The 13 Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains Review to Prevent Theft in 2021

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According to NCIB, the number of stolen motorcycles has reached approximately 45,000 in America in the last year. This is so huge in number, We were surprised to see it!

Best Motorcycle Locks

Sadly, recently motorbike stealing has become one of the most rapid crimes all over the world. The Scooters and the mopeds often lost their valuable bikes, as both of these bikes have to perk frequently.

However, there are several devices available to secure motorbikes to prevent theft by thieves. And a motorcycle lock is the top among all those devices.

Best Motorcycle Locks

In today’s article, we will cover the 13 best motorcycle locks with their detailed description, features, advantages of motorcycle locks, and disadvantages. Let’s stop the ado, and jump in for more.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Tchipie-Motorcycle-Alarm-Disc-Brake-LockBest overall: Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock1 beep Alarm Activated.
3 beeps Warning Alarm.
3 Keys Unlock to stop.
100dB Loud Alarm Deterrent.
Easy to Take With.
Good Sensor.
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ToolWRX-Motorcycle-LockBest for security: Tool WRX Motorcycle LockFREE Lever Protector.
Adaptable lock for all your motorcycles.
Works great with storage covers.
Solid and easy to use.
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BigPantha-Motorcycle-LockBest Protection: BigPantha Motorcycle LockSecure the Clutch.
Secure the Throttle.
Works great on Grips upto 1.5″.
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Kryptonite-New-York-Fahgettaboudit-Chain-1415-LockBest for cutter resistant properties: Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 Lock3 stainless steel keys.
Reinforced anti-drill.
Anti-pull protection system.
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BIGLUFU-Motorcycle-Lock-Chain-LocksBest for both indoor and outdoor uses: BIGLUFU Motorcycle Lock Chain Locksweather-proof.
chain is thick enough to resists cutting.
keys are made of hard and durable stainless steel.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
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UBULLOX-Bike-U-Lock-Heavy-Duty-Bike-LockBest for long time using: UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy Duty Bike LockLong term use
Cutting-resistant, leveraging-resistant, drill-resistant.
Metal is vinyl coated.
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Xena-XX6-Motorcycle-Disc-LockBest technology: Xena XX6 Motorcycle Disc LockBest alram features
Phone controled
The strength of the lock is nice.
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Quad-Lock-Motorcycle-Handlebar-MountBest lock mount: Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar MountStronges and secure moto mount.
Heavy design
Glass filled nylon with stainless steel hardware.
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YOHOOLYO-Alarm-Disc-LockBest for lock feature: YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc LockHigh-quality design.
Motorcycle disc lock with alarm.
Material: aluminium alloy.
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VULCAN-Security-Chain-and-Lock-KitBest optimal security: VULCAN Security Chain and Lock KitNearly impossible to cut
Good quality material.
Lifetime guarantee chain.
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OKG-Bike-Chain-LockBest high quality: OKG Bike Chain LockStrong & Security Chain.
Anti-rust U Shackle.
Hook-n-loop Fastener Design.
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USHAKE-Bicycles-U-LockBest for it’s keyless locking system: USHAKE Bicycles U LockGreat combination.
14MM Shackle for best anti theft.
Best U Lock.
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XENA---Motorcycle-Disc-LockBest for security properties: XENA – Motorcycle Disc LockFreeze spray-resistant key barrel.
Suitable for virtually any scooter.
Best value for money.
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Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains Review

1. Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

How did Tchipie become the top listed in our today’s category? Because it is loud, robust, durable, and truly functional. The most excellent feature that bypasses all those features is-it has an excellent short budget. 

Whereas people hardly could find the best motorcycle lock with a short budget, Tchipie itself owns this category.

The sensor alarm it has, capable enough to catch the would-be thief of the motorbike. The loud and strong alarm makes this disk lock so popular.

It is one of the durable disc motorcycle locks, made with tough aluminum alloy material. Moreover, it is painted with a bright color that can give a visual deterrent very positively.

If you are searching for a decent anti-theft motorbike lock, don’t hesitate to purchase this one. The quality construction plus loud alarm really will make your day if you even park your rider on a red thievery spot. Your bike will be safe, and you will satisfy the package content that comes along with this unit.

The package contents of this unit are-6 backup batteries, 6 pre-installed batteries, one little Allen Wrench, one Orange Reminder Cord, one lock bag, 3 keys, and so on.

Compared with the big chain lock, these locks are easy to carry and very fast to use. Yes, we are recommending this unit, it is intended to meet your demand, desire.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • TCHIPIE anti-theft disk lock with built-in sensor (to detect shocks and movement).
  • Produce a loud alarm with 110dB sound, so it can easily stop any suspect attempt.
  • Easy to lock with 1.5m/5ft Reminder Cable. One press-operation gives a beep sound to let the user be informed about the thieves.
  • Heavy-duty constructions with aluminum alloy, therefore durable use.
  • This lock is Waterproof, During rainy weather, you can use it. This lock has been used for a long time.
  • TCHIPIE Fits on the majority of motorbikes.
  • Audible Alarm Deterrent.
  • Built-in sensor to detect unusual vibrations, shocks, and movements.
  • The material we found is not so much good and they seem not much strong what the manufacturer says.

2. Tool WRX Motorcycle Lock

ToolWRX Motorcycle Lock

If you are searching for a sturdy and durable motorcycle lock, ToolWRX is going to allow extreme security covering your all demand. This unit is lighter, compact, and long-lasting. 

No matter where you are going to park your bike, you can secure your bike with this lock, this lock will never let you down and will make your day very efficient.

The advanced tamper-proof design of this lock, very effective for motorcycle owners who frequently use their bikes and per those anywhere. The two unique keys that come with this product give an easy put on or take off.

Usually, college students can get an extreme level of security service for their motorcycles, as they have to perk their scooter/Moped on their campus/apartment and need to prevent theft.

Yes, it’s one of the most versatile motorcycle locks nowadays. The high-quality CNC aluminum construction made it more durable so that it can give long quality service to secure your motorcycle. Users can use this lock for the bike features grips up to 1.5 inches in dia (38mm).

The setting process also is very simple. Only you need to clamp this unit on your handlebar (lock the front brake or the clutch cover). If you set it on your wheel, it will also perform safer and smarter. The additional adapter that comes with this unit, adds additional securities to your motorcycle locking system.

Having a Moped, Scooter, Little Dirt bike may demand a storage cover on their lock, asking for better, safer alternatives to the conventional bulky chain lock. So, ASIN B06XKTX56Q gently meets the specification in that case.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Anti-scratch lever protector so that your bike remains safe from scratches from the lock end.
  • Heavy-duty grip lock, to secure all kinds of motorcycles.
  • An advanced tamper-proof locking design with CNC aluminum construction.
  • This unit features workability with the storage cover.
  • This lock is fitted with any type of motorcycle.
  • It is Weather protected, not damaged during tough weather, rush weather, or impact.
  • Do not harm by placing spots, works by an anti-scratch lever.
  • Too small for a few bikes.

3. BigPantha Motorcycle Lock: Grip, Throttle, Brake, Handlebar Lock

BigPantha Motorcycle Lock

Why do we pick BIgPantha Motorcycle Lock? The first reason is, it could gently place on the motorcycle handlebar and can secure optimally. Any bike that has a grip up to 1.5 inches, can go with this secured enhancer.

The quick setting and fitting allow a universal operation as well. These tiny tools easily cover all Sports bikes, Scooters, Mopeds, Four Wheeler, and ATVs.

BigPanatha knows how to protect the motorcycle from being stolen by even a determined thief. A motorcycle lock having the profile of being easy, simple but extremely functional-obviously demanded by all motorcyclists. Here is the advantage of BigPantha.

Though it’s tiny (so tiny even you can store it on your pocket/shoulder, waist bag) it works great on your motorcycle handlebar. The two grip presence here works on the throttle to secure the throttle. You even can use this lock to secure the clutch as well.

Yes, it is one of the best motorcycle locks. Why? Because it looks great, works great, and lasts for long days. It gives a comfortable feeling practically as well. You can call it a brake lock/handlebar lock/clutch lock/throttle lock. So many locking patterns from one unit? Yes, it can lock all the parts, just it becomes the title lock for which!

This unit can save your time to lock your motorcycle more than the conventional chain lock does. The setting process is done fast and simple, within five seconds you can fit this unit on your motorcycle handlebar. 

So where could you get such a fast-fitting motorcycle lock from today’s competitive market?

Yes, it is cheap too. So what people said! Works great but cost low which is very true for this tiny security motorcycle insurer.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Designed for all two-wheelers with a universal operation intention.
  • A carry bag as a bonus with the main product.
  • Very lightweight, so well portable, and can store easily.
  • 1.5 inches dia grip to fit on all motorcycles.
  • Bigpanta lock is Tamper-proof, robust. It is a long-lasting device. Riders can use it for a long period.
  • The lock is Heat/dust/water/rust-resistant.
  • Bigpanta gives you a Lifetime guarantee and is a great advantage for bikers.
  • Attractive size, only cellphone size! Low-weight only measures one pound. If you want you will carry it in your pocket.
  • Reported for a little tear on the handlebar.

4. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 Lock

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 Lock

Let’s describe a motorcycle Kryptonite chain lock made using a hardened shackle (with preventing capacity from easy cuts or drills). This lock is made with hardened steel, therefore, lasts for long days.

However Kryptonite 12mm New York Chain is usually a series of hardened manganese steel and it is covered in Kryptonite Evolution Series 4, Disc Lock, as well.

The nylon cover provided with this product is so durable, and gives an awesome function to hold the things in place when using the hook-n-loop fasteners.

There is no doubt that Kryptonite will give you extra security, as it has patented oval hardened Steel CROSSBAR. Plus, unlike other traditional motorcycle locks, it allows locking of more than one motorcycle once at a time.

The high sturdy DISC-Style Cylinder further features an anti-drill and anti-pulling secured system, which highly secures the total motorcycle locking system anywhere at any time.

Three color options are available for this product. Black, Blue, and red. The price range is also very efficient. So you can easily choose your desired color with a short budget.

Some specifications of this unit is-Lock system are U lock, Round shape and item weight only is 15.25 pounds. Finally, the reason why we made this product best, the sliding dust cover which works to protect and enhance the cylinder life.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • 14mm Six-sided Chain links made from 5ft Hardened manganese steel.
  • Patented oval hardened CROSSBAR to maintain additional extreme security.
  • Durable and comfortable Nylon made chain cover.
  • Extreme quality drill-resistant disk-style cylinder.
  • Siding dust cover, to stop the dirt and debris from coming in.
  • Hardened Double Deadbolt design to give an additional twisting action.
  • The main advantages of this lock are it can secure more than one bike at a time.
  • Kryptonite offers you a Lifetime warranty.
  • A sliding dust cover is included over the cylinder and makes the lock dust-free.
  • Not perfect for a heavy-duty job.
  • Chain links are very thin.

5. BIGLUFU Motorcycle Lock Chain Locks

BIGLUFU Motorcycle Lock Chain Locks

BIGLUFU has a sturdy construction using Stainless steel materials. This U-shaped product has an item dimension of 59.06 x 1.57 x 0.59 inches.

So how is it made? It is made with some heavy-duty and durable materials, like- unbreakable 37 Manganese Steel, Square linked chain (0.6” / 15mm dia). It is so sturdy and strong it can withstand even 8KN tension. 

It is tested against 17KN shear force to ensure it can deliver maximum cut resistance. So all these made it a safer chain motorcycle lock nowadays.

Another feature of BIGLUFU is, it has a scratch-proof design. As the whole chain is covered by a water-resistant Nylon Sleeve so users finally get weatherproof and wear proof chain locks for their motorbikes.

A most common problem of traditional disk lock is-they put scratch and marks on the motorcycle parts, and therefore damage the motorbikes. Thankfully, BIGLUFU is free from such problems. 

This tool never damages the motorcycle, nor puts a scratch or mark on the setting place. The chain lock is constructed by 14mm Hard Zinc Alloy Shackle with an outer PVC coating. And the keys included here are made from strong stainless steel, so they never will break down before time.

In this chain lock, 19 cut-resistant chain locks are included each with measurement of 48” / 120cm * 2” / 5cm. The width, height, and length of each cut-resistant chain lock are so sturdy and functional-easily they can lock your lovely motorbike. This unit comes with one U chain lock and 4 easy to use keys.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • 48” / 120cm long chain lock, therefore can lock more than one motorcycle at a time (3 to 4 at least).
  • One size fits all types of motorcycles (also can lock others’ valuable property).
  • Constructed using unbreakable 3T Manganese steel, so robust enough to withstand any sort of external pressure.
  • 3-years warranty, 90 days money-back guarantee plus 24 hours online customer service
  • This lock is perfect both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The Manganese steel materials make the lock resist cutting or leverage attack.
  • Chain lock can be easily stored in a bag that is provided in the package.
  • The nylon cover over the lock makes it Water-resistant.
  • Complain about the chain links (they are not square and not maintain the said measurement)

6. UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy Duty Bike Lock

UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy Duty Bike Lock

So when you search for an all-in-one motorcycle lock, we suggest you use UBULLOX Bike lock. Let’s look at the all short features of this lock. It is sturdy and durable, safe anywhere, and very convenient to use. Also, it has a portable size so that users can carry it anywhere at any time. Let’s describe it one by one. First of all, the construction ingredient of this product is alloy steel. Interestingly, this alloy steel is again covered by 0.1 % silicone materials. 

And the lock cylinder is constructed using C-grade Pure Copper Blade. This lock cylinder further can prevent any critical/technical unwanted open as well. As this lock has additional 4 feet double-looped steel end cable, (0.48-inch dia and PVC Covered) so this whole system can protect your motorcycle or cycle pore precisely with flexible locking and better protection.

Finally, it has a portable size, which is only 7.68 inches X 4.9 inches. Besides this, it comes with an additional mounting bracket which makes it capable of any sort of circular tripod as well. 

So what is especially portable in size? You can carry this lock on your side bag, also can lock it on your bike frame when it is not in use. So why we made it best, the answer is- the technical workmanship and the perfect functionality. This U lock is not only safe, durable, and full of quality, it also more than any U lock, which you can feel once after you use it.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • 0.1-inch Silicone cover on this 16mm/0.63 inch bike lock.
  • C grade Pure Copper Blade made Bike Lock.
  • Three rust copper keys with safer serpentine slots.
  • 4 feet double-loop steel cable (with PVC Covering) for better security protection.
  • Sturdy & Comfortable.
  • Perfect motorcycle lock with Reasonable price.
  • Portable, durable.
  • Cutting resistant, Leveraging, and drill resistant.
  • The size of the lock is sometimes found small for a few motorbikes.

7. Xena XX6 Motorcycle Disc Lock

Xena XX6 Motorcycle Disc Lock

A traditional disc lock that features a sleek and good look design can meet your motorcycle lock demand more efficiently. Xena is a sort of most wanted disc lock, made with stainless steel. The thick locking pin plus the freeze spray-resistant barrel make this lock so enriching to perfectly secure your loveliest motorbike. All these heavy-duty constructions make it a robust unit that is capable of protecting itself from any kind of impacts or weather-related conditions.

This disc can give a loud alarm up to 120dB. This 120dB is so loud, you can immediately take action to deflect the motorcycle thief. On top of that, the motion sensor present with this unit, which can detect all vibrations and shocks, also can trigger any alarm quickly.

Why do we select this product to enroll in our best list? This product has awesome features and quality function, by which we are biased to do this. But besides all of these, there are additional two things, for which buyers get impressed by this beautiful motorcycle lock. 

These two are- the easy installation process plus three solid keys forces us to do this usually. The only drawback of this product is the over-performer motion sensor. Even when any side walker or animal passes through our bike, it also gives an alarm with a loud sound.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • 120dB Alarm with Bluetooth Smart Module.
  • Shock & Movement Sensors alarm function which is controllable by Smartphone.
  • Heavy metal constructions with stainless steel.
  • Thick locking pin plus, freeze spray-resistant barrel.
  • Alarm system producer Loud sounds.
  • Motor sensor activated for any vibration and shocks.
  • A sturdy lock with heavy-duty construction gives you optimal security.
  • Easy installation, consistent operating.
  • In comparison with other locks that have the same features, these locks are Quite pricey.
  • Motor sensors trigger alarms sometimes unnecessarily.

8. Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

Quad Lock Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

In modern times people need to check the GPS in any kind of ride at every moment. But when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle, it is often annoying and unsafe to stop the bikes to check the GPS.

To avoid these situations you need a motorcycle lock that mounted your smart devices. The Quad Lock handlebar is the ultimate solution for these issues. This motorcycle lock is best to mount a smartphone on motorbikes.

The strongest, most secure, versatile smartphone motorcycle handlebar mount is constructed by glass-filled nylon and stainless steel hardware.

The Quad Lock Handlebar Mount gives you the flexibility to mount your phone in a convenient and visible location. You can use a rotating head and include an extension arm if extra clearance is required. You can mount your phone in both orientations either landscape or portrait.

With your phone securely mounted to your motorcycle, you can use navigation apps to guide you to your location with ease and always stay connected.

When running, motorbikes produce large vibrations. This vibration may cause damaging effects on your smartphones. To minimize the vibrational effects Quad recommends you use Vibration Dampener.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • One Handlebar mount – suits 1-¼” (32mm) bars.
  • One 50mm Extension arm.
  • Three Bar spacers – ⅞” (22mm), 1” (25mm), 1-⅛” (28mm).
  • One Allen (Hex) Key.
  • The patented dual-stage lock holds on your smartphone with great security in a tough place also.
  • Smartphones or devices can be easily attached and removed from the motorcycle helmet mount lock. Smartphones or devices can be easily attached and removed from the motorcycle helmet mount lock. For this work, very little time is required.
  • This mounted lock is convenient for navigation apps on traveling. And gives you a hassle-free journey.
  • The multiple mounting configurations rotate the arm almost about 360° when required.
  • The push-up lock system is awkward and not user-friendly.
  • For thicker handlebars, these handlebars are not perfectly fit.
  • The vibration of motorbikes causes damage to the mounted smart devices.
  • All phones are not easily mounted on them.
  • Expensive.

9. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock

YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock

Disc locks are used in the brake disc to your bikes and it prevents the bikes from moving on more than a few feet. Disc locks are smaller than chain locks.

YOHOOLYO offers you a sturdy and durable disc lock that is constructed with forged stainless steel. These construction materials make it water-resistant and also crush-resistant. Installation of this lock is an easy procedure. Before locking, release the lock and switch off the alarm system. Riders can easily take it with him when he is on a long trip or outside from home.

The motorcycle disc brake lock has an anti-theft security system. It has an alarm system of 110 DB volume. Alarm systems can be activated in presence of any kind of vibrations or sensations.

The alarm systems receive energy from 6pcs aluminum alloy batteries. When attached batteries do not work you have an extra 6 pcs batteries for replacement which is provided in your receiving package. An Allen wrench is also available to replace the batteries.

Three keys are included in the packages for every different lock. These keys you can store safely in a well-packed storage box. Reminder cable, We can easily understand from the name that this cable reminds you of something. YOHOOLYO disc lock motorcycle packages also have a reminder cable. When you are in a hurry and there are chances to forget about the disc lock then a reminder cable is there for you.

This wide applicable locking system with affordable prices is used for motorcycles, bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, etc. Such as Ducati, Harley, Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Triumph and Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, etc.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Item weight: 3.67 pounds.
  • Product dimensions:11.5 x 10.04 x 3.66 inches.
  • This Lock offers you a 12 cell battery.
  • The alarm system of 110 DB volume.
  • The lock pin length is 7 mm.
  • Provided 3 pcs keys for different locks.
  • It provides the best security system for different types of motorcycles, scooters, and any other vehicles which have 6 mm disk brakes.
  • This disk lock gives you the best protection in-home or out-home during rainy weather or any tough conditions.
  • The alarm system alerts you to any unpleasant situations by making three beeps frequently.
  • The reminder cable plays a great role to avoid any kind of accidents.
  • The alarm system produces such a loud sound that it makes people irritated.
  • Sometimes using keys causes some problems to start an takes more time than normal.

10. VULCAN Security Chain and Lock Kit

VULCAN Security Chain and Lock Kit

Vulcan security chain and lock kit are great combinations. It is complete security packages for the owners of any motorbikes, scooters, trailers, and ATVs. This lock is ideal for securing motorbikes parts, doors, gates, shutters, machinery, and many more things.

High-quality materials are used in the construction of the hardened security chain. This security chain can not be cut up by any hand tools or bolt cutters. Even there is no proper grip for bolt cutters or burglary tools in between the small square shape of the chains.

One padlock with maximum security mechanisms made of solid forged brass. This padlock has an exclusive shape and size which can not be defeated by any hand tools.

The square security chain has electro-galvanization. It is also covered with a Cordura wear pad.

Vulcan security offers you a lifetime guarantee of these lock chains. Vulcan security chain lock is best because it is made of material and different designs from others. For securing your valuables there is no better choice other than Vulcan.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Item weight:9.8 pounds.
  • Size:3/8 Inch x 6 Foot.
  • Including a chain with a Cordura wear pad.
  • Padlock with a different shape.
  • Three keys for locking and unlocking the padlock.
  • Provides ultimate security to your valuable stuff with its maximum security mechanisms.
  • Electro galvanization over the chain protects from all types of corrosion.
  • The Cordura pad saves your valuable tire rims, paint jobs, powder coating, or other finishes from any kind of scratches.
  • The chains need beggar locks for perfect fittings.

11. OKG Bike Chain Lock

OKG Bike Chain Lock

Chain locks are defined by the combination of a series of hundreds of steel links and a padlock. A padlock may be separated or attached with the chain.

Before choosing a chain lock consider some factors such as their relative length, flexibility, and weight. This is an incredibly strong chain lock with a tough synthetic sleeve. The attached lock itself is also incredible. This lock is wrapped with a durable PVC/rubber skin which prevents the chain from scratching. 

OKG Bike Chain Lock has 12 mm six-sided links which are made of triple-heat-treated Boron Manganese steel which makes it sturdy and defended.

The 16 mm U-lock shackles of OKG chain locks are made of maximum hardened steel with double locking mechanisms. The ergonomic designs of the U-lock made it easy to handle and carry.

The disc-style cylindrical locks have the protection properties of anti-drill, anti- pulling, and anti-saw to give proper security. It is made of stainless steel. The lock cylinder is covered with a sliding dust cover. This sliding dust cover can be easily moved from one side to the other.

OKG Bike chain lock has a circle chain and this CHIN LOOP circle increases the flexibility of the whole chain Lock. And it helps users to connect their motorbikes to other vehicles or fixed structures such as trees, pillars, etc.

The whole chains are covered by durable, water-resistant, self embroidery, highly flexible sleeves. Sleeves have an n-loop allowing compact coiling of the chain.

In the buying package, you can find two brass steel “I” reversible keys with the best ergonomics designs. Keys have their identification numbers. If you lost them you can apply for new keys in the key safe program by using the key code.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Chain Weight: 10.8 pounds.
  • Size:3.9 ft.
  • One noose chain is available.
  • One U-shackle Lock with a double deadbolt locking mechanism.
  • Two brass steel keys.
  • This chain lock gives you high security where there is a high risk of theft. The double locking mechanism gives you maximum protection against hand tools, bolt cutters, saw leverage, bolt choppers attack.
  • The sliding dust protects the lock from rust, dust, during rainy seasons.
  • Flexible sleeves help to protect your bikes from scratches.
  • Taking some careful steps when putting it on as the exposed metal parts can scratch.
  • Sometimes the locking mechanism tends to get stuck. It seems if the shackle is not seated properly it will cause issues when locking and unlocking.
  • Sometimes keys require lubrication by oil before using it.

12. USHAKE Bicycles U Lock

USHAKE Bicycles U Lock

Key is a small important thing. Without keys, you can’t open any lock honestly. If you find a keyless locking system for your motorbikes then what happened. Isn’t it a great thing!

Yes, USHAKE offers you a key-less U-lock for your bike, scooter, motorcycles, gates, and so on.

The U-lock is made of zinc alloy and it makes the lock cutter resistant.4 mm of PVC coating can be put on over this 14 mm zinc alloy to protect from any kind of scratches.

The combination pin is also very easy to set. If you want to reset your pin it will be possible only when you input your correct password by opening the protection covers with the help of a screwdriver.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Keyless locking system.
  • The 18 mm u-lock lock has an 8.8-inch external length and a 5.90-inch internal length.
  • This U-lock has diameters externally 6.69 inches and internally 4.68 inches.
  • The lock has a reset button with a dustproof cover for the dial pad.
  • The main advantage is there is no need to worry about the keys. Just lock it with your motorbikes and chill.
  • The heavy materials make it strong and cutter-proof.
  • This U-lock can not cause any kind of scratches on paints.
  • The heavy plastic covers over the cylinder make it dustproof.
  • If you forget the password, it will not open the lock and reset the password again.
  • The plastic dial pad and plastic button are getting loose after a few months’ use.
  • The locking mechanism gets stuck after a few months’ use.

13. XENA – Motorcycle Disc Lock

XENA - Motorcycle Disc Lock

From XENA- Motorcycle Disc Lock you can find a traditional look with a sleek and simple design. It is a high-grade mono block alloy construction. It is made of high nickel content stainless steel useful to secure your motorbikes and scooters.

The lock is a heavy-duty lock made of sturdy materials which resist any kind of impact and weather conditions. This lock has push-up locking mechanisms with a 6mm hardened steel locking pin. Also, it includes anti-freeze spray and pick-proof spray key, and barrel assembly.

The lock has a self-arming 120 DB alarm feature. A 120DB makes a loud noise and the thieves have been forced to leave. This alarm system gets energy from long-running CR2 lithium batteries and alarm tunes also. 

All electronics are housed in a replaceable alarm module, with no tools required. Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets to armed mode within 15 seconds.

The amazing feature is the movement sensor. Movement sensors can detect any kind of vibration and movement and it triggers an alarm.

Key Features of Tchipie Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

  • Weight of Lock: 15.2 ounces.
  • Lock Dimension: 3.3 x 2.3 x 1 inch.
  • Made of materials: Stainless steel with high-density nickel.
  • 120 DB Alarm system.
  • Three solid keys.
  • A heavy-duty lock system provides great security for any kind of scooter and motorbikes.
  • The monoblock contraction system with high content nickel in stainless steel makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The alarm system is self armor and no need for extra installation which is very much helpful when you are in a hurry.
  • False alarm created during rainy weather or in presence of waters. And you can not clear it without removing, drying, or taking out the batteries. In this process, alarms are blaring the whole time. In the presence of animals or any other things, a motion sensor works and creates an alarm.
  • The alarm system doesn’t work well for long. After six or more months it becomes out of service.

How to Choose Best Motorcycle Locks- Buying Guide

Before buying the best chain lock or disc lock or any kind of security system for your motorbikes consider the following listed things.

The Place Where you Want to Leave your Motorbikes?

Depending on your parking place you need to decide which types of locks are required. There are some places with a high risk of theft. In this place, you need to take strong and hard locks. The lock which is bolt resistant, cutter resistant will be helpful for those places.

Security Systems of a Motorcycle Lock

For best motorcycle locks the most important thing is security. All motorcycle locks do not provide the same protections. Some locks are protected from any kind of hand tools, bolt cutters, etc. Some have motion sensors or alarm properties. The alarm makes a loud sound if thieves or any persons are trying to do anything with your bikes. Choose the best one for your favorite bikes.

What Types of Materials are Used in Motorcycle Locks?

Materials of motorcycle locks must have resilient properties. Most locks are made of stainless steel, some are plastics or some other materials. The stainless steel or high-quality rubber materials make the lock anti-rust properties and the lock becomes durable during rainy seasons also.


Suppose you choose motorcycle locks with large numbers and modern features but at the end of the day it becomes a waste due to rain or tough weather. Then these modern facilities did not come to any benefit to you. Poor use of a lock may also cause rust in the service and once the rusty area will be cracked. Durability also shows the impact of resistance.

Is the lock easy to carry?

A motorcycle lock should be easy to use. If the Lock using is not easy and requires so much time for operations then it will be frustrating for the rides. So, find the best motorcycle Lock from the best brand that has simple installation procedures and simple use procedures. 

Is the lock easy to use?

If you want a compact and easy carrying motorcycle lock be sure about the rock’s weight, its length, and other features.

Which lock is perfectly fit for your bikes?

Now there are lots of motorcycles available with different designs and sizes. Some locks are in different sizes to fit with many types of vehicles. Different size pins are available in some disc brake locks to fit many size bikes. The clamp lock is fitted easily over bike handlebars which have specific diameters. 

Do you want to listen to alarms in unwanted situations?

The alarm system is now an advanced feature for motorcycle locks. If you want to make your day tense free, a motorcycle lock with a 110 – 120db alarm is the best choice. Alarms can make loud sounds in any unwanted situation. And it will be helpful when you park your bikes nearby.

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