The 10 Best Half Helmets for Motorcycle(Honest Reviews and Buying Guide) in 2021

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For all the riders, a helmet is the most crucial motorcycle safety gear. But you may face that full-sized helmets or regular helmets are not always preferable for everyone. Even when you are riding on a bike, you can see that you don’t feel comfortable with the full-face gear. That’s why to enhance the comfort level with style, and we like to introduce you to the best half helmets of the motorcycle.

Best Half Helmets for Motorcycle in 2021

However, helmets are very durable and give total protection from injuries. Almost all countries have a law that you cannot ride without proper gear. Traditionally we all know that the full-face motorcycle helmet can give the best protection, but the half helmets also provide thousands of benefits that the riders aren’t aware of.

Unfortunately, some riders may think that the half helmets are not as safe as the full face ones. How do you make sure that the least safe half-face helmet can protect your head? After doing some effective research, we see that the half-face helmets can give riders protection without pressure over the shoulder and neck. Moreover, you should wear what you want. Our guidelines will help you decide to purchase the best product from the big market.

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Best Motorcycle Half Helmets At a Glance in 2021

ImageName  Safety Rating 
Bell-Pit-Boss-Half-HelmetBest Overall: Bell Pit Boss Half HelmetThe unique design makes this large size helmet perfect for the adults who like to wear helmets based on their personality.DOT Certified, 9.9/10Check Latest Price
Daytona-Helmets-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest For the Kids and Adults: Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half HelmetThe helmet is very comfortable and light weight. It is thin and great value for the money.DOT Certified, 9.8/10Check Latest Price
Bikerhelmets--Crazy-Al-HelmetBest For the Long Time Riders: Bikerhelmets- Crazy Al’HelmetThis lightweight helmet is perfect for riding for a longer period without any pressure on your ears and head.DOT Certified, 9.5/10Check Latest Price
VCAN-Cruiser-Half-Face-Motorcycle-HelmetBest Helmet for All Seasons: VCAN Cruiser Half Face Motorcycle HelmetThe inner materials make this helmet suitable for use during summer or cold seasons.DOT Certified, 9.2/10Check Latest Price
WCL-Beanie-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest Value for Men and Women: WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half HelmetYou can get varieties of design and style with size, and that is perfect for both men and women.DOT Certified, 9.0/10Check Latest Price
Daytona-Helmets-Motorcycle-Half-Helmet-Skull-CapBest Vented Helmet: Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull CapThe inner materials and the ventilation system are so cool that the riders can get the highest comfort if they have this helmet.DOT Certified, 8.9/10Check Latest Price
ILM-Motorcycle-Half-Face-HelmetBest Non-Lens Half Face Helmet: ILM Motorcycle Half Face HelmetThis lightweight, affordable, and non-lens half-face helmet is perfect for the busiest road.DOT Certified, 8.5/10Check Latest Price
GLX-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest for All types of Weather Condition: GLX Motorcycle Half HelmetThis is the best light backup helmet for good weather with DOT certified.DOT Certified, 8.5/10Check Latest Price
VCOROS-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest Helmet for Smaller Head: VCOROS Motorcycle Half HelmetThis helmet is the best-looking half helmet which is perfect for smaller heads.DOT Certified, 8.2/10Check Latest Price
VCAN-Cruiser-Intricate-Butterfly-Motorcycle-Half-HelmetBest Fitted Helmet for All: VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half HelmetThe Adjustable chin strap made this helmet one of the best-fitted helmets on the market.DOT Certified, 8.0/10Check Latest Price

Best Half Helmets Reviews for Motorcycle in 2021

1. Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

Those who want maximum protection with a high level of vision must like to use this Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet. It is absolutely a best-looking half helmet for the female riders to strap on something comfortable while hitting on the road. The safest half helmet pit boss is perfect for the cruiser and keeps the top position on my list. This custom-fit pit boss helmet offers many unique features; we suggest this type of helmet as the best half helmets ever. 

The Main Features of Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

Ventilation System: This open-face helmet is an excellent Bell quality helmet that can provide enough ventilation to make you cool during warmer weather.

Speed Dial System: Here, you can get the unique speed dial system for the optimal fit to protect the helmet from lift and slippage problems while wearing the helmet.

Internal Shield: The drop-down internal carbon composite shield of these lightweight half helmets can protect the direct sunlight and ensure your comfort. 

Safety: This helmet is DOT certified with FMVSS218 standard, so you can get the best security while you are on the road.

Neck Curtains: This best dot half helmet provides the leather removable zip-out neck curtain. So you can get weather protection during the winter season.

Communication System: The integrated speaker pocket allows the rider to add a modern audio system conveniently.

Interior Design: The internal structure of this pit boss is made with microfiber, which is antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Likable Features
  • This 3-pound open face helmet is very lightweight.
  • The internal shield is evident and visible.
  • Here you can get the washable and removable liner.
  • The drop-down visor, anti-lift mechanism, and padding features make this helmet the best choice for experienced riders.
  • The zip of the ear cover can protect the rider from cold and wind.
  • This helmet is suitable for all types of weather.
  • You can get an extra customized grip on the backside of your head.
  • This Bell Pit Boss helmet is very comfortable.
  • The removable neck curtain can keep you warm during cold weather.
Why We Do Not Like
  • The black matt finishing helmet is not that durable, and the bugs and stones can chip it off easily.
  • This model scratches easily as well.

2. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Want to protect your head with the giant mushroom-looking cap? This Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet is an incredible choice for you. This helmet is a high-end best-looking half helmet with a classic style and so worthy for your money. The build quality is very sturdy, and this skull cap helmet can give you maximum safe head protection. So these black cherry metallic Daytona open-face Helmets are made for your total security and comfort. Moreover, this safest half helmet is perfect for small or large size heads. 

The Main Features of Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet

Design: This bike helmet comes with a counter shape. That means when you bend your head back, it will never cut into your neck.

Safety: This helmet is the DOT-approved helmet on the market, so no need to worry about security.

Chinstrap:  The position of the chinstrap is very adjustable, and that can prevent pinching. It is effortless to secure.

Inner Materials: The internal antimicrobial liner materials are so comfortable and thick and appeared to be of good quality. The fabric is soft and moisture-wicking.

Likable Features
  • This Daytona Helmet is an excellent choice for hot days.
  • You can adjust the strap easily and quickly as well.
  • This lightweight helmet cannot give extra pressure on your ears.
  • The inner fabrics can keep your head sweat-free and relaxed for a longer time.
  • You can get wide ranges of size and colors helmet of this brand.
  • The complete size chart is given with the product.
  • There is a thick foam cushioning into the inner side of the helmet that gives you enough comfort.
  • This helmet fits with your head tightly to provide excellent protection.
  • You can get a good customer service policy with an easy return system.
  • The chinstrap is comfortable for the long ride.
  • The double strap and quick release system work perfectly.
Why We Do Not Like
  • Due to the smallest shell, sometimes this helmet cannot fit with your head properly.

3. Bikerhelmets- Crazy Al’Helmet

Bikerhelmets- Crazy Al'Helmet

Since 2008 almost 50,000 people are using this ultra-low-profile beanie helmet. You will be amazed to see the smaller size, very nice Sons of Anarchy type helmet due to its lightness and small head size. However, this mushroom-less-looking helmet can keep your brain and head held together. You can try these faster highway speeds and long rides helmets just for one time without any worry. This helmet is something that the users will suggest, and you should invest in it.

The Main Features of Bikerhelmets- Crazy Al’Helmet

Safety: Due to the DOT-certified helmet being better than a similar competitive helmet, most motorcycle riders prefer to use this sleek look helmet.

Materials: The shell is made with fiberglass, and that will reduce the mushroom head effect.

Design: This small and novelty helmet does not appear bulky—the thin but padded inner portion design with the best quality foam, which is very durable.

Shape: This intermediate oval shape helmet can fit perfectly on any condition of the head. Just follow the measuring instruction and get the perfect size helmet.

Likable Features
  • The adjustable strap makes this best-looking half helmet easy to remove.
  • This best half helmet motorcycle pairs nicely with the goggles.
  • This 1.66 pounds lightweight half helmet is perfect for long and experienced riders.
  • Purchasing this helmet is a good investment of your money.
  • You can get the sizing chart and measuring instructions with this helmet.
  • The inner liner makes this helmet feel comfortable.
  • This helmet sits low and closely fitted on your head.
  • The quick-release chin strap is happy to use.
  • You can easily mount an aftermarket Bluetooth handset with this helmet.
Why We Do Not Like
  • You need to purchase one size smaller than your existing full-face helmet, and so you must measure your head size perfectly; otherwise, you cannot get a perfect size CRAZY AL’S WORLDS most miniature helmet.
  • It is a pretty pricey product.

4. VCAN Cruiser Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

VCAN Cruiser Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

This VEAN solid flat black large cruiser helmet has excellent safety features with style and explicit road-off knowledge. This very low-profile helmet’s riders tend to flock to it because of its retro feelings. This stylish and comfortable motorcycle or scooter helmet has a forehead vent that can keep the rider cool during warmer weather. However, if you want to enjoy riding both of the summer and winter seasons, you can pick up this model from out to listed products.

The Main Features of VCAN Cruiser Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

Skid Lid: The skill lid is made with a top-quality ABS thermoplastic resin aerodynamic shell. You can also get the protective rubber trim with a streamlined front spoiler.

Inner Materials: This model provides a thick interior padding system with a nylon adjustable double D-ring chin strap.3 lbs of thermoplastic materials made this helmet super lightweight.

Visor: This model contains removable visors that screwed strongly with your half-face helmet.Safety: This helmet meets all the criteria of DOT standards, and this is one of the DOT-certified helmets.

Likable Features
  • The quality of the resin shell is solid and durable.
  • The sun visors and chick pad are washable and durable.
  • The chin strap is very adjustable and fits perfectly on your head.
  • The lightweight VCAN Cruiser helmet does not give extra pressure over your head and ear.
  • The forehead vent is adjustable.
  • The microfiber line padding can keep the rider cool for the longest time.
  • You can get comfortable facial protection by using this best motorcycle half helmet.
  • This best half helmet motorcycle provides a one-hand chin strap release.
  • You can easily remove the odor and draw out warm air and make the rider cool.
  • The thick padding system is very soft and comfortable.
  • It’s one of the reasonable price helmets.
  • The length of the chin strap is enough.
Why We Do Not Like
  • Sometimes the riders feel that the padding is so thick that the helmet sits too high on the head, so they are not always happy with this type.

5. WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet

WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet

This WCL Beanie Helmet comes with varieties of designs and styles perfect for both men and women. Fortunately, this model received a lot of praise from the experienced riders and the beginners. This helmet comes with a modern flavor with lots of ventilation systems. This aerodynamic design deserves the top spot on this list. If you want any cool-looking, natural and legal head helmet, then you can consider this WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet from our half helmet reviews.

The Main Features of WCL Beanie Motorcycle Half Helmet

Safety: It is a cool looking DOT approved helmet that the rider will get the highest security

Strap: This helmet has a quick-release strap that can hold the helmet with your head, but you can open it easily if needed.

Design: This WCL Beanie is made with a strong ABS shell with enough foam, making this helmet very durable and robust.

Likable Features
  • The straps under your ears properly.
  • This WCL Beanie is long-lasting and comfortable.
  • The quick-release strap is very smooth and easy.
  • The sizing is perfect and fits tightly with your head.
  • The 1.1 WCL Beanie helmet is lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • You can get excellent customer service.
  • The depth of the color is very nice.
  • This best-looking half helmet gives the rider complete freedom of the airflow.
  • No mushroom head found here.
  • You can swiftly put on and off this helmet.
  • You can get the sizing chart with this brand.
Why We Do Not Like
  • You can get a slight odor when this helmet is new, but that odor ultimately disappeared after some days.

6. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

This Daytona half helmet skull cap is perfect for heads of all sizes and shapes. This helmet can give the rider complete protection and comfort, and that’s why we are trying to keep this product on our half helmet reviews. This vented half helmet can fit tightly with your head. This lightweight and comfortable helmet allow the riders to wear it for a longer time without any pressure. Moreover, this helmet never faces any lifting from wind, and you can make your highway riding enjoyable.

The Main Features of Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap

Various Shapes and Sizes: This Daytona provides adults and children sizes and shapes helmets, but you have to measure your head size perfectly. And then see the chart provided with this brand.

Safety Standard: This helmet meets all the safety standard requirements so that you can enjoy your ride with this helmet.

Internal structure: Inside the helmet, you can get the advanced moisture-wicking liner pad which will help to keep your head cool.

Chin Strap: The chin strap of this helmet has a sliding adjuster to fit with your head correctly.

Extra Features: Every helmet comes with a bag that you can keep your helmet securely.

Outer shell: The outer shell made with carbon fiber materials which are very strong and durable.

Likable Features
  • The DOT sticker gives the rider complete protection on the road.
  • This DOT half shell helmet is perfect for small and large size heads.
  • This helmet is ultimately the good-looking brain bucket.
  • The inverted contoured shape provides a much better look.
  • The internal structure makes the helmet slung quickly.
  • You can easily and quickly release the chin strap to keep the helmet in a secured place.
  • The outer carbon fiber shell can keep the rider safe from any accidents.
  • This helmet provides a uniquely graphic look design that is perfectly appropriate according to your personality.
Why We Do Not Like
  • The strap has a big plastic clamp that can disconnect quickly and may hurt the rider’s chin. At that time, you need to change the belt.
  • The pad of the chin strap is not so comfortable.

7. ILM Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

This ILM Motorcycle Half Face Helmet comes in four different sizes at an affordable price. This versatile product can meet all the requirements of the riders. We keep this ILM Half Face Helmet on my top list as it is the best lightweight half helmet ever. This brand provides some extraordinary features that you want to think about this helmet to make your ride enjoyable and easy. You can enjoy the passage of this quick-release function and non-lens half-face helmet on the busiest road.

The Main Features of ILM Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

Chinstrap: This helmet provides a quick-release chin strap to get on and off quickly.

Security: This top-quality ABS shell helmet is DOT approval, and you can safely use this helmet.

Interior Structure: The interior lining and cheek pads are minimal but very comfortable.

Visor: This helmet has a flip-up and anti-scratch small tinted visor to protect the riders from sunlight and debris.

Likable Features
  • This helmet perfectly fits both men and women.
  • This is the best affordable helmet ever.
  • This helmet is perfect for motorcycle riding, cycling, and different types of outdoor sports.
  • The mushroom head chin strap is very comfortable.
  • This ILM Motorcycle Half Face Helmet perfectly fits with the large head.
  • The color and design of this helmet are so cool.
  • The adjustable chin strap can secure the washable liner in a perfect place.
  • This lightweight helmet is very easy to wear.
  • The exterior portion of the helmet allows reducing the noise and wind.
  • The chick pads and lining are washable and removable.
  • The adjustable ventilation system makes the helmet perfect for different weather conditions.
Why We Do Not Like
  • The profile of the helmet is enormous and is a giant mushroom look on the rider’s head.
  • The chin strap is poorly fit because it may get loose by the time being.

8. GLX Motorcycle Half Helmet

GLX Motorcycle Half Helmet

When the riders want to get a high level of vision with maximum protection, they must go for this GLX Unisex Half Helmet. GLX helmet is the cruiser scooter motorcycle category, one of the best half-face helmets. It is an excellent helmet that the riders can get the highest comfort while hooting on the road. You can undoubtedly love this great feeling and great fit half helmet on your head. I will recommend this helmet for the riders to give the backup for good weather.

The Main Features of GLX Motorcycle Half Helmet

Outer Shell: The Trimatrix materials like carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass composite make the helmet’s outer shell.

Speed Dial System: Due to the speed dial adjustment system, the rider won’t need to face the lift and slippage plaguing problem.

Internal Shield: Here, you can get the drop-down internal shield to protect the riders from the sun and excessive wind. The smoke-free guard can protect the rider from 99% of the sunray.

Other Features: You can get synthetic leather along the lower edge of the liner for safety that can give the helmet a stylish look. The audio enhancement equipment can increase the communication system.

Safety: This motorcycle helmet cruiser meets the FMVSS 218 standard and gets a DOT certificate.

Inner materials: The inner portion of the shell is made with the high-absorbing EPS foam layer, which has a moisture-wicking capacity to keep the rider’s head cool.

Likable Features
  • You can get various sizes of Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet in the market.
  • The inner materials cab increases durability.
  • It comes with a sunglass-type extra aerodynamic visor.
  • The internal sun shields can give on-the-fly protection.
  • The riders can up and down the twin sun shield according to their need.
  • The speed dial fit system can hold the helmet to the curvature of your head.
  • The internal sun shield is prominent, high-def, and smoke.
  • The microfiber inner materials are easy to remove, replace, and washable.
  • The GLX Unisex helmet chart is providing with this model.
  • You can feel great with this good-looking helmet.
  • This GLX Unisex is one of the affordable products.
  • The grip is customizable.
Why We Do Not Like
  • The black finishing shell is not so durable and scratches easily
  • The face shield cannot protect their scooter riders perfectly from the bugs, winds, and flying stones. It also makes some distortion on your left eye
  • This great helmet looks a little bit bulky.

9. VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet

VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet

Some riders call this Vcoros Motorcycle Helmet the safest half helmet with complete protection. This modern technology-loaded design half helmet can give the riders more comfort. This half helmet design is more stunning than the picture and loaded with lots of features. The interior also looks very nice and fits if you can get the perfect measurement of your head according to the guideline. This helmet shows the symbol of USA pride patriotic flag design, which is very efficient. However, this Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet is ultimately the best half shell motorcycle helmet appropriate for both men and women.

The Main Features of VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet

Inner Materials: The inner portion made with the high-density EPS liner with enough ventilation system protects you from hot weather.

Sun shield: This VCOROS Motorcycle Half Helmet provides the rider tinted drop-down sun shield that can protect you from the U.V. rays, bugs, rains, and other flying objects.

Lightweight: This 2.4 pounds helmet can eliminate neck fatigue while the riders ride for a long time and reduce the pressure overhead.

Strap: Here, you can get the padded quick-release strap system, making the helmet easy to open and close.

Custom Fit Dial Adjuster: VCOROS Motorcycle cool half helmets have custom fit dial adjuster perfectly fit for those hard-to-fit smaller heads.

Safety: This high-quality ABS shell solid color helmet has DOT FMVSS N218 approved, so you can legally use this helmet for cycling, motorcycle riding, and other sports.

Likable Features
  • This best-looking half helmet can give you half-face coverage.
  • Inner pads are removable and washable.
  • This beanie motorcycle helmet is perfectly fit with the rider’s head.
  • The riders get perfect ear protection.
  • This helmet provides the chin protector with a quick-release buckle.
  • The fully vented liner makes this helmet relaxed and comfortable.
  • The EPS materials give the helmet more strength.
  • You can use this helmet for motorcycles and while you ride on a scooter, moped, UTV, ATV, different types of turning bike, or street bike.
  • This helmet is ultimately the best use of your money.
  • You can easily remove and replace the drop-down sun visor.
  • 12 colors are available so you can make a good combination with your motorcycle.
  • A perfect helmet sizing chart is provided with this best DOT half helmet.
  • With this helmet, you can get a disposable inner protective bag to store the helmet.
Why We Do Not Like
  • The paint of the outer shell looks cheap and scratch-able.
  • Though the riders use earplugs, they feel noise while riding near the rider’s ears.
  • While you have gloves on, you cannot pull the visor down easily.

10. VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you protect your head with this layering core half helmet, you can ultimately get a pleasant off-road experience. This Cruiser helmet is the perfect combination of style, safety, and comfort while riders are on the busy road. Moreover, this compact half-shell design is smaller than the compact open face helmet. When you try to found a helmet that fits well, you will be pleased to see this well-equipped and great helmet. So, if a rider wants any lightweight helmet, then definitely this VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet is the ideal choice for them.

The Main Features of VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet

Materials: The outer shell or the skid lid is made with the ABS thermoplastic durable resin shell with a sleek black graphic design that gives the helmet a cool look. And also, in the front of the helmet, you can see a protective rubber trim with a streamlined spoiler.

Safety: The headcover of this Vcan half helmet can meet the DOT standard.

Design:  The thick interior padding has several layers to give the rider enough comfort.

Chin Strap: This VCAN Cruiser Intricate Butterfly Motorcycle Half Helmet provides a D- ring secured chin strap.

Visor: This helmet provides the rider a removal visor and screws to assemble the helmet correctly to get the highest comfort.

Likable Features
  • The chin strap is adjustable and durable.
  • This helmet fits perfectly on your head.
  • The interior pad and visor are removable and washable.
  • The resin shell can meet the safety standard.
  • The 2.49 pounds helmet can give the riders total protection.
  • Perfect for high-speed riders.
  • The Butterfly helmet design is stunning with a secured lock.
  • The prices of the helmet are very reasonable with good quality.
  • The padding thickness is adequate.
  • We recommended this helmet due to its excellent customer service.
  • This helmet is easy to put on and take off.
Why We Do Not Like
  • The fitting of this half helmet is not comfortable for all the riders due to the chin strap.
  • Sometimes the helmet comes with missing screws, and you need to rearrange those screws to assemble the helmet.

Comprehensive Buying Guide of Best Half Helmets for Motorcycle

You already know what makes the product the best half motorcycle helmet. But still, it may be hard trouble for you to select the best outcome. According to our observation, lots of products have unique features while the others consist of minimal components. 

Though the half-face helmet cannot provide enough protection, some models can still provide enough protection that will keep you safe on the road. So, choosing the best helmet that will work for your riding needs and budget, you have to consider more things about features and design that I want to discuss.

Exterior Materials: Like the other helmet, the outer part of the half-face helmet is made with polycarbonate, thermoplastic alloy, expanded polystyrene, Kevlar thermoplastic, or fiberglass. All these materials involve making the helmet lightweight and robust as well.

Most of the helmet materials; that I have already discussed are either made of thermoplastic alloy or polycarbonate. So, if you want to get your helmet, I will suggest you choose a thermoplastic alloy or polycarbonate helmet because you need such a helmet that can give you the best protection.

Interior Materials: For safety purposes, the inner materials matter a lot. All the half helmets have cushion materials to keep the helmet safe. While you purchase the helmet, remember that the internal parts should be removed and washable containing super-quality foam. The inner

foam can give you enough protection and keep you safe from injuries. Moreover, you need to check the inner liner while purchasing the best helmet from the market.

Breathable quality: While you are riding on a motorcycle wearing a helmet, you may struggle to keep yourself calm and also keep the sweat out of the eyes. Without keeping yourself quiet, you cannot feel comfortable. Breathability is another primary consideration to change the style of the helmet. Try to purchase that type of helmet made with half of the materials than other helmets to keep the internal portion cool. Fewer materials allow the wind to pass quickly. The flowing air can keep the rider’s head cool. The half helmet has an adequate amount of ventilation system, and you need to consider this factor.

Durability: Before releasing all the helmets, test vigorously. There will be less chance to face any accident due to less or faulty gear. However, some brands still terminate their products without any examination. They have no safety certificate at all. So, must stay out of that type of product. Generally, a good quality helmet can last nearly 5 to 6 years if you take proper care. If you can find any cracks on the surface, replace them quickly.

Chin Straps and Buckle: Chin strap is the leading security of the helmet and can ideally give head protection. But sometimes, the riders reject this factor. The chin strap needs to fasten correctly to make the helmet place secure without falling off it. So, while you need to purchase a new one, check the chin strap, whether D- ring buckle or a Nylex chin strap. If you cannot fasten the chinstrap quickly, it would result in a crash. 

Safety Standard: You already know that the entire helmet must have a legal safety standard certificate to maintain road safety.Depending on the country or area, the helmet has DOT or ECE standards. Without one of these standard stickers, don’t purchase any helmet; otherwise, you may face trouble.

Weight: The entire rider’s primary concern is to feel comfortable while riding on the motorcycle. The lightweight materials not only can give the highest protection but also keep the rider’s comfort. So, you cannot ignore the importance of the weight and while you purchase the new one, try to buy a two to three pounds helmet.

Dropdown Shield: The drop-down shield can give you some more extra protection to keep you safe. In the half helmet, the drop-down security can provide enough protection compared with the full-face helmet. The visor can only cover the forehead to the nose. A short bill can protect your eyes from the direct ray of the sun and wind, and it should be removable and replaceable also. So, try to consider this feature also while you are interested in purchasing your helmet.

Style: All the riders also consider the style of the helmet like the motorcycle. But there are no significant style changes among model to model of the half-face helmet. Only the design, color, and pattern is changing. So you can consider these factors also while picking up the new product.

Head Shape and Size: Most of the users return their helmets due to the incorrect size and shape of the helmet. Almost all the branded products have their size chart to choose the perfect size helmet. Before purchasing the helmet, you need to measure your head that I have already told you and get the ideal size of the helmet that fits properly. So, this factor is very much crucial that you have to consider; otherwise, the helmet cannot give you any protection.

Affordability: Another essential factor that the new buyer should consider is price range. Naturally, the user wants to get such a type of helmet that is affordable with lots of features. Usually, the helmet that costs more can offer more features with enough comfort. But you have to consider the price range and a budget-friendly product with good qualities.

Noise Reduction:  Most of the branded helmets can produce enough noise, but there are still some less noisy models. Too much noise can cause hearing loss. You need to go for that kind of product. It’s not wise to put yourself at any risk by purchasing any noisy helmet.

You can see several high-quality half motorcycle helmets in the market, but getting the best outcome requires an in-depth look at the features and find out the best product for yourself.

Why Choose a Half Face Helmet for Motorcycle?

Most of the time, the new riders cannot decide to choose the half-face or full-face helmet. However, the decision may vary among different age groups. The new bikers think that the half-face helmet cannot protect the skull like the full-face helmet. And older adults like to wear a half-face helmet due to the style and comfort beside the protection.

In terms of safety and protection, the half-face helmet is structurally the same as the entire face one by providing the coverage. It can be a superb option by allowing you complete freedom to an approachable manner with superior breathability. While riding on the motorcycle, if you wear the half helmet, you can hear other sounds except the wind sound. Moreover, for those who cruise at a low speed, the half-face helmet is preferable to them. It will give the riders enough comfort with clear sight and sound during riding on the motorcycle. The cool lid is also very user-friendly for the riders.

However, we will recommend choosing the helmet based on your needs and not making any mess with selecting the perfect one.

Are Half Helmets Safe?

The motorcycle helmet needs are rising day by day due to the increasing amount of fetal head injuries because of accidents. Helmets can protect your skull from different hard surfaces and heavy impacts. Even the most experienced person can face accidents.

The half motorcycle helmet cannot give complete protection like the full-face helmet. A large portion of your face is exposed, and you may face various facial trauma due to road accidents. The half helmet can only protect 38.6% of riders’ brain injuries from motorcycle accidents. Besides this, the riders are not secure from the harsh weather or different types of dust, or flying objects.

So, the inexperienced riders and those riding longer distances do not prefer to use this half helmet. But the riders who travel for the short length and less risky areas can use these stylish half motorcycle helmets.

Which Is A Better Half Or Full-face Helmet?

Based on the person’s riding skill and depending on the style and other considerations, you can decide which one suits you, full face or half face helmet. So, which helmet is best? We don’t want to recommend that you have to wear a particular type of helmet. Choose the helmet which is suitable for your specific location in good condition.

Half Helmets VS Full Face Helmets

Surprisingly the advantages of the half-face helmets are a lot. The most important thing is, you can get clear visibility compared with the full-face helmet. At high speed, we all know that the rider must need high visibility. Another thing is the riding is absolutely the feeling of air. If the helmet has a robust lid, you can also feel the wind on your face. During hot weather, the full-face helmet cannot maintain the cool temperature of the head; you may feel suffocating. Moreover, you may feel the unnecessary weight on your head. But the half helmet can give you a super cool feeling without adding extra weight.

However, you don’t need to open the helmet frequently if you need to talk or drink anything. The half helmet will give you the feeling that it would be the part of your head. But the full-face helmet will provide you complete protection of your face and head by different types of safety features.

By the way, it’s very tough to find a superior product. If you are a regular rider at top speed, the full-face helmet is the right choice. On the other hand, if you are the occasional rider, you can go for the lightweight half helmet to give you an extra bit of comfort. The most important thing is that the helmet should select through the preference of the rider.

Are Half Helmets DOT approved?

In recent years the DOT means the U.S Department of Transportation forcefully regulates the uses of motorcycle helmets. The helmet that does not meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard requirements cannot meet the DOT requirement. The helmet that meets all the requirements can get the DOT certificate. Those helmets have a DOT sticker on the outside or back of the helmet.

Without the DOT sticker, you cannot ride on the motorcycle by using the helmet. Like all the helmets, half helmets also need a DOT sticker. Otherwise, you cannot wear them.

How Should a Motorcycle Half Helmet Fit?

You have to buy that type of motorcycle helmet, which fits you perfectly. So, to get the perfect motorcycle half helmet, you need the ideal measurement of your head. Measuring the head’s most considerable circumstances above your eyebrows over your eyes and around in the back portion. And remember that you have to try more than one time to get the largest measurement.

The Perfect Way to Fit Half Helmet

First of all, place the helmet on your head, and close the chin bar system under your chin and make sure the strap can fit snugly under your chin. Remember that there will be no gap between the lowbrow and the inner line of the helmet. And the helmet should straight across your head.

Now place your two hands on both sides of the helmet and try to roll it front and back of your head. If you see that the helmet moves forward quickly, you should pick one size smaller than the previous one. But if the helmet does not move forward or backward and side by side, then the helmet is perfect for you. 

It’s essential to purchase a comfortable helmet but need to fix it properly. For the time being, the inner comfort liner will compress after uses, so you need to take a few loose helmets. Another thing is, for the half helmet, you need to wear eyewear or glass, so make sure that the eyewear does not fit tightly.

When you wear the helmet and the glass, you need to wait for 15 minutes to feel the uncomfortable pressure on your ear and head; while you think that everything is ok, then that helmet is perfect.

Why Do Motorcycle Cops Wear Half Helmets?

Half helmets always allow the cops to get their more peripheral vision and hearing accuracy than the full-face helmet. Many law enforcement agencies tell their officers to remove their helmets while they are talking with people. The cause is, if the cops wear the full-face helmet, they need to close their eyes for a moment to open it. And the cops don’t like to close their eyes in front of the violator.

While the cops or the officers are on duty, they have to wear their helmets. For making face-to-face conversation, it’s also required to open the face. Sometimes the lower portion of the helmet makes the voice muffled, and the violators cannot realize properly what the officers say. On the other hand, the cops cannot hear others’ voices due to the full-face helmet obstacles, and they feel stress while they are on the busy road.

But that doesn’t mean that the full-face helmet is abundant with the law enforcement agencies.

Do Half Helmets Protect You?

Most of the time, the newbies prefer to wear a full-face helmet to get a different level of protection. But when the half-face helmet comes to mind, you can feel the open air while riding. Riding is absolutely the feeling of freedom, and the half helmet can give you that feeling.

Moreover, there is a debate about the sun protection system. Some riders think that safety depends on the riding experience rather than the pieces of hardware. But the accident can happen to anyone, and even the experienced rider can face different types of injuries.

While you are riding, a large portion of the face opens, and you can get complete comfort, but this exposes amount is so dangerous. I.T. will give you a lack of eye protection against dust, smoke, and other flying elements. The riders may face problems during the rainy weather and winter season. Though you feel very relaxed in the unique environment, you will regret it.

Unfortunately, an accident can occur at any time. And if you can’t get any type of protection over the face, you suffer some severe facial injuries. So, you should be aware during riding and choose the motorcycle half helmets accordingly.

Final Words

Wearing a half helmet cannot give you total safety, but you can get enough comfort with a clear view. As the half helmet leaves your face exposed, you need to be very careful about your speed and surroundings without breaking the rules, even if you have enough experience.

Remember that you must prioritize the safety and protection most and the persons’ riding skills while deciding to pick the best half helmets for a motorcycle. Moreover, the half helmet can protect lots of riders from traumatic situations. So, don’t forget to consider the features of our top listed helmets to get the best one, and definitely, you can get lots of support from this guideline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Wear A Full-face Helmet On A Cruiser?

We all know that cruising is enjoyable and relaxing, and no need to rush at all. Still, the helmet is necessary for cruising. Ultimately, the full-face helmets always give enough protection to keep you safe. But most of the cruiser likes to wear half-face helmets as they can get more comfortable feelings. However, you can choose the solid color full-face helmet if you are a cruiser. With any bike and rider, this type of helmet can go. Though any kind of multi-color helmet that you can use for a cruiser if that one protects you from danger.

Why Aren’t Half Helmets Designed for Beginners?

Driving without a helmet can be more relaxed in hot weather. But it will increase the chances of severe injuries if you are hit by other vehicles. Behind any doubt, wearing a motorcycle helmet can save valuable lives. In recent years motorcycle helmets can save almost 1772 motorcyclists’ lives.
The beginners are not experienced enough to ride safely. The half-face helmet usually gives very little protection, while the whole face can give more either in a crash. So, if you are a beginner and want to provide value, try to ignore more miniature protective half-face helmets.

Can I Wear Glasses or Goggles with a Half Helmet?

You can get a wonderful experience if you start with friendly eyewear during riding. The goggles or sunglasses are better protective gear for your eyes and give you enough comfort by increasing your vision. Without the proper glass, it’s challenging to go for a long trip to create irritation on your journey and cause headaches.
As the half-face helmet has no shield to protect your whole face and eyes, you need to wear glasses or goggles. You have the freedom to choose any style. The glass can protect your eyes by keeping out the dust and wind and make the journey comfortable.

How to Lock Half Helmet to Your Motorcycle?

Most of the time, the bikers will be very tense about keeping their helmet while they need to leave their bike for an extended period. The biker needs to think about whether they carry their helmet when they lock their bike or carry it due to the fear of theft? Don’t worry; there are several solutions to protect your half helmet with your motorcycle and make it theft-prof.
You have an obvious idea about how to make all these solutions workable. Well, protection can keep you relaxed and stay without the fear of leaving your helmet behind. To ensure the helmet’s safety, we all know that you can find several helmets locked in the market. But without knowing the uses of the safety lock, you cannot ensure complete protection.
You can keep your half helmet safe by using the helmet lock or gun lock. Some helmets have a clip design locking system to lock helmets to the motorcycle with the D-rings on your helmet. But when your helmet has no D rings or gun lock or helmet lock, then what should you do?
One of the best ways to lock your half helmet with your motorcycle is that you can take a gun lock or cable lock through the helmet’s visor and also the passenger peg. You can get better protection when you use this technique. If you use this process, the thief cannot easily slice or cut this D- string chin strap to steal the helmet. Another strategy is, you can use the quick-release chin straps to lock your half helmet.
So, if you need to keep your bike for a more extended period, you have to use a motorcycle helmet with the cycle. But you may think that the thief can cut the chin strap easily and still the helmet. However, without the chin strap, the half helmet is useless. So, if any thief cuts the chin strap and steals the helmet, they cannot use it.

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