The 9 Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviews (Benefits And Buying Guide) In 2021

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Do you keep your helmet with your motorbikes without any lock for being stolen? Or keep it in your hand and make yourself occupied with some things?

Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviews

After driving a long distance it is for sure that you are not spoiling your trip for tension about the motorcycle helmet which you love most.

How to save the helmet is an important concern for each motorcycle rider on each trip. Especially in a high crime-prone area, this concern becomes a headache for the motorbike owner.

However, to get rid yourself of these issues we are here today to tell you how to protect your helmet anywhere at any time.

The top 10 best motorcycle helmet lock, we are going to describe in our today’s list-all already gets excellent customer satisfaction. More ever all these locks are reliable, durable, and full of high-quality to full the task you are going to expect from each of them.

Let’s stop the ado, and dive to catch your desired helmet lock in the followed way.

Best Helmet Locks for Motorcycle- Main Features Table

ImageProductDetails  Price
Techjayse--Motorcycle-Helmet-Lock-Combination-LockBest for Overall Strong Security: Techjayse- Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Lock1. 59 inches metal cable.
2. It has two types of locking system.
3. Works in all types of helmets.
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BigPantha--Motorcycle-Helmet-Lock-&-CableBest for Versatile properties: BigPantha- Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable1. Self-Coiling Braided Cable.
2. Steel Cable for Strength.
3. Rubberized Sleeve to Protect Helmet & Bike.
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AILELAN-Motorcycle-Helmet-Lock-&-CableBest for versatile locking system: AILELAN Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable1. It has high quality carabiner Lock.
2. 6-feet long steel cable.
3. Locks are weather resistant.
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Little-World-Motorcycle-Helmet-Lock-&-CableBest for Multipurpose Use: Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable1. PVC coated coil cable.
2. D-ring and self coiling flexible cables are available.
3. Works with all types helmets.
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Master-Lock-Motorcycle-Helmet-Jacket,-Multi-Purpose-3-ft.-Cable-LocksBest Value for Money: Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet/Jacket, Multi Purpose 3 ft. Cable Locks1. Two universal cable helmet locks.
2. Strong braided steel cables.
3. Tough laminated steel lock body.
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Feiteplus--1-Universal-Motorcycle-Parts-Helmet-LockBest Value: Feiteplus- 1″ Universal Motorcycle Parts Helmet Lock1. Includes lock systems, two keys and an installation kit.Check Latest Price
Biker's-Choice-74937S2-Helmet-LockBest Stainless Steel: Biker’s Choice 74937S2 Helmet Lock1. Mounts on 7/8 to 1-1/4 inch tubing.
2. Tamper-proof installation screws.
3. Chrome-plated to easily blend in
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Helmetlok-4104-Carabiner-Style-Helmet-LockBest Protection for Helmet: Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock1. Easy to use carabiner-style lock.
2. 10,000-combination 4-digit lock.
3. Rubberized scratch-free design.
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Bosvision-Motorcycle-Helmet-LockBest Compact Design: Bosvision Motorcycle Helmet Lock1. The carabiner Lock is made of Zinc alloy.
2. Extra coil cables.
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Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviews

Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks- Detail Reviews

Techjayse- Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Lock

Techjayse- Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Lock

If you are thinking of finding a simple but perfect motorcycle helmet lock, obviously you have come to the perfect place. 

Whether you are a daily rider, or occasional-this combined lock is going to be useful for you to secure your stuff extremely. This product is thick, durable, lighter weight, and compact. 

User instruction provided with this product also is very easy, you can use two methods to lock your belongings. 

Number one, use the cable with the D-lock and number two only use the D-lock. Only D-locking will allow you to secure your jacket, backpack straps, and helmet buckle with the T-bar or with the mirror. And using both the cable and the D-lock together will allow you to secure the helmet with the cable and finally lock the D-lock.

It’s a kind of universal portable helmet lock, perfectly goes with any kind of helmet. Any motorcycles, Street Bikes, Scooters, or Bikes-all can securely lock with the helmet easily with this lock. 

Interestingly, users don’t need to use any keys to lock this system. It’s a PIN locking system product. Moreover, the 59 inches durable cable provides more security and more toughness. 

The retractable locking cable included with this product, long enough therefore easily can secure two helmets at a time, or can hold one jacket, one backpack, and one helmet altogether. 

If you are looking HOW TO RESET THE LOCK, or HOW TO USE THE CARABINER COMBINATION PIN LOCK, we have good news with the package content of this product. This helmet lock comes with easy instructions describing all your possible questions. 

So no matter how you are about the safety of your helmet, it’s going to remove all your tension within a while.

Special Features

  • 59 inches Durable and solid metal locking cable to provide enough motorcycle security and toughness.
  • One size fits all. This lock is perfectly suitable for half-face, full-face, and crash helmets.
  • Weight only 5.3 Oz to make the product very lightweight and compact.
  • High-quality Steel cable with PVC Coating to make the lock fully waterproof, rustproof.
  • 1000 combinations of Secret PIN Code for extreme extra protection of your helmet.
  • Can use two methods to lock both your jacket and helmet together, (Cable and D-Lock together, Only D-Lock).
  • Universal Helmet Lock, perfect for all kinds of helmets.
  • Easy to carry, and don’t ask for any keys.
  • Self-coiling Cable to make itself durable, compact and lighter weight.
  • Effectively can secure a jacket, bag, and helmet altogether.
  • Complaint about Lock Reset. Once the client tried to reset the lock, it permanently locked the lock.

This motorcycle portable helmet lock tells how to easily throw your helmet on your motorcycle or motorbike when you need to enter for an urgent meeting or walk around the park. The easy operating system, perfect locking system make this helmet lock very popular, useful, and user-friendly.

BigPantha- Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

BigPantha- Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

Would you like to see a scratch or scuffs on your helmets? Obviously no. Most motorcycle helmets are made of solid metal with sharp edges. These types of locks can damage your helmet texture. 

The motorcycle helmet lock from BigPhantha offers you special rubberized coatings on the lock to remove scratches on your favorite helmets. You can use this lock in almost all types of helmets.

BigPantha offers you a motorcycle helmet lock which is a combination of a D-ring and a stretchable locking cable. That D-ring is coated with a protective rubberized layer. 

The self-coiling cable can be stretched up to 6 fits for easy use and storage also. This coiling cable is coated with tough, flexible PVC plastics. Which makes the high-quality lock water-resistant and also rust.

You may have plenty of space to fit your helmet. As well as your jacket, backpack. You can easily fasten two helmets with your bike through this BigPantha helmet lock.

This sleek attractive black helmet lock is light in weight (5 lbs) and small in size and this high-quality lock is easily fitted in your hands and also in your pocket.

These helmet locks provide you maximum motorcycle security by their two master locking methods. One is the locking cable which helps you to attach your helmet with motorbikes and another one is the D-locking system.

It is a great helmet lock and easy to use through the manufacturer provides an instruction manual with all the steps. These Universal locks are fitting for all GMAX, HJC, Shoei, Arai, Icon, scorpion, Matte, Nolan, Shark, KBC motorcyclist/rider helmets.

Special Features

  • Rubberized coating over the D-lock
  • The self-coiling cable is extended up to 1.8 m long.
  • High-quality steel cable coated with flexible PVC.
  • 3-digit combination dial.
  • The Cable and D-ring lock is coated with a protective layer of security to protect against scratches and scuffs on your helmets and bikes.
  • D-ring lock and cable lock ensure maximum security and riders can leave their helmets on their bikes without any hesitations.
  • You can carry it easily in your pocket for its lightweight and small sizes.
  • In the dark, it is difficult to see the number plate in the D-locking system. Those people who have vision problems face great difficulties to read out the number due to its small size and also the shiny effects.
  • Sometimes the locking combinations stopped working and resetting is not possible.

If you are searching for an affordable helmet lock with all the modern features then this one is best. You have found all the modern features in it with a proper security system.

AILELAN Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

AILELAN Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

When you are out riding with your motorcycle, you’ve to maintain extreme motorcycle security for your helmet, to stop any further scope for helmet thievery.

ALLELAN offers you to do this job without facing any large hassles. This combined lock features a Carbine Style D-lock combined with another lock cable (with 1.8M length and 3mm thicker).

This incredible helmet lock suitably can secure one or two helmets accordingly. If you want to lock one of your helmets with your jacket, you can do it easily with this cable lock.

The amazing thing about this high-quality lock is, all parts of this lock system are pre-coated with protective sleeves. Therefore both your bike and helmet remain scratch-free and safe from any kind of premature damages.

It is a fantastic black polished combination lock with several updated features and techs. It works through a combination of extreme quality PIN lock (Carabiner combination). 

This PIN lock is sufficient enough to protect your helmet from any sort of sudden theft. More ever this lock also could act as an efficient Visual Deterrent.

Though it’s a cheap helmet lock, it is reliable, durable, and strong enough to secure your helmet even in a repeated crime area. 

Interestingly the easier and usable look of this helmet makes it more user-friendly and functional than the factory helmet locks.

Special Features

  • High-quality Carabiner Combination PIN lock, to act as an extreme barrier in between your helmet and the thieves.
  • Flexible Steel cable with 1.8m long (almost 6 feet).
  • Ultra Strong Braided PVC coated cable is durable, weather, and scratch-protected.
  • 999 possible Locking combination with 3 digit-locking mechanisms.
  • The lock is Small & lightweight riders can easily tuck even in your pocket as well.
  • The main advantage of this is a Versatile lock, It can work with any kind of motorbike.
  • ALLELAN offers you great Security for your helmet & cutting down the lock is tough.
  • Riders Can lock Bikes, helmets, jackets, and Cabinets & Luggage with this locking system during traveling.
  • Though it fulfills its objective fully, sometimes the number combination becomes difficult for the users.

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

Dealing with the helmet after reaching the destination is a big issue for riders. They do not carry them and do not leave them with their bike, scooter, or motorcycle for security issues of helmets.

High-quality solid metallic motorcycle helmet lock and cables offered by Little World. This lock is a combination of self-coiling braided steel cable and D-ring carabiners.

The carabiners have a protective coating to protect the helmet and bikes from damage. The Cardinals have a heavy-duty combination lock to ensure the security of the helmet.

You can set your combination pin easily. The locking and unlocking system is very much simple and easy. D-ring has a simple button to lock and unlock the combination pin.

The flexible 6 feet long steel cables are covered by PVC to make it weather resistant, protecting from any kind of damage. 

This universal helmet lock can be used with all types of helmets. It may be full-face or half-face helmets for motorcycles, scooters, mountain bikes, etc. 

The little world offers you maximum security for your helmets with its D-ring and flexible steel cables.

Special Features

  • 6-feet long PVC coated coil cable.
  • Weight 4.2 ounces.
  • D-ring and self-coiling flexible cables are available.
  • Works with all types of helmets
  • It has a dial with a 3-digit combination.
  • Though it is lightweight and small in size you can carry it easily and easily transfer from one place to another place withholding it on your hand or in your pocket.
  • Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable are covered by flexible PVC which increases the durability of the helmet lock and cable.
  • You can use this lock to secure not only your motorcycle helmet but also your bags, jackets pocket, baby strollers, etc. This gives you extra advantages.
  • During rainy days and with hand gloves, turning the dial pad sometimes causes difficulties.
  • The steel cables are not thick enough, it is thin and thieves can cut it with knives easily. Which makes you worry about your helmet if it is attractive and expensive.
  • The combination lock used an easy passcode to avoid future problems. If you forget the combination then you have no other options except cutting the cables.

Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet/Jacket, Multi Purpose 3 ft. Cable Locks

Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet/Jacket, Multi Purpose 3 ft. Cable Locks

It’s about 100 years, Master Lock, helping you to take on the security and safety challenges you face every day at an affordable price.

Without any secured condition parking your motorcycles or bikes are not an intelligent matter. Your helmet may be missing when you come to your helmet after work if you left it without locking.

Master locks offer you a 3 feet (about 90 cm ) long cable lock to give proper security. This lock includes two keyed alike along with four keys.

5 mm diameter cable locks are made of braided steel. Steel makes the Master Lock strength and flexibility.

Special coating over the steel with protective vinyl provides you extra protection from scratches of helmet and bike paints.

Easy to use, no installation is required.

When you insert and turn the key lock inside an integrated lock then the integrated lock is released. The integrated padlock of these items is laminated by steel. The lock has steel suckle and cutting this steel may be impossible for thieves.

Its four-pin cylinders create great difficulty for breakdown lock by hammering.

Special Features

  • Cable length 3 feet
  • Weight 13.4 punches
  • 1-1/8in (29mm) Wide laminated steel body 
  • Cut resistance steel shackle 
  • 4-pin lock cylinder.
  • Protective Vinyl layers protect your bikes and helmets from any damages.
  • This helmet lock is perfect for those who are searching for a lock to secure their helmet and jacket with a bike. This lock is very strong and long enough to fasten different items at a time.
  • The lock can be broken easily. A metal end cap for the cable, which gets inserted into the lock, is disconnected from the cable easily.
  • Some customers have faced problems inserting the cables properly and also have a problem with the key and 4 digit locking mechanism.

Feiteplus- 1″ Universal Motorcycle Parts Helmet Lock


1″ Universal Motorcycle Parts Helmet Lock gives a different look, even any biker gets impressed after first seeing this product. This black color and Alloy 

Aluminium anti-theft lock allow the perfect safety and security of your helmet.

This product comes with one lock assembly, two keys, and one install tool.

Apply scenes of this incredible product are-electric vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles. Every vehicle, you are going to use this product, will give you a quality and safe locking of your helmet.

It’s one of the heavy-duty and heavy look helmet locks, allowing a long-lasting service for the user. Unlike any as usual helmet lock (which only a pocket-size lock with cable), it gives a strong activity to ensure your subject things are safe in place.

The installation process also is very easy for this lock. You have to directly lock the clamps on your motorbikes. You can also utilize it as a safe unit for several sensitive parts of your vehicle like the engine guards, frame tubes, and other long sections of the tube.

Special Features

  • Constructed with Aluminium Alloy to maintain high quality.
  • Can apply both on 7/8 inches Handlebar and 1-inch Handlebar.
  • Both can install with on Handlebar with a Clutch lever.
  • High Tensile Strength with a Strong hook.
  • Heavy lock bodies provide durable and reliable service.
  • Keyless to Lock, allow a quick locking of the helmet.
  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Suitable for 22mm and 25 mm handlebars.
  • We found that the key lock sometimes not work properly.

Biker’s Choice 74937S2 Helmet Lock

Biker's Choice 74937S2 Helmet Lock

Biker’s Choice 74937S2 Helmet Lock – Chrome could make your motorbike trip very safe and enjoyable with its awesome activity. It is a good deterrent, once you start to use it on your bike, you will feel happy by getting its incredible service.

The locking mechanism of this unit is almost general, if you use a regular chrome bolt instead of the fastener that comes with this product, the setting procedure will become more handy and convenient.

The tamper-proof screws used to set this lock on your motorbikes make the total installation so tough & rigid, even it becomes impossible for the helmet thieves to detach the lock from the handlebar.

This helmet lock can easily be installed on any spot on your bike. Though users are usually prone to install this pretty security device on their handlebar, it could also set anywhere you desired. Once you can set this lock, it looks good, and it acts as a 24 hours safeguard to your helmet.

This nice-looking product has one issue. It pulls the user to use a special tool to set it. If any users desire to move this lock anywhere rather than the handlebar, it forces them to face challenging work.

Special Features

  • Chrome-Plated offers a universal lock mounting.
  • Suitable to fit on 7/8 – 1-1/4 tube.
  • One-way tamper-proof screws to attach the lock on the targeted spot.
  • One size fits all.
  • This lock can be installed on several spots on the bike.
  • Tough action, limited chances to get stolen.
  • Handy and little, and it is easy to carry.
  • Installation of this lock is difficult.
  • Due to one-way screws, it is difficult to remove when required.

Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock

Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock

After reaching the desired place by bike rides you need a helmet lock with a simple design and a reliable 4 digit locking mechanism is easy.

This helmet is so easy to use. You can use it to lock your helmet with your bikes. Simply just open your lock, slip the carabiner through the helmets, attach it with the bike and lock it. Your work has been finished now the trip can be a tension-free trip.

The helmet lock is a carabiner-style lock with 4-pin locking mechanisms. You can change this pin when you require it in your desired combinations. 

A 4.08-ounce helmet lock can be mounted anywhere on your bikes. It may be in handlebars, motorcycle frames, or any suitable place for your comfort.

The 4-digit locking is made of Zinc alloy and the made material of carabiners is aluminum.

Most of the conventional carabiner locks have not sufficient space for mounted with large diameters handlebars, bike frames, gear racks. But HelmetLock when the lock is open, pivots outwards, and has a large space fitted with the frame has a maximum of 1.58-inch diameters.

The manufacturer offers you a T-bar extension to use as a clamp for fastening your helmet.

The optional cable is made of thick nickel-plated steel and coated with nylon. This self-coiling cable may extend up to 6 feet and its maximum holding capacity is about 220lb approximately.

Special Features

  • 4 digit reprogrammable combination lock.
  • All new rubber coating.
  • Includes T-Bar extension plate.
  • Made from aluminum and zinc alloy to withstand the elements.
  • All vinyl coating over the lock protects your bikes and helmets from scratches and protects damages of paints.
  • The Zinc alloy of the 4 digit locking mechanisms increases the resistance properties of Helmet Lock for which it stays good in any rough weather.
  • You can easily thread your Jacket, backpack, full-face helmet with the coil cable.
  • Without the T-bar extension sometimes this Helmet Lock is converted into a wastage.
  • Shoei is the most popular manufacturer of helmets. But this Helmet LOCk doesn’t work with Shoei ratcheting straps due to the thickness of the T-Bar extension.

Bosvision Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Bosvision Motorcycle Helmet Lock

Did you want to use a carabiner-type helmet lock for your helmets? But you have confused about space. Bosvision motorcycle Helmet Lock solves your space problems.

Bosvision carabiner-style helmet lock system has outward opening mechanisms. You can attach this padlock with large diameters of the motorcycle frame, gear racks, or handlebars whose diameter is not more than 2.5 cm.

The 4-digit combination lock is easy to install. Just open the Lock, slip off the D-ring in the helmet shackle or chain straps, attach it to any frame of any place on your motorbikes.

The zinc/aluminum alloy locking mechanisms make it strong, sturdy, and reliable. This ultra-secure 10 mm lock is weather resistant. Zinc alloy mechanisms make it withstand any pressure and tempering.

Riders can attach multiple items with the 150 cm coil leash together or single. You can secure your helmets, jackets, backpacks, gloves, luggage, sports items, and many more things.

Riders can enjoy great traveling, camping, and sports with this Bosvision Helmet Lock.

Special Features

  • The carabiner lock is made of zinc alloy.
  • Size: 103 x φ10 x 55 mm, Inside dimension: 25 * 85 mm
  • Extra added coil cable has 1500 mm in length
  • 4-digit combination lock with possible 10000 combinations.
  • Bosvision Motorcycle Helmet Lock can be used to secure all types of motorcycle helmets, bicycles, scooters, pushchairs, trolleys, etc.
  • Zinc alloy materials make the lock weather resistant and it can withstand any type of pressure and tempering.
  • Due to its compact design, small size, and lightweight, it can easily fit in your pocket. And you can carry it anywhere easily.
  • The setting up combination is a little more difficult in direction instructions.
  • The provided cable is not so strong if anyone locks more than one helmet cable can be discarded.
  • The numbers are not smooth and number locks are getting stuck in the time of turning.

What to See While Buying a Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

  • Materials: The helmet locks will be best if it is made of strong and durable materials. Some helmet locks are made of steel and some are tough rigid plastics. Steel has extra strengthening properties and heat treatment. The harder the steel, Stolen the helmets are becoming difficult for thieves. If the helmet lock is made of steel make sure that steel is rust-proof.Rust will damage the metals at a certain time.
  • Portability: Most people want to travel with free hands. Before buying a helmet lock you have a clear conception of which types of helmet lock do you want. If you want to carry the helmet lock with you then you have to choose a lock light in weight and small sizes. Some also like that the lock will be attached with a motorcycle.
  • Ease of installation: The installation of the helmet lock should be very easy. And this the first step to ensure helmet safety. The important thing is Helmet Lock should be installed within a very short time.
  • Water-resistant: Waters have bad effects on steel. When steel contacts with water in presence of air, causing rust on the steel body. Most helmet locks are made of steel. So, you need to check that it is covered with water-resistant PVC or Nylon.

What is a Helmet Lock?

The lock is a safety system. It is a security device that prevents something like a door, window, closets, or many more from being opened. Typically it’s opened by using a key.

Suppose, you are traveling somewhere with your favorite motorcycles. For your safety and safe journey, you need to take your helmet with you. But the problem arises after you reach your desired place and what you do with your helmet. 

Though the helmet may be heavy and troublesome to keep with yourself. To carry the helmet may be a real inconvenience. Keeping the helmet on a motorcycle is unsafe. It may be stolen by someone.

To avoid theft and feeling comfortable during your journey you need a Helmet Lock.

A helmet lock is an effective security device that acts against theft. And gives freedom to the riders to enjoy the travel without taking any extra bag for travelings.

A helmet lock can give you easy excess to attach the helmet with your bike and go far away without any hesitations.

What Are the Different Types of Helmet Lock?

There are different types of helmets available in the market. 

  • Corded: This Lock has a cord that is covered with rubber. It works By wrapping your helmet with one part of the cord and other parts are threaded with a bike. Cord Lock may have a combination pin or have a key to access. You can easily carry these cords without any damage due to their loose structures.
  • Bolt: Bolt Motorcycle Helmet Lock is generally cylindrical. This lock has been installed permanently in motorbikes. It may be installed in different places on your bikes.
  • A Licence Plate: If anyone wants a permanent motorcycle helmet lock without damaging any designs of bikes then a Licence lock is the best solution. A license lock can be installed behind the license plate. Particularly compared with others, helmet lock breakdown of license love is difficult. It is made of strong metal.
  • Handlebar: Handlebar Helmet Lock is installed in the Handlebar of your motorbikes. It is highly visible. Depending on your bike designs and paints, a handlebar Lock may design.

Benefits of Using Motorcyce Helmet Lock

A helmet lock is an important part of safe your helmet from theft. Helmet lock also helps you to enjoy motorcycle rides without worrying about your helmet during the journey.

  • Leave your helmets without worrying: A motorcycle Helmet is an essential part of a motorcycle and riding without a helmet is dangerous for riders. Riding with motorbikes causes space shortage for storing your stuff like backpacks and helmets. Taking a helmet wherever you go can be irritating. A helmet can be heavy and occupy your hand. Overcome this you may use a helmet lock. Helmet lock is a great invention for riders, easy and comfortable traveling.
  • Protect your Helmets or investments: Some helmets are too expensive and attractive in designs for thieves. Bikers can use the best helmet lock to protect helmets from theft and travel with a happy mind.
  • Inexpensive: You know motorcycle helmet locks are less expensive than helmets. These helmet locks can save your gadget from being stolen. And save your money.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Get Stolen?

Yes of course! Motorcycle helmets can get stolen at any time at any place. Motorcycle helmets are expensive and attractive protection for riders. If you leave it with your motorbike without any fastening it will be stolen.

Stolen stuff is a hobby for someone and sometimes people steal because they have no other options. For collecting different helmets, or for money, helmets can vanish from the place you keep.

How do I Keep Your Motorcycle Helmet from being Stolen?

The best way to save your helmet from being stolen is to lock it with motorbikes. There is no chance of riding without a helmet on a long journey or the highway or in a town. Without a helmet may cause an unsafe journey sometimes it proves as an unlawful activity.

To avoid all the things you need to take a helmet with you. But a problem arises: what should you do with your helmet during shopping, after parking, etc.

If you left it unlocked or unattended with your bikes, in reality, it is a 100% unsafe way. Helmets can be stolen at any time.

Taking the helmet with you is the safest way to keep your helmet from being stolen sometimes which can become irritating.

You can use a helmet lock or gun lock to fasten the helmet with your motorcycle. Some bikes have their inbuilt clips into the seat to lock the helmet with the D-rings.

How Can You Lock your Helmet To a Motorcycle?

Leaving your helmets with your bikes unlocked is getting stolen for sure. Thieves are analyzed several times if you lock your helmets before storing them.

There are different types of motorcycle helmet locks available. From the following listed locking system, you can use it to secure your helmets.

Built-in motorcycle Lock

Surprisingly most of the motorcycles have their built-in locking system. Either it is a separate lock or a clip or a hook situated in the seats of bikes. Depending on motorcycle designs built-in locks may vary.

To use this lock you just pass the helmet buckle to the lock and lock it.

A Paddle Lock

If the manufacturer does not provide any factory lock then you can use a paddle lock. Paddle lock is affordable and also easy. 

You have to ensure that the paddle lock can be easily fitted around a suitable place for locking the helmet. The place may be a handlebar, part of a motorcycle frame footpeg.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

The most useful and best way to secure your helmet is to use a helmet lock.

Features of the typical helmet locks are they may light in weight, small in size. Most of the locking systems have two locking systems. One is a D-ring and another expandable coil cable. 

This helmet lock may be worked by a combination or a simple key available with the helmet lock package.

In time lots of designs and branded helmet locks are available. You have to choose which one is perfect for your bikes and helmets.

Bicycle Lock

If any bicycle chain locks are sitting idle then you can use them to secure your helmet.

Using a bicycle chain lock is pretty similar to the use of a helmet lock. Just treading cables over the helmet part and the visor and locking it with the bikes.

Pistol Lock

A pistol lock ensures the security of your helmet. If you have no pistol lock, you can collect it though it is a cheap and secured locking system.

The use of a pistol lock is a very easy process. You have to thread the thin part of the helmet with a pistol lock as well as the frame of your motorbikes and lock it.

Is It Safe to Leave Your Helmet on Your Bike?

The helmet stollen getting faster if you leave the helmet with your bikes unlocked. The helmet is also not safe when you leave it with motorbikes with proper locking. People can cut the strap or cables of the helmet lock and take your helmet. Or they can remove any expensive parts of your security devices.

Now this time some people are waiting for the opportunities to take expensive helmets and parts also.

What To Look for in a Motorcycle Helmet Lock?

The first and important thing a helmet lock does is give it a sense of security. The helmet lock must be made of strong and hard materials with weather-resistant properties.

Why Should I Use a Helmet Lock?

To protect your helmet from being stolen you have to use a helmet lock. The helmet is an essential safety security device for bike riders. There are no other options except taking a helmet with you. But what has to do with it after reaching the place? 
You are in a great dilemma. After taking it with you, make an inconvenience, occupy your hand. On the other hand, if you leave it with bikes without any security it will vanish. For safety and tension-free riding, you should use a helmet lock.

How to Install a Helmet Lock on Your Motorbike?

Installation of a helmet lock is not a tough way.
Most of the helmet locks can be mounted over the motorbikes’ different frames by wrapping them on the bikes with an open tube and tight them properly with a screw.
The difference in license helmet lock which has been mounted on near about the license plate of the motorbikes.

How do I use the helmet lock?

You can use a helmet lock to keep your helmet from being stolen. To achieve this goal you have to mount the helmet lock in place on your motorbikes so it does not open easily.
Thread your Helmet through the lock with the straps or face and eye holes of helmets.
Before leaving your bikes check properly that the locking mechanism works ok.

Can I reset the pin code if I lose the combination?

The process of resetting the combination pin is deferred from manufacturer to manufacture. Most of the manufacturers provide manuals for every helmet lock with their buying package.
You have to do according to the instruction manual for reset pin code. If any manufacturer didn’t provide the manual take help from an online tutorial or their customer service.

Does the lock require any ongoing maintenance?

Yes, it needs to. Especially the ongoing maintenance of this unit helps it keep secured from an unwanted jam inside it. The cleaning and maintenance process is very simple for this item. Only needs to apply WD 40 inside the keyhole. After removing all insider debris, apply Teflon/PTFE as a potent lubricant.

What Happens if You Forget a Combination Pin Code or Lose a Key?

Most helmet locks have two pairs of keys. If you lost both the keys then only one way left. Just call one locksmith and break the helmet lock.
For combination pins, you may use your birthday or popular date for you. This is a very useful way to remember the combination pin always. Must keep your combination pin in a safe place or place of easy excess.
If somehow you forget your pin, reopen is possible but it is tough work. The easiest solution is to cut out the lock and remove your helmets.

Final Words

With the help of the above discussion, you can easily put the right helmet locks for your ones. To secure your helmets from being stolen you should use the best locks for your motorcycle. We picked the best one and reviewed them by using one by one and customer reviews. However, If you want a helmet lock with overall properties and can not decide yet which one you can use then we recommend you to check the best motorcycle helmet locks- BigPahtha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable, AILELAN Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable.

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