The 08 Best Full face Motorcycle Helmets under 300 for 2021

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If you have a motorbike, which question is bothering you right now? Let me guess the question! Yes, it might be about the safety of yourself on the demon road! Whether you are a newbie bike rider or older—it does not make any sense if you think of riding on your bike without wearing a full face motorcycle helmet. The fact is after you purchase your lovely bike, a perfect helmet is supposed to be your first concern so that you can maintain your safety and state law just immediately. However, we have covered the best motorcycle helmet for you today. Just read our article, and find the best one from our selection.

best full face motorcycle helmets under 300
Open face HelmetHelmet weightOuter ShellVehicle service type.Why Best?Specifications
ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet  5.49 lbsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneAll Best for advanced communication systems.Bluetooth connection and intercom system.Voice dial for making phone calls.FM system volume controllers and easily operating music systems.Removable and replaceable lens and Niners.
TORC – T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet
5.15 lbsFiberglass Tri-Composite ShellStreet BikeBest for retro styleThis helmet has a front intake and exhaust vents. Easily removable,anti-scratch, and ani fog-resistant shields.New and classic ratchet system.
Scorpion Exo Covert Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Style Matte Black Helmet 3.97 lbsAdvanced LG Polycarbonate ShellStreet-touring-motorcycles, Street-sport-motorcycles, Off-road-motorcycles, Street-cruiser-motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Utility-vehicles, Street-motor-scooters, All-terrain-vehiclesBest as unisex helmetsThis type of helmet has an EverClear drop-down sun visor. Comfort liner with KwikWick II fabrics. It includes a removable rear comfort sleeve. Removable Front Mask with Neodymium Magnets.
FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets, 4.05 lbsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneMotorcycle, Snowmobile, SkiingBest for advanced communication systems.Bluetooth connection and intercom system.DSP Echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. Built-in goggles and wearable lenses.Multi-tasking technology such as intercom systems, navigation, etc.
Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet, FreedConn BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet  5.9 lbsAcrylonitrile Butadiene StyreneMotorcycle, Snowmobile, SkiingBest for overallChangeable liner with 5 different sizes.With Bluetooth technology it supports music, FM, GPS voice prompt, intercom also. Built-in 2 speakers with  DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology.
Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet  3.3Multi-layer TCT shell: Fiberglass, Aramid, polyresinCruiserBest for securityInterchangeable face shield. It includes two windscreens. It has a removable chin bar.
Bell SRT Street Helmets  3.7 lbsFiberglassMotorcycleBest for securityPanovision shield with class one optics shield. The helmet has recessed EPS pockets for the speaker. Eyeglass compatibility.
TORC A-SLD-T14 T14/T14Blinc Mako Full Face Helmet 5.15 lbsThermal alloy polymerMotorcycleBest for Bluetooth connection systemAnti-fog shield.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Under 300

ILM Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Let’s start with the Bluetooth feature of this helmet. Only you need to press 3 seconds on the MFB (Multi-function button) to run the Bluetooth option. And secondly, press 5 seconds on the same button to turn off the Bluetooth system. It is so easy and simple, and everybody can use this feature.

However, the second feature of this helmet is the phone handling facility even when the user is on a ride. Either call answering, rejecting, or terminating-all things are possible with this unit (only need to press on the MFB button).

Interestingly if the user does not attend the call with 15 seconds, and will be automatically received. Moreover, it also allows toggling by phone or intercom, even by the music as well.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the top Bluetooth helmets that can efficiently pair with your phone and wake up the Voice assistant (you can automatically give a voice response by saying-Hey Siri/Hey Bixby).

To use the FM function from this helmet, you have to turn off the Bluetooth option and then move the jog-wheel counterclockwise and press on here for 2 seconds.

Key Features

Touch Control

This particular motorcycle helmet offers the user One-touch control for phone handling (Phone calls, Call answering, Rejecting a call, Redialling, etc.). It also allows Incoming Phone Call Overrides Intercom for better phone usage when you are on a ride. 

Not only these, but you can also enjoy Music, FM radio with GPS Navigation Audio after wearing this helmet.

Full of Updated Techs

This helmet is manufactured consisting of so many techs, and you will be happy to know all about these. It has Bluetooth 3.0 Technology, and it is made with Washable Microfiber Liner plus Adjustable Vents. 

Like any other super brand for a full-face motorcycle helmet, it also has noise cancellation technology. Additionally, the DSP Echo tech’s presence here produces an efficient voice over the phone.

Maintain Safety Standard

This full-face helmet already got approval from ECE & DOT. DSP Echo Cancellation plus Noise Suppression Technology makes this helmet deliver a noise-free, high-quality voice even when the motorcycle is running at high speed.

Supportive & Connective

Another excellent feature of this product is, it has a Bluetooth connection with a Group Intercom facility. This helmet is so supportive even you can stay connected with other same helmet users up to a max distance of up to 1000 feet using the intercom. 

The built-in speaker feature has Full Stereo Sound tech to obtain a crystal clear voice over the phone.

  • It has Charging Indicators that will help the riders to ensure battery life before long trips.
  • There are no changes in awkward feelings after wearing this helmet due to its Good Airflow.
  • Bluetooth works well.
  • It comes with a battery box, so it becomes so user-friendly.
  • Removable & Replaceable Lens with Liners.
  • Bit Noisy on the highway
  • Though the visor is very clear, it isn’t so clear.
  • Talking is flawed with the microphone.

ILM Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Retro motorcycle helmets are old-style helmets. The retro helmets not only secured you but also it is a culture of practice of timeless trends and honor of old fashions. These retro style or vintage look motorcycle helmets are the best design in helmet fashion.

With the matte black, the TORC – T115:24 T1 retro full-face helmet is a unisex helmet for adults. These excellent matte black colors make you different from other riders during rides. With this retro look, you can make your riders memorable and fabulous.

Key Features

Safety standard

TORC offers you safety helmets that already got certificates from different safety standards. This helmet got the certificate from DOT standard (US), ECE standard (Europe), SG safety certification ( Japan), CCC certification (China), KC certification (Korea). Unbelievably we will get a standard quality helmet by spending a minimal amount of money from TORC.

Helmet shell and protection

The TORC included a fiberglass tri composite shell. It was engineered to protect the rider by minimizing the weight of the cover and increase the effectiveness in dispersing impact energy. This hardcover can give you optimal security and protection from outer impact.

TORC included padded chin straps with D–ring closure to ensure proper lock when riders wear and also when it store. The retention system or chin straps secured the chin area while wearing a helmet. These padded chin straps are fastened with two D-ring closures for a better fit.

Ventilation systems

Suffocation and increased in vitro temperature is an excellent problem with a full-face helmet if there are no proper ventilation systems included. TORC included a perfect ventilation system to allow an appropriate air intake and exhaust.

TORC – T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet carries two front slid-open vents included metal mesh, vents in the front forehead with metal mesh and exhaust, and also 4 rear exhausts. All these vents ensure continuous air circulations make the trip fantastic. 


TORC L1 retro style unisex adult helmet included multi-density EPS (expanded polystyrene ) impact-absorbing liners. The primary function of these liners is to absorb shock and distribute the energy due to shock in a balanced way.

The helmet has an ultra-plush padded inner liner for better fit and comfort. These comfort liner designed such a way that can be easily removable and washable while it becomes dirty.

Face shield

With Faux Suede Liner TORC T1- a retro adult full face helmet offers you an easily removable face shield. Face shields are always for protecting your face and eyes from bugs, dust, winds, and everything from your helmet. The TORC face shield has anti-fog and anti-scratch properties.

  • Fiberglass tri composite shell gives the ultimate protection.
  • Front ventilation and rear exhaust system ensure and give you an incredible and comfortable journey.
  • The inner liners and padded EPS can easily be removed from the helmet for cleaning purposes.
  • The face shield is scratch-resistant and has anti properties, which improve your vision capabilities.
  • The screws used in the helmets are made of cheap materials. All of this screw breaks down quickly.

ScorpionExo half face helmet for adult

Under 300$ Scorpion Exo Convert unisex helmets is best one. Scorpion Exo convert is one of the best half helmets which has patent design in the US. These standard helmets can be converted so that they can be used in any bike or two-wheelers.

These helmets are popular for both full-face helmets and also open-face helmets. When riders want to expose themselves to open-air, they can easily convert the full-face Scorpion into an open face. 

Scorpion helmets are a bundle of all types of modern and beneficial features at affordable prices.

Key Features

Safety standards

These helmets already got the certifications from DOT standards.

Shell constructions and protections

For better protection, scorpion shells are made of advanced industry-leading polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a sound impact absorber. These constructing materials make the helmet light in weight and offer maximum protection by absorbing impact.

The retractable sun visors can protect the eye from any different light conditions. Direct exposure to sun rays can hurt your vision and also cause blindness. Everclear drop-down sun visor has a coating on both sides for enjoying a fog-free and perfect visible ride. 

At night times an additional dark smoke Everclear shield is installed for avoiding any odd situations during rides. These shields are anti-scratch and fog. And also, it offers 95% UV-A and UV-B.

EPS liners and comfort

The Scorpion Exo covert helmet has dual-density expanded polystyrene liners. The antimicrobial Kwickwick II fabrics, removable and washable inner liners, absorbs the moistures and keep you cool and dry in warm weather and warm in cool weather. In addition, these dual-density liners increase comfort.  

Ventilation system

They were getting the air in and out correctly during riding in essential issues. For example, inappropriate ventilation systems can cause suffocations, increased temperature inside the helmets. 

In the aero-tuned ventilation systems, integrated forehead intake vents absorb the wind noise.


Removal front mask and rear comfort sleeves may result in different three district t specifications for riders: full mode,3/45 mode, and ½ mode. The removable front vents are with neodymium magnets which helps to change the way from one to another.

  • Two types of helmet mood can be used easily by these helmets. This helmet is a package of open-face helmets and a full-face helmet.
  • Scorpion Exo gives riders better protection with its polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate shell makes it light in weight and absorbs the impact.
  • The sun shield visors protect the eye from sun rays.
  • Face Mask can be removed easily, and the magnets are not strong enough to support the face mask.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth helmet

Motorcycle riders who want to breeze themselves by a gentle air in the middle of their trips just choose modular helmets. Modular helmets are either full-face helmets or open-face helmets also. Modular helmets are designed such that extra comfort may give to you. A modular helmet is the advanced hybrid generation of open-face and full-face helmets.

FreedConn offers you modular full-face helmets with all modern and demandable features at affordable prices. These helmets have a lightweight shell with an advanced ventilation system, Bluetooth connections, dual visors, high-quality sound, easily removable and washable liners, and many more things. Just imagine all the items are only 300$.

FreedConn Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmets also gives you optimal protections with extra comforts. FreedConn Bluetooth integrated helmets maybe your best full-face helmets as it incorporates a hinge to open it into an open face helmet.

FreedConn offers available in different colors with different sizes. Therefore, people can easily choose their best motorcycle helmet from different color freedconn helmets with their desired size. This upgraded Bluetooth integrated modular flip-off full face helmet and upgraded speaker system provide you with a beautiful music feast.

Key Features

Advanced Communication System (Bluetooth integrated )

These Freedconn helmets are integrated with advanced Bluetooth (version 3.0) communication systems. You can keep connected with your cell phone, music players, and GPS systems easily.

These modular freedconn Bluetooth helmets support 2 riders connection at a time and 3 riders pairing from up to 500m distance.

The advanced Bluetooth technology gives you the facilities to receive incoming calls, reject calls and redial by tapping a button. Indeed you also enjoy music FM and get supports from GPS navigation audio by triggering Sri or voice command.

The long time battery life gives the riders a more convenient and efficient journey. Through one time charge, you can connect with other riders by a built-in Bluetooth intercom system for up to 9 hours. When you are paired with your cell phone, it may stay connected for about 12 hours. So, in case a short tour regularly charges these batteries one time a month. 

Lightweight helmet shell

The helmet shells are made of advanced ABC shell materials, which reduced their weight. The ABC shell materials make the helmet more scratch-resistant and cheap in price.

The high-quality Voice system

Additionally, Freedconn motorcycle Bluetooth helmets incorporated with advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. The DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression provide high quality and any kind of external noise-free sounds to you.

Inner liner

Freedconn motorcycle helmets have 3 different sizes of liners to ensure the fittings. If the helmet does not fit with your head without any hesitation, direct contact with the Freedconn for exact liners.

The fully removable microfiber liners and check pads work as a deodorant, adsorbents, and comforters. These liners are fully washable to ensure proper cleanings.

Dual visor

The clear visibility with these helmets is ensured by their visors along with an anti-fog face shield. The face shields are scratch-resistant and induced in self-life. Riders may enjoy dust, insects, or other unwanted particles free ridings for this face shield.

This face shield is incorporated with push-button technology. People who really want to change their full face helmets to open face, by using this push-button technology they will change his Freedconn full face into an open face helmet.


Additionally, Freedconn designed these helmets with many other features to make them the best motorcycle full-face motorcycle helmet within acceptable ranges. They incorporated built-in 2 premium speakers with full stereo sounds, Goggles, and strengthened wearable lenses. So, let’s enjoy the trip with this highly equipped, well decorated, and enriched with advanced featured Freedcoonn Motorcycle helmet.

  • These helmets are highly recommended for their advanced bluetooth technology and it’s ease of use.
  • At a time, through bluetooth intercom, you will be connected with 2 other riders and make the team for the journey.
  • 3-dimensional ventilation systems ensure proper airflows and offer you a comfortable wearing experience.
  • The removable face shield gives maximum protection for your face and eyes.
  • The high-quality DSP echo technology and noise suppression systems give a high-quality sound system.
  • The battery designs are disappointing. Battery charges vanish quickly, and recharge is quite tricky. So, riders need a second-time investment in buying batteries.

FreedConn BM2-S modular motorcycle helmet

The FreedConn flip-up modular helmets offer an excellent gift for men: FreedConn BM2-S flip-up Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. This helmet may be the best motorcycle helmet due to its user-friendly, professional, and easily accessible Bluetooth system. In addition, these helmets have a complete communication system which makes communication so simple while riding a motorcycle.

By using Bluetooth communication systems and intercom systems, riders can easily connect with different riders who wear freedconns. Also, maintain rider-to-rider communication to make the trip perfect.

Key Features

Safety standards 

The ABC (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell materials helmet already got the DOT certificate and exceeded the requirements of DOT. So there’s no question about the safety standard of these helmets. Obviously, the lightweight FreedConn BM2 -S offers you a comfortable journey without any tensions of safety.

Powerful communication system

Freed conn BM2-S Flip-Up modular helmet maintains a robust communication system with its Bluetooth intercom communication systems. The power complete communication system of these helmets helps you to keep connected with your friends or other partners up to 500m away.

The Bluetooth system (3.0 version) helps connect your helmet with your smart device, MP3 players or any music players, and GPS. Via Bluetooth, trips may turn out more enjoyable and memorable with music. Riders can enjoy music from cellphones or MP3 and FM also.

With this Bluetooth technology, people can easily connect with GPS voice prompts and make hassle-free rides. In addition, helmets support hands-free calls -answering, rejecting the incoming calls, and dialing the last dial numbers. All this happened only by using a multifunctional button.

Helmet Chin Strap

Chinstrap is a strap attached with a helmet designed to fit it with the wearers of the chin. It also helps to hold the headgears in their proper place. The well-made chin straps of Freed conn helmets help to attach the helmet tightly and reduce the chances of injury in dangerous situations.

Excellent ventilation system

Will you live without breathing? Obviously! No. Without a proper ventilation system, sometimes a full-face helmet may turn dangerous for riders. 

An excellent ventilation system has featured FreedConn BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet. This helmet has ventilation systems in the mouth. One key-controlled ventilation system can be turned on easily when required, and it enhances the airflow.

These helmets are designed so that riders may feel relaxed when they ride their favorite bikes. The top ventilation systems of these excellent helmets allow the riders to have comfortable rides. Additionally, helmets also have a convection exhaust system for proper air evacuations.

Dual visor

Visor protects your eyes from sunlight, any fling buds, dust, etc. The visor helps to improve rider’s visibility and enjoy adventures with fewer possibilities of accidents. FreedConn BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet has dual visors. These visors may help you to ride comfortably without any disturbance, even in poor weather.

Comfortable inner liner

FreedConn allows you to change the liner among the different sizes available. Freedconn has five different sizes of helmets to ensure proper fittings. In addition, the fully washable microfiber liners give a comfortable wearing experience. 

Liners have three-dimensional ventilation systems to ensure accurate airflow.

Long battery life

One of the fantastic features of this modular flip-off helmet is its long-lasting battery life. Even When the helmet is idle, the Bluetooth batteries have a charge of at least 300 hours. So with a 2 to 3 hours charge of these helmets’ battery, you can easily talk for 8 to 10 hours.

Seriously if you need a Bluetooth modular helmet with a low budget, then FreedConn BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is the best one with all functions.

  • Riders can easily be connected with other riders and stay in touch so that it reduces any danger.
  • Operating the bluetooth system is very easy. All the work like call receiving, call rejecting, a multifunctional button makes listing music.
  • The long-lasting rechargeable battery has been incorporated with these helmets. Moreover, these batteries have low power protection automatically. So, no need to worry about the connectivity losing the interim period of the trip.
  • If you lose USB cables or break down the visors, you will enjoy all types of possible help from FreedConn.
  • The sound quality in the case of hearing is not sufficient. The sound quality sent from outside is ok, but when riders send something, there is a lack of sound quality and a lack of echo cancellation.
  • The sunglasses seem to be stuck sometimes, and it does not set correctly without pulling manually.

Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet

A quality motorcycle helmet like Scorpion EXO price below 300 USD can deliver such versatile features with the most updated helmet profile-which is usually a dream for all bikers. This helmet is one of the most lightweight Ultra-TCT made constructed helmets which is really an anti of all non-sense and hazardous helmet bother the user.

So why is it so light in weight, and why are we calling it so good? The Lightweight shell it gets from Multilayer TCT-Ultra (covering fiberglass + Aramid + Poly-resin fibers). Obviously, it is practically user-friendly with a starting size range from Small to 2X Large. Fortunately, users can choose three different modes from this helmet (full face, 3/4 mode, and 1/2 mode).

The most awesome matter I should not miss to mention here, this unit already got DOT FMVSS 218 standard, by which users can enjoy another level of freedom to use it anywhere. It has one very sharp and clear Visor (also one tinted one). Both the visor holds in place in a very organized way and also folds up the whole unit in a super catchy way. 

If you find any negative side of this unit, I will tell you about the Bluetooth non-compatibility. Otherwise, all remaining features, techs, or designs are outstanding. It fits precisely on the user’s face and head. It is comfortable and durable as well.

Key Features

Multi-layered Ultra TCT fiberglass shell

The helmet has been made by using modern technology. As a result, this helmet comes lightweight and rigid at the same time as this latest technology. The multi-layered ultra TCT shell combines with fiberglass, Aramid, and poly-resin fibers to deduct the helmet weight, maximize the strength and increase absorption of impact.

This TCT technology is unique, and at high speed for a long drive, it gives ultimate protection to you. You will quickly wear this helmet for up to a long period without any issues.

Multi-layered EPS

The expanded polystyrene is lightweight, crushable foam significantly used in motorcycle helmets as liners. These materials are highly active to minimize the amount of energy transferred to your head during impact.

The advanced multi-layer EPS inners absorb maximum energy absorptions and ventilation through it. In addition, for adequate air ventilation, the front vents are redesigned and revised internal air channels through EPS. 

Kwikwick 3 liners

When you wear a helmet for an extended period, it may sweat inside helmets. The presence of sweat for a long time causes infection or damages to your skull and sensitive skin. The KwikWick 3 liners have antimicrobial properties. 

Scorpion Exo converts X helmets with kwikwick three fabrics inner liners that keep you dry all the time of trip by absorbing the sweat. It also keeps the harmful germs. Finally, riders found a comfortable and tension-free journey.

Efficient ventilation

Breathing problems are unavoidable problems. If there is a lack of air, you feel uncomfortable during your breath. The scorpion converts XXxx with auto-attuned ventilation systems, ensuring adequate air circulation when you are riding.

Range of visors

Visors are essential to you, aware of the surroundings. This helmet has a variety of visors. One is dark smoke SpeedView internal sun visor, which acts to protect your eyes from the glaring of sun rays.

Other visors will provide you with a clear view when you are in a foggy area. These visors have Everclear anti-fog coating on both sides of the visors. You can also use a clear visor for night-time riding when required.

  • The multi-layered TCT on the helmet shell evenly released the absorption energy of impact and reduced the risk of injury in an accident.
  • Due to its unique multi-configuration design, riders can enjoy three different types of helmets such Full Mode, 3/4 Mode, and 1/2 Mode from one Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet.
  • The antimicrobial liners protect your skull from any kind of skin disease caused by microorganisms.
  • During trips, many air vents through the face and some dust, but this air is required for the head.
  • This helmet is not perfect for the highway. It makes a lot of wind noise that makes you deaf.
  • The contracting materials of the chin bar are not quality; they may be plastic or rubber types that are easily blended and twist. These helmets do not give proper protection for riders.

Bell SRT Street Helmets

Bells offer you a mid-level helmet with an affordable princess. We will find DOT and Snell rating helmets by spending the least amount of money.

Bell is a part of Vista Outdoor. American motorcycle helmets and bicycle makers. This company was established in 1923. But their first helmet was introduced in the market in 1954. Then, by Bell SRT, they became famous.

Bell SRT street helmets offer you all types of legendary fit and protections. These street helmets are a package that combines excellent safety and protection with an exceptional value.SRT street helmets are available in seven different sizes.

Key Features

Safety Standard

Bell uses quality materials in their SRT shell and provides three-layer EPS as liners with different modern features. These helmets are for the best comfort and protection over a long trip. It meets the FMVSS 218 Standard. And also get the certification fromDOT standard. 

The shell materials and protections

Helmets are divided into three main components: the shell, EPS liners, and comfort liners. The cover provides ultimate protection and disperses the impact throughout the lid.

Bell SRT street helmet’s shell constructed of fiberglass materials. Fiberglass is comparatively light in weight, and fiberglass is a composite; it includes kevlar, organics fiber, aramids, and sometimes carbon.

Fiberglass helmets surprisingly reduce the maximum level of impact and also reduce wind noise.

EPS liners and comfort

In liners, foams are usually used. The EPS is stiffer in hard impacts, softer in more negligible effects. EPS is reliable, affordable to manufacturers and customers, and accessible to ventilate.EPS liners can absorb the dangerous level of implications. The belle helmets with three-layer expanded polystyrene liners quickly absorb the accidents impact and noise isolation pro[erties.

Eyewear compatible

The Bell SRT included an eyewear warms pocket woven right into the interior liners. Now prescribed sunglasses or a choosable pair may be easily used by putting them into eyewear arms pockets.

Panavision faces shield:

Panovision face shields can transition automatically to light conditions. This shield becomes darkening when exposed to sunlight and clear shields when rides in low light. Bell SRT street helmets have a provision face shield with class 1 optics. 

This shield is easy to install. The face shield is automatically and quickly adjusted with the light conditions. 

Double D-ring closure

Double D-ring closure consists of two D-shaped metal rings then fastened the straps with accurate fittings. For example, the Bell SRT street helmet has double D-ring closure and ensures proper fittings.

The Chin Curtain

These helmets included a chin curtain. The chin curtain helps to reduce the amount of air following into the helmet through the chin area. In addition, chin curtains help reduce noise, and in calm weather, they increase helmet temperatures.

  • Fiberglass shell and EPS liners helmets efficiently distribute the impact into the lid and give riders maximum protection.
  • Bell SRT easily fitted with riders head through a chin curtain and made a comfortable journey
  • Panavision faces shield works perfectly against sun rays, and these shields protect our eyes.
  • Bell SRT is not ideal for the oval-shaped head.
  • There are no detents in the helmet either; the visor is open or closed while riding.
  • The ventilation system of this helmet is indigent. There is no air circulation through the vent, and it becomes hot.

Torc T14B Mako Full Face Helmet

TORC now included many new features with its helmets. TORC A-SLD T14/T14 Blinc mako full-face helmets are different from other TORC because of their Bluetooth system.

Listening to music, FM on the journey time makes this journey more fabulous. The new Bluetooth system integrated into the TORC offers you to listen to music or answer incoming calls efficiently.

The mako design torc is attractive and light in weight from the previous model for your better comfort. There are so many advances in features and materials for making trips more advantageous and easy.

The Bluetooth system, dual-density EPS, laser encountered comfort liner, and optically correct flat panel shield makes the TORC Blinc mako full-face helmet the best one.

Key Features

Helmet shell and protection

The TORC included the advanced thermal polymer alloy shell. Engineered to protect the rider by minimizing the weight of the cover and increase the effectiveness in dispersing impact energy

Advanced Bluetooth system

Included Bluetooth systems increased the convenience of motorcycle helmets and added extra value. By pairing your smart device or MP3 with this Bluetooth system, you can enjoy music whenever you want. 

Bluetooth in Torc T14 Blinc full-face helmet makes it easy to receive calls or reject calls or redial. All this works done by only tapping a button on the helmet.

Riders also make a team trip by connecting with other riders who have Torc Blinc helmets.

Inner Liner

The soft, thick, with extra padded liner makes the rides so enjoyable. It features a laser encountered comfort padding liner that gives you speechless comfort. It is sure that when you wear this helmet, you have just discovered a quality and comfortable helmet on your head. It’s easily removable, and if getting dirty, wash it easily.

Helmet speaker

Face shield

For 2017, again, TORC tried to ungraded their blinc helmet features by adding internal drop-down smoked tinted sun visors. The people who are unaware of the new, stylish locking system of Torc, this all about for you.

Torc has included a smooth locking system to adjust the visors in a quick way. These locking systems make people easy for using sun visors.

These visors can move depending on sunlight. It can lid down or move up the sunlight that is harmful to your retinas in any ride.

A face shield has a critical role in keeping you safe. It stands as a proctor from any kind of insects, dust, winds, or any other foreign particles not to compromise with your visions. Torc blinc has a quick release, scratch-resistant, frog-free face shield. 

It helps to improve your concentration on the road and reduces the possibility of any kind of accident.

Ease maintenance

Surprising Torc offers easy maintenance from Torc Blinc mako full-face helmet. The inner liner can be easily removable and fully washable. So you can stay tension-free about the hygiene and bed smell of your sweat. In case of hot weather, when temperatures are getting a rise and you are all sweaty, then this liner absorbs the sweat and gives you a relaxed feeling.

  • The ABS shell, full face shield, padded liners give riders maximum protection from any kind of shock or impact.
  • On trips, riders can make it more enjoyable by connecting with bluetooth and their smart devices for music.
  • The liners are easily removable and 100% washable.
  • The smoked tinted sun visor moves automatically depending on the intensity of sunlight and protects your eyes.
  • Helmet to helmet chat could not sometimes happen due to inappropriate working of the bluetooth system.
  • Riders have some complaints against the built-in sunglasses that it does not go low enough; there is a gap toward the bottom. Need to wear extra sunglasses if riders eyes have sensitivity to light.

How to Choose the Best Modular Helmet Under 300 (Buying Guide)

There are a lot of designs of modular helmets available in the market with various modern features. Some of them are more expensive. Some are less. It is true indeed that less expensive helmets have less comfort, parts, etc. But if you know details about your need you can easily collect the best one without spending much. Before buying a modular helmet under 300 gives importance to the following points.

  • First and most important is your safety

The most important responsibility of the best motorcycle is to ensure the customer’s safety by correctly protecting his/her head. By considering the following things, we can assure you that the helmet is safe enough-

  • The construction materials must have AKA durability.
  • The inclusion of removable cheek pads improves safety.
  • The chain straps protect the cheek and jaw.
  • An adequately fitted helmet over the head offers better protection.
  • Helmet quality

Before buying, ensure the helmet quality. Check the materials used in the helmets are worked properly. All features offered by the manufacturer give service to you as they described.

The construction materials of the shell absorb the impacts during accidents. So, focus on it. Polycarbonate constructing materials give you better protection by absorbing the effect, which is less expensive. Carbon fibers other shell materials absorb impact, which is more costly. Some anti-scratching properties also influence the helmet quality.

  • Weight of helmets

When a heavy thing is covered in your head, it is uncomfortable. Sometimes heavy helmets make you irritated also. Helmet weight is the fundamental parameter of comfort. Along with durability, the lightweight of the helmet is also essential for a quality helmet. Before buying a helmet, you should keep in mind to buy a light helmet because a heavy helmet can cause extra pressure on your head and reduce comfort.

  • Unavoidable features comfort.

Safety, quality, weight, vents are all ok, but the helmet does not fit with your head. Then what happened? Helmets are useless for you. However, an unfitted helmet does give maximum comfort. The shape of a helmet is vital for helmet fittings. Removable inner liners or pads also increase comfort.

  • Ventilation system

Improper ventilation causes suffocations and increases the in vitro temperatures of the helmet. Therefore, proper ventilation systems are crucial parts of any motorcycle helmet. More vents in a helmet ensure the required amount of air circulation and give a cooling effect.


Yes! There are a lot of helmets found with different features whose price range is less than 300$. Among them, after vigorous study, we just pick 8 of them and stand the list in front of you with the features, advantages, and disadvantages of helmets. 

When riders want to pick an old fashion helmet with some fundamental features, we will recommend choosing TORC – T115:24 T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet. Not only fundamental features, but TORC also offers almost all modern features in their T14 Blinc Full-face Helmets.

Women have faced problems in case of choosing helmets; without any hesitations, just pick the unisex scorpion helmets that offer riders full of protection with modern technology. For advanced communications systems, in-built intercom technology, strong helmet shell with comfort and inner liners, and many others, you have to choose FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets, or Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet FreedConn BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet.  We hope all the things will help you to choose the best motorcycle full-face helmet whose price is under 300.


Are Shoei helmets worth the money?

The best helmet is the one that gives you the best protection, comfort, and best fit on your head. Suppose you have an expensive helmet with more and more features, but it is not fitted on your head correctly, then it becomes useless converted to wastage of a penny.

There is no confusion; the Shoei is the best-notch product. Shoei gives concentration on rider’s comforts as well as their safety also. Shoei has been passed by DOT and Snell safety standard certifications.

Shoei has a highly sophisticated AIM ( advanced integrated matrix) shell designed for better protection and rider comfort.

The EPS liners work to absorb the impact at the time of the crash. Shoei’s has dual-layer, multi-density designed EPS liners. The inner layer with softer density foam quickly absorbs the impact. And the outer layer with medium density foam works to protect the head during higher speed impacts.

Shoei helmets can easily fit with riders’ heads. They produce helmets for mainly American markets with one internal shape that is intermediate ovals. There are some minor differences from model to model. However, eighty percent of riders can easily fit with this shape.

After reviewing all the features, we can easily say that Shoei helmets are worth money.

Which motorcycle helmet is the quietest?

Helmets are helpful gadgets to reduce the noise effect. In a long drive at high speeds, the noise of the wind is a significant problem. In these situations, we are at increased risk of hearing damage. Disturbance in hearing from wind noise is natural in motor rides.

A quality helmet can reduce the wind noise as well as save our hearing system and sanity. According to the US Federal highway Administrations, about 70 to 80 decibels of noise can be reached at highway traffic. It seems to be quite ok, but this noise can be amplified and unbearable, and damageable when you are on a motorcycle. In addition, noise may happen due to the sounds of the winds.

Wearing a perfect helmet can reduce the noise effects, gives you an ideal journey with the roar of your bike, helps or rides in silence, and allows minimal winds. Before buying helmets, minimizing the wind noise gives importance, especially to some features. The first one is a thick well-fitted neck roll and chin guards. With better lining and padding, the helmet will provide you better impact and noise protection.

The excellent quality shield and proper seal mechanisms when closing has reduced noise effects. In addition, the tight-fitting visors with thick materials help to reduce the noise when whistling. Air ducts and vents are an essential feature in terms of the protection of hearings.  Riders can deal with plenty of noise either from other riders or drivers or from their engines. For these reasons, riders should consider an aerodynamic design and noise isolation before purchasing a helmet.

Here are some best full-face motorcycle helmets that give you maximum noise protection.

Arai RX-7V Helmet
The Arai RX -7V helmet is a full-face helmet with an extra noise isolation system. The visor of these helmets is essential for noise isolations; when visors are shut down, lots of variable axes formed into the helmet locks, which prevents the entering of outside noise.
Ara also offers well-cushioned and thick inner liners. Thick inner liners also prevent the entrance of excess air and somehow reduce noise.

HJC RPHA 11 Helmet
The HJC RPHA 11 helmet with aerodynamics designs is a perfect choice for races. It is an excellent package of an isolation system that works for both wind and road noise. The excellent ventilation system of these helmets ensures proper airflow. It has no negative impact on noise isolation technology.
The visors of the HJC’s models give riders 95 percent protection from UV-ray.

Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet
The Schuberth C3 Pro helmet has effective aerodynamic designs which are suitable for sports riding. In addition, the Schuberth C3 Pro helmet has an integrated acoustic collar or neck roll with noise cancellation designs.

This helmet is already known as a quiet helmet with aerodynamic designs. According to the manufacturer, this helmet is quite enough at 82 dB in 100km/h.

Shark EVO-ONE 2 Helmet
Shark EVO is the oldest model, but it has become popular due to its noise cancellation technology. The noise cancellation technology of shark EVO-ONE 2 helmets is exceptional than others.

Shoei GT-Air Helmet
The Shoei GT-Air helmet is an excellent helmet that is designed in such a manner that a helmet can reduce noise. The tighter shape near the bottom can help in noise isolations. In addition, the tightly sealed ey-post gasket helps to keep out the wind-related noise and also water.

Which helmet is best for ladies?

For women, the selection of helmets is different from men. Women are stylish, simple, and also more compact than men. Men like to ride geared motorcycles; on the other hand, most women love scooty types.

All of us know very clearly that during motor riding, the helmet is essential. However, earlier lack of perfect helmets for women, helmet hair, discomfort, cost, inconvenience, disliked style for all of this causes women did not like to wear helmets.

But now, the most famous motorcycle helmet brand gives the same importance to manufacturing women’s helmets and men. And they offer different styles of motorcycle helmets with protections, comfort, well-fitted for women, and many other options.

We selected the best motorcycle helmet for women depending on various beneficial features and suitable for long hair.

Shoei RF-1200 Intense Women’s Helmet
Shoei RF-1200 Intense Women’s helmet is an excellent unisex gadget. It is a perfect helmet for women with all types of modern features. With the shell design and protection, face shield and visor, ventilation system, interior, and comfort in all aspects, this helmet is a great combination.

The advanced aerodynamic design, shape, face shield system, and interior lining surprisingly affect noise. To enjoy your rides with the fabulous Shoei RF-1200 intense Women’s helmet, you have to count a little more money.

HJC CL-17 Arica Women’s Helmet
In HJC CL-17, Arica Women’s Helmet riders can enjoy all the advanced features for fewer dollars than the above one. This helmet is perfect for female sportbike riders and street riders fond of stylish top-notch helmets.

This helmet is a super safe helmet for women at affordable prices. The lightweight shell-designed and superb ventilation system provides protection and comfort. In addition, the face shield of this helmet can protect motorcyclist eyes from harmful sun rays.

AGV K3 SV Sakura Women’s Helmet
AGV K3 SV Sakura Women’s Helmet is unisex best suitable for women with an affordable princess. This helmet offers you the best protection and comfort with all of the modern features and specifications.
Incredible good-looking AGV K3 SV Sakura Women’s Helmets give better protection, good visibility, and proper airflow.

Scorpion EXO-T510 Azalea Women’s Helmet 
With an intermediate oval shape scorpion, Exo-T510 Azalea is famous as a unisex helmet. The lightweight helmet, about 3.53 lbs, has already got the DOT certificate and fulfills the DOT standard requirements.

The medium-range price scorpion Exo-T510 azalea helmet shell is made of advanced polycarbonate, which is lighter than others shell materials. The excellent features of this helmet are its drop-down sun visors and face shield; both are coated with an anti-fog coating which gives 100% UV protection. Visors and face shield has locking closure systems.

There are no questions about the ventilation systems, interior, and comfort of the scorpion Exo azalea. It has four intake vents and big exhaust vents for proper airflow. All the vents are designed in such a way that ensures breathability and avoids fogging on visors.

ILM Stealth Bluetooth Modular Helmet
DOT and ECE certified Bluetooth integrated ILM stealth modular helmet is one of the best budget-friendly helmets for women. This ILM helmet is fully loaded with a lot of essential features and technologies. 

The most excellent feature is its advanced Bluetooth technology, through which you stay connected with others easily, solve different types of problems, and so on.

The helmet has DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression techniques that offer noise-free rides on a highway road. It also provides comfortable interiors with a fully washable microfibre liner. Also, have proper ventilation systems.

What you think, all the advanced features at a reasonable price are not a wonderful offer?

Why do you need to wear a helmet while riding the motorcycle?

The helmet is an essential part of riding a motorcycle. With a helmet, riders can be at high risk of an accident. Helmets are required to wear to protect the head, neck, and face from severe injury during accidents.

Helmets are also essential for saving our hearing system. The roadside traffic sounds maybe 65 to 75db, but this noise may be amplified when you’re riding a motorcycle. Most helmets have noise illusion technology, and it absorbs the wind and road noise. Many harmful sun rays may directly expose your eyes if you don’t wear any helmet. These harmful rays, such as UV -A, UV-B make you blind. The face shield of helmets eases the effect of sun rays. Also, protect your eyes from wind, dust, minor bugs, etc.

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