The 11 Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets Under 100 for 2021

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You mustn’t want any of your body parts to be injured during bike riding, right? So, stay tuned with us as here, we’re going to take on a tour to the 11 best full face motorcycle helmets under 100. Statistics show that a rider can reduce the chance of head injury up to 67% just by wearing a helmet while on the ride. After deep research and checking out top motorcycle helmets for sale on the market we’re here today with our top choices. Our winner is Bell Sanction full face motorcycle helmet. To open up your bike’s throttle and have a long-distance safe ride, choose the right one from our 11 best full face motorcycle helmet reviews under 100.

Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmets
ProductTop Features
Bell Sanction full-face helmet Suitable to use only on bicycle
15 helmet vents
Outer material ABS
Adjustable visor 
1storm motorcycle full-face helmetTinted Visor
Thermoplastic alloy shell
DOT approved
3-level top and 5-position ventilation channel.
1storm Dual-Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off-Road Full-Face HelmetDual visor
Thermoplastic alloy shell
DOT approved 
Suitable for Off-road Bike
WOW full-face motorcycle helmet Suitable for street bike
Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
DOT approved
Suitable for youth 
ILM full-face helmet Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene outer material
Suitable for dirt bike motorcycle, dual sports, mountain bike
Dot certified
Dual visor
YEMA modular full-face helmet For Adults and Youth, both women and men
Sun visor
DOT approved
suitable for Street Bike, Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike, Quad, MX, Adventure, Racing
Demon united podium full-face helmet EPS foam liner
Adjustable visor
13 user-oriented airflow vents
Suitable for mountain bike 
1Storm Modular full-face motorcycle helmet Flip-up visor
DOT approved
6-ventilation opening system
removable padding
Triangle full-face motorcycle helmetABS shell
EPS liner
Laser-cut washable padding
suitable for street bike 
Cartman motorcycle helmetDOT approved
ABS outer shell
Sun visor
Wick-Dri removable liner
Rock Bros kids bike helmetMulti-density EPS liner
12-large vents
2-in-1 detachable function
360-degree adjustable back buckle

11 Best full face motorcycle helmet reviews in 2021 

We understand that just the exterior design or color cannot verify the best full-face helmet. So, we enlisted the top 11 motorcycle helmets based on their internal lining, padding, and level of protection, materials, and other additional features. Here you can compare the key features of each helmet in the chart below।

Bell Sanction Full-Face Helmet

Best small profile full-face helmet

Are you a BMX rider or dirt shredder? Then you don’t need that Transfer-9 or Full-9 robust helmet. But this low-profile, just 850 grams Sanction full-face helmet is just the right one for you. 

Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet

Smaller size

Among adults who prefer a full-face-protected helmet at a smaller profile and size, the Sanction is quite a hit. While transfer-9 or Full-9 is good for chairlift riding, this low-profile helmet serves you well when pedaling dirt jumps or BMX.  


Equipped with an adjustable visor, this Sanction comes designed with an ABS Shell Construction. You will get to choose between different sizes including small (48-51cm/ 52-54cm), medium (55-57cm), and large (58-60cm). The visors of this helmet are adjustable, so you can keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re riding. 


Dirt jumpers and BMX riders need a lightweight design bike helmet that also provides maximum protection. The Bell Sanction helmet provides protection and comfort for those who look for a smaller profile.

What we like about it
  • Well made with good quality and lightweight
  • Ensures complete comfort
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • True to its provided sizes
  • Provides excellent full-face protection with ventilation
What we don’t
  • The Sanction doesn’t have removable padding, so you can’t wash it.

Despite this drawback, the Bell Sanction is one of the nice motorcycle helmets and gives you a cool look.

1storm motorcycle full-face helmet

Best Overall Road Bike Helmets

With a wide list of choices, 1Storm brings you road bike helmets that are safe and designed with brandish graphics. This Mechanic Matt Black helmet by 1Storm is one of the artsy collections. 

1storm motorcycle full-face helmet


The aerodynamic shell design of its outer part is made of thermoplastic ultra-lightweight alloy. And, its interior consists of washable, removable, and comfortable padding that is heavily cushioned. So, there is no chance to hurt the cheekbones. It looks cool on your head while riding due to its UV protective glossy beautiful finish. 


Its ventilation system is also recommendable. You will see ventilation control of 3-level on top and ventilation channel at 5-position. As a result, you won’t face running out of breath even of riding at high speeds. Additionally, its aerodynamic back vent-effect coddler lets the fresh air move inside-out the helmet effectively. 

DOT Approved 

 This black design gear is one of the DOT-approved motorcycle helmets that have surpassed US standards regarding safety regulations. This certification gives this gear the credibility of being a safe racing gear. 


You will get a clear vision through the tinted visor of this helmet. The rider can easily measure the road’s obstacles better with this kind of visor. Moreover, your eyes will remain safe from the sun’s blinding rays.

What we like about it
  • You can use the reusable inner liner for prolonged periods.
  • Its ventilation system cuts the outside noise enhancing your riding experience.
  • Its aerodynamic design makes it durable and lightweight
  • Very comfortable to wear and easy to use
  • Fits perfectly and better quality.
What we don’t
  • There is no specific channel for Bluetooth or wireless sharing or communication on this helmet.

However, there is so much positive feedback regarding this helmet that approves the 1Storm full-face helmet as a safe and fantastic gear for riders.

1storm dual-sport motorcycle motocross off-road full-face helmet

Best Dirt Bike Helmet 

Dual sport is such a niche biking style that needs specialized protective gear with specific motorcycles. This off-road full-face dual sport motorcycle helmet by 1Storm is the right one for mud-slinging stunts during off-road biking. 

1storm Dual-Sport Motorcycle Motocross Off-Road Full-Face Helmet


This advanced Dual Sports helmet is equipped with Dual Visor including a smoked inner visor and clear outer shield. For long rides, your protective gear should equip you with functionality and durability. Its aerodynamic design of thermoplastic alloy shell makes it durable and lightweight as well. 


As being a highly ardent and extreme workout, off-road biking requires the rider to have comfortable gear. With a heavily cushioned, washable, and removable interior system, this matt black helmet is very comfy to wear. Moreover, it doesn’t hinder breathing and keeps you cool even while sweating. When your whole body is jockeying around on an off-road, this helmet will give you protection against hot spots. 


This Dual Sport helmet comes with a glossy beautiful look with a UV-protective finishing. Its structure perfectly fits with a narrow-sized head.

What we like about it
  • True to its size and fits perfectly
  • Lightweight and comes in a beautiful design
  • The padding is soft and removable as well.
  • Great value, decent quality, and comfortable
  • The chin strap works well and is easy to adjust
What we don’t
  • If you turn your head to either side while riding at a high speed, the top visor acts like a sail and catches the wind. You just have to tuck in 50mph to be fine.

Overall the 1Storm Dual Sport full-face helmet is extremely light. One of the good things about this one is that it doesn’t get buffeted around that much.

wow motorcycle full-face helmet

Best Street Bike Helmet for Youth 

For youth as well kids, this fantastic gear comes up with a colorful and attractive exterior design. The WOW motorcycle full-face helmet meets the DOT standards of safety regulations while at the same time keeps you stylish. 

Wow Motorcycle Full-Face Helmet


While you wear out your helmet for several days in the heat, it is normal to sweat and bad smell coming out of it. You can easily remove the inner cushioned padding and wash it all whenever you need it. 

Moreover, you might be uncomfortable with your current hard helmet, which has to lack padding. This helmet provides you with comfort and a good fit with proper cushioning. 


Are you facing neck muscle straining due to the heavier weight of your helmet? Then try this aerodynamically designed thermoplastic alloy shell that helps you to decrease wind drag with its lighter weight. 


There are 3 positions for ventilation channels on this helmet. Featuring a front and top ventilation control system, the WOW full-face helmet lets you have a cool and comfortable ride. 


Its orange-colored Spiderman graphics are so amazing and look attractive. The UV-protected glossy finishing of its facial shield and the quick latch enhance the quality level of this helmet.

What we like about it
  • Very well made and offers accurate sizing
  • It is quite durable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • You can easily remove the inner padding and wash it
  • Helps the rider to reduce forcefully wind pulling
  • Good and safe for kids
What we don’t
  • Its exterior design is geared only for masculine customers.

However, if you’re searching for protection gear for your bike’s second rider, this low-cost motorcycle helmet can be one of the best options.

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Best multi-functional motorcycle helmet 

For both men and women, ILM brings one of their versatile motorcycle helmets- 606V. Whether you use it for a street bike, mountain bike, city bike, motocross, ATV, V-Twin racing, or any other power-sports activities; the ILM-606V suits the best with its impressive features. For commuting, adventure tours, and off-road biking this gear is one of the ideal ones. 

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


You can use it as a dirt bike helmet, dual sport helmet, or full-face helmet. Its removable visor and face shield allows you to set up the gear as your preference. If you need to use it as a full-face helmet, take off the sun visor and attach the provided 3-black clips to it. And, to use it as a dual-sport helmet, you just have to reinstall the sun visor after taking off the outer face shield. 


Exceeding the DOT safety standard, the IM-606V is made using high-density EPS foam and good quality ABS shell. So, it helps you to absorb energy. The HD wide-angle embedded outer shield offers you a clear view and lets you have safe riding. You can easily put on/off this helmet as the quick-release strap and buckle allow you to do so. 


The 2-top and front airflow vents keep the air-flowing system on. This system forces the hot moist air to stay out while letting fresh air in. You can easily control the ventilation system. Additionally, the replaceable breath box reduces fogging up. 


The detachable visor is retractable with the inner tinted lens regarding different needs. This provides shade to your eyes from sunlight while riding on sunny days. Moreover, You get a clear view through the wide-angled HD outer shield.

What we like about it
  • Comfortable and sleek; you can remove inner padding for a better fit.
  • You will experience very little wind drag and the brim is removable.
  • It is a quieter helmet.
  • Easy to remove for the use of goggles.
  • Ensures maximum ventilation system.
What we don’t
  • The sun visor could be a little bit bigger or longer, but it is overall an impressive helmet.

The ILM motorcycle helmet is a good one for the price and it looks pretty solid. When you measure out to be a large size, it fits heads perfectly.

Yema Modular Helmet

Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet 

This professional-level motorcycle helmet of Yema comes with an aggressive design equipped with incredible features exceeding DOT standards. The YM-925 is suitable for racing, street bike, dirt bike, ATV, quad, MX, motocross, and others. Men as well as women, this fashionably designed helmet is for both of them. 

Yema Modular Helmet


The YM-925 exceeds Dot FMVSS 218 standard. It is well-built with an aerodynamic ABS shell, multi-density EPS foam, secured chin strap, and a faster release buckle. 


 Its interior design consists of laser-cut foam, chin curtain, quick-release buckle, and prop up chin-strap. You can easily remove the liner and wash it to sustain the cleanliness and freshness of the helmet. Additionally, there is extra room for carrying Glasses. 


The high-impact quick-release visor of YM-925 is UV and scratch-resistant providing a large visual angle. You can easily switch up to a sun visor system. Moreover, you won’t need any tool to install and remove a clear visor. 


While riding you need to feel cool and comfortable even in the extremely hot weather. And, exactly what this helmet does to you. The completely accommodating exhaust and intake vents create a continuous, light airflow while on the go.

What we like about it
  • Comfortable padding and convenient flip-down sunshade.
  • Fits properly, and looks awesome.
  • Provides good wind restrictions.
  • Good quality, durable, and easy to use.
  • Operable while wearing gloves.
What we don’t
  • As being a modular helmet, the YM-925 is quite noisy.

The YM-925 is a great helmet and worth much more compared to its price tag. This one is a comfortable gear for all riding situations.

Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet

Best of Mountain Bike Helmets 

For a mountain bike or BMX rider, what would be the priority while choosing a helmet? Yes, you’re right. Safety, functionality, and style, these 3n factors are present in the Demon Podium helmet. This excellent low-profile full-face helmet is stylish in its look and keeps you feeling cool while on the trails. 

Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet


The exciting graphics and design of this helmet are influenced by the Demon team. They give you the ultimate options to choose your preferred one from 9 different attractive colors. 


The rigid injection molded thermal alloy resin polycarbonate shell makes the helmet tough. Weighing only 2oz, the Podium Full-face helmet is comfortable to wear. 

Inner Liner

The EPS foam liner ensures superior fit. You can remove the padding for a better fit and also wash it whenever you need it. 


The completely accommodating visor comes embedded with side visor aluminum screws. Glasses get easily fit on with the helmet and you can adjust the visor up and down.


Strategically placed 13 vents keep the airflow continuing even during the hot summer months. These fully ventilated monster flow vents keep you feel cool and comfortable while riding an MTB bike.

What we like about it
  • It provides impact protection at the time of head striking on a hard surface.
  • This helmet ventilates well keeping you feel cool in hot weather
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • The adjustable plastic buckle makes it easy to wear.
  • Made of solid materials makes this helmet durable and long-lasting.
What we don’t
  • Though the helmet inner liner is removable, placing it back is painful especially around the bow. While putting back the liner, you have to fit the liner between the EPS and shell.

However, for mountain biking, this full-face helmet is one of the best protective gears that would save you from pretty serious head injuries. It fits perfectly and it is lightweight- which are the two most important aspects of an MTB helmet.

1storm motorcycle modular full face helmet

Best cheap motorcycle Helmet 

If you’re looking for a low price motorcycle helmet then this modular helmet by 1 Storm is just the right one for you. This cheap motorcycle helmet comes with great capabilities. This one is one of the most satisfying helmets that come on a low budget. 

1storm motorcycle modular full face helmet


Equipped with an upgraded modular and dual-visor design, this helmet is suitable for riding both night and day. You can easily install and remove the inner smoked visor and outer clear shields as well. 


Made with an aerodynamic ABS shed and multi-solidity EPSS materials, the 1Storm Modular helmet gives you full impact protection. As it meets the DOT standard, you can be assured of being well-built with high-quality. 


It is very important to breathe properly while riding at high speed. The 2-top and 2-front vent openings and switches allow the rider to perfectly adjust the air intake and exhaust system. 

Liners and Padding

Besides safety, cleanliness is also an important aspect that the best motorcycle helmet offers. And, this 1Storm motorcycle helmet allows the user to keep it clean from the inside and odor-free with removable and washable padding. 


This protective gear features modular dual visor functions consisting of a modular flip-up switch and an inner visor switch. Additionally, you can easily switch up the shield mounting system according to your preference. You can use the outer clear visor all the time and the other is for daytime use.

What we like about it
  • Due to advanced design, using this helmet is easier.
  • Provides maximum impact protection.
  • Great ventilation system.
  • A quick-release buckle keeps the helmet secured and helps to release it conveniently.
  • Sturdy and cool construction and cosmetically well finished.
What we don’t
  • Instead of chin straps, it has a clip chin strap which is difficult to adjust. But not impossible to do.

Despite the drawback, this helmet is a nice one and the best thing is its price. It is comfortable to wear and meets your needs of having headphones on while applying the helmet to your head.

Triangle Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet 

If most of your riding is casual, back road chugging, in fair weather, and rarely getting more than 45 MPH, this Matte Black design full-face helmet by Triangle is for you. 

Triangle Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


Featuring high-pressure thermoplastic technology, this 3.1 lbs helmet is made of an advanced ABS shell. The multi-density EPS foam provides the maximum level of protection by absorbing impact force. The Triangle helmet meets the DOT FMVSS-218 safety standards. Additionally, it comes with ACTLabs approval. 


The PC anti-scratch visor is easy to remove. Moreover, you can change the mechanism quickly as per your convenience. 

Quick-release strap 

The rigid faster release buckle allows the helmet to fit securely with the motorist’s head. The padded chin strap comes with a micrometric closure. You can quickly take the helmet on and off with the quick-release strap. 

Ventilation system 

The 3 air-flow vents, the ventilation system of this helmet work great to keep the rider cool on riding. One of the best parts of this helmet is that you get a lot of fresh air to keep your skull cool even in the hot weather. 


For maintaining hygiene, the soft laser-cut padding offers dry comfort. The anti-bacterial 4 liners are very convenient to remove and wash.

What we like about it
  • This lightweight helmet helps to avoid any tension in your neck due to wearing it for long hours
  • Offers comfortable fit and ensures maximum safety
  • Easy to remove
  • Fully removable and washable padding
  • A Wind-resistance ventilation system keeps the rider cool while riding off-road.
What we don’t
  • The correct fit may feel close-fitting. This helmet fits comfortably yet snugly for your protection.

You will be surprised to see its amazing performance while you wear it for long periods. Safety and comfort are the utmost important aspects of an ideal helmet and this one meets the standard 10 out of 10.

cartman motorcycle helmet

Best for Small Head Bikers

Equipped with different advanced features, made of exciting fashionable design, DOT standard approved this professional-grade helmet by Cartman is for both men and women. Racing, motocross, Dirt bike, ATV, Quad, MX, Adventure, and much more, this helmet suits any of your needs. 

Cartman Motorcycle Helmet


The Cartman helmet is made of outstanding solid materials including aerodynamic ABS shell, and multi- solidity EPS foam. The high-quality outer shell allows you to wear it on for long hours without any tension in your neck. The safety buffer layers of its inner part absorb impact force. It comes equipped with an anti-fog and scratch-resistant lense. 

Chin Strap 

Featuring forward and backward accommodation, the quick-release chin strap is much more convenient to adjust. You can take down this sport bike helmet just in a short time. 


The removable headliner of this helmet is designed with a Comfort Tech Wick-Dri system. As a result, the shell configurations fit well with your head size.  


If you have a smaller head and are facing problems with helmet fitting, then the custom fit dial adjuster brings the good news for you. With the Size Adjustment Dial System, you can experience a perfect fit of your head size. 


While wearing a helmet, one of the most important things is to remain cool inside it. You need ample air movement inside the helmet. Exactly this happens with the completely adjustable intake and exhaust vents of the Cartman helmet. Its ventilation system creates a constant airflow to keep your head cool and comfortable.

What we like about it
  • You can install and remove a clear visor without a tool.
  • A great ventilation system makes you feel comfortable.
  • Completely removable liner and pads secure your head without creating pressure on it.
  • Easy to clean.
  • There is extra room for Glasses in this helmet.
What we don’t
  • Though you must be following the size chart while buying this, still you should order one size larger.

Those who have smaller heads often face the problem of uncomfortable bike helmets leading to non-optimal protection of the head. The Cartman full-face helmet offers you a nice fit and great comfort that allows you to wear it on the street.

rockbros full face helmet

Best Mountain Bike Helmet for Kids

If your kid loves cycling on different terrains, give him this Mountain Bike Chin Guard Cycling helmet by Rock Bros. it can be a meaningful gift for youngsters that will the role of great protective gear while they are skating, cycling, roller skating, scooter, minibike riding and doing many other sports. 

rockbros full face helmet


Keeping the safety concern in priority, the Rock Bros kids’ helmet is made of rigid PC shell and high-solidity EPS foam. Taking full responsibility for your kid’s head safety, this gear offers a professional level of protection. As being CE certified, you can rely on it. 

Ventilation System 

Some parents might think that a helmet can make their kids feel uncomfortable and stuffy. Let us assure them that, designed with 12 wide vents using breathable foam material, its ventilation system helps to reduce sweating and air resistance effectively. 

2-in 1 function 

Your kid can freely switch up between full and half-face helmet anytime. With the removable chin guard, they can easily install and disassembly the inner side of the helmet. All they need to do is push a button placed on both sides of the helmet. 


You don’t need to use it only for kids, youths and even adults can also use it. The Rock Bros bike helmet comes in two adjustable sizes of 48-58 cm. 

Easy Accessibility 

Using this helmet is so simple. Featuring a one-hand adjustment fit back wheel, the quick-release strap gets fastened beneath the chin and securely holds the helmet in place. The effortless adjustment webbing provides the user with a cozy fit.

What we like about it
  • The soft, removable inner padding is shock-absorbing and provides multiple protections.
  • This lightweight helmet doesn’t lead to any head burden and helps to avoid the cervical spine.
  • Very much comfortable and breathable lowers too much sweating and air resistance.
  • Easily removing the chin guard allows choosing between half and full-face helmet structure.
  • Nylon belts and adjustable rear buckle allows adjusting the size easily.
What we don’t
  • As it is meant for a bicycle and not a motorcycle, the Rock Bros Kids Full-Face helmet doesn’t come with DOT, ECE, or SNELL certification or rating.

Despite the drawback, it is an awesome protective gear that you can gift to your precious junior. This helmet exceeds the different demands of your kids as a breathable half helmet or protective full-face helmet. It has great intentions and a very short process of execution.

Buying Guide of Best Full face Motorcycle Helmet under 100

There is nothing much more important than your safety. So the helmet is one of the mandatory protection gear nevertheless on the trail you’re riding. For your utmost safety, a full-face helmet is the best. Here we’re going to show you the common facts that you should consider while buying a full-face helmet for your bike. 

  • Safety Ratings 

One of the major reasons for wearing a helmet is your safety. So make sure your desired helmet comes with enough Sharp tested, DOT approved, ACT certified, and preferably scores 5 or 4. Only then can we say the helmet has the capabilities to prevent head injury during an accident. 

  • Visor 

A misty or leaky visor is a great hindrance for riding efficiently on the road. So, choose a helmet with a clear and wide viewing angle visor. Additionally, a quick-change visor will help you to clean it easily. 

  • Modular helmets

If you’re looking for a helmet that allows you to talk to someone or make a call, modular or flip-up helmets are great. You can pick modular helmets like Yema or 1Storm from our top picks above. Though they are a bit noisier compared to other full-face helmets, you can compromise with that in terms of other advantages like ventilation and visor sealing.  

  • Chinstrap 

The current vogue is a helmet with micrometric fasteners like one of our best picks- the Triangle Full-Face helmet. But, also you can go for a D-ring fastener with ACU-approved gold stickers. 

  • Fitting

It is very much crucial to get the right fitted helmet. A helmet is generally tight all-around, but doesn’t provide pressure; otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for you to wear it for longer rides. Before purchasing see the fitting chart of the specific helmet. 

  • Ventilation 

Nowadays, you can buy a motorcycle helmet with a great ventilation system. Helmets equipped with exhaust vents, chin vents, or forehead vents will pull air in to keep your scalp cool at the time of rising. 

  • Sun Visor 

Many riders prefer to have a sun visor in their helmet. You will find many modular and full-face helmet lids equipped with built-in or removable visors. Though they can be foggy on cold days, yet they are very useful. Make sure you pick the anti-scratch visor like one of our top picks- Triangle Full-face helmet. 

While you’re buying motorcycle helmets, you should choose a retailer who is ready to refund or replace them without any nitpicking. Avoid those retailers offering very limited return policies. You will find the best price motorcycle helmets with a long return policy, even 365 days. So, check on the credentials of the retailer before purchasing one.

Final Words

Statistics show that wearing a helmet while riding can prevent fatality up to 35%, and effectively prevent injuries that are serious enough to take to the hospital’s Emergency Department. Moreover, a motorcycle helmet is 9% effective to avoid all kinds of injury. So, it is always safe to wear one.

Frequently Asked Question

Who makes the lightest full face motorcycle helmet?

While you’re on to purchase a motorcycle helmet, the first thing that comes to your mind is its weight and comfort. It is not necessarily that every helmet is lightweight and comfortable to wear at the same time. There are so many heavyweight helmets, which also offer comfort. And, sometimes we’ve seen that despite being lightweight some helmets are so uneasy to wear on. 
However, if you want to experience a remarkable difference for years then you should wear a lightweight helmet for riding. In this best 11 full-face motorcycle helmet review in 2021, we have enlisted all the lightweight best price motorcycle helmets. You will find here different manufacturers creating lighter-weight protective gears such as Bell, 1Storm, Yema, Demon, Triangle, and Cartman.

Are Shoei helmets worth the money?

A lot has changed in helmet manufacturing over the years including designs, materials, testing practices, quality, etc. They have all evolved one thing that is necessary to make the gear upgraded.  Whereas Shoei has been creating developed helmets by hand for more than 50 years. 
Using upgraded cutting-edge technology, Shoei carefully assembled each helmet by hand. It takes almost 7 days of craftsmanship to accomplish each motorcycle helmet. Not only this. For creating the most upgraded racing helmet in the market Shoei helmets surpassed through countless hours of track and design testing by the greatest riders across the world. They are also experts in creating street bike helmets. Shoei not only excels at manufacturing the most up-to-date racing gears, they successfully create other types of helmets too. So, every rider can experience Shoei motorcycle helmets while riding.

Is the Spyder helmet a good brand?

According to the Motorcycle Helmet Act, every rider needs to wear a DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) pass and ICC stickers embedded helmet. Spyder is among the list of helmets that own this certification. 
 Spyder helmets have achieved popularity in the market based on their marks of safety and excellence. They are one of the major brands specializing in superb performance athletic gear. Though they don’t skimp on functionality, style, and convenience either, one thing they promise you is safety. From this perspective, investing in a Spyder helmet is a good idea.

Which is better, Arai or Shoei?

Arai and Shoei- both are legendary helmet makers from Japan producing top-level protective gears for motorcycles. But, you might be confused deciding which one is better? 
These two motorsports helmets manufacturers are well-known for making top-notch helmets with great professionalism, excellent reputation, and long warranties. In this era of automated manufacturing, it is rare to find premium products that are crafted masterfully by expert hands. Both Arai and Shoei have the age-old tradition of building their products by hand in-house to maintain exact standards. 
If you count on the terms of quality, Shoei helmets come with a more refined process for manufacturing. You will hardly hear any user complaining about part breakage of their helmet. On the other hand, though Arai’s ultra-premium helmets are designed to repair easily they tend to break occasionally. 
If you compare these two brands with other world-class manufacturers, you’ll find Arai helmets are near to top-class brands based on quality, but also have occasional problems. But Shoei helmets are luxurious and reliable. 
In the tourist and sports categories, both Shoei and Arai cover a wide range of helmet requirements. They offer newer models of high-level dirt helmets and scooter helmets as well. 
So, if you are looking for a specific brand that covers a wide range of vivid head shapes, and customization of different pads and inners, then Arai is the one and Shoei doesn’t offer all these. 
But, Shoei beats Arai in the terms of features like drop-down visors, modular helmets, etc. You’ll find an innovative range of products in the collection of Shoei. 
Both the brands offer the market with their protective progressive products; while Arai covers a wide range in fits, Shoei offers an impressive collection of features.

What type of motorcycle helmet is the safest?

The most ideal type of helmet is a full-face protecting one. It covers your entire head and your face. From any unwanted sudden accidents, all you want is reliable protection for your head as well as your skull. This is exactly what this type of helmet does to you. 
Not only this. Preventing your face from blowing off by the wind, holding back rain outside the helmet, controlling noise level to minimum level- all these are advantages of this full-face protective gear. 
However, if you compare with other counterpart gears, not all the full-face ones are lightweight. But, so many manufacturers are creating this type of helmet by keeping the weight level to a minimum level.

Which is better: Half or Full-Face Helmets?

A full-face helmet provides you much safety compared to a half-face helmet. In any weather condition, it allows you to ride freely keeping the wind and rain out. On the other hand, a half-face helmet offers you more visibility and style.

How do I pick the Best Road Bike Helmet for me?

You should choose a road bike helmet that fits well on your head. But, that doesn’t mean it fits annoyingly. On the front edge, the helmet should place one or fewer inches above the eyebrows protecting your forehead. If yours fits on your head like this you can consider this as the best one.

Do motorcycle helmets save lives?

Statistics show that wearing a helmet while riding can prevent fatality up to 35%, and effectively prevent injuries that are serious enough to take to the hospital’s Emergency Department. Moreover, a motorcycle helmet is 9% effective to avoid all kinds of injury. So, it is always safe to wear one.

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