13 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets Review in 2021: Expert Picks

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The helmet is the most appropriate equipment for motorcycles, as it covers the main human body element, the head. Whether you ride a motorcycle or thinking of a road racing ride, a helmet is an item you can’t afford to overlook. There are several different styles of helmets, such as full-face helmets, modular, open-face, dual-sport, and so on; however, full-face and modular helmets are the most common in terms of protection.

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcyclists always looking for the best features product, and when they search for the best helmets, they want to find something like- Motorcycle BlueTooth Helmets or any other extra advantages which are included. In this guide, we will talk about the best modular motorcycle helmets which you should use. We explain why you can use them, some real advantages with real customer reviews

NameImageMain Features
Best Overall: ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face HelmetILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet 1. Value for money
2. Comfort level is good.
3. Quality of material.
4. Very Easy to use.
5. Light weight
6. Versatility
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Best for all types weather condition: Bell SRT Modular Full-Face HelmetBell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet1. Modular, flip-up style helmet
2. Lightweight fiberglass composite shell construction
3. Removable and Washable interior
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Best Quality: AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle HelmetAHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet1. Built-in Double Visors
2. Quick Release Buckle
3. Make Your Driving Much Safer
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Best for Adventure: YEMA YM-926 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Flip-up HelmetYEMA YM-926 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Flip-up Helmet1. Comfortable Inner. 2. Padding Removable Washable Cheek Pads.
3. Advanced Modular.
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Best for Hot Weather: HAWK Helmets ST 1198 Matte Black Modular Motorcycle Full Face HelmetHAWK Helmets ST 1198 Matte Black Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet1. Upper and lower chin bar intake vents for maximum airflow.
2. Fully cleanable inner comfort padding mesh material.
3. Advanced composite thermoplastic shell construction for maximum protection.
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Best Professional Grade: YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Casco Moto Moped Street Bike Racing HelmetYEMA YM-925 Motorbike Casco Moto Moped Street Bike Racing Helmet1. Anti-scratch, and Wide View Clear Visor
2. Advanced Lightweight Durable ABS Shell
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Best Style: NENKI NK-815 Modular Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle HelmetNENKI NK-815 Modular Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet1. Thermoplastic Injected Shell
Dual Visor,Outer Revo Red Visor and Inner Sun Shield.
2. Removable and Washable Inner Linning.Light Weight with 3.42Lbs.
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LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe HelmetLS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet1. Removable and Washable Comfort Liner.
2. Quick Release Reinforced Strap.
3. Light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfortable.
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TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular HelmetTORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet1. Lightweight ECE & DOT Certified Shell.
2. Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Shield.
3. Drop-Down Sun Visor.
4. Quick Release Shield System.
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FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth HelmetsFreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets1. Bluetooth is very easy to navigate with gloves.
2. Works for both phone calls and music.
3. Slim built-in design.
Helmet is durable through a crash.
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Outrush Modular Smart HelmetOutrush Modular Smart Helmet1. Pair the helmet to your smartphone to enjoy your music, hear GPS navigation, and make phone calls. 
2. 15 hours of talk time on a single charge.
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Best for Quality: LS2 Helmets Modular Valiant HelmetLS2 Helmets Modular Valiant Helmet1. Comfortable in use
2. Very Light weight
3. Noise level is nice
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Westt Torque Motorcycle HelmetWestt Torque Motorcycle Helmet1. Dual visor with an integrated sunshield and removable outer visor.
2. Compatible with eyeglasses.
3. Multiple ventilations points for a cool ride.
4. Weighs only 3.5 lbs.
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13 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets Review

Here are the Top 13 Motorcycle helmets we divided up which are currently running in the markets.

ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

The ILM 902 Modular Helmet is ideal for city and traveling use due to its extensive standard features and superior performance in terms of comfort, dimensions, protection, and versatility. The ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular 902 Helmet is suitable for those who want the aesthetics and protection of a full-face helmet with the functionality of an open helmet.

The helmet’s model is heavily influenced by ILM’s most recent innovations. The sleek chin guard seamlessly blended into the lines of the shell provides the performance of a full-face helmet while the chin bar is closed. When the chin guard is open, the helmet is very lightweight and the shell/chin guard’s shorter span in its section helps to limit the sail impact when the chin guardian is open.

Micrometrically adjustable strap ABS Shell with High Resistance Compiled with or DOT Lightweight, easy to remove and wash, Helmet Liner Cheek Pads are Simple design and balanced wind noise decrease, Anti-Fog and Broad View Clean Visor Flip-up Feature.

The Main Features

  • Bluetooth technology.
  • One-touch control for calling.
  • Meets or Exceeds both ECE and DOT Safety Standards.
  • Noise Suppression Technology Offers High-Quality Voice at High Speeds.
What do we like?
  • 2 Built-in High-Consistency Speakers.
  • Intercom has a maximum range of up to 1000 feet.
  • One-Touch Control For Everything.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology.
What we do not like?
  • It is not anti-fog.

Bell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet

Bell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet

Bell’s SRT-Modular helmet promises to have a variety of features that the modern user can enjoy without spending a lot of money.
The new Bell SRT modular offers flexibility in the lead to handle your journey, fast jaunt in the canyons, or take long trips. The SRT modular is a helmet built with a lightweight fiberglass shell and can fulfill many functions in the street. Bell opted to use two external shell sizes — XS-L and XL-3XL — so that they can handle three EPS liner sizes with a wide range of head sizes. It is also certified to DOT and ECE, serving riders in US and EU countries.

The Main Features

  • Very good fiberglass helmet.
  • Excellent value for investment
  • Features of a racing helmet
  • The style that is not cluttered
What do we like?
  • Helmet with a flip-up design that is modular.
  • An antibacterial interior that is removable and washable
  • Face mask with level one optics from Panovision.
  • EPS speaker pockets that are recessed.
What we do not like?
  • Quite hefty
  • Airflow is limited.
  • The air vent style isn’t very good.

AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

AHR Run-M Full Face Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

It is made of high-quality EPS and an improved ABS shell to offer superior ride safety. It is also portable and has a good airflow feature for ultimate flexibility. Its flip-up style also helps you to get a snack or get some fresh air without having to remove the whole helmet. 

It also has built-in double visors, including an inner sun visor and a rugged front visor. It also includes a reusable and washable lining as well as a removable and washable cheek patch.

The Main Features

  • The DOT has given their approval for the US safety standard.
  • The interior of this flip-up modular helmet is well-cushioned and comfortable.
  • A front big visual field transparent visor and an inner dark visor are built for a double visor system.
  • The front visor is tough and elastic, making it wear-resistant and impact-resistant for improved protection.
  • The layout of the air vent
  • The helmet lining and cheek pads are removable and washable.
  • ABS shell of superior consistency and lightness
What do we like?
  • The ABS shell is both light and solid.
  • Dual visors with an inside visor that can be adjusted.
  • For adequate ventilation, a clever air vent system is used.
  • It’s easy to take off the eyeliner and cheek pads.
What we do not like?
  • The inner padding isn’t as soft as it should be.

YEMA YM-926 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Flip-up Helmet

YEMA YM-926 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Flip-up Helmet

It is made of long-lasting materials such as an ABS shell and high-density EPS. It also has a quick-release buckle and a reinforced chin strap. The aerodynamic configuration decreases drag and wind noise as well. It also has reusable and washable cheek pads. Furthermore, it has flexible vents for adequate ventilation. It also has a dual-lens configuration with an outside transparent shield and an inner smoked lens.

The Main Features

  • Wearable for long periods.
  • As predicted, it fits perfectly.
  • Excellent field of view
  • Several well-functioning vents supply fresh air.
What do we like?
  • A reasonable price
  • The shell is well-built.
  • a good ventilation system
What we do not like?
  • Bluetooth or other mobile devices are not permitted.

HAWK Helmets ST 1198 Matte Black Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

HAWK Helmets ST 1198 Matte Black Modular Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

The modular helmet Hawk ST-1198 Model gives you both complete and open face designs. Within a second, with an easy-to-use press, you can switch from full face to open face. Press the face down to an aerodynamic configuration. The great aspect is the tinted inside, which also utilizes gloves on it. With your open face helmet, you can stay healthy. The casket is made of thermoplastic materials, a complete breathing system, an innovative lightweight helmet, moisture-wrapping cask pads and complies with DOT standards.

The Main Features

  • Lightweight and streamlined build for the full face modular helmet
  • Black paint and matte finish
  • Materials for thermoplastic composite shells
  • Front-facing, simple-to-use button; easily switches from full-face to open-face points.
  • For a more aerodynamic look, push the modular face out.
What do we like?
  • It’s really easy to use and adjust.
  • The helmet is a little snug, but it has more ear room than some other helmets, so it does not bother the ears as much.
  • The need for a chin strap that releases quickly
What we do not like?
  • Need to use glue on the trim bits because they weren’t properly attached.

YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Casco Moto Moped Street Bike Racing Helmet

YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Casco Moto Moped Street Bike Racing Helmet

Exciting style with many advanced functionalities with a relevant quality standards Motorcycle Helmet DOT FMVSS 218 Model certified Precisely what you want for Road Bike Racing ATV Dirt Bike MX Quad Adventure Men and women alike Equipment excellent Shaped Chin Strap Quick Release Buckle Fan System Aerodynamic ABS Shell Shell EPS Multi-Density Fully adjustable intake shutters to create an airflow that keeps the driver calm and relaxed Liner and pads comfortable Completely removable and clean lining and pads for cleaning the helmet in a new and odorless way (Not included) Easy-to-use Sun Visor Method.

The Main Features

  • It has a modular flip flop mechanism and an anti-scratch feature to keep it scratch-free.
  • The cheek pads and helmet liners are also lightweight. They’re made to be quickly removed and wired.
  • The helmet has enough ventilation so that no cool air can penetrate the helmet and the user can be relaxed.
  • It complies with all of the DOT FMVSS 218 helmet requirements.
What do we like?
  • Has a scratch-proof system
  • There is adequate ventilation provided.
  • Has a flip flop function that is modular
  • Longevity
What we do not like?
  • The weight is hefty.
  • The helmet to ensure the security of the helmet is not supplied with a lock

NENKI NK-815 Modular Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

NENKI NK-815 Modular Flip Up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is made of thermoplastic. So the heat won’t swell up the structure of the helmet. Also, the thermoplastic makes sure the user’s head doesn’t sweat. Keep the environment cool and help concentrate on the ride. 

Nenki – 815 helmet comes with a nice chromium finish color. Chromium shines just like a diamond, also it remains like new for days. So that is a plus for you. Expanded polystyrene ensures the safety of riders’ heads in any kind of collision. 

Also, it has impact absorption facilities which help to protect the rider’s head from any kind of shock. One of the things you will like is its dual visor glass. 

The outerRevoo red visor helps to get the cleanest and detailed view of the environment. And the inner blue sun shield protects the eyes from harsh sunlight. 

The helmet comes with multiple ventilation openings. Your head will be completely fitted inside the helm and those vents will provide maximum air for relaxation. As modular helmets tend to open from the chin area this helmet is no different. 

It opens the face by flipping the chin bar. And the double D locking makes sure the helmet stays fit and comfy around the head. And it’s very easy to clean by opening each section.

The Main Features

  • Thermoplastic can endure heat up
  • Chromium Color that shines for a long time
  • Expandable and impact absorber
  • Dual vision front glass
What do we like?
  • Lightweight yet sturdy build
  • Optimum ventilation is ensured
  • Face uncovers with the flippable chin bar
  • Protects head from shock
  • Easily Cleanable
What we do not like?
  • No headphone adaption

LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet

LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet

The LS2 Strobe is a riders’ helmet created for riders. The solid metal lock system works easily and provides a very safe security closure. It opens with one easy-to-find and usable press, even with a thick winter glove. At the open position, the chin bar has safe retention.

This modular motorcycle helmet has a sun shield LS2s Dual Shield System, allowing you to obtain your desired sun protection and to become lighter quickly when entering a tunnel or a darker environment.

The Strobe uses a diaphragm and cable technology for easily using the sun shield and reducing the noise from the wind. The face shield is optically accurate, scratch-resistant, and has LS2s ShortShift Tool-less quick release, making it easy to adjust anytime needed and the air-saving fabric liner moisture winds.

The Main Features

  • It’s available in a variety of colors and finishes, including gloss and matte.
  • Retractable chin bar that is easy to use
  • DOT and ECE have given their approval.
  • The California Air Resources Board’s standards are met.
  • Shell template that has been meticulously designed
  • Visors with the least amount of effects.
  • Cheek pads with a 3D laser cut design. visor with two shields
  • With ventilation ports, there is a ventilation system.
  • 4-pound weight.
  • Padding that can be removed and washed
What do we like?
  • Protection requirements are met.
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods Well-ventilated
  • It also seems to be attractive.
  • Lace with quick-release buckle
  • Drop-down visors that are quick to deploy
  • Chin bar that retracts
What we do not like?
  • The shield begins to cloud up.
  • Occasionally, the sun visor must be manually lowered.

TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet

TORC T27B1FBK TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet

TORC T27 Modular helmet with so many incredible and fascinating functions to improve your safety and knowledge. If you’re not wearing a helmet and do not want your appearance and style to adjust. This Bluetooth-enabled modular motorcycle helmet is available in six different colors.

You can choose anyone out of those colors that you choose. Both colors are innovative and unique since they’re the ideal mix of bright and raw black. Furthermore, Bluetooth 2.0 features will help you to take and transmit messages, listen to music streaming in audio, and follow GPS instructions.

The Main Features

  • Considerable intake venting
  • Unbelievable rear exhaust venturi
  • Anti Noise microphone 
  • Weather resistance
What do we like?
  • Bluetooth built-in shell
  • Low down the smooth lock
  • ECE and DOT Certified
  • Advanced polymer thermal shell alloy
What we do not like?
  • It is a little expensive.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

The lightweight FreedConn dual visor helmet Flip-Up offers an integrated Bluetooth contact device. The helmet includes all of the essentials of a Bluetooth system, such as an FM radio and speech dial, and it also supports 2 to 3 user pairs.

With the press of a button, the outside of this modular helmet can be simply opened and locked in an open position. The visors can also be used easily. Scratch-resistant since the helmet’s Bluetooth system can be used for contact between paired helmets and answering calls, it must be turned on even while standing at traffic lights or in heavy traffic. At all moments, the portable shell will alleviate strain on the user’s neck and head. This would also improve comfort on long journeys.

The Main Features

  • Bluetooth 3.0 is a new technology.
  • Simple one-button action 
  • Simple one-button action 
  • Lightweight ABS shell construction 
  •  a maximum attachment range of 500m
  • Echo cancellation with DSP
What do we like?
  • The ABS lightweight shell is tough and protects you from damage.
  • A large field of view is available.
  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth interface with three-way intercom communication.
  • Optional flip-ups are still a bonus.
What we do not like?
  • At high speeds, there is a noise issue.
  • The visor is not anti-fog and quickly fogs up.

Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

Sena is well-known among bikers, especially for its Bluetooth devices designed specifically for riders. Even though these contact systems are extremely useful when driving, there are several problems involved with putting an external computer or internal hardware on your helmet. 

As a result, Sena has developed many helmets in recent years that have Sena’s Bluetooth networking devices pre-installed. Sena’s new helmets quickly became a favorite because they spared their customers the trouble of installing and repairing the various pieces of the material into their helmets.

The Main Features

  • Long-lasting exterior 
  • Adjustable wearing
  • Advanced Noise Control systems Easy-to-wear strap system
What do we like?
  • The Sena Outrush comes with a great five-year guarantee.
  • A two-way HD intercom communication device is integrated into the helmet.
  • For a single full fee, it offers up to 15 hours of talk time.
  • The intercom’s range is extended to a half-mile.
  • It has a sun visor that is UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, and fog-resistant.
What we do not like?
  • The charging time for the Sena Outrush is 3 hours.
  • The sound level isn’t the best you’ll find on the market.
  • Keep in mind that the helmet is very inexpensive.

LS2 Helmets Modular Valiant Helmet

LS2 Helmets Modular Valiant Helmet

The LS2 Helmets Valiant has the world’s most stable “modular to open face” conversion process.

The Valiant is thinner, more durable, and aerodynamic, and is up to 20% smaller than competing versions. LS2’s patented Kinetic Polymer Alloy is used to produce our lightweight, aerodynamic shell. This patented material combines microscopic aramid fiber particles with nanotechnology to create a high-end polymer. This material is cutting-edge in terms of energy storage materials, with built-in resilience to spread energy, the penetration resistance of high-end fiber goods, and a lightweight casing.

The Main Features

  • The Valiant’s FogFighter-treated mask, which is scratch-resistant and has no blur of your view, is one of our favorites.
  • Thermo-Form lining from LS2 is used to weld the outside layer to the inner foam, which eliminates the use of glues and chemicals. The washable liner is gentle enough for even delicate skin.
  • The built-in Twin Shield System guards the face and eyes against the elements.
  • The fast-release chin strap keeps the helmet in place and provides a secure fit.
  • By flushing out hot air, Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation keeps you cool during the flight.
  • Chin bar rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to easily switch between full-face and open-face helmets.
What do we like?
  • Maximum visibility is provided by the built-in sun shield.
  • Wear it because it’s light and cool.
  • Liners and pads that are hypoallergenic
  • Fog-resistant and scratch-resistant shield for Bluetooth compatibility
What we do not like?
  • At high speeds, it can be a little noisy.

Westt Torque Motorcycle Helmet

Westt Torque Motorcycle Helmet

The modular Westt Torque double visor and incorporated sunglass modular motorcycle helmet. Equipped for respiratory intakes of oxygen. ECE Approved, in more than 50 countries it allows the straight legal motorcycle helmet. Great for the most demanding motorcyclists. Its double visor makes its usage relaxed and comfortable and easily switches the heel of the sunglasses to shield the eyes from the light of day. The right equipment or accessories for urban and mountain cycling, dirt biking.

The Main Features

  • The dual-layer visor on the west Torque Modular helmet shields the eye from the light, flying flies, dirt, and other things that can obstruct smooth riding.
  • The exterior shell of the helmet is scratch-resistant. It even has a sun shield visor to make your journey more comfortable.
  • The helmet is authorized for use on the road by the Department of Transportation.
  • The helmet works on a variety of motorcycles, including cruisers, scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs, and Harley Davidsons.
  • The interior of the mask, including the padding and cheek pads, is reusable and washable.
What do we like?
  • Dual visors, one transparent anti-scratch on the outside, and a retractable sun visor on the inside are conveniently interchangeable.
  • Removable and washable lightweight ABS shell with multi-density EPS backing.
  • The fast release function on the Westt Connect buckle stores emergency information.
  • Micrometric adjustments may be made to the straps.
  • DOT and FMVSS-218 requirements are met.
  • There are vents for air ventilation.
What we do not like?
  • Many users said the interiors were rough and the fit was awkward.
  • In cold and windy weather, it is not recommended.

Are modular motorcycle helmets safe?

Yes, if you choose a modular helmet, it is safe. But no helmet will guarantee your safety in the event of an impact. You have to know when you should replace the helmet or you should buy a new one. Helmets only aim to minimize the chance of head injury, and modular helmets are designed to be as reliable as the best safety helmet on the market in terms of compliance with applicable requirements.

Motorcycle helmets have several shells that provide the best possible protection for the head in the event of a crash. The outer shell of new motorcycle helmets must be sturdy enough to withstand high-speed impacts on rough surfaces. They are frequently produced of materials such as a polycarbonate composite, fiberglass, or kevlar to ensure their durability.

What to Look for in a Modular Helmet?

The EC22.05 clearance is the first thing you can look for. You can never buy a discarded helmet and you don’t know what happened to it. It’s also worth mentioning that certain lids are made to match the normal head shape of the country in which they’re sold, so make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable retailer.

Then finding a secure and proper fit is important. Also, the most costly device would be ineffective if it does not work well in the case of an accident. Since not all lids have the same internal design and not all heads are the same, it’s important to test a few different ones and make sure the size and fit are right. Few helmets have removable cheek and crown padding that can be swapped out for thinner or thicker ones to get the perfect fit. Finally, if you’ve chosen the right one for you, make sure you keep it on for at least 10 minutes to ensure it’ll be comfortable for a long time.

Which Modular Helmet Should You Choose?

Among the helmets mentioned above, I’ll choose LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet. Because The LS2 Strobe is one of the market’s only modular helmets with a complete metal latch system. This model works flawlessly and slices through the wind without making any noise under the saddle, preventing headaches and making your rides more fun. 

It has a customizable ventilation system, which helps riders to obstruct the absorption of cool air when it’s cold outside and stops hot air from entering when the sun is shining. As a result, the Strobe is a perfect modular helmet for any climate and temperature.

Which Materials Make The Safest Modular Helmet?

Shell-constructed design

When purchasing a motorcycle helmet, keep the style in mind. Choose a shell-built one. When you are involved in a traffic crash, a shell-built motorcycle helmet prevents your head from the physical impact on the road. It, like any other motorcycle user, is the first line of protection against head injury. So, go ahead and inspect the helmet for hardened fiber shell-like polycarbonate or thermoplastic. The lack of any of these components indicates that you are not adequately defending yourself. But you’d best get a new one.

Inner Coat That Absorbs Impact

The impact-absorbing lining is another crucial part of the motorcycle helmet. It not only provides a relaxed feeling to the head, but it also absorbs impact as it occurs. This coating protects the brain from serious head trauma.

Fit & convenience

Fit is a valuable factor to choose a helmet that better fits you. Take an estimated measurement of your forehead, focusing on the area between your brows and around your ears. 

Don’t be afraid to put it on to see if it fits. Tighten the chin strap until just two fingers reach between the head and the strap. A gap at the left, on the sides, or at the top is not appropriate. However, it should not be too tight. 

What is the quietest modular motorcycle helmet?

Well some days ago one of the rider friends bought a great Iron-Man Helmet from the market and he asked us actually which one is the quietest helmet for a motorcycle? We found that The quietest modular motorcycle helmet is ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet.

ILM’s new modular helmet incorporates integrated LED lights designed to make you highly noticeable on the track, lightweight designs to provide you with more riding ease, and a supportive lining designed to ensure the highest level of impact safety during an accident. And it is Sleek and Lightweight Design Reduces Wind Noise. This model often comes in different colors and sizes so you can select a model depending on your style and preferences.

Which is the better – modular or full-face helmet?

Most consumers sometimes get confused as there are several models sold nowadays by helmet manufacturers. No one should jeopardize safety but features like warmth and convenience.

Full-face helmets are without question the best, but modular helmets with protection like full-face helmets will give you security.

What is the difference between a full-face helmet and a modular helmet?

The modular helmet features a hinge that allows it to open into an open-faced helmet for additional convenience. Modular helmets are a cross between open-faced and full-face helmets, and a common myth is that they were designed with smoking in mind. Although a modular helmet can easily be opened to become open-eyed, it is not intended for smokers, but rather for those who want some fresh air while waiting at a stoplight or parking. 

Open-faced helmets are not permitted to be worn when riding in modular helmets. The open-face choice is only for those who want to get some fresh air in between rides without fully removing their helmet. Modular helmets, on the other hand, lack the wide range of protective measures that a full-face helmet provides. When you would tip your helmet’s chin bar over, the front of your helmet is more vulnerable to damage than a full-face helmet. 

Full face helmet

Full-face helmets are the best option for maximum head safety when riding a motorcycle. Full-face helmets offer the best safety for riders when the whole equipment is forged into a single piece with no vulnerable points like a modular helmet’s hinge mechanism. 

Full-face helmets are the obvious choice for users who are about to reach the tracks since they ensure that you are completely covered at high speeds. Full-face helmets often provide you a piece of gear that suits your head tightly and securely

Which motorcycle helmet is safest?

It is tough to say which helmet is safe. We use a lot of helmets and also chat with some experience peoples, they all give their different types of comments. However, by considering 200+ reviews and market demand, we found that the LS2 Helmets modular strobe helmet is the safest helmet. Motorcycle Helmet of the Highest Quality Complies with or above the requirements of ECE 22.05. Exciting trendy design and many technical features. You’ve just got what you need for motorcycles, racing, ATVs, dirt biking, motocross, and more.

Excellence in materials: Aerodynamic ABS shell, multicolored chin strap, multi-density EPS, UV paint, Quick Release Buckle.

Dual visor system: Easy-to-use switch to switch sun visor quickly. Tool-free for quick release system removal and installation of transparent visors.

Ventilation System: Fully adjustable intake and exhaust shutters with a continuous, light airflow that keeps the rider calm and relaxed.

Are full-face helmets safer?

A full-face helmet is safer than a normal helmet since the face, chin, and teeth are protected. Both helmet styles have comparable protection to the top and back of the head. However, this does not imply that you can only wear a full-face helmet. Despite their high degree of security, they have some drawbacks. You should select a helmet based on your riding style. Extreme types of mountain biking, such as downhill and enduro, necessitate the use of full-face helmets.

What should you look for when buying a motorcycle helmet?


Choose a helmet model to start your motorcycle helmet quest. Full face, open face, and modular helmets are the most common alternatives on the market. The most popular are full-face helmets. They can be customized for racing or cycling, and they are more secure and silent than open face or interchangeable helmets, making them ideal for long journeys and road trips.

Safety ratings

The American standard is the DOT, and any motorcycle helmet with a DOT sticker can meet the federal standard FMVSS 218. ECE is the European equivalent, and it achieves almost the same results as its American equivalent. Any of these criteria should suffice. Any helmet with the SNELL insignia on it has gone a lot further and is now considered approved for those races! The SNELL Memorial Foundation is recognized for its rigorous research, so you can be assured that your head is in safe hands if it’s SNELL approved.


Most riders won’t care about ventilation in full-face helmets until it’s a challenge. The suffocating heat that builds up inside your helmet will feel like a sauna, and excessive sweating can leave it looking like a high school locker room, leaving you dehydrated and exhausted. It’s important to choose a helmet with adequate ventilation.

What is a Modular Helmet?

To begin with, a modular helmet features a hinge that allows it to open into an open-faced helmet for added comfort. Modular helmets are a cross between open-faced and full-face helmets, and it’s a common myth that they’re designed for smokers.

Which is a better full-face helmet or modular?

Modular helmets are usually heavier than full-face helmets. Full face helmets are ideal for cyclists who like to ride light and they don’t have any hinges or other parts. Helmets with a full face provide the greatest cover for our heads.

Should you get a full-face helmet for motorcycles?

Yes, you should use a full-face helmet. The full-face helmet provides the most shielding around your head and neck and is the best form of a motorcycle helmet for impact protection. The chin bar, which is a vital protective device that many helmets lack, is one of the full-face helmet’s unique characteristics.

Can you wear glasses with a full-face helmet?

Yes, a full-face helmet has sufficient space for you to wear glasses. If your area requires full-face coverage, though, try having a helmet with a tinted visor to only shield your eyes from the light.

Are all motorcycle helmet visors the same?

No, all motorcycle helmet visors are not the same. A minimal level of protection should be provided, but a more costly helmet is likely to provide more. They would also be more convenient for you and they have improved ventilation.


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