a simple installation system and instantly fixes the mobile firmly with it.


If your cell phone is within 4.7-6.8 inches screen size, then this mount will firmly hold it with the handlebar. Smartphones like iPhone 12/11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy note 10/20/ S20, etc. are compatible with this bike phone mount. Its 4-retractable protection corner ensures fail-proof grip.

Wide usability

Whether you want to use this phone mount for your bicycle, motorcycle, shopping cart, or stroller, any handlebar that comes with a 0.6″-1.18″ diameter is suitable for this bike gripper.

What we like about it
  • High-quality materials make this holder durable and sturdy.
  • Due to 4-silicone clamps, your mobile gets full protection.
  • The Anti-shaking feature ensures no sliding and shaking on rough roads.
  • Installing this phone holder is super easy.
  • Sleek and attractive outward appearance.
What we don’t
  • Once you set this mount, you can’t move it while on the ride, you have to stop and make the required adjustments.

The Anvask bike phone holder is overall a smart and brilliant item that is well worth the reasonable price range.

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6. Bovon Motorcycle Phone Mount

Bovon GPS mounting for Motorcycles
Bovon GPS mounting for Motorcycles

Best motorcycle phone mount for the cheapest price

If you’re looking for a simple cell phone holder for your bike at a very reasonable price, then the Bovon motorcycle smartphone holder gets your job done with its universal compatibility and other excellent features.


Made with plastic, rubber, and silicone, this high-quality phone mount can absorb any kind of shock. Also, prevents your mobile screen from unwanted scratches.


Any round handlebar of your motorcycle or bicycle fits properly with this phone mount. Handlebars with 18-43mm diameter can easily be attached or detached with them. Moreover, for movie watching, you can set this stand on your desk.


Starting from Samsung Galaxy S10/S20/ S10e/S10 Plus to iPhone 12 Pro/11 Pro/ X/Xs Ma/XR and so many different models of smartphones with 4.5”- 6.7” screens fit well on this holder with its stretchable rubberized belt.


You might have dealt with loose adjustable holes earlier with an ordinary mobile holder. Whereas, the Bovon bike phone mount comes with an adjustable belt equipped with nut design and close thread. Even though you’re riding on rough roads, without causing any instability this item firmly locks your mobile with a handlebar.

Viewing angle

To make your journey more comfortable, this mount offers 360-degree complete adjustable rotation. So, you can set your desired viewing angle at a vertical or horizontal angle.

What we like about it
  • Its dirt-resistant anti-slip silicone absorbs shocks and ensures your phone stays on the handlebar safely.
  • Allows you quick installation
  • Its spiral design completely fits the handlebar
  • Due to 360-degree rotation, you can freely adjust the viewing angle.
  • Very simple and easy to use.
What we don’t
  • This phone mount may not fit well with thick phones as well as cases.

Despite the drawback, for motorcycle lovers who are looking for a phone mount at a cheap price, the Bovon bike phone holder is the perfect companion.

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7. Bone Tie 4 Bike Phone Mount

Bone Motorcycle Tie 4 Phone Mount
Bone Motorcycle Tie 4 Phone Mount

Best phone mount for larger phones

If you’re searching for something unique in design, and nature-friendly, that goes well if you’re your larger smartphone then the Bike Tie 4 by Bone is the right one.


Its perfect round design gives your mobile a secure grip. Produced from high-grade silicone material, this mount is so stretchy. As a result, any smartphone that has a 4.7″-7.2″ screen size can easily fit into this. While mounting the Bike Tie 4, you don’t need any additional tools.


This latest 2021 model is an upgraded version of the 4th generation strap structure that offers enhanced stability by fitting your phone tightly. The 1st gen indicates quick release design, the 2nd gen goes for Face ID support, the 3rd gen presents its compatibility for a larger phone, and the 4th gen reprises of strap enhancement. Compared to its previous model, this one fits at a new higher mounting position for handlebars.

Non-slip and shock-resistant

On the bottom part of this item, you’ll see a specific coating that helps to prevent the annoying rotation of your phone on the handlebar while on the go. Moreover, this mount is great at shock restricting even while you’re riding on extremely bumpy roads.


Featured with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Certification, this mount is made with environment-friendly silicone material. Additionally, after washing the mount, you can reuse it.


If your mobile screen size is within 4.7″-7.2″, then this universal design phone mount will fit with it. Touch ID or Face ID, its precise opening allows you to use both of these features of your mobile at the time of riding.

What we like about it
  • Flexible design is easy to mount
  • The anti-slip surface avoids rotation while riding.
  • Makes the mobile stay securely on the bike handlebar.
  • You can unlock the smartphone while on the go using Face ID or camera ID.
  • Allows you to use your phone with navigation while riding on the terrain.
What we don’t
  • Sometimes you might find that the top left strap covers up the top of the volume button which may cause loud volume until it’s maxed out.

However, this rounded-shaped mobile holder fits well with larger phones and ensures a firm grip by strengthening the straps’ toughness.

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8. VUP Bike Cell Phone Holder

VUP Cellular Phone Cradle
VUP Cellular Phone Cradle

Best bicycle phone mount for flexibility

With the best perspective and full protection, VUP brings you a 360-degree rotatable phone mount for a motorcycle. This innovative phone mount will give you an excellent experience.


The superior design of this bike phone mount takes on a one-piece model, multiplex polishing process for manufacturing, and accurate assembly. So, you will get functioning stability. Moreover, the reinforced shock-resistant silicone pad will constructively prevent your mobile from being collided.


You get to experience wide compatibility due to the stretchy and tough silicone bands of this holder. You can flexibly stretch this holder to fit any smartphone of 4.0”-6.7”.


Whether iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HtC, LG, Google Pixel, or any other Android mobile phone or GPS device, this mount will suit it perfectly. Additionally, if you use any phone case such as Lifeproof or Otterbox, the VUP bike mount will surely go fit with it.


Does your bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter come with an 18-35mm handlebar diameter? If yes, then this universal handlebar mobile holder equipped with adjustable silicone elastic straps is for you. Nevertheless, the terrain remains stable on the handlebar and is also easy to remove. You just need to tighten the buckle of the mount on the handlebar, that’s it.

 Full-screen friendly

No more blocking light sensor, face ID, finger sensor, or home button. The advanced upgraded humanized design of the VUP phone holder is suitable for all kinds of screens. Featuring 360-degree rotation capability you can adjust your preferred viewing angle.


Made with top graded silicone materials and enhanced with a 500-stretching lifespan, this phone stand offers you reliable secure functionality for years.

What we like about it
  • Large enough and super easy to use.
  • Very sturdy and durable offering great value.
  • Silicone straps provide a fail-proof grip.
  • Super flexible and allows you to adjust any viewing mode.
  • User-friendly for all screens.
What we don’t
  • It doesn’t have any 360-degree rotation locking system that prevents rotation. It won’t move unless you cause it to move it yourself.

Well, if you compare this bike phone stand-by VUP with any other plastic or metal phone mount available in the market, you will find this one much safer for your mobile.

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9. Quad-Lock Fork Stem Mount for Motorcycle

Quad Lock Bike Fork Stem Holder

Best Sport Bike Phone Mount

This Fork Stem motorcycle mount by Quad is specially designed for mounting mobile phones in the sports bike’s fork stem tube. With any Quad Lock case and Universal adapter, you can use this bike mount.


This Fork Stem mount comes in a sleek design comprising glass-filled nylon with stainless steel hardware that discreetly fits into your sports bike’s fork stem tube. The apprehended dual-stage lock system provides the most secure grip of your phone while on the ride.


Due to multiple configurations for mounting phones, this versatile holder suits different tube sizes within 12.7mm to 24mm. Additionally; you can adjust the viewing angle and optimal height according to your preference.

Easy accessibility

You no more need to fumble with tricky grips. With the one-hand operation, you can easily and quickly attach or detach the mobile from this Fork Stem holder.

What we like about it
  • This patented dual-stage lock system mount provides a secure grip on your phone.
  • Using a navigation app on riding is very convenient.
  • Easy and faster to attach or detach
  • The different mounting configuration gives the best angle of viewing
  • Long-lasting and sturdy.
What we don’t
  • Make sure your bike doesn’t have much vibration at the steering stem as excessive vibration can end at taking out the cameras in just a few rides.

This phone mount is simple, yet so effective. Both installing and removing it is not as difficult as some users make it to be. After some hours of use, you’ll get adjusted to its motion easily.

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10. Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount
Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Best lightweight bike phone mount

For confidence and a convenient biking experience, you can rely on this performance bike phone mount by Vibrelli.


Weighing only 3.5 ounces, this phone holder comes in a triple-secure design consisting of 3 silicone bands and rigid side clamps. This streamlined bike gripper looks nice while at the same time ensuring a secure grip. Its minimalistic lightweight slimline low-profile design enhances your bike look. Red, Black, and Grey – you can choose silicone bands from any of these colors.


This product suits most smartphones that are up to 3.8-inches wide. Due to the spring embedded clam, this mount is compatible with iPhone X/XR/ 8/8Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, etc.


For mountain bikes, road bikes, 3-bikes, ATVs, scooters, and mopeds- you can use this bike phone holder. Any handlebar with 0.9”-1.3” in diameter fits perfectly with the Vibrelli cell phone holder. Without facing annoying wobbling or rattling, this grips the handlebar. There comes a space that you can use to thicker bars.


With an ordinary phone mount, you generally face obstruction on using the screen. This innovatively designed holder grips your mobile from the corner. So, you get full-screen accessibility while on the ride. You can set any viewing angle easily due to its ball-socket design. You just need to bring it back to your designer angle and this holder will grip the phone firmly. Its spring-armed design allows you to easily and quickly click your smartphone in and out of the mount.

What we like about it
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable design holds your phone securely
  • Innovative super functioning allows you to access your full phone
  • No wobbling or rattling while riding the bike.
  • It doesn’t block the buttons, screen or headphone jack of your mobile
  • Easy to install.
What we don’t
  • If you use this mount with Google Pixel 2, this clamp may push the volume buttons.

You get this top-notch and high-quality phone mount by Vibrelli at a reasonable price. This product comes with all the necessary installing tools and all you need is only 5 minutes to install this holder on the handlebar.

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Heavy duty motorcycle phone mount Buying Guide

As being an automotive enthusiast, you must have tried different cell phone mounts for different mobile phones for both smooth roads and rough roads. But, what went wrong? Let’s tell you.

There are so many variations among the features of bike mounts. While choosing the best motorcycle phone mount, you have to consider some key features that differentiate one phone holder from the other including design, material, compatibility, handlebar adjustability, mounting system, rough road capability, etc.

Do you frequently need to change the display angle of your phone while biking? Do you prefer to ride on rough roads most of the time? Do you often choose mountainous roads? As a cyclist, you have to specify your requirement and then search for the product that meets your requirements best.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Diameter of the handlebar

Generally, most mountain and road bikes come with a 0.9″-1.25″ handlebar diameter. Find out the handlebar diameter of your bike and compare it with the specific phone mount that you are willing to purchase.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Mounting system

Different phone mounts provide different mounting methods. For example, the Bovon Bike Phone Mount attaches your cell phone with a silicone strap with the handlebar. On the other hand, Roam motorcycle phone mount offers a single attaching point that you can adjust according to your preference. If you often ride on bumpy roads, you should go for the phone holder that ensures a strong and stable mounting system.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Compatibility

Make sure that the specific phone mount supports the model and size of your smartphone.  For example, the Bone Tie 4 Bike Phone Mount goes with larger phones up to 7.2″ in size.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Design

As the phone mount design helps you to determine the overall look of the holder on your bike, it is one of the important facts. Make sure you choose the sleek, yet robust designed mount that offers a secure grip with great adjustability.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Attachment

Make sure the phone mount you’re selecting to purchase comes with an easy attaching or detaching function. If you want to take a picture suddenly while on the go, a quicker pop-in and out feature would be very useful in such a situation.

Motorcycle Phone Mount Quality

If you are going biking in extreme weather and rough roads, a high-quality phone mount is a must. Pick the one that is made focusing on durability.

Are we allowed to mount our cell phones on your motorcycle?

Every motorist has acquaintance with the ADDA or Anti-Distracted Driving Act released by the Department of Transportation (DOTr). There are several rules and regulations that just don’t go with cars, but also come for motorcycles as well as scooters.

Recently they have implemented a final law according to which riders can’t place anything longer that covers up the dashboard. But, this rule is narrowed to entertaining electronic gadgets and communication devices as well. Riders are now allowed to mount their gadgets and mobile phones near the handlebars or instrument panel via mount or holder. But, you should take care as if it doesn’t come into your line of sight while riding.

Where do you put your phone on a motorcycle?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Motorcyclists have to follow the upgraded version of ADDA. According to the new implementing rules and regulations, riders can mount their mobile phones with the help of a phone holder on the handlebars or the instrument panel. Unless the device comes in the line of your sight, you can place your phone stand on the bike’s handlebar.

What is the law on using mobile phones while driving?

There is no doubt that using your mobile phone by hand while sitting on the wheels is quite dangerous. According to the revised law of 2021, holding a cellphone while driving is illegal nevertheless the reason you have.

Though drivers were directly restricted from using mobile phones for communication purposes at the time of driving earlier, with times this law has been modified to restrict them to holding the Smartphone while driving no matter what is the reason.

According to the new law for using a mobile phone while driving restricts holding the phone even momentarily and allows you to have hands-free access to the cell phone. But, if you’re about to use a phone clamp holder, you’ve to set it up completely before starting biking, so that you can handle the device without engaging your hand.

How do you mount a phone on a scooter?

Here, we are going to show you how to install a phone mount on a scooter. For this, you’ll need the below-mentioned tools-

  • A 2.3 Allen
  • 11/16 wrench Drill
  • Scissor
  • Flat washer
  • Taller mirror rubber boot

Now unpack all the accessories that come with a phone mount box. And, start to install the mount on your scooter following the steps below-

  • Hoist up the rubber boot of the scooter mirror handlebar
  • Turn the mirror counter right-wings to remove
  • Now remove the base screw of the handlebar and place the base of your phone mount pushing as deep as it can go. If you find the mount base hole smaller, you can drill a bit 29/64″ to widen the passage, and then try to place it again.
  • Next, place the screw following the mount base placed at the bottom part of the mirror handlebar. But don’t tighten it yet.  
  • Without screwing the mirror back in the place again, just test the position where you want the mirror and base to be.
  • Now tighten the screw with a wrench so the base won’t move at all.
  • Before placing back, the mirror handlebar into its place, set a flat washer at first, then cover the box and fix the screw.
  • Place the mirror handle and tighten it by turning it anti-clockwise.
  • Set the taller mirror rubber boot at the bottom part of the handlebar.
  • Now place your phone holder on the base and fix it well.

Is it legal to mount a phone on a motorcycle?

For provisional or learners it is prohibited to use even hands-free devices. However, if you’re an experienced one, the law says that you can use a motorcycle handlebar phone mount paired with your phone via wire or Bluetooth for navigation, tracking your performance, playing a playlist, or communication while on the go.

Final Verdict

So, here you get the best 10 motorcycle phone mounts reviews in 2021. Whether you like to do a lot of travel, love to have an adventurous bike ride, looking for a cheap or lightweight mount, or whatever your preference is, our reviews will help you to pick the best phone mount for the bike.  


Are magnetic mounts bad for your phones?

As far as the magnetic interference is concerned, the screen, the speaker, the GPS module of your phone can get affected. But, most of the magnetic phone holders for motorcycles available on the market utilize a small number of magnets that won’t cause much damage to your mobile’s functionality or circuits.

How to put a phone mount on your motorcycle (and where)?

Bike phone mounts are generally designed to put on the handlebar of the motorcycle. They come with a super easy and simple installation system. You just need to adjust the handlebar size range and place it in the specific place of your bike.

Do I need a waterproof phone case?

A waterproof mobile case gives your phone protection from damage. So, if you want to save your phone from snow, dust, and water, a waterproof case is a must.

Will my phone’s camera be destroyed by the vibrations of my motorcycle?

Yes, some motorcycles cause damage to the camera of your mobile due to vibration. But if you use a vibration dampener phone mount, this damage can be reduced.

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