The smartest Secure Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet Review For 2021

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When it comes to motorcycling, fear is almost as common as fun. When you’re cruising down the highway, you want to be able to focus on the road in front of you and let go of any worries about what’s around you. The Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet designed to do just that.

Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

The Bell Bullitt helmet’s unique shell and construction are designed to reduce the risk of head injuries in a crash. Its shell is made of a proprietary material that is designed to absorb the energy of a crash, making the rider more stable during an accident.

The helmet is made of a shell made of Polycarbonate (PC) and has a foam liner inside, that is covered by a durable plastic outer shell. The helmet is a little heavier than other helmets, but the weight increases don’t take that long to be noticed before you forget about it. The helmet also comes with a chin curtain, a feature that not all motorcycle helmets have.

Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet Review
Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Bullitt Full-Face Vintage Helmet Review

The Bell Bullitt retro-look helmet was the mind infant of a college grade student that filled its way into protection and triumphed over bikers’ hearts across the people.

Bell is a popular old superstar, formed by a company that is currently in number one brand for motorcycle helmet safety over the 60 years of playing the game.

1960s style will not be in your propensity or everyone’s love. But for those willing to re-explore the vacation or summer of the 1969’s, then you are the person who is going to be the vanquisher of getting the Bullitt.

Therefore, assuming that you are pondering to purchase one, here’s the ideal fiction about the bell Bullitt and how well it will perform for you-

  • ECE & DOT certified
  • Easy suede interior with an expensive feel
  • Not SNELL tested
  • Wide View angle
  • 3.1Lbs (1.4Kg)
  • SHARP rate 3 star
  • Double-D ring fastener
  • Great ventilation
  • Stylish design with seven colors
  • Limited Chin coverage

History of the Bell Bullitt

The Bell Bullitt firstly had gotten inspired from the bell star, and it was the first full-face helmet that was released in 1960. It spread the modern conventional safety, perfection, and still stylish.

Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet Review
Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet Review

They designed the helmet keeping in mind the 1960s innovation’s iconic styling to reference. But with the current comfort and crash protection that we want today.

However, modern classic motorcycles are too popular, and Bell reimagined to recreate its classic shell. Riders have loved the silhouette for over 40 years but meeting modern comfort and safety standards, a new classic based on the Bullet Origin.

If you are just thinking of shifting to a full-face helmet from an open-face helmet, then you would be impressed after the first try.

It will perfectly fit in your face and it has a strong visor to obstruct the sun as well as wind, moreover keeps insects out of your face, and the good thing it has something into the paths of guards for the lower half of the rider’s face if things proceed confederacy.

Specifications of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

About to say specs of bell bullitt then you are ready to stand the fair chance of getting them:

  • Protective type: Clean shield installed. For an individual look, extra shields are available.
  • Ventilation: Feasible front chin vents with metal mesh input and fatigue vents.
  • Fitting Method: For a customized fit, 3 Shell & EPS sizes available.
  • Cheek Pad: For excellent fit and cozy formed cheek pad.
  • Digitalization/Electrics support: Combined with speaker pockets.
  • Certifications: DOT & ECE(EU).
  • Weight: 4 pounds (1 x 1 x 1 inches).
  • Warranty period: Five years.

The Main Features of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

In addition to the specs, there we have found some extra valuable features compared to other helmets. The five main features of bell bullitt helmet-

  • Shield system-  clear bubble shields include flat silver Iridium shields.
  • Shells/EPS- 3 shells/ 3 EPS.
  • Removable liner- Yes.
  • Antimicrobial- Yes.
  • Interior- Genuine Leather.
  • Two technologies- Antibacterial liner and three shell sizes.

Please Note:

The Bullitt helmet will arrive with a clear flat visor and will be fitted as a standard and extra dark smoke flat visor. Keep in mind, for public road use, tinted visors are not suitable, they are designed for track use only.

Design and Shape of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Before going through a deeper analysis of the design and shape, one amazing story you should know now.

This helmet is stunning. Looks great for the young generation to old-aged folks. Despite that, yet you don’t know who devised the helmet. Bell did not design the helmet. Yes, it was a college student who designed the helmet as a part of his thesis at the University of Cincinnati.

The student’s name was Chad Hodge. The summary is while shopping for his helmets he could not find his choice and then he talked over with his friends and just built his own by using 3D printing and then created a prototype and hand-stitched the interior leather.

When a bike rider just wants to buy a brand new helmet, he/she does not allow it to be a poor design. In that case, a good shape in design and powerful features with quality helmet wanting is just a deliration. 

If you are newly thinking of the Bell Bullitt motorcycle helmet, then we certify and promise its design and shape durability. The helmet is too strong to be cracked. If you will not get great visibility, or the helmet is not durable then you are wrong.

By watching the helmet envision you may get attracted. Design is good but you have to touch to comprehend its viability. The helmet is effective and looks cool when worn. 

Let’s talk about the safety and certifications of the Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Snell did not test the helmet, however, the UK Govt has tested it. SHARP safety rating got three stars out of five which is a decent performance because of a retro lid.

DOT’s standard and the EU ECE standard, which is accepted by the 47 countries in the world, involving the UK also secured it and certified.

Each test contains dropping the helmet from a fixed height onto a round and flat-surfaced smithy. 

With the granted track record for producing very safe helmets, almost all the bell helmets achieved SHARP tested five, we can expect pretty excellent performances as well.

Even after agreeing to its widened retro-chic, and its expected crash performance, there must have been a question mark that will remain on this helmet. However, with a three-star rating, it has been largely ignored by its capacious. We are expecting a 1 step higher rating.

Fit and Interior of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

How do you feel sitting into a Ferrari or BMW, the brown stitch of leather inside a higher class? This little too lovely, inside features a combination of an anti-bacterial micro-suede and leather.

All the interior is brown with a titanium finish. Like other versions of bell helmets, it is completely leather, and the leather is black, it depends on the version of what color you want to get.

The padding inside is detachable and easily snapped out into various pieces. The retention system or chin strap is comfortable.

The helmet body shapes around your cheeks and jaw, making for a fit it will not allow you to shift on your head. For comfort in the ears, it provides large recesses no matter your head size or shape.

Right now this helmet is offered in XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL, and as stated in others the helmet fits great in any size.

Personally, it is felt on a larger tight slide, but once attached it sticks for a comfortable fit, it bound you with its fit.

Inside, the deep ear recesses are available for small speakers or listening devices in the mesh fabric pockets.

You can’t reach the inside of the helmet from the bottom when you are trying to adjust the settings of earplugs but a pair of tiny speakers will work nicely.

The headpiece and check pad both are easily removable for any essential cleaning and very easy to get into, along with washable and anti-bacterial.

The top piece has extra padding where it is counted, mixed with leather and mesh material so that it breathes.

The neck ring, top and sides visors are done nicely with hard brown leather.

One thing that may be an issue for you is, bell offers different sizes of interiors and face shields to match with a wide variety of sizes.

Another thing that we see, they don’t dry quickly. It takes almost 24 hours to dry. However, Inside the helmet will fit and finish well.

Ventilation System of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

From everyone for the ventilation of the Bell Bullet has received almost universal praise. In the heat of summer 2019, it has done a great job, with its five metal mesh vents allowing the air to go smoothly over the top of the head, which is a good thing. 

The rear vent of the helmet is the key to his talents in this area because the lip at the top of the rear vent helps guide the air to the top of the head and adds a general airy feel to the helmet. The front chin vent is also close to the rear, but very little disturbance or buffeting has been got.

Shield/Visor of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

At the time of riding a motorcycle, the visor is very important because; it prevents bugs, debris, and insects out of your helmet. However, some people reported and found there was an issue with the shield having only three-position, up-down, or center between the two.

The Bullitt lacks a slightly open position which causes an issue in the cold weather which leads to fog with the shield closed. Although we strongly recommend using an anti-fog treatment or solder to prevent this (the Bullitt does not come with it).

In bell Bullitt, the shield comes in two styles, and they are flat and bubble. The flat bubble eliminates the slight visual distortion of the bubble shield but allows the bubble to ventilate better and looks more retrograde, perhaps the goal if you bring this helmet in the first place.

Helmet Noise of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

One matter that has been notable with the helmet is its noise. When the shield is fully open it has a noise issue; a loud whistle has been reported even at low speed.

Chin Guard of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

As it is a full-face helmet, you can expect a large chin protection. But the design has reduced the chin guard to a minimum for visual effect and to maximize the height of the helmet’s front crevice.

The chin bar has a small vent that is open/closed from the inside; Although it is debatable, the ventilation under and around the chin has a lot to do with it for the public. This can be your problem if you are not a fan of the wind with the bottom of the helmet. 

Helmet Weight of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is lightweight, and even when the box arrived here, we thought the box was empty. The helmet is 4 pounds, which is lighter weight than most of the lower, polycarbonate material helmets.

Comfortability of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

Typically, this helmet is designed for the best comfortability. If you look carefully, see, Bullitt’s cheek pads don’t feel like pressing into the interior of the helmet. To be more lightweight and maximum comfort, they designed the helmet with EPS foam, and works well. The helmet is for round people however if you are an oval-head then that may be a problem.

Benefits of the Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet has a unique retro vibe, at the same time it is freshly modern. They designed it with only the best quality raw materials and it is a test of the brightness of the Bell helmet. It comes with various benefits that you will love and appreciate.

The most three benefits you are going to get and these are-

  1. Proper Ventilation: When you are riding a bike, you must be able to breathe with no hassle. Suffocated helmets will jeopardize your safety because you cannot focus on the road.
  2. Integrated Speaker Pockets: Managing your phone while you are riding a bike is extremely dangerous. It will rub off your concentration and may cause an accident.

Maybe you like to listen to music when you are about to start the journey, or you want to ride at the same time listening to songs. This helmet comes with integrated speaker pockets so you don’t have to laboriously control your own speaker devices.

  1. Carbon Composite Shell Construction: If nothing else you desire, you can put your trust in the durability of this helmet. Carefully built, it will withstand the effects of your ride wherever you go. Low-profile carbon composite shell construction is an industry-led technology. If you use this helmet, you will get access to it at an affordable price. If you like to ride in sick areas, you can like the construction of this helmet.

Why do you love Bell Bullitt Helmet?

This helmet is for a round oval shape. There’s a capacity on the side of the cheek that could fit a Bluetooth headset or earphone there. So it’s great that despite it being a retro helmet, they considered the modern opportunities they would want. 

So overall we would say the advantages of this helmet are that it is stylish, comfortable, keeps the sole. You can wear one without the whole shield if you want. Certified by the D.O.T. And has been approved by the EC.

Why you will not like Bell Bullitt Helmet

We would say the disadvantages that should be improved. However, we did not find any major issues. All we want to let you identify some advice and suggestions when you are ready to purchase a bell, Bullitt.

Advice #1: If you are a pro rider who loves riding thousands of miles at high speed. Then this would be a matter for you. The helmet is not soundproof and makes noises like a nightmare. You could start riding at a low speed and short distance.

Advice #2: We did not find this argument, however, some users said that this helmet will stay on your face in windy conditions !! About 0 air performances they seemed to have.

Advice #3: Before buying you must identify your head size, measurements, expectations, capacity, and visibility performance, and users’ opinion. In case it does not fit in your head, then you should cancel.

Advice #4: However, this helmet is DOT approved, but it achieved the highest safety rating. If you want one of the safest helmets, you can get excellent service with a shoe or HJC helmet. The Bell Bullitt is still a perfectly safe helmet, and, yet, there’s nothing better than not wearing a helmet.

Other Important factors of Bell Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet

In a nutshell, this helmet is amazing and best for someone who needs a stylish design and for those who dislike the looks of helmets like Shoei helmets. However, this helmet is for Street-motor-scooters, Street-touring-motorcycles, Street-sport-motorcycles, Street-cruiser-motorcycles, Utility-vehicles, Off-road-motorcycles and All-terrain-vehicles.

Is Bell a Good Helmet Brand?

Many brands are available in the market producing high-quality stronger helmets for motorbike riders. From that point of view, Bell is a renowned diplomatic brand. 

Many motorcycle riders did not have pleasant experiences with other helmet brands. Almost everyone reported about the product’s lack of features and durability results. However, Bell has an extensive attraction between the new and experienced riders throughout all riding types and styles.

Is Bell Bullitt Snell or Dot Approved?

They have been producing good-looking helmets that have solid features, durability with DOT and SNELL certified. When you are in the shop for a retro helmet, the Bell Bullitt would be the right attempt for you, with lots of fabulous features of a modern helmet and the helmet that fills logically expectations, well for safety and it has got SHARP 3-star safety rating.

How Do you Know if a Helmet is Snell Approved?

When buying a helmet, consider its certification. For a motorcycle helmet, Snell certification means an international standard certification.

The certification arrives from a non-profit as well as non-government which is the Snell Memorial foundation, totally a voluntary organization to operate a motorcycle racing and sports gear safety.

All the helmets will carry their certification label inside. To know if the helmet is Snell approved or not, you can visit the following link, to refer to the certification list search on the Snell website.

Is Snell Better than Dot?

While going to a helmet shop, you find out you’re obliged to see cites or mentions of certification. They are enough to be confused by the multiple names. DOT, SNELL, and ECE what do they all stand for?

Well, the diverse stand there is- In the U.S., Dot the full meaning is Department of Transportation, and snell certificates are normal. It is mandatory to have a DOT certification in the US. However, Snell certification is optional and is provided by a private organization.

The full meaning of ECE is the “Economic Commission for Europe” standard, R 22.05 which is a European version of the DOT standard. By over fifty countries in the world, especially all the major racing organizations. It is acknowledged and the tests are very strict.

Another two ordinary certification programs are SHARP rating in the UK, and the other is CRASH in Australia.

DOT standard is compelled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). For a motorcycle helmet to be a part of DOT certified, it needs to meet a few requirements and pass some mandatory tests.

So which is better?

It is a pretty tricky question and writing answers for these types of questions is difficult. However, both are better. The Snell test is not the same as the DOT test. Many helmet users stated snell tests are not even valid. Nevertheless, controlled testing is not necessarily because of its contradictory of how a helmet sustains in the event of real-life accidents.

You should consider a helmet which is designed for your head. Even an economic DOT certified helmet that suits your head is the better protection you are going to get than an expensive snell helmet that just doesn’t fit in your head. However, it’s not like that, snell certified helmets are not so good. They are optional. It will require DOT certification if you are in the US. Except for some of these dictations, both are appropriate.

How Do You Measure for a Bell Helmet

The periphery of the head is supposed to be measured at a point about one inch above the eyelash and ears in front, and then pull the tape at the point in the back where the head measures the results, read the length and replicate the good measure. It can change the major measurement within some ways however, try it first for the largest measurement and follow these charts-

The Final Verdict

This helmet is charming and usable in city and rural life at low speed. While we wrote some drawbacks about the helmets and detected some sluggish points, still it has a powerful side.

The gloss yellow outer shell will attract you for the first ride. This helmet has furnished innovative features which will serve you with the perfect mix of utility. You would love the Bell Bullitt helmet for the venture.

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