The 9 Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2021 (That Actually Fantastic Choice)

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Are you looking for a more robust, stronger, and durable motorcycle helmet compared to an ordinary type of helmet? Then this content is just for you. Check on our best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet reviews to decide which one is appropriate for you.

best carbon fiber motorcycle helmet
TORC T1 Retro Full Face HelmetØ  Fabric material: Plastic
Ø  Fiberglass Tri-Composite shell
Ø  Removable shield
Ø  Front Chin Ventilation
ScorpionExo ST1400 Caffeine Carbon Helmet
Ø  Expanded polystyrene inner, carbon fiber outer shell
Ø  Aero tuned ventilation
Ø  Weighing in at 3.05 lbs
Ø  Anti-for face shield
Bell Bullit Carbon Fiber Motorcycle HelmetØ  Available color: Gloss Black/ RSD Check It Matte
Ø  Inner material: EPS, Mesh, Leather
Ø  Low-profile composite materials carbon shell
Ø  Front chin ventilation
LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo HelmetØ  Color: Krome
Ø  Fabric materials: 50% Spandex, 50% Nylon
Ø  Quick-release shield
Ø  Weighs in 3.4 pounds
1Storm Genuine Carbon Fiber Street  Bike HelmetØ  Color: Black/Smoked shield
Ø  Weight: 3.2 lbs
Ø  Top 3-level ventilation
Ø  Removable interior
1Storm Carbon Fiber Modular helmetsØ  Flip flop dual visor
Ø  Sun shield
Ø  Thermoplastic Aerodynamic alloy shell
Ø  Glossy finish with UV protection
Bell Custom 500 Carbon Full-face HelmetsØ  Fiberglass low-profile composite shell
Ø  EPS multi-density liner
Ø  5-snap integrated pattern for aftermarket visors and shields
Ø  Color: Gloss Black/ Gold/ RSD Checkmate Matte
1Storm Full-face Motorcycle HelmetØ  Thermoplastic aerodynamic alloy shell
Ø  Top ventilation control of 3-level
Ø  5-position ventilation channel
Ø  UV protective finish
WOW Carbon Fiber Street Bike Motorcycle HelmetØ  Thermoplastic Aerodynamic Alloy shell with black finish
Ø  Beautiful finish with UV protection
Ø  Removable and cushioned interior
Ø  Washable padding

The 9 Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 

When it is about one of the most essential bike gears, all you want is a higher level of protection, durability, resistance, and quality. All of these factors you can get from carbon fiber helmets. If you have already been to the market, you must know there is a wide range of carbon fiber full-face helmets. It might be so confusing to choose the right one for you amongst so many sizes, shapes, and extra features.

We are here to shorten your process with our shortlisted 9 best carbon fiber helmets for motorcycles. Additionally, you can go through a brief product description from our features comparison chart.

torc t1 retro full face helmet- Retro Style

In an unfortunate freeway accident, only an amazingly well and cushioned helmet can provide adequate protection to your head. And, for this, you can rely on this Unisex-adult Retro helmet by Torc. This gear will make you feel comfortable and confident as it fits perfectly with its retro style. 


The Torc T1 comes with a cutting-edge upgraded design providing full-face protection is something beyond being just eye candy. Its classic styling amalgamates with multi-density modern EPS construction, top-class adjustable face-shield, great ventilation system, and extra-palatial interior. 


The Fiberglass Tri-Composite shell makes this helmet lightweight as well as durable. The removable intake front vents, backside exhaust vents along the synthetic suede style of interior from the ’70s give this bike gear a complete look. 


As being made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate and fog-resistant treatment, the optical visor keeps the object in front of you clear. Within just seconds you can install or remove the visor with the help of a screwdriver or a quarter. 

Chin Straps

This intermediate oval-shaped helmet comes equipped with a padded chin strap along with paired D-ring closure. The antimicrobial laser-cut cheek pads are fully contoured. You can remove and wash them conveniently.

What we like about it
  • Fits pretty well on the oval as well as the round head.
  • At different states of openness, the visor remains in place.
  • Provides you with great ventilation.
  • Wider visibility with a large eye port.
  • Works great for Bluetooth speakers as the inner foam comes with indentations designed.
What we don’t
  • The Torc T1 doesn’t have a chin curtain in it.

This beautiful helmet is soft, comfortable, and durable as well. Besides the material and build quality, you will also love the massive view it offers. Not too snug or not too tight; it just cradles your head perfectly. It is overall a great helmet.

Scorpion Exo ST1400 Carbon Helmet

The Exo ST1400 Carbon Caffeine helmet by ScorpionEXO is a great combination of state-of-the-art engineering, materials, and manufacturing into a slim aerodynamic frame. Being one of the lightest motorcycle helmets among carbon fiber helmets, this gear weighs only 1,383 grams. It offers you versatility with a combined Speed-view sun visor, comm.-ready convenience, aero-tuned ventilation, and AirFit custom inflation system. 

Impact Dispersal 

You get aircraft level of impact distribution due to the resin-permeated TCT-U 3k carbon fiber composite shell weave. To ensure a quieter, smoother, and stable ride, the CAD-improved aerodynamics streamlined profile and balanced the footprint by minimizing both the turbulence and lift. 


The biker gets high impetus airflow from front to rear side due to the aero-tuned ventilation comprising a venture-effect channel and linked throw the spoiler unified exhaust and portable dual ram-air intakes. As this process pulls up the humidity and heat, you get to enjoy a dry and cool ride. Additionally, the AirFit inflation adjustment system allows you to customize the fit as per your riding situations as well as comfort. 

Inner side 

The Kwikwick III inner side of this helmet absorbs and evaporates the bad smell and humidity. You can easily remove, wash, and replace the inner pads. Moreover, the Comm-Ready speaker pockets allow you to install Bluetooth communication system speakers conveniently. 

Face shield 

The fog-resistant Everclear center-locking mechanism integrated face shield ensures you an equally distributed, secure seal over your eye-port. The ST-1400 also comes with an additional Pinlock no-fog insert and MaxVision shield. 


The EXO ST1400 comes with all the related accessories. In the box, you will get a drop-down sun visor and a crystal clear shield. 


To ensure a secure fit, the EXO-ST1400 is embedded with titanium Dual D-Rings. Moreover, this helmet is ECE approved, and DOT, FMVSS No. 218 certified.

What we like about it
  • This helmet is pretty light.
  • With a good construction, it offers you a quality feel.
  • Removing and reattaching the inner pad to install a headset is convenient.
  • The inflatable cheek pad fits quite well.
  • Good ventilation system.
What we don’t
  • This helmet is not so quiet.

Considering the quality and construction materials, the EXO ST 1400 helmet will add good value to the budget. This great sports helmet is surely going to impress you.

Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet

If you’re a retro rider, the Bullitt by Bell is just for you. Its retro elements are just ideal for your vintage-looking bike motorcycle. This helmet is one of the most popular ones for its upgraded features and looks from way back. The latest version is stronger and lightweight. 

Low-profile shell 

The low-profile carbon composite shell provides you full-face protection. To get the perfect fit according to your head shape, you can switch between EPS sizes and 3 shells. 

Inner padding 

The contoured cheek pads come covered with genuine leather, speaker pockets. You can easily remove and wash the inner pads. 


These low profile carbon fiber motorcycle helmets come engineered with metal mesh integrated front chin vents and exhaust vents. So, the rider gets to experience a cool and dry ride. 


The minimalistic design of this 2.8 lbs helmet includes clutter-free visor pivots and a magnetic visor closure. The Bullitt carbon helmet is committed to heritage, high quality, and style.

What we like about it
  • Low-profile and lightweight
  • Provides ultimate protection
  • Fits on your head tightly fit
  • Anti-bacterial, washable, and removable interior
  • You can wear it even in heavy rain as rainwater can’t get through this helmet
What we don’t
  • Though this helmet fits great, there will be a bit of wind noise and whistling when at a higher speed.

The Bullitt by Bell provides you a wide field of view along with ultimate protection. Though this retro-style helmet is a bit pricey, it fits just right and is one of the extremely good retro design helmets.

1Storm Full Face Carbon Fiber Helmet

The helmet is one of the essential pieces of equipment you just need to wear while riding. And, what if there is a gear you would love to wear every day? This 1Storm Modular helmet is going to impress you with its attractive design and uniqueness. 


This DOT approved helmet comes in a flip-up design engineered with dual-lens technology. For ultimate versatility, there is an outer clear shield and interior smoked lens. 


As the shell of this helmet is an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy and carbon fiber, the 1Storm modular offers impact protection and durability. 

Cheek pads 

You can customize the helmet with portable cheek pads. If needed to wash them, you can conveniently remove them. 


It is so obvious that we wear a helmet for ultimate protection. All you need is a secure and proper fit of your helmet. As being durable and DOT approved, you can be assured of being a lifesaver of this bike gear. Another best part is its lock position which makes the modular portion remain up while in the up position.

What we like about it
  • The aerodynamic and carbon fiber shell make this helmet a durable one.
  • Removable and washable pads
  • Dual lens and comfortable to wear
  • Versatile, impact resistance, and lightweight
  • Maintains constant air flow in the helmet
What we don’t
  • The 1Storm Modular is a bit louder helmet.

Despite being loud while at high speed, safety and comfort are guaranteed when you wear the 1Storm Modular helmet.

Bell 500 Custom Carbon Helmet

The Custom 500 Carbon RSD Checkmate open face helmet is something special that is created with the design of Roland Sands collaborating with the custom bike builders. Hosting lots of impressive features, this helmet needs no introduction. It is one of the best models from one of the most popular brands Bell. 

Low profile shell

You might have already experienced that your head gets a weird mushroom look while wearing an open face helmet. But, this one is absolutely opposite to your experience. The carbon composite low-profile shell of this helmet fits tightly on the head. The EPS liner and 5-shell sizes provide a low-profile outlook.


The inner side of this helmet is made of antibacterial genuine leather. Whenever you need it, it is easy to remove and wash. The interior also comprises D-ring pull tab leather, EPS multi-density liner, backside goggle strap, and a padded chin strap along with a strap keeper. 


To provide you with a great performance, the Bell 500 Carbon Custom helmet exceeds the FMVSS 218 Standard. According to the size you select, this model is lined and padded for fitting tightly and comfortably. Additionally, this helmet comes equipped with a 5-snap integrated pattern for visors and shields aftermarket.

What we like about it
  • You can have a compact and personalized fit with the 5-shell sizes.
  • The lavish microsuede interior features contrast stitching.
  • Anti-bacterial, removable and washable interior.
  • Built-in pockets for speakers along with easy wire routing.
  • Lightweight and comes with a super fit and finish as well.
What we don’t
  • Though it is a nice helmet, yet some users, who are used to Shorty helmets, may find it a bit of a bobblehead look.

This 500 carbon custom helmet is the latest interpretation of the early invented modern helmet. You will get a feast of choices within one original classic package. When you have to choose a ¾ helmet in a competitive market, the Bell 500 Custom Carbon Fiber Motorcycle helmet reassures you that picking the original is the best way still today.

1Storm Mechanic Full Face Helmet

1 Storm provides a wide category of options that are safer and artistically designed with unique graphics. This Mechanic Matt Black helmet by Storm is one of the amazing collections of 1Storm. 


The outer part is made of ultra-lightweight thermoplastic alloy providing an aerodynamic shell design. And, the inner side of the helmet comprises comfortable, removable padding. The heavily cushioned padding will keep your cheekbones from being hurt. Additionally, your rider look enhances while you wear this lavish-looking beautiful finish with a UV protection helmet. 


On the top, you will see there are 3 level and 5-position ventilation channels that are recommendable. Even if you are riding at a full speed, you won’t feel suffocated under the helmet. Moreover, the fresh air constantly and effectively moves in-out of the helmet due to the aerodynamic rear vent-effect. 


A tinted visor is another amazing feature. You will enjoy clear vision through this visor. And, the best part of this type of visor is the rider can efficiently measure the obstacles of the road. Also, the tinted visor will keep your eyes safe from direct sun rays.

What we like about it
  • Longevity is offered with the reusable interior liner.
  • Your riding experience enhances as the ventilation system makes the helmet a quieter one.
  • Convenient to use and comfy to wear.
  • Due to the aerodynamic design, it becomes lightweight and durable as well.
  • Provides you with great performance and assures a top-class quality.
What we don’t
  • If you are thinking of installing Bluetooth or sharing any wireless on this helmet, it is no use. There is no specific channel for this.

But, otherwise, this Tinted Visor helmet by 1Storm has earned a lot of positive reviews from its respective customers. And, all that satisfying feedback proves that if you want a great helmet within a good budget, then this is it.

WOW Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

Are you looking for a fiber motorcycle helmet for your kids? Then you can go for this attractive and colorful gear from WOW. This full-face helmet exceeds the safety regulations, so you can be assured of your kid’s protection while on the ride and also the stylish outlook will surely impress the teenagers’ minds. 

Inner side

You don’t want your kids to get heat and sweat while being in the sun for long hours. But, wearing a helmet is also necessary. WOW has the solution. Just remove the cushioned padding from the interior and you can replace it later. Those who have been searching for more padding and a comfortable helmet can easily switch to the WOW full-face helmet. Not only comfort, but this helmet also offers proper fit on the head. 


Parents are worried about the neck muscle strain of their kids for wearing a bulky helmet. WOW full-face carbon helmet is designed aerodynamically with a thermoplastic alloy shell. So, it is light in weight and also lessens the wind drag. 


Your kids will remain dry and cool through their ride, as this helmet is engineered with 3-position ventilation channels. With a front and top ventilation system, this helmet provides you with great performance. 


As designed for youth, this helmet comes in attractive graphics. The facial shield is equipped with a glossy finish with UV protection. And the quality standard rises with the quick latch system.

What we like about it
  • Well-built, and comes with perfect sizing.
  • Lightweight, durable, and convenient to wear.
  • The inner padding is easy to remove and wash.
  • You can avoid forcefully wind pulling
  • Safe for teenagers or kids.
What we don’t
  • Its design is categorized especially for boys.

However, WOW brings to you trustworthy bike gear at a reasonable price for your kids.

Best Certified Carbon Fiber Helmet Buyers Guide 

Carbon fiber helmets are comparably lighter, robust, and long-lasting. They provide more durability compared to any other helmets. But, there are so many options to choose from them is overwhelming. But, if you follow a checklist consisting of the factors to consider while buying the best-certified carbon fiber helmet, it will be easier for you. 


Why are we giving helmets so much priority? The most important reason is safety. As it will give you ultimate protection, you should be aware of its ability to do so. 

Based on the material, how it fits, and the convenience of using it, you can figure out the safety level of the helmet. If the material is impact resistant and durable enough, you can go for it. 

Also, make sure it fits well without leading any spots or gaps along with adding pressure. If the helmet is too small or excessively large, it will fail to provide you full protection. 


Through certifications, you can come to a decision about if the helmet covers up the quality or durability. Though it is not compulsory, a tested helmet assures you of its approved qualities. 

DOT Standard is one of the most well-known approvals, which indicates that the tested helmet comes with a minimum protection level. In the USA, before launching in the market, manufacturers have to pass their products through DOT approvals. 

ECE 22.05 standard is another test that is imposed by the Economic Commission of U.N fr Europe. The SNELL certification is not compulsory, but manufacturers can willingly submit models for approvals. However, compared to DOT, exceeding the SNELL Standard is quite tough. 

Ventilation system 

Though this sector is often taken for granted, it is as important as the matter of fit and size. A great ventilation system makes wearing your helmet more convenient and comfortable. 

You will see different types of vent systems for separate models. There is no written rule of which one is the right one. It completely depends on your requirements and comfort. 


No matter if the helmet is cheap or expensive, any model can be heavy, so check on the overall weight before you make a purchase decision. 

Heavyweight helmets are not comfortable to wear. And, a long time wearing a bulky helmet can cause neck strain in near future. 

On the other hand, lightweight models of helmets are easy to carry, convenient to take off or in, and lead to no harm to your neck and shoulder. 

Proper Size 

When you will be choosing amongst different models and brands, keep in mind that there is no rule like one size fits all. Some models are smaller than the regular size, while some are wider. 

If the helmet doesn’t fit on your head properly, there is no use. Proper protection comes with proper sizing. So, it is best to wear the helmet to check out how it sets on your head. 

Additionally, every brand has its own sizing chart. You can compare your regular helmet size with their sizing chart and find out the exact one.


Are carbon fiber helmets better?

What is the speciality that makes carbon fibre helmets superior to others? Though earlier in the 1950s, carbon fiber technology was treated as a problematic development, today it has earned its place as one of the best improved methods used by helmet manufacturers. 

The carbon fiber helmets motorcycle is comparably strong and rigid to other helmets. Carbon fiber can easily combine with any other rigid material and create a durable helmet shell. 
Does your helmet keep the force during impact centralized? While a carbon fiber helmet efficiently and equally distributes the force all over the surface. 

If you compare cosmetically, the helmet’s carbon fiber is high crack and scratch resistance, lighter and durable. 
No matter whatever the weather is, you can wear a carbon fiber helmet motorcycle without any discomfort. During hot weather, its breathable vents will help the rider remain in the comfort zone. On the other hand, its fog factor feature helps the rider to see the road clearly in cold climates. 
This high-level noise protection, lightest helmet motorcycle offers you great advantages including reducing stress neck, mobility, durability, safety, comfort, and more. So, why not give it a try.

How long should you keep a motorcycle helmet?

It is so obvious that your helmet goes through a lot of use. And after a certain period, you should have to replace it. But, do you know when? 
If your helmet hasn’t faced any potential impact or accident, the general period of replacing a helmet is every 3 to 5 years. There are more other signs that help you to realize when it is time to exchange your helmet.  
After consistent use for several years, your helmet becomes weakened and less resistant to shock, UV rays and other elements. Most manufacturers recommend 5 years as an average age limit of a helmet. 
If you’re a regular biker, your helmet goes through everyday wear and tear. As a result, its integrity becomes weak over time. At this stage either you have to perform extra maintenance or bring a new one. 
Also, if you feel uncomfortable with your current helmet or the interior and exterior of it is deteriorating, or the straps aren’t working properly; you should replace your carbon fiber helmet motorcycle.

How reliable are carbon fiber helmets?

Carbon fiber technology has increased the advantages to bikers drastically since it was invented. If you have used helmets made with other materials, carbon fiber helmets for a motorcycle would change your opinion. 
During any accident or impact, instead of remaining in the main area, this type of helmet equally distributes the force. This feature helps you to get badly injured from an incident and be safe. 
You can rely on these motorcycle helmets for riding in any weather condition. Whether it is too cold or too hot, a fiber motorcycle helmet is always a suitable one to wear. 
Though carbon fiber helmets come within an expensive range of price, price should not come in the way of quality.

Why do you need a Certified Carbon Fiber helmet?

Whether you’re an experienced biker or just a beginner; you just need to wear a helmet to keep you safe while on your ride. Though you will find helmets constructed with different types of materials, carbon fiber helmets are comparably strong and lightweight.
The U.K’s Ministry of Defense, at first, developed carbon fiber to construct lightweight and robust aircraft. And, generally, this material has been approved in the civil engineering sector as it can add strength-building substances like timber, steel and concrete.
So, if you want a lighter, yet robust helmet, a carbon fiber helmet motorcycle is better. For those who love to go for long rides, this type of helmet offers higher durability, is lightweight, and crack and scratch resistance.
Hence, a carbon fiber helmet motorcycle is able to decrease the risk of head injury during an accident by 69%, make sure you pick the certified one. Before coming to a decision, verify if your desired carbon fiber motorcycle helmet exceeds the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218, ECE 22.5, DOT certifications, etc.
A certified carbon fiber helmet is comfortable to wear, trustworthy to use, adequately safe, and long-lasting. Starting from the design to its weight, durability; you can trust the fiber motorcycle helmet.

Polycarbonate vs Fiberglass vs Carbon Fiber Safety

As long as safety is concerned, polycarbonate, fibreglass, and carbon fiber- all these 3 materials are safe. Let’s discuss in detail-
If you ask someone to name the most common helmet material, the answer will be polycarbonate. These lightest motorcycle helmets combined with polystyrene inner provide great impact protection. The price of these helmets is also reasonable as manufacturing this type of helmet is comparably cheap. You will find many helmets with great performance manufactured from polycarbonate. According to the SHARP helmet safety test rating, these helmets have scored the highest five stars. So, polycarbonate helmets are worth your consideration on safety.
On the other hand, Fiberglass helmets tend to be manufactured from complex composite materials. So they are relatively expensive. As you know the safety depends on the impact nature of the material and weight, polycarbonate helmets are susceptible to provide enough safe head protection. As fiberglass helmets are made from composite strong materials, they are comparably lightweight to polycarbonate and good enough at impact absorption.
Hence the fiberglass helmet is harder; this gear would do well if a few more EPS were added to it. It will help the fiberglass helmet to absorb energy equally across the shell. This is exactly what you’re going to get from the carbon fiber helmets. They are lightweight, yet stronger compared to fiberglass. In both high speed and lower speed impacts, these helmets perform perfectly due to their high rigidity.
As safety is the main concern for a biker, make sure you buy the best quality helmet that is DOT, ECE, SHARP, and SNELL rated.

Final Thoughts

So, now that we have discussed all in detail here, hope that you have got your path-mark. As carbon fiber is a unique material, there are a variety of options out in the market. We have picked the 9 best-certified carbon fiber motorcycle helmets for you. 

Picking up the right one is not as simple as that, so many things come into consideration and you have to do a careful review of every detail. Once again go back to our top listed comparison charts, reviews, and buying guide to decide the best one for you.

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