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andrew smith- Honest Bikerz
Andrew Smith- Automotive Engineer and Moto Enthuastics

This is Smith, a moto geek. I have completed my diploma in the auto industry and I do design and test brake systems, engines, fuel technologies, and transmissions within a vehicle. Honest Bikerz is a free resource for motorcyclists, Dirt Bikers, and pretty much anyone that wants to ride anything other than a conventional vehicle. Our team of Honest Bikerz consists of champion motocross bikers, certified motorcycle mechanics, and long-time industry veterans.

So many people around the world are using motorcycles in their daily work. Riding a motorcycle is my recreation, hobby, and pursuit of happiness. Almost 12 years ago I bought a Yamaha FJ1200 and since then I have fallen in love with these two-wheelers.

I realized several years ago, just because many motorcyclists didn’t know useful advice about motorcycle protective gear, and for this reason, lots of motorcyclists all over the world have had accidents and suffered serious injuries.

From this cognition in my mind, I thought to open a blog about motorcycle protective gear where motorcyclists can find out which gear is best for them, what kind of protection they should take.

In view of the fact that I started the HonestBikerz Blog and with my 2 riding buddies, including a Dirt Bike Specialist (Raymond), a Motorcycle Helmet, and Protective GearProduct Specialist (Gray).

All four of us, always try to provide decent info and best gear reviews to motorcycle concubines at our Honestbikerz blog. Because we know each product well & as we are experienced riders, Moreover, we take reviews from users and we test and then decide about it. You could visit here to know more about our complete review process and learn more about us.

Thank you for being with HonestBikerz and we would appreciate valuable advice from you on this blog.

Eric B. Gray
Eric B. Gray (Moto Helmet Specialist) – Product Researcher of HonestBikerz

I do product research and test the products of Honest Bikerz by considering various factors. I have been working as a product development manager for 5 years and I have tested 3000+ auto products.

In Honest Bikerz, we review every product for customers and we try to introduce the best protective motorcycle gears to our customers. The full process is handy so that we get 99% accurate data. For riding protection, we advise you to check our website product reviews and purchase from the most trusted industry amazon.

Raymond J. Washington
Raymond J. Washington (Dirt Rider) – Editor and Writer of HonestBikerz

Hi there, I am the dedicated product review writer of Honest Bikerz and a dirt bike (Suzuki road-bike) owner and I love dirt riding. Our other two members of Honest Bikerz are dedicatedly working for moto riders and they provide the best motorcycle protective gears review here. All the reviews are 100% accurate and we collected data from real users, we tested them personally and then share our thoughts here.

Welcome to Honest Bikerz- A full resource of Best Motorcycle Protective Gears blog

HonestBikerz, we are US pioneers in the division of bike stuff, and we are endeavoring to be leaders for riding. But, most importantly, at HonestBikerz, we are speed freaks and fans of everything and anything on wheels. Furthermore, we have transformed this enthusiasm into our company.

We have over 6 years of expertise in the sector. Starting in 2015, in the United States Principality, we presently have more than 8 centers throughout the nation. We are available in the areas of England, Scotland, South Wales, and Northern Ireland. Just as our online store, honestberz.com, offers our co-operations to any speed fan, wherever they may be.

You are with honest bikerz, and we love motorcycling as this relationship with you matched with us. For this, We are together. We attempt to help it to the most fantastic aspect of our potential outcomes. We partake and sponsor events and engaged with the experts so that bikes can be far beyond a mode of transport. We have been fortunate enough to go with, sooner or later, in their vocations.

Honest bikerz, it’s not just about the bikes: cycling or riding also presents a vital piece of our gears. Bikes parts, components, accessories, and equipment are accessible only and are a discussion point for four-wheel fans.

We believe in you to make the most of your energy however much we do.

HonestBikerz Vision

We are entirely dedicated to giving our readers attractive bike content and relevant offers. Here this is the reason we have accomplished the category-leading growth in site traffic which is motivated by regular original content coupled with an ongoing program of site development and optimization. HonestBikerz Writer likewise writes for the ultimate social channels to drive an industry-leading proportion of site traffic, which exhibits social traction and provides an extra-wide range. We hope you discover this site helpful in avoiding if you having your bike stolen and getting the best motorcycle service that you need always.