Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet Review for 2021

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The much more exciting version of this Bell race star flex DLX helmet is ultimately the Bell’s top-line helmet that you can’t miss as a rider. This protective gear is the more exciting and changing version that can be made with the 3k carbon and now become the champaign of the lightweight helmet. However, this quality product must be a good value for 2021. What support will these Bell Race Star Racing helmets provide? Finally, we had the chance to discover Bell Star’s excellent design of the first full face motorcycle helmets in the market, introduced in 1968. Due to its construction and functions, it can be the motorcycle helmet legend on the market.

Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet Review

Bell Race Star is the updated version for improving comfort. This Bell Flex is lighter than its Race Star Cousin and has triple density cheek pads with featured speaker pockets to get more comfortable. Moreover, a couple of different shell sizes and other liner configurations make this true race helmet workable for you. These liners were specially designed to handle different impact forces through various layers and materials to protect and save you.

Head protection is the top priority list while anyone is riding on a motorcycle. So, after lots of research, we like to suggest that later in your life, when you become interested in motorcycling, try this cool-looking helmet series from Bell Star carbon fiber helmet.

Specification of Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet

  • Brand: Bell Helmets
  • Type: Full-face
  • Technology: Carbon Fiber Technology, Cooljade Fabric with Flex Impact Liner
  • Model: Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmet
  • Certification: Snell M2015, Dot and ECE Certified
  • Inner Materials: EPS
  • Color Scheme: Matt Black
  • Shell Construction: 3k Carbon Shell Construction
  • Cheek Pad: Tripple Density Cheek Pads
  • Speaker Pocket: With Speaker Pocket
  • Weight: 3lbs and 2 oz or 4.8 pounds
  • Vent: Large Air VentsVisor: Optical Class-1 Panovision Visor

Benefits of the Bell Race Star flex dlx Helmet

Flex Impact Liner: This bell star race has a kind of impact liner. The riders will get enough head protection due to this three-layer impact liner. Three different layers use three other materials to fit appropriately with different densities. The energy can be created from three different potential scenarios. The impact will be extreme when the different thicknesses of layers work together to maintain the power.

Cool Jed Power Mesh Liner: One of the most technically advanced liners is used here. The liner’s design is such a specific type that can protect the riders even in rough conditions. This particular type of liner is very effective for the athlete who always needs to keep the internal condition comfortable and cool. On the other hand, the cool jade fabric is a saturated fabric of recycling Jed and can improve the natural cooling system.

The ultra-wicking construction has a sweat absorbing capacity and antibacterial components that the owner can use without thinking much. The cool jade feature can also reduce the skin temperature so the riders can remain cool and dry the whole day long.

Panovision Viewport of the Race Star Flex: You need maximum visibility when you are on the road. It will help if you view all the surrounding obstacles correctly to make yourself safe. For safety purposes, this issue is very vital. The riders can get vertical and lateral visibility due to the Panovision Viewport, while the traditional viewport cannot give you this type of visibility.

So, when you are in an emergency, this viewport can provide a better vision. You can also change the lens to keep your head safe.

Shield with Panovision Bell Pro Tint Photochromatic Feature: While you want to purchase this unit, you will notice another great benefit: Panovision Pro Tint Photochromatic shield. Depending on the external light condition, this adult street motorcycle helmet has an adjustable shield. When you use this helmet on exposure to the sunlight, this shield will be dark in color, and on the other hand, in low light conditions, the color options of the shield clear up. In addition, the shields are changing automatically from clear to tinted without any hassle when the riders need them.

Different Profiles of the Bell Race Star Carbon Helmet: Two different profile shapes are used here for two different types of riding. For this purpose, while you are using the street view profile, you can get an upright position, and on the other hand, while you are in the race view profile, these Bell helmets provide a more compact and tucked position.

Bell Race Star Flex DLX Review

However, the Bell helmet is the early pioneer in drag racing and motorcycling helmet development. Therefore, Bell always wants to do lots of innovation and implement advanced cutting edge technology to conflict with the rotational forces associated with the impacts at different speeds in different models of their helmets. For example, the Moto 9 FLEX series always use advanced MIPS and Property Bell’s three-layer Flex Technology.

Bell always keeps the position at the forefront of Motorcycle carbon fiber technology. Fortunately, among many models, The Bell Race Star Flex DLX Helmets come with lots of features. Here is the Bell Star Carbon review; we like to show you all the things we see in this helmet. Let’s go through and discover its most important features- 

The Bell Star Carbon Fiber Helmet’s Protection: The Star Flex uses flex liner instead of MIPH liner. But do almost the same function like- it can manage the rotational forces. Here you can get the sleep zone inside the flex impact liner. The EPO, EPP, and EPS polymer liners differentiate the density and manage high, mid, and low range impact.

Bell Star Matt Carbon Helmet’s Shell: This helmet achieves the goal by reinforcing the thickness by removing some materials and improving the shell design. This smart design almost removes 5 ounces of materials from the top portion. So, it is a highly lightweight race helmet indeed.

You can choose anyone that suits you most from five different shell sizes and six EPS liners. In addition, the internal shape of this helmet provides some extra room upfront. So this brilliant helmet is 100% better fitting than the previous model.

Shape and Design of the Bell Flex: You can get small and extra small helmet sizes due to different sizes. You can get a little longer front-to-back shape here. And additionally, narrow down the side of the head, which fits most of the rider’s head perfectly. This clever design helmet is using flex adaptive technology.

Value of the Bell Flex: Compared with the other high-end helmet, this Race Star Flex DLX offers many thoughtful features. This high-end carbon-fiber helmet is a little pricey. However, it can fit with your head perfectly and give enough protection, and that will be a great use of the owner’s money.

Is the Bell Race Star Noisy?

Some people said that this helmet is quite noisy, but this bell helmet’s star wars are quite our investigation. While you are using the headphones and listening to music, you don’t get any sound outside the helmet. Here the sound level is 90 MPH. At the same time, when the riders have no headphones, the noise cancellation system of this model can reduce the outside noise, and obviously, the rider can focus on the road. So, if you have this protective gear with you, the outside noise is not an annoying issue at all.

Materials Of the Star Flex: This Bell’s Flex Deluxe is fully constructed with a 3-D carbon fiber shell. The pre-integrated technology is used here to ensure the perfect amount of resin is used here to reduce the weight. Here it uses the tri Matrix, which combines carbon, aramid, and fiberglass composite to increase the strength and reduce the weight.

Safety of this Bell Race Star Helmet: Due to the super construction and other safety features, this helmet gets ECE 22.05 approved where the FIM version is available. The model also earned 5 out of 5 stars from SHARP. At the same time, this helmet also gets Snell and Dot approval. So, this brand committed to ensuring the highest safety while the riders traveled for a longer time.

The Visor of this Race Star Helmet: This DLX racing helmet has a class 1 panovision visor. That’s why you can get a wide field of view with the cutouts along with the chin, and obviously, you can get the distortion-free visor here. Here the Pinlock system is prepared for the Max anti-fog insert that you can get with the box.

You can also get an extra dark smoke visor with the box, and it is entirely focused on reaching. Furthermore, with the excellent opening knob, you can fully open the visor. At the same time, close and hold the helmet in the perfect place. Here the riders can easily remove the visor, push the button on each side and then slide forward until it clicks into the right place.

Ventilation System of the Bell Race Star Helmet: In this Bell Race Star Helmet review, you notice a chin-operated large vent by a switch. In addition, there is also a hidden chin vent that only can pull out the air into this protective gear. Finally, you can also see an adjustable sliding brow vent to open for air inlets with the third scope up top in the brow.

Again, another top active vent is responsible for quickly escaping the hot air, and you will feel cool inside the helmet. On the other hand, the Flex Energy Management System also improves the airflow of this helmet. As a result, you can feel more fresh air within a moment.

Interior Structure Of this Bell Star: Like the outstanding exterior construction, you will see this model’s same quality interior construction. The interior Virus Brand Cool Jed is washable, removable, replaceable, and at the same time, antibacterial components are involved here. Moreover, all the interior materials can give you good feelings.

Magnets hold in the emergency quick-release magnetic chek pads, and you can remove them quickly if any accident occurs. You can see the double-D- ring chin strap with the cool Jed material and the magnetic enclosure inside the pad. This Bell provides more comfortable advanced liners; there is a two-button at the front side and another two buttons at the backside to pull out. And that is suitable for a comfortable flow of air.

Here you can get the triple-density 3 Flex impact liners to manage the different impact speeds. Flex system is also used for internal movement and manages rotational impact at a different level of speed. This is a significant safety factor that a rider must need to consider before purchasing any protective gear.

Additional Features of Bell Race Star Flex DLX

3K Carbon Shell: You already know from this Bell Race review that the shell is made with carbon fiber and using carbon fiber adaptive technology. This great-looking helmet also has a solid and robust performance. This helmet is preferable to a race helmet and provides enough protection in rough conditions.

Aerodynamic Design: This is the most aerodynamically constructed helmet ever. It also has an art wind tunnel. This helmet performs nicely with the help of advanced riding simulations.

Perfect Fitting: The Bell Race Star Flex helmet can give you an excellent and superior fitting helmet due to its size and shape. The narrow neck roll and the snug cheek pads can reduce the outside noise and mitigate the helmet’s movement due to high speed. The padded components also give you enough comfort while you are with this helmet.

Magnetic Cheek pads: At any time when you need them, you can remove and wash the check pads. The cheek pads of this Bell Star are so flexible that they can get a response quickly in an emergency condition. By the way, you can easily remove it and remove the helmet as well.

Speaker Pocket: Bell Race Star is the updated version to improve comfort. The speaker pocket is added with this version, and you can enjoy music while riding with this gear.

Moreover, we are trying our best to describe all the features above to give our customers the necessary support to purchase their most demandable item.

Now we will set up all the equipment and see how the Bell helmet performs our road test?

We need to measure the helmet interior to set it up for our road test. First, you have to measure the interior temperature of the helmet comfort liner in celsius. Next, we usually use a decibel meter by placing the microphone near the rider’s ear to measure the noise level. Next, the bike mountain anemometer is used for taking the day’s average airspeed. Last, of all, we have to take the average time out of the data collected at 130km/h on a long-distance highway. Thus we take the average time of riding.

Tested by Professional Riders: When we look at the average airspeed of the helmet, we notice that the speed starts from 120 to 130km/h, and this speed rises to 130 to 140km/h. Also, the interior temperature dropped. If you see that the exterior temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, then the internal temperature is not more than 14 degrees Celsius. So, the Bell is always 1 degree cooler than the outside temperature. That means the ventilation system is much better than the other models.

This friendly ventilation system comes with the tread off, so this Bell Race Star is quite a noise. Unfortunately, the design of this helmet is not perfect for reducing the noise. So, compared with other helmets, it isn’t quite as the Race Star Flex DLX clocked about 101 dB. But, on the other hand, sometimes this noise level is much better than some other models, which is exceptionally good.

On the other hand, this carbon fiber helmet is very comfortable to wear on hot sunny days and cold weather. The aerodynamic design can give you a strong level of stability. It would be best if you considered the bell star for more standard street use. So, the professional always prefers to use the bell star to give the riders enough safety with comfort.

Likable Features of Bell Race Star Flex DLX

  • This helmet fits perfectly for an intermediate oval-shaped head.
  • The DLX always includes the Panovision Pro Tint Photochromic shield in the box, which is adjustable.
  • The lens quality is excellent with the photochromatic shield.
  • The rider will get an extra dark visor provided with this Bell Race Star helmet’s box.
  • Plenty of airflows you can get through this helmet to keep the rider cool even in the 90+ degree desert temperature.
  • During chill temperature, the optional vent cover can keep the riders feeling comfortable.
  • This unbelievable lightweight helmet fits perfectly.
  • ThIS Bell Star provides a universal fit with the larger eir holes.
  • The quick-release mechanism is active here.
  • In this Star Flex Motorcycle helmet, you can get an XStatic XT2 silver-treated antimicrobial liner that can give you an incredible internal feeling.
  • The Cool Jade infusion system can reduce your skin surface temperature up to 10 degrees F.
  • The Flex Energy management system makes this helmet unique from others.

What Need to be Improved

  • The air cutouts are tiny and uncomfortable as well. So it would be best if you tucked your ears in with your fingers whenever you wear it.
  • This helmet is quite a noise when you compare it with other models.
  • Sometimes the helmet is too tight due to the inner cheek pads.
  • Some users complain that the pro tint visor is not added with this helmet; only the clear visor is given with the box.

Final Verdict

Well, this Bell Star Race is indeed the game-changer. It looks incredible, and such a comfortable protective gear interior is crafted with materials that can effectively meet the needs of racers and enthusiasts. However, the Bell Star Race Flex Helmet can bring lots of improvement features without increasing the price range.

With the beautiful design and comfort, on top of that, this helmet is very safe. It can do what a quality helmet is supposed to do. So if you consider all the things as a rider, we ensure that this Bell Race Star Flex DLX is a fantastic choice for most people.

How Long Does a Bell Helmet Last?

All the helmets need to be replaced after some years. But if any crash or other impact occurs, then you need to replace your helmet. But when you have correctly taken care of your helmet, no need to change the helmet before 5 years. And in that condition, you should change your protective gear once every 5 years or three years. And then the user can use it regularly.
Actually, Bell has recommended changing the helmet after 3 years if the riders regularly take care of this gear. The riders can email or contact the customer support Bell and then get support.

Are all Bell Helmets DOT Approved?

If any rider wants to get a reliable and well-made helmet, then he/she must look for the Dot or Snell sticker inside or outside the helmet. When any helmet gets the sticker, that means that helmet can meet all the safety standards of the U.S Department of Transportation or from Snell Memorial Foundation.
Bell has different price helmets with additional features. All the Bell helmets meet the U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no. 218 and got a Dot sticker. The Dot Safety Standard Sticker is significant for placing the helmet on your head to give enough protection.

How Do You Clean a Bell Helmet Liner?

Obviously, a motorcycle helmet is an essential part of the gear, so you cannot compromise with the helmet’s condition. The washable liner of the Bell helmet is removable and replaceable. Therefore, you can easily clean this removable helmet liner. One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean that removable antibacterial liner and cheek pad is to use a washing machine.
You just put the parts into the washing bag and then gently hand-wash them to clean them. You can use mild antimicrobial detergent to remove the odor. Otherwise, you can use soft cloths, a sponge, mild antibacterial detergent, and warm water to clean them properly.

How Do You Date a Bell Helmet?

You can quickly determine the production date of the helmet like other products. When you want to purchase your helmet, you need to check when your helmet was manufactured and find the date stamp. That level is printed with the fixed format, and that is DD/MM/YY format.
All the Bell Racing helmet model names and dates are fixed inside the chin strap D- ring. In addition, the date of the manufacturer and the shield type is also set on either side of the shield. So you can get the correct expiry date there.

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