The 7 Best iron man motorcycle helmets Review in 2021

Iron Man helmets are most reliable to motorcycle riders. You may ask, why? The is because of the protection level and the great view of these types of helmets. Every motorcyclist who is in love with Marvel, and can face difficulty to get the best iron man motorcycle helmets to meet their road safety demand. Finding a perfect helmet unit takes a lot of time, afford, energy. But that doesn’t mean you will not get your desired helmet. As we are here for you, so nothing can stop you to win your purchase battle finally. We have gathered some awesome iron man helmets, which all have extraordinary designs; precise engineering, detachable magnetic faceplate, thrilled outlook, and some other updated techs.

We are going to give a complete iron man experience to each user with their helmet. If you want to enjoy a new experience level of the marvel time, it is the perfect place where you just come.

Best Motorcycle Iron Man Helmets
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Best Adventurous (Our Winner) Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic HelmetGreat magnetic face plate will impress you.
The sound effects are a nicely added touch.
Ultramodern interior electronic design.
Best for serious Marvel true believer in mind.
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Iron Man Electronic Helmet with LED Light FX (Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends)
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Best Lights and Sound FX (Our Runner-up) Iron Man Electronic Helmet with LED Light FX (Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends)This electronic ironman helmet features 2LED’s for light FX in the eyes.
Great Sound FX.
Adjustable straps for best fit.
Very comfortable to wear and walk around.
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Iron Man Helmet with BlueTooth Speaker: Captain America Civil War
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Best Sound Effects) Iron Man Helmet with Bluetooth Speaker: Captain America Civil WarGreat Bluetooth features, can connect with most devices.
Mind blowing sound.
Rechargeable battery and charging cable included.
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Best for Ventilation Systems 1STORM Motorcycle Full face Iron man style Helmet Booster SkullGreat Bluetooth features, can connect with most devices.
Mind blowing sound.
Rechargeable battery and charging cable included.
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Best for Adults: NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle HelmetMultiple Vents For Optimum Ventilation is the best features of this Nenki NK-856.
Removable And Washable Inner Liner.
DOT Approved
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Best for Adults: HJC unisex-adult Full Face RPHA 70-ST Iron Man Style Motorcycle HelmetLightweight and comfortable
Dual top vent for great air ventilation.
Eye and sun glasses friendly design.
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Best Quality Materials: Y.P Iron Man Motorcycle Full Face HelmetMulti-section safety buckle.
Quality material for best best protection.
Good fit to all.
Unique design.
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Best Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets Reviews

01. Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

The marvel legends iron man electronics helmets are one of the best collections anyone wants to collect. This helmet is not an actual helmet, it’s a toy-like helmet. If you want to feel like a real iron man you can take this helmet with you without any hesitation.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet
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Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet

The marvel legends iron electronics helmet about 1.98 pounds in weight. The manufacturer recommended age for wearing this helmet is above 15.

Marvel legends iron marvel electronics helmet has two glowings LED eyes. It has many other amazing features, authentic designs to attract the collector. This toy-like helmet has illuminating eyes, an impressive electronic sound system, and a detachable faceplate. 

The helmet has an ultramodern interior design and an exterior design with full beautiful finishing.

This detachable faceplate is fully magnetized; it can be detached and reconnected if required. In a closed position of the faceplate, it will hold the helmet securely. When the faceplate is attached and detached simultaneously the eyes are turned off and on.

This marvel legends iron man electronics helmet is one of the important electronics for the stark industry. You feel like a true iron man when you travel by wearing it.


  • One full magnetized faceplate is detachable and reconnectable. A full-face faceplate shield can protect your eyes, face from winds, and other flying things.
  • Helmets are easy to wear. And it can fit any size and shape.
  • The impressive electronic sound system can reduce the exterior noise.


  • It is a toy-like helmet. This helmet does not provide any type of protection for your head and face.
  • In the dark, it will be difficult to see properly.
  • Head straps sometimes function weirdly.

02. Iron Man Electronic Helmet with LED Light FX (Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends)

Inspired by the marvel universe war Machine, Avengers Hasbro marvel electronic helmet is designed. It is a collector electronic helmet that contains two LED lights FX in both its eyes. It also features an awesome sound FX for its users.

Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends Series War Machine Roleplay Premium Collector Electronic Helmet
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Avengers Hasbro Marvel Legends Series War Machine Roleplay Premium Collector Electronic Helmet

According to any adult head size, this helmet can suitably fit; it has an adjustable strap that is designed thinking about the best suitability for its users. Detailed insider sculpting also is very good with this helmet.

The detachable faceplate also is another important feature of this unit, which is detached or reattached on the top of this helmet. Both the detaching and attaching allow lighting with a Sound FX from this helmet.

Premium Collector Electronic Helmet has a quality design, good build-up by which it can go with any fan costume or collection. The fit and the finish of this product are exactly what you expect from a Marvel Legends Helmet.

You can get it perfect for any kind of helmet user, like, adults, teens even for the kids as well. You can call it a great helmet; adjust pretty on huge or little heads. Overall, it’s an awesome product with excellent weight, size, look, quality, etc.


  • The helmet is easily adjustable for any size head; adult, teenage, or kids.
  • A detachable Magnetic Faceplate helps to protect your face during rough weather.
  • Electronic Helmet with Light and Sound FX. It can reduce the noise effect.


  • Back snap mold might not secure in place.
  • The eye lights do not work satisfactorily. To see through this helmet is a little bit difficult.

03. Iron Man Helmet with Bluetooth Speaker: Captain America Civil War

Civil war iron man helmet has been made inspired by the famous movie avengers. The helmet has portable Bluetooth speakers. This Bluetooth will be connected to any types of smart devices such as your smartphones, laptops, computers, and more. Two eyes of the helmet have been light on when you will use Bluetooth. Eye Light has conducted its power from the rechargeable battery also.

Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Helmet
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Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Helmet

You can stream your audio collection wirelessly far from about 33 feet. You can also enjoy internet radio with this Bluetooth speaker.

This portable Bluetooth has a high-quality sound system. With this speaker, you can enjoy a clear stereo and powerful bass sound of your music. This speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery system. You will easily recharge this battery and enjoy the music without any interruption.USB cable for charging has been included with the helmet.

The Bluetooth speakers when connected with your smart devices like Apple, Samsung, and more you can receive and end your call without disconnecting the devices.

The 6.7 x 8.6 x 8.3 inches size helmet whose weight is about 1.54 pounds (0.7 Kg) will be a great gift for iron man lovers. 


  • The speakers are portable and small in size and you can easily carry them whenever you want.
  • Bluetooth speaker has its rechargeable battery and USB cable also. You will get a full package. you won’t have to work on it additionally.
  • After wearing a helmet with these Bluetooth speakers you will answer your call and end the call also.


  • In crowded areas or groups of people, the sound system of this speaker is not so loud.

04. 1STORM Motorcycle Full face Iron man style Helmet Booster Skull

If you are searching for good quality with a beautiful outlook helmet, 1Storm Motorcycle Bike Helmet is the best choice for you. The Iron Man Color of this product makes it so elegant and colorful, anybody can fall in love after first seeing this product. Its amazing product has a wonderful design with nice craftsmanship.

1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet
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1STORM Motorcycle Bike Full FACE Helmet

The advanced Aerodynamic & Stylish Designs of this product significantly can minimize a wind resistance force, every biker has to face at the time of riding. Thus increase stability to make a safe helmet over other competitors.

The first consideration of each biker is their head safety with a comfortable feeling. This helmet is heavily cushioned with an overall comfortable interior. As it is made from an enforced AMS shell with Multi-density EPS materials thus can protect the users fully meeting the exceed DOT standards.

A thirteen Ventilation Opening System is involved here allowing an awesome air inhalation and exhaust while driving even at a super speed. This helmet features three fronts with two top adjustable vent switches to make it a very well ventilation unit.

 Lastly, it has ultra-lightweight, to make it so gentle on the user’s head. 


  • Removable & Washable Liner Pads. You can easily remove the liner and clean it when required.
  • The aerodynamic design may minimize the resistance of wind during high-speed ridings.
  • Heavily Cushioned inner liner for that helmet may give you great protection during accidents. And an enjoyable ride with a Comfortable Interior.
  • Ultra-lightweight with Rear Venturi-Effect Exhaust Spoiler gives a comfortable feeling when you wear it.


  • Some problem arises to see properly through this helmet.

05. NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man extra-large motorcycle helmet is for both adults and youth. This helmet will be red-gold. NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet is long-lasting and nice looking also.

NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet
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NENKI NK-856 Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet 

The important feature to choose this helmet is its fiberglass-injected shell. This fiberglass shell is made of expanded polystyrene to reduce the effect of absorption.

To protect the eyes from the sun and or other bright lights this helmet has a dual visor. One is the iridium Red Visor and Inner Sun shield attached outer clear visor. This inner sun shield makes you comfortable during hot weather.

When you wear a full-face helmet ventilation system is a vital parameter for your comfort. The multiple ventilation systems of this helmet may ensure the proper breathability. For that, you will save yourself from overheating and also over sweating.

About a 4.79 pounds helmet has an inner and outer liner. You may easily remove this liner when required. This liner is washable and you can easily clean it when required.


  • This helmet has DOT approval. We will ensure that the qualities of these products are good enough and you will get quality products.
  • The Full face shield may protect your face from any type of accident.
  • The helmet has a dual visor system which gives an extra advantage. The iridium red visor and inner sun shield attached clear visor may give you good results.
  • The helmet has an easily removable and washable inner. And you can easily clean it.
  • In sunny and hot weather optimum ventilation system of this helmet will give you proper and effective air circulation.


  • Different sizes are available. You have to take care of the correct size.

06. HJC unisex-adult Full Face RPHA 70-ST Iron Man Style Motorcycle Helmet

Some awesome features make the HJC RPHA 70-ST Iron man style Street motorcycle helmet one of the most renowned helmets among bike lovers. This helmet has an advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell which exerts a comfortable lightweight on the user’s head. The advanced CAD technology used in this helmet makes it super comfortable and suitably fit on the head.

HJC unisex-adult Full Face RPHA 70-ST Iron Man Style Motorcycle Helmet
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HJC Helmets Marvel IS-17 IRONMAN Street Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet has Impact absorbing capability, One-touch Integrates Smoke-Tinted Sunshield, with three positions locking system. It is very easily detachable even wearing on-hand gloves.

Every bike user has a hidden desire to be like an Iron Man. Interestingly, HJC offers each user to act as a full face mask helmet, making them like Iron Man.

This helmet has a very good sun visor, and it is very easy to slide up and down. When you wear this helmet, you don’t need to wear additional sunglasses to protect your eyes from road dirt. It fits tight on the user, and it has a well-designed facility for ventilation.

Optically-superior Anti-Scratch Pin Lock Face (the pattern is pending) incorporated with an Anti-scratch Coating feature to make this motor the main part of your road journey. This product is U.V. Protected with a new 3D design.


  • Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell to offer a sturdy but comfortable headcover.
  • One-Touch Integrated Sunshield to offer no using of sunglasses. Sun Shield protects your eyes from sun rays and UV lights also.
  • Super cool Interior with Rapid-fire two shield replacement system.


  • Complain about tight fittings.

07. Y.P Iron Man Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

Y.P Iron Man Motorcycle Full Face Helmet has elegant looks. Anyone can fall in love with YP Iron man style helmet. It is iron man various in color and different sizes. This helmet is suitable for adult men and women.

Y.P Iron Man Motorcycle Full Face Helmet
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Y.P Iron Man Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

This superb YP helmet has an advanced aerodynamic and a modern stylish design. The aerodynamic design may reduce wind resistance. and gives a positive effect on its stability.

The inner liner of the helmets is heavily cushioned which makes it more comfortable than others. Every biker used helmets to protect their head and face. There is no doubt that is the best choice for the greatest protection of your head. The inner liner is easily removable and washable.

The helmet has great ventilation systems that give you proper air circulation during ridings. This helmet does not feature any ventilation switches, but it would not be a problem in high-speed driving.

The helmet shell is made of an Enforced ABC shell. The shell will give you great protection if you meet with an accident. This helmet is DOT certified and ensures that this is a quality product.

The helmet is light in weight about 2.86LB and durable. It makes a comfortable fit on the user’s head.


  • The helmet has an excellent aerodynamic and stylish design and it gives extra advantages. It minimizes wind resistance.
  • Easily removable inner liner. You can clean it easily without facing any problem.
  • The heavily cushioned inner liner increased the comfort when driving.
  • Shell materials and inner are increased the safety of the riders. 


  • It does not have extra ventilation so fog up would be a problem for riders.

How effective are iron man helmets for motorcycle riding?

Motorcycles are one the most dangerous forms of motor vehicles. Among all accidents, motorcycle accidents are the highest in position. Motorcycle accidents occurred due to rough and speedy driving. And driving also without a helmet. About 69 percent of head injury is decreased if the rider is driving with a helmet. The death rate also decreased by about 42 percent.

Best Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets
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To protect the head and motorcyclist’s death, proper head protection is required. A helmet is the best solution and best protection for a motorcyclist to avoid death and disability at the time of cruses. 

How heavy should a motorcycle helmet be?

For many years helmets have been used as a safety item during motorbike riding. Day by day safety, designs, and materials of a helmet is also improved. Among various types of designs, a full-face motorcycle helmet is the best protective gear.

Some helmets are light in weight and some are heavier than the averages. The average weight of a large-sized full-face helmet is 3-¼ to 3-½ pounds. Along with size, design, and safety testing of helmets, it’s also important to test that the helmet weight is distributed over the head.

How long should you use a motorcycle helmet?

Most of the manufacturers recommended replacing the helmets about after five years from the production date. Production date may easily be found over the body of the helmet. But most riders can replace their helmet every 3- 5 years. So, when will you replace your helmet? Depending on a few things you may replace your helmet. Such as – Helmet age, How long it has been used, accident history, If helmet becomes loose, If exterior and interior may start deteriorating if its lock has been damaged.

Do motorcycle helmets expire?

Self-life means the time length of a product may be stored without becoming unsuitable for use or consumption. The expiry date may be given depending on self-life. Motorcycle helmets are made of different types of materials that may be destroyed within a time. Polystyrene or EPS foam is used for comfort liner and inner liner. The rigidity and volume of this polystyrene or EPS foam may be changed after a certain time. The outer shell of the helmet is made of polycarbonate or a mixture of fiberglass and kevlar. 

In all conditions the outer shell of a helmet is ok but the inner line deteriorates day by day. Depending on the using procedure history of frequent accidents also may cause helmet expiration.    

How long does an unused motorcycle helmet last?

A motorcycle helmet may be replaced within 5 years from the production date. This date is given by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers provide more than 5 years, it may be 6 years or 7 years or more. The helmet deteriorates for overuses and loses some effectiveness. Helmets may lose their effectiveness for three factors: Amount of use, its build-up materials, and maintenance system. An unused helmet may deteriorate slowly overage. The helmet should be replaced within five years; it is an approximate date for helmet replacement. Ultimately it depends on the biker when he/she will judge their helmet that is ok or not.

How do I know if my motorcycle helmet is still good?

If you had not met with an accident earlier before then you will be told that your helmet can be good enough up to 5 years recommended by the manufacturer. When a helmet is experienced with any type of hit it will deteriorate earlier. Depending on some parameters you will say the helmet is good or not.

Usage time of helmet

How much time do you use this helmet? Is it about 5 years? Then you should replace this helmet. This helmet is not good enough for regular use. Consistent uses of a helmet may be experienced with sunray, UV light, and rainy water. Which may cause materials degradation. Loosen of the joint which is done by glue or other adhesives things.

Have you met with an accident

If you met with an accident then you should change your helmet as early as possible. The main purpose of helmet wearing is to protect you from any kind of accident. The helmet loosens its joint after met with an accident and it’s not able to give you proper protection.

Interior deteriorating

The helmet interior liner is made of foam. Foam is getting worse first. If you find small flakes in your hair or shoulders then you have to replace this helmet.

Exterior Structures deteriorates

Helmet shell made of polycarbonates, Fiberglass, or other materials which are brittle. If any flakes or begins to start apart then this helmet is not good for using. In an accident, Helmet shells are hit directly and so any kind of cracks in the shell you should replace it.

Locking and sealing

Different parts of the helmet have been attached with many locking and sealing systems. Different types of glue, adhesives, rubber have been used here. 

What is the best motorcycle helmet brand?

A motorcycle helmet is used by riders for his/her protection during accidents. So safety is the main concern for selecting a helmet brand, who provides you with great service without any motorcycle safety course. Depending on the safety profile here the best brands for motorcycle helmets are –

AGV: The Italian helmet manufacturer company was established in 1947. Helmet manufactured from about 1947. AGV gets the highest stars on their helmets for safety. You will believe that AGV gives you a quality product. AGV has been certified from DOT safety standard certification.

Shoei: Shoei is a Japanese company established in 1959 in Tokyo. Shoei has become a great choice for motorcycle helmets. This manufacturer has great stars on the safety review. Shoei gives concern about their customer satisfaction and safety. They will provide a 5 years warranty on almost all products.

Shark: Shark helmets a France company gets about 4 out of 5 according to the SHARP test. Shark helmets were established in 1986 in France. This company has provided all the features that will be needed for riders.

HJC: HJC manufacturer quality product at affordable prices.HJC has started its production in 1971 and it took no. brand in North America in 1992. From the very first time, they provide great protection for their riders.

Arai: Arai is the oldest company among them, established in 1926. Arai is a Japanese company that provides a few quality products all around the world. The most amazing thing about Arai is that it is a handmaid. They maintained quality in every step of production. From the start to the final assembly.

Caberg: Caberg is an Italian helmet manufacturer.

Nolan: Nolan is another Italian manufacturer who is provided great quality helmets for riders. Nolan started in 1973. All Nolan helmets have a 5 years warranty. Few Nolan helmets have DOT standard safety certification.

X-lite: X-lite Is another Italian helmet provider company. This manufacturer is a sister concern of the Nolan group. They also get a remarkable review on safety.

Bell helmets: The full-face helmets were first invented by Bell-helmets Bel-helmets also produce bicycle helmets.

MT: In 1968, MT helmet started their journey in La Palma. After 50 years of the journey now they have distributed their products in more than 100 countries worldwide.MT company also gives us quality products with the best safety.

Iron man motorcycle helmet buying guide

The buying guide is a complete instruction for you to know the important or key features of a product. For motorbikes, a rider helmet is essential for their safety. To buy the best helmet firstly you have to know the importance of a helmet during your riding. If you’re a regular rider or motorbike is your transportation then you have to consider safety first.

Factors to be considered during buying a helmet


The most important factor for buying a helmet is safety. The main purpose of wearing a helmet is to protect your head and face during any kind of accident. So. you have to give proper concern for safety. You have to check if this helmet is qualified enough. Does it have any certification or not? Is this helmet DOT or SNELL certified or not.

Fit and comfort

If a helmet is not well fitted with your head you will not enjoy the ride. Enjoying the ride fittings of the helmet is a critical point. Fit and comfort may depend on the following criteria-


For maximum comfort, helmet size is important. Helmets should be fitted on the head, not too loose, not too tight. Before selecting a helmet firstly you will determine the appropriate helmet size.

The shape of your Head

Head shape is different from person to person. All helmets may not be fitted with all shape heads. Some have a long oval shape, some have intermediate and someones have a round shape. The rider’s head shape jawline can play a vital role in selecting a helmet. Now this time helmet manufacturers are producing a neutral helmet that is fitted with all shape heads.

Materials of Helmet

The materials of the helmet may influence different parameters. Helmets weight is it comfortable or not and safety ratings. Polycarbonate less expensive materials absorb energy. Fiber glasses flake expensive materials and absorb energy. EPS foam is used in the inner liner.

Weight of helmet 

The weight of the helmet is an important thing for a rider. Too many weighty helmets may cause an uncomfortable situation for riders. Lightweight helmets may fit on the head properly and rides make it enjoyable and comfortable.

  • Prices- Helmet design, no. Of features, protective systems, materials may affect the helmet price. Increased no of features simultaneously increased prices.
  • Comfort features- Most helmets now have some additional features for increased comfort of the riders. Shade protects from sunlight, UV light, extra ventilation system, etc.
  • Designs and color: Design and color are also important parameters.


Riding is a passion for the younger generation now. Most motorbike riders enjoy their riding at high speed. 

Safety first. So everyone should be concerned about your safety. Before starting a journey with your motorcycle first take a quality helmet and enjoy your ridings without any danger.

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