Top 10 Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

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Motorcycle boots are one of the most underrated excellent protection gears. Many people have the mindset that this is riding gear only for professional racers. We found that motorcycle riders are feeling worried all the time to get the best motorcycle helmets for safety but, you can not ignore a pair of great boots which can enhance your solid protection level. It is hard to realize that every motorcycle gear is super important unless you are caught in a road rash.

Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews

Wearing the perfect and best comfortable motorcycle boots while riding represents your attitude towards protection. Still, confused about it? Keep on reading. Surely you will end up getting yourself a new pair of boots for the next ride after reading these best motorcycle boots reviews in 2021.

ImageNameTop FeaturesOur Comments Price
Durango-Mens-11-Harness-BootBest for walking: Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot1. 100% full grain leather and rubber sole.
2. Shaft measures approximately mid-calf from arch.
3. Rugged harness detail offers a handsome, masculine look.
4. Steel shank and metal hardware.
5. Slip and oil resistant.
These boots are very comfortable to wear all day long. The perfect cushioning helps to walk at ease.Check The Latest Price
HARLEY-DAVIDSON-FOOTWEAR-Mens-Badlands-Motorcycle-BootBest for multi-purpose use: HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men’s Badlands Motorcycle Boot1. Oil, slip, and abrasion resistant.
2. Full length cushion sock lining.
3. Goodyear welt construction.
Many people don’t wear sufficient extra protection wear while riding because they don’t want to get into the hassle of changing it in the office. This boot came with a solution for that.Check The Latest Price
Alpinestars-Mens-Sektor-Vented-Street-Motorcycle-ShoeBest for Summer: Alpinestars Men’s Sektor Vented Street Motorcycle Shoe1. Best shoe for hot weather.
2. Microfiber uses in the upper side.
3. Very good ventilation and comfort system.
4. CE certified
No matter how breathable material the shoes use, nothing works better than the vented shoes in summer. So this modern design shoe is perfect for summer.Check The Latest Price
Bruno-Marc-Mens-Motorcycle-Combat-Oxford-Boot-Fur-Lining-Warm-Zipper-BootsBest for Winter: Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boot1. The sole is synthetic.
2. Zipper closure easy to put on and off
3. Comfortable for walking.
During the hot weather, feet can even fall numb after a while of riding. This pair of boots are perfect to keep you warm in the weather.Check The Latest Price
Smith-&-Wesson-Men's-Breach-2.0-Tactical-Size-Zip-BootsBest for Waterproofing: Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots1. These boots are slip, water resistance.
2. Perfect for long work shifts.
3. Synthetic sole.
This shoe is great for handling every kind of rough condition and hot weather.Check The Latest Price
IRON-JIA'S-Motorcycle-Shoes-MenBest for Waterproofing: IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Shoes Men1. Super comfortable.
2. Great ankle extra protection.
3. The zippers are high quality.
4. Stitching is rugged.
This is a great short shoe for street biking. The cool-looking shoe is a great fit for summer. Recommended for regular motorcycle riders.Check The Latest Price
Ad-Tec-Mans-13-in-Harness-Straps-Grain-Leather-Motorcycle-Riding-BootsBest for Excellent Protection: Ad Tec Mans 13 in Harness Straps Grain Leather Motorcycle Riding Boots1. Full-Grain leather.
2. Synthetic sole and weighs 6 lbs, very slim.
3. Water resistant oil tanned leather pressed into the leather.
This is a comfortable pair of boots with a classic design. Perfect for moderate-level protections.Check The Latest Price
BORLENI-riding-shoesBest for Style: BORLENI riding shoes1. Anti-slip Soles.
2. Microfiber gear shifter protection.
3. Thickened Shell for Gear Shifting.
The stylish shoes are great for different activities along with riding.Check The Latest Price
Alpinestars-2012114-1133-12-Unisex-Adult-Tech-7-Enduro-BootsBest for dirt biking: Alpinestars 2012114-1133-12 Unisex-Adult Tech 7 Enduro BootsORLENI riding shoes1. Extremely comfortable
2. Good ankle protection
3. The clip system is good.
Off-road biking has so many risk factors than street biking. That is why sturdier outdoor gears are preferred for that. Alpinestars Tech 7 is just perfect for that.Check The Latest Price
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The Top Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews in 2021

There are countless comfortable motorcycle boots we reviewed with the highest priority. We have gone through hundreds of boots and analyzed every feature thoroughly. Now we are here with a narrowed down list of 9. To find out which one you love most, keep on reading.

Top Best Motorcycle Boots for men in 2021

Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot

Durango Men's 11" Harness Boot

Durango has these very versatile and traditional-looking boots. The design is excellent for casual use with adequate protection. Many of you, who are not interested in getting bulky lace boots, Durango will be your choice. The boots will fit every occasion you want to wear. 

Material and design:

This is a full-grain leather boot. The sole is made of a heavy-duty rubber sole to prevent oil from slipping. The seams are excellent all over and they hardly even wear off. This ensures durability. 

Coming down to the ankle part, there is a harness with metal hardware. The stride heel is 2 inches. The inside is unlined, which makes it more durable and comfortable. The insole has cushion padding. The shoe ensures optimum flexibility. 

The material is waterproof. The boots will be perfectly sealed from water if you are using them with waterproof pants. The color is solid all over the boots. 

Protection level:

The harness did a great job in ankle extra protection. The calf-high boots will keep you safe from abrasions. The sturdy quality material will be enough to keep you from exhaust pipe burns. 

Size and fit:

The boots come in so many different sizes, you will find a perfect size for your foot no matter what. They have the largest size chart of all boots. It’s always true to its size. You will not get a half size bigger or smaller shoe even if you fall between 2 different sizes.

The harness makes sure that it fits well. There are two side strips on the top for a more comfortable fit. You will not have any difficulty putting it on and off. Plenty of toe room is inside the boot to keep your toes from aching.

Things we like
  • The boot is so comfortable that it feels like a snicker while you are wearing them.
  • Great for casual wear, after all-day riding, this can even be the perfect shoe for regular use.
  • The solid color will keep the shoe like new ones even after years.
  • The leather is smooth, so the cleaning will be very easy.
  • It won’t be enough for the ankle in a severe crash scene to keep it from flexing.
  • While wearing the boots with waterproof pants, it can get a little hot inside.

People who are not professional racers often look for something that can be multi-purpose. A casual shoe to wear post-riding as well. Durango has got you covered with all your needs.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men’s Badlands Motorcycle Boot

HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men's Badlands Motorcycle Boot

If you are talking about bikes are gears, the first brand name you will hear is Harley-Davidson. This brand always keeps in mind what the users really need and acts according to that. They made this model thinking of the working people who street ride to their office. This is just perfect to get back into safety while keeping the professional look intact.

Material and design:

The supper rugged boot is made of full-grain nubuck leather. This convenient feature will keep you looking good on and off the bike. This is an ankle-high classic boot. The shaft is about 5 inches tall. 

The top is padded and there is soft cushioning inside. The flexibility is optimum. The rubber outsoles are pretty durable. It is oil and slip-resistant to provide you a relaxed ride. The weight and the heel design are similar to the work boots. 

Protection level:

The quality material is good enough to keep your feet away from heat and debris. The ankle shaft is great in protecting the ankle from breaking and flexing. The rubber sole does great in preventing oil slips. The padded collar will keep you warm in hot weather. 

Size and fit:

This is a lace-up boot with a huge size chart. You will have to be a little careful while picking up the size. Because if you get the wrong size, the lace will bite and it will get difficult for you to put it on and off. 

The lace and padding inside work as a team to provide a comfortable fit.

Things we like
  • The looks are great for giving a workman vibe. You easily get to wear them in your office meeting.
  • The boots are pretty lightweight, so it is apt for casual use also.
  • The padded boots will keep you warm no matter how chilly it is.
  • Few customers reported a half size bigger shoes than the regular ones they wear fitted them well.
  • After a long time of use, the gum of the sole tends to wear off. You may need to resolve it.

The boot is perfect for the price range. The brand tag Harley-Davidson raises the expectations. The boots are nice enough to fit them all. If you want to have a greater look at the shoes, see the video here-

Alpinestars Men’s Sektor Vented Street Motorcycle Shoe

Alpinestars Mens Sektor Vented Street Motorcycle Shoe

The Alpinestar sector shoes have two versions. This is the vented one we are talking about. This is a short riding shoe. The lightweight and low-profile design make the shoe easy to wear anywhere. The shoe looks a lot like the driving shoes. 

Material and design:

The shoe is made of microfibers. This makes the shoe durable and lightweight. The rubber compound sole is also very thin. You will get to see some reinforcements in the front and on the back. 

There is some excellent protection shift pad on the shifter side where you hit the brakes. This will keep your shoes protected from wearing off. 

The shoe is ventilated from every side. In fact, the insoles are also well vented. So the shoe is best at its ventilation process. 

Protection level:

The shoe is CE level 2 certified. This is the highest safety level on EN certification. There is TPR detail on the outside of the boot to help manage abrasion. This will also provide ankle protection. 

On the inside of the bolster, there is an armored puck to protect that as well. The shoe is really good at keeping you from heat burn. CE level 2 ensures that even if a heavy bike falls on your foot, it will save it from breaking. 

Size and fit:

Alpinestars has done a solid job in size and keeping it uniform. It is true to its size. It has 17 different size options. You will get to find the best size for you here. The universal fit design makes the shoe for everyone to wear. 

The lacing system here is excellent for fit. Instead of putting the metal holes, they have provided fabric to hold the lace. This will give a really nice fit and hold it properly, without giving you any lace bites. There is an ankle strap for a secure fit. 

The boot is very comfortable to wear and walk around your destination as well.

Things we like
  • As this is a very low-profile and short shoe, this is a very lightweight shoe. This will get you the feeling of wearing a tennis shoe.
  • The lacing system holds the shoe better and makes it quicker to wear.
  • The required plastic pads where it tends to wear off the most will surely give you a very long run.
  • The moisture-wicking quality will keep the shoe odor-free in humid summers.
  • If you have a wider foot then order a size bigger than you usually wear. Because of all the cushioning inside, the space inside gets narrower.
  • The breathable mesh clothing is not waterproof.

Wearing higher boots in summer is really not a great option. But you can’t guard your safety down in order to keep the heat off the shoe. This pair of short shoes are a solid choice at this price point to ensure safety and wear something comfy.

Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boot

Bruno Marc Mens Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boot Fur Lining Warm Zipper Boots

Hot weather counted to be one of the worst obstructions for riding. If you are not wearing proper gears, your body will feel numb soon and won’t let you drive. Even if you are making sure the warmth of your body, you may end up forgetting your legs. These boots are the perfect solution for your cold feet. 

Material and design:

The outside is made of premium synthetic leather. This gives the boots a smooth and glossy look. The durable rubber outsoles are excellent in managing oil slips. 

Moving on the inside, there is a sufficient amount of far waterproof lining to keep you warm. The cushioning will keep you comfortable all day long. 

There is a lace-up design with zipper closure. This makes the shoe really easy to put on and off. The zipper position is also in a very convenient place to reach. 

Protection level:

The ankle-high boot is great in keeping the feet from the exhaustion pipe burn. The ankle protection on the boot is solid that will keep your ankle from flexing. They are excellent in providing arch supports. The water-resistant feature will keep you dry. The flying debris will be blocked easily from hurting your feet. 

Size and fit:

There are 14 different sizes for this product. There are 3 different charts for the UK, US, and EUR sizing. So you will hardly find any difficulty to match your size. The regular size you wear will fit easily even if you have a wider foot. 

The lace and the zipper do great in the fitting. Even if you need adjustments, that will be really quick because of the zipper-lace combo. The far waterproof lining will give you a comfortable fit on the inside as well.

Things we like
  • Very simple to adjust and put it on and off.
  • Comfortable enough to wear for long hours.
  • Shifting is very natural and easy in these boots.
  • Makes a great shoe at a lower price range.
  • Hard toes could have increased the safety level.
  • The metal hardware like the hook eyelets and the zipper hook may break post-impact.

Burno Marc has always been excellent at making winter boots. This boot is a great deal at this price point.

Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Tactical shoes are often a choice for riding for people who have to go through rough hot weather conditions. They are excellent also for wearing the whole day. 

Material and design:

The outside is made of synthetic leather and textile. The combination of leather and nylon does great in hydro guard waterproofing. 

The steel shaft is enforced to manage foot fatigue. The padding is really good inside. There is a waterproofing textile to keep the water out of the shoe. The zipper and the less are pretty solid, which won’t wear off easily. 

Protection level:

The sole is oil and slip-resistant. The boot is good enough to keep you from heat burns and flying debris. The ankle and the calf will be protected nicely from low-level impacts. The boot will perform nicely in rough weather riding conditions. 

Size and fit:

The size variant offers you to choose from. You can choose the usual size you wear and you are good to go. The padding inside gives a comfortable fit.

The lace-zipper combo makes the shoe wide open. This makes you slip on and off easily. The combo works great on the fitting as well.

Things we like
  • The shoe is made for handling rough conditions, so you can really count on the durability.
  • Not too knobby like the other tactical boots.
  • Comfortable enough to keep them on all day long.
  • The dust and debris are thrown easily off the boot, so they are super easy to clean.
  • The sides aren’t vented and have thick pads on. In summers they can get warm inside.
  • The zipper cover tends to wear off after a few months of use.

The price range and the cool features of the shoes are perfect for each other. You will get a great shoe according to the price. If you need more details on the look you can check this video out.

IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Shoes Men

IRON JIA'S Motorcycle Shoes Men

The sneaker-like shoes are really eye-catching. This is one of the most stylish shoes on the list. The modern design makes a great deal for a street boots for summer with the necessary safety features.

Material and design:

Though the shoe looks like a snicker, this is a very robust, comfortable motorcycle boot. The construction materials are microfiber leather, rubber, mesh, and canvas. The outside is made of microfiber. Which makes the shoe lightweight and durable. The tongue and the interior are made of cotton mesh to keep it super comfortable. This makes it pretty breathable at the same time. The lightweight rubber compound sole is oil and slip-resistant.

Protection level:

The construction may look light, but this boot has double-lair ankle protection. The material is abrasion and heat resistant. The shoe will keep up well in case of sliding. If your bike fell on your feet, the shoes are good enough to keep your feet unharmed. 

Size and fit:

You will get to pick your shoe from 8 different sizes. The regular size shoe you wear will be the perfect size for this pair as well. 

The lace and the zipper give a comfortable and easy fit. This helps to slide in and put off the shoe in a jiffy.

Things we like
  • The ankle-high shoe with fluorescent lace makes quite a good look.
  • The cotton clothing inside will keep you comfortable enough to wear it without any socks also.
  • The reflective shield in the back will keep you safe during the night ride or walk.
  • With just the necessary amount of reinforcements, the shoe is so lightweight.
  • The material is not waterproof.
  • Some reinforced plastic in the toe part was going to be a great deal.

The urban style is trending now. A stylish choice with adequate security is always worth the money.

Ad Tec Mans 13 in Harness Straps Grain Leather Motorcycle Riding Boots

Ad Tec Mans 13 in Harness Straps Grain Leather Motorcycle Riding Boots

People are nowadays more into classic looks. That is why harness boots are back in the market once again. Harness boots also make great moto boots. The features are cool enough to provide excellent protection while street biking. 

Material and design:

The shoe is made of 100 percent full-grained oil leather. This makes waterproof boot. The sole is a synthetic one. The synthetic material works really well on the oil and grease for the grip. 

Protection level:

The calf-high boots ensure protection all the way up to the calf. The harness here is working for ankle protection. The shoe will be great against the flying debris and exhaustion pipe heat. 

Size and fit:

The size option here is really great. You will get a 7 and a 7-wide and this goes for all the sizes. The shoe here ends the worry for the wide foot people here. 

The split shaft, adjustable vamp, and ankle straps do great in the fitting. The comfortable insole and the inside zipper really keep the shoe in place.

Things we like
  • Perfectly cushioned footbed to make it perfect for all-day wear.
  • The wide option in the sizing makes it easier to choose for people with wider feet.
  • The soft toe kept the shoe very flexible.
  • Offers better features in comparison to the price.
  • The stitching is a little unsatisfactory.
  • It won’t be enough for the ankle in a severe motorcycle crash scene to keep it from flexing.

If one likes harness boots and wants all the cool features and protection at a great price deal, this shoe is the option for them.

BORLENI riding shoes

BORLENI riding shoes

The shoes with the sneaker looks are comfortable motorcycle boots. The little high vented shoes make a great one for the summer. 

Material and design:

The shoe is made of mesh, leather, textiles, and canvas. The sole is made of sturdy rubber. The vents in the shoe are amazing for the airflow. There is reinforcement in the ankle part. The front side of the shoe has been thickened for a pivoting point. The point is just perfect for clutch pressing. The tuber sole is great in preventing slips. 

Protection level:

This shoe is a designated moto boot with sufficient safety features. This will keep your foot from heat burns. It will keep your foot from rubbing against the road in case of a sliding scene. The ankle and the bolster will remain safe under reinforcements. 

Size and fit:

You can wear the regular size of your shoes. Though it may seem a little tighter at the beginning because the break-in time is a bit long. If you don’t want to go for that hassle, you better be going for one size up. 

The lace and the zipper do great in a comfortable fit. You will not have to tie the laces again and again. The zipper is pretty smooth and durable.

Things we like
  • Perfect pivoting point for maximum comfort while clutch pressing.
  • The gear shifter guards will make the shoe last longer.
  • An extra set of green laces gives you a color choice and spare option.
  • Very comfortable and breathable that you won’t feel any discomfort even if you wear it all day long.
  • Awkward positioning of the price tag, that comes in the zipper line. You will have to cut it out.
  • A little long break-in time.

This pair of shoes has good style, comfort, performance, and price in one package. The style lover bikers are going to love this for sure. If you want to have a better look, here’s a video for you.

Alpinestars 2012114-1133-12 Unisex-Adult Tech 7 Enduro Boots

Alpinestars 2012114-1133-12 Unisex-Adult Tech 7 Enduro Boots

Alpinestars has a large series of TECH boots. This one is the modified version of the Tech 7 one. The difference here is in the soles. They offer a much higher grip than the TECH 7 one.  Though this is a heavy-duty boot, this is very comfortable to wear all day. You can walk around a lot in this boot. This boot is a mix of comfort and higher-level safety. 

Material and design:

The upper part of the boot is made of a microfiber base. There is a great amount of reinforced polyurethane. This makes the base super comfortable to wear. 

Getting down, there will be a lot of TPU. Hard TPU is covering all the way to the ankle. Moving up to the calf area, there is a honeycomb-designed rubber material for some extra grip while squeezing. The quality material is great to keep the mud and dirt away. So cleaning is a lot easier. 

On the inside, the velcro does a great job of moisture-wicking and keeps it dry. The sole is replaceable. It has an insert where the sole tends to wear off the most. 

Protection level:

The hard TPU is going to do a good job when it comes to abrasion and impact protection. The shoes have serious level ankle protection, which is necessary for dirt-biking. The low-profile toe-box gives great protection to the toes. 

The shoe has CE certification which is necessary for professional racing as well. So there is professional-level security for this pair of motorcycle shoes. 

Size and fit:

This is a very comfortable boot and true to size. This is a unisex product, so will fit both men and women. This particular model is of size 12. The average size of men is usually 10.5. This is a tall biker boot. This size usually fits people of 5.10” to 6’. 

The fit will be comfortable because there are lots of contoured padding and reinforced foams. The anatomical footbed keeps the foot in a comfortable position. The 4 buckle system has been innovative for the tight and close fit. Despite the tight fit, you will not lose any mobility here.

Things we like
  • The comfortable fit and the material make a great shoe for walking and all-day weaning.
  • The fitting gives a smooth ride. You won’t have to worry about readjusting your shoe to get a perfect fit.
  • Very easy to use buckle design, save your time and effort to put it on and off.
  • The easy-to-remove footbed lets you dry the shoe pretty quickly when it is sweaty inside.
  • The shoe is a little more expensive in comparison to others.
  • Few people found the toe space a bit narrow.

An expensive pair of shoes usually have a lot of expectations. Alpinestars did a great job meeting all those. The shoe is durable, flexible, comfortable, and is great in providing serious level protection.

Best Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide in 2021:

While you are convinced with the fact that you want a pair of moto boots, you can get confused over what to look for in the shoes. Let us make this one easy for you. Keep on reading, you will find out which feature you want in your shoes according to your need. 


There are tons of designs available in the market. The stylish designs may attract you the most. But to know exactly what you need, find out the differences of the types first. Once you are aware of the differences and uses, you will be able to narrow the list down according to your needs. 


The shoe height is a very important thing. You will have to choose whether you want a full-size boot or a little smaller. They both are good to give you protection, but the difference there is, which area of your leg they are going to protect most. The full-sized ones protect the shin area the most. The smaller ones mostly focus on protecting your ankle. Though there are lots of boots in the full-size family that offer great protection to the ankle. 

How you ride:

The shoes are surely going to depend on the way you ride. If you want to use it as casual wear as well, then you will have to pick up the lighter ones. But if you are riding on a dirt bike or on the race tracks, you should go for the heavier full protection models. 


If you are a person who loves to ride in no matter what weather condition you are in. you will have to grab a waterproof boot. But here is a catch. If you don’t have waterproof pants that cover the top of the shoe, the rainwater will drip inside and it will stay there. Because the quality material is waterproof. There is no way for the water to get in or out. 

Material choice:

You will have to be very careful about the material choice. There are different materials. Some are very breathable, some are waterproof, some are extremely abrasion-proof that you will not even cut through it. So know your needs and choose wisely. 

In case you want to have a look at how the different designs look and how to pick. Here is a video guide for you.

Do you really need motorcycle boots?

There is a common mindset of people that the only necessary gear to wear while riding is the helmet. With this concept floating in your mind, of course, you will think that why do I really need those boots. The answer to your question is, yes! You definitely need them. 

Why? Because any protection is better than no protection. Let us explain the impotence to you. Keep on reading. 

Why Are Motorcycle Boots Important?

In statistics, there is 27 percent of motorcycle accidents involving foot injury. Three percent of them end up in leg amputation as well. Wearing a comfortable motorcycle boot could have prevented the fatality of the cases.

Now you must be wondering that while I can ride wearing a sandal even, why do I need to spend that much behind a pair of boots. Here are few reasons worth buying them:


The material of the boot is designed to prevent foot injuries while the crash. They are made of strong material to protect your feet from bending awkwardly if you fall. That will save the ligament. The anti-abrasion material will save the foot from friction injury if you slide. It will also keep foreign particles away from cutting into your leg. 

Heat protection:

The exhaustion pipe has a record of making second-degree burns. The boots are made of heat protection material to keep your leg safe from that.

Leg fatigue and swelling:

Trust us, if you are not wearing a perfect boot for riding, you will surely put your leg in the wrong position. This will cause you leg fatigue and later on, you will see foot swelling as well if you are riding for long hours. 

Flying debris:

There are so many injury cases caused by flying debris. While you are riding at a high speed, anything that fell on the road can fall under your front tire and fly directly towards your feet. A small stone, a little metal piece can cause high-level injury. The boot will prevent you from these injuries. 

Weather conditions:

Motorcycle riders know that if you are riding for long, a slightly cold temperature can cause foot numbness. The moto boots will keep your feet warm and provide extra comfort. 

Are hiking boots good for motorcycle riding?

Hiking boots are mainly good for grips and waterproofing. It won’t be enough to provide impact protection. Most leg injuries happen in motorcycle crashes because of sliding. Hiking boots will tear off in case of sliding. So they are not good enough to provide adequate protection.

The features here like waterproofing and grip can be found in the dedicated motorcycle boots. 

What boots do bikers wear?

Every biker has their own likes and dislikes. But nowadays, bikers mostly wear multi-function versatile boots. They are good for biking, comfortable to wear. Style is a new thing that has been considered in making the boots for over a decade. 

There is a new trend of using motorcycle riding shoes as regular shoes as well. So the comfort level is being increased day by day. 

In short, bikers wear boots that are great in impact protection, comfortable, breathable, durable, and stylish at the same time. 

Are Timberland boots good for motorcycle riding?

Timberland boots are quite a look-alike of motorcycle boots. But when you come to the functionalities and, level of protection, it is not the same. The built material is less durable. It is not enough to provide crash protection. So these boots are not enough for motorcycle riding. 

What makes a good motorcycle regular shoe?

Motorcycle boots are made for safety. Better safety makes a motorcycle regular shoe good. Few more protective features make a boot stand out. Those are:


The material needs to be anti-abrasion. There is a huge possibility that you will slide on the road if you crash. So the stronger the material is, the better the boot. 

Ankle and calf protection:

Ankle protection is really something very important. This is the most sensitive part of the leg. Plastic molded ankle and calf protection make the shoe better. 

Even minimum impact can harm the ankle badly. Calf muscle injury is also a very common scene in motorcycle crashes.


The boot has to be stiff enough to keep your ankle from flexing away. Keeping your ankle in shape will prevent the displacement injury. The rubber sole needs to have a high-functioning grip to prevent sliding on the oil. 


The comfort while wearing is the key that makes it the best motorcycle boots. Material has to be soft enough on the inside. The shoe needs to be breathable and a good quality temperature control. 

So these are the features that meet the line of making a motorcycle shoe good. 

What boots are in style for 2021?

Biking is a style itself. Bikers usually look for what type of boot is in style. Every year comes up with something new. So let’s have a look at what is the style this year:

Classic biker boots:

This is a kind that will never go out of fashion for both men and women. These boots are chunky and heavy-looking. But the calf-high boots are not that heavy as they look. The bulky design boots always manage to stay in fashion somehow. 

Leather boots:

We bet almost everyone portrays a guy wearing leather jackets, black high leather comfortable motorcycle boots if they are asked to portray a smart person in style. Black leather boots always leave an impression of a smart and solid personality. So in 2021, this style is also in trend. 

Cruiser boots:

People have always been a fan of sassy and bold looks. Cruiser boots are just the thing one needs to enhance that look a lot. These quality boot are in style for 2021. 

Cowboy boots:

Vintage looks are in style since 2015. Nothing can make the look vintage like a cowboy hat and a pair of cowboy boots can. So for the people who love to dress vintage, cowboy boots are in the style palette in 2021.

Harley-Davidson Scout boots:

Lastly, you must be wondering how Harley-Davidson went out of style this year. No, they didn’t. Along with other boots, Harley-Davidson scout boots are mostly in style for 2021. 

Are Ugg boots still in style 2021?

Remember 2010? When ugg boots were all over. These boots had a roller coaster ride in the style world. These boots were super trendy, then after a few years, they became the most rejected boots. 

Talking about 2021, they are officially back and again in style. Though not many people are liking it. Finally, if you ask us, we wouldn’t recommend these as your moto boots for sure. 

Are steel toe boots good for motorcycle riding?

Steel toe boots have a solid build. Many people think that these boots are perfect for riding. However, considering different levels of extra protection, we wouldn’t recommend these boots for riding. 

Steel toes will surely give nice abrasion protection. But coming to the ankle protection, and preventing it from flexing during a crash, is not enough. Reinforced sole and plastic molding around the ankle is necessary for adding extra protection. 

Are Doc Martens good for motorcycle riding?

Doc Martens boots look sturdy enough. In fact, many wear it for riding as well because of the comfort. They do have a lot of common features resembling riding boots. But as far as protection level is concerned, they are not enough for that. After all, this is not a riding boot. 

Riding boots are meant for ultimate excellent protection. So, in spite of many people love to wear these for riding, we won’t say that this makes the best motorcycle boots. 

Are cowboy boots good for motorcycle riding?

Cowboy boots are one of the most stylish boots. Many people who are into style would want to wear cowboy boots for riding. Many people are used to wearing them while riding as well. 

Cowboy boots almost qualify as a riding boot. This has better abrasion and ankle protection. The problem of the leather sole is also solved now. They have synthetic and rubber-made soles to provide grip. But if you want excellent protection, you will need more than these. 

Paddings and shock-absorbent plastics are necessary at places to survive a severe crash. That is why the moto boots are designated by their name. 

What to Look for In the Best Motorcycle Boots for Walking?

It is quite obvious that one will also do some walking in motorcycle boots. Post confirming safety, comfort is the key feature. 

  • To ensure ultimate comfort, the boots shouldn’t be restraining at all. There should be enough room for the toes. So sizing is important. 
  • The footbed should be soft and padded to properly support the foot. Heel-toe balance is important for walking.
  • While ensuring all the safety features, the shoes often get stiffer above the ankle. That makes it hard to bend forward. The boots need to be flexible enough to bend the leg forward. 

How to choose the best motorcycle boots for holidays?

Motorcycle boots for touring need to be a little more comfortable. You can’t compromise your comfort while you are on a road trip. So here are the key features you need to have a look at while choosing the holiday boot:

  • Comfort: It is more likely that you will be wearing it for a long time. So the shoe needs to be very comfortable. The breathability and temperature control should be at their best. Riding for a long time can make your foot cold as well in different weathers. You will have to make sure that it will keep your feet warm but not sweaty. 
  • Mobility: You may need to stay in the boots all day long. You will need to walk in them. So ensuring mobility of your feet wearing them is an important point. 
  • Waterproofing: You may face any kind of weather and road condition during your tour. You need to be ready for that. The waterproofing of the shoe is really important to qualify as a holiday boot. 
  • Weight: One thing you will definitely don’t want is to wear a bulky shoe all day long. You will have to go for the lightweight design.
  • Sole: The last thing you will want to see on the trip is, the soles of your shoe wearing away or losing grip. So a tough rubber outsole is important for the boots for touring.

Final thoughts

People expect the professionals hardly put any attention on the riding boots. It is because of the looks and the hassle to wear heavy protective ones. We kept that problem in mind and that is why our top pick for the best motorcycle boots is Durango. 

The harness boot has the right amount of protection you need for street biking. The shoe blends into any event and is very comfortable to wear all day long as well. 

You will find a variety of types of boots here in our list and one will surely fit right according to your needs. To tie your lace up and have a safe ride.

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